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    What's your current writing status?

    You wrote this two months ago, so maybe you're over it, but if you ever feel this again, don't beat yourself up with the what if. Write your heart out first, worry about fixing it later. You're not forced to post immediately when you write. Give your words time to cool down. Time gives you...
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    Problems with or suggestions for our site?

    I copy and paste all the time. Are you getting an error?
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    I'm curious what wordcount your software uses. My 2,628-word chapter is recorded on your site as 3,003. I'm not saying this as a complaint. I really don't care, but it seems excessive, so I thought I'd make you aware it's happening. I get it that some programs differ in how they count...
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    You're convincing me to check out those Creevey tales. Back to my backstory, anyone expecting HP fanfiction would be very much confused when they land on it because it's not even a story about magic. It's a mythic fantasy about a goddess and it spans over a few centuries. The setting is in the...
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    As part of writing my epic fanfic, I developed a backstory of the antagonist. The story was so cool, I decided to turn it into a book. I wholeheartedly recommend to do it this way, btw. Writing the full story allowed me to spot plot holes and shed light on opportunities I wouldn’t have thought...
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    Strange word count on an empty chapter

    Not a big deal but you might want to know. Something went wrong when saving the chapter of my story and it showed the story as having 50,259 words. When I clicked on it, the chapter was blank (didn't save). I pasted the content again and it saved with no issues. Now it shows correct word...
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    Share your Writing Adventure Fanfiction

    Instead of being visited by the Muse of Prose, I was visited by the Muse of Poetry. :cool: Behold, ❄ A Very Elven Christmas Limerick ❄ Words: 103. Complete. ❄ Ever wondered what the elves think about having to prepare all those grand feasts for the students?
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    Winter 2019 Adventure Introduction

    Sooooo. I wrote something about holidays at Hogwarts but it's just a limerick (not 5000 words, that would be quite a poem). Should I make a book for it or just post it here?
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    Fanfiction Discussion

    @Northumbrian Speaking of. As a comparison, Polish word for potato is "ziemniak." zi sound can be made in two ways: zi or ź, but the rule is that if the next letter is a vowel, you will use the zi spelling. e is always e. It's never anything else. m is always m. ni sound can be made in two...
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    Fanfiction Discussion

    Yup. A spelling bee would be a ridiculous idea in Poland. Yes, you learn how to spell in school. And no, it's not rocket science. It's called school. You don't get a special achievement award for learning standard material. There are probably less than 10 words that are exceptions to Polish...
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    Hogwarts Prank Club by Kamiccola

    That’s a nice way to summarize it. Thanks for reading.
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    Due Date & Updated Information

    I definitely want to write something holiday-related and I'd rather finish it in December while I'm still in the holiday mood. As to rules, I like rules and limitations on prompt challenges - they motivate me but at the same time, I hate it when I see a prompt I might have written for but then...
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    Writing Resources

    Let's raid my bookmarks. HP canon info for your research: Harry Potter Wiki HP Lexicon HP Lexicon Calendars - calendar for each book. Overview of HP timeline General writing help links: Powerthesaurus - the better thesaurus. Descriptive thesaurus - I couldn't recommend this resource enough...
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    Any way to hide fics without actually deleting?

    I’d like to add to this request - does ticking that “draft” option under story status turn all previously published chapters into drafts? I plan to revise the whole book one day and having to update 65 chapters manually would be a huge hassle.
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    Fanfiction Discussion

    Punctuation rules differ greatly. In Polish, we don’t even use quotation marks in dialogue. Ha! Fight that. :sneaky: I think it’s more important to be consistent. Some rules are rules but some rules are flexible. For example, how to record internal monologue? There is no one rule. I use single...