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    Should I cross-post my writing?

    I just started cross posting my stuff to AO3 recently. I can't think of any particularly noteworthy cons off the top of my head, I say go for it!
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    Halloween Story Challenge

    Any era! Doesn't matter. Just aiming for theme and word count:)
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    Halloween Story Challenge

    Cool! No rush, you got all month
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    NSFW Graphics

    Not Safe For Work- adult content, inappropriate stuff, graphic stuff, that sort of thing
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    HAPPY OCTOBER EVERYONE! My favorite time of year is here :D Time to loop my Halloween Spotify...

    HAPPY OCTOBER EVERYONE! My favorite time of year is here :D Time to loop my Halloween Spotify playlist for a month straight until the people around me hate me! ;)
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    What's your current writing status?

    I've definitely noticed that sometimes I just get stuck on one small thing, and that small thing sets me back for ages because I still struggle with forcing myself to just skip parts and write out of order. But honestly, even just cranking out a bad version to get through it is remarkably...
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    Halloween Story Challenge

    HAPPY OCTOBER!!!! I've been seeing lots of ship-related prompts, which are great of course or they wouldn't be so popular, but I thought it'd be fun to mix things up! I'm sure a ton of people here know NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month in case people don't know) is coming up in November...
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    Original Characters

    I love making OCs. I prefer it mostly because I don't really like messing with the way canon characters were portrayed (minus next gen because I don't like to think about cursed child lol), and OCs give me a lot of leeway to create personalities and archs and development of my own that don't...
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    Ice Breakers - July 2020

    This was me too, if we those last ones hadn't existed then Game of Thrones would have been an easy answer
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    Ice Breakers - July 2020

    If you could be in any movie, what would it be and what character would you play? Since it's fresh in my memory, probably the main girl in Ready or Not, just because it'd be so intense to play. Or maybe Elizabeth in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies Which actor would you hope to be cast in a...
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    Share Your Work

    Apparently my brain will only let me write Albus/OC, because here comes my third story with that ship! It’s going to be a weird one, but I’m having so much fun writing it. Story Title: Dear Julia Ships: Albus/OC, ScoRose Genre: Dark Comedy, Romance Advisory: Contains Profanity, Strong Violence...
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    HPFF Author Thread

    Hi everyone, I was pretty active earlier this year up until a hiatus that lasted through August, but I'm back and excited to be writing again! Penname: Modest_K AP: Here What I Write: I like Next Gen a lot, mostly Albus/OC but I like to throw in James/OC and Rose/Scorpius. My works: The Girl...
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    Fanfictions that deserve awards

    Seconding this one for sure
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    Finding Fanfiction

    I really liked: Love Rules by bester_jester I'll Do The Dishes by inlovewithpadfoot 30 Days of You and Me by Mistress And a couple others where they aren't the main pair but are a great side pair in two amazing stories: Written in the Stars by Siriusly21 Being Summer by PygmyPuffLover
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    I Say: You Think...