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  • Bye! I won’t be here for 10 days, or more... I don’t know.
    My parents are blocking my laptop and my phone and every other device in the house. So I won’t be here on Forums, I won’t be on hangouts, or on the classroom :cry:
    Just wanted you to know...
    Bye everyone
    *sending hugs!*

    Happy International Harry Potter Day/Voldemort's Death Day/ Harry life Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HOW DID I FORGET?!?!?!?
    you must read Twilight!!!! It's an AMAZING story and after you read the inital four, read midnight sun, they're all AMAZING!!!!!!!!! you'll love them! I'm obsessed, but not as obsessed as I am with Harry Potter. I have theories linking the two together, so you should read them
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    I'll read it and I'll tell you what I though about it! Harry Potter is already MY LIFE, And I'm very curios to have a personal opinion on Twilight!
    Recently I've become a Gryffinclaw (and proud!).
    But comes a time when I have to chose (not forever, just for this 'google classroom')
    So..... do you think I'm more Gryffindor or.... Ravenclaw...?
    Just say something random, your opinion even if we've only wrote to each other for 3 seconds lol
    Prepare yourselves!
    I’m going to ramble about my life now because I’M MAD
    Yesterday I had a dance competition (oh, I forgot to tell you guys that btw), and I happened to forget my ballet shoes at Home. (I SWEAR I checked my bag 7 times!!!! And it was the first time in my life when I forgot something for Ballet!!)
    So, my parents were angry I forgot.
    Then there’s this other girl, and at dinner they were rambling about how much she’s organized and stuff (FORST TIME THEY MET HER).
    I got a bit mad and said I could be organized too and then of course they brought up the fact I forgot my ballet shoes and they got mad at ME for being mad at THEM. Now they think I can’t do anything by myself and think they’ll have to control me or something.
    (Hint: That ‘perfect organized girl’ always forgot something for dance but OF COURSE no one says anything about HER)
    and today I was telling my mom: ‘I have an appointment online for a school project with my friend at 4.00! Remember to drive me home in time!!’ Then SHE forgot and they’re blaming ME for not REMINDING them. And off again with the rant about me not being organized and indipendente! (THEY WON’T LET ME)
    Hey... I’m super tyred today....
    I didn’t sleep a lot last night and today I’m feeling more dead than like a inferi...
    Oh yeah... AND I have a test.... So... good luck with your life, mine is sleeping....
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    Yes it does. + A LOT of homework -_-
    Oof. Homework is super annoying. Are you at least able to finish it in class? That is my saving grace when it comes to homework lol
    Not always but sometimes I manage. Like, my English homework is like this:
    'Write a phrase: affirmative, negative and interrogative'
    And I'm like:
    Harry Potter is the best thing in the world (YEEEES)
    Harry Potter isn't the best thing in the world (NOOOOO)
    Is Harry Potter the best thing in the world? (duuuuuh)
    Though only English is this easy *moans*
    Yyyyeeey! Today’s my soster’s Birthday!!!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to Sophiiiiiiieeee!
    Happy birthday to you!
    I've been thinking about characters lately... if I like them or hate them....
    Like, Severus for example. He's difficult.
    I've always hated Snape but now I actually like him. (I'm not going to rant 'why' I like him, I'll leave that job for another day, I'm too lazy now).
    You might ask: 'But how do you like him if you hated him before?'.
    Well, some of you might have noticed I've been making my characters in RP's friends or relatives of Snape. That way I got to dive deeper into the character and I actually get it now. And I do NOT believe Snape called people mudblood behind Lily's back. That was the first time, and he said it out of anger and humiliation. He was mostly a guy that minded his own business. (Ok, I said I wouldn't rant today, I'll do it tomorrow)
    Peter Pettergrew...well.. I've decided I like his young version. It's pretty obvious he wasn't evil as a child. I think he mostly became a death eater because he was tired of being the fourth wheel and wanted to be the right hand of the dark lord (I'm sure he regretted his stupid decision later, but he was too much of a coward to do the right thing). (I'm just saying he was good when he was little, not that he's one of my favourite characters. If a character's good that doesn't mean I have to love him. I think I prefer Snape anyways)
    People tend to say: he's bad. he's good. But as Sirius said, we all have light and darkness inside us. That means that if Snape needed Lily to die to realise he had made a wrong choice, it's fine; if he needed to see Harry's eyes to realise he wasn't the exact replica of his father, it's fine. (Come on! He's just a late realizer! (That's not a word)). Snape's is most complicated character in the HP world when it comes to light and darkness.
    Voldemort and Umbridge.... they just need a therapist, that's all. They have something wrong in their minds, maybe something went wrong in their brain when they were born. And they seriously need someone to talk to. They just seem a bit lame in my opinion, poor fools.
    i think the voldy and umbidge ones aren't true bc you would just be evil if they were but the other ones: no comment. I agree with you (kinda) threr
    When I wrote the Umbridge-Voldy one I was a bit sarcastic lol. (Like, Voldy was born and he was already a murderer! Come on! When they say there's no such thing as an evil baby show them Voldemort! 'I can talk to snakes, I can kill, I can do this, and that, and bla bla bla. Only 11 years old and already plotting to kill someone *rolls eyes*)
    Yeh, so... don't take me too seriously on the last part

    *while eating lunch with my dad, my mom, and my sister*

    Sophie (my sister): Dad, What do you do when you see your students copying during a written test?

    (My dad’s an art professor)

    Dad: Nothing

    Sophie: WHAAAAAT?

    Dad: My lesson is the only one you can copy in. Copying is an art!

    Sophie: *rases eyebrows and doesn’t believe dad doean’t Do anything when he sees someone copying*

    *afterwards, with my friend, who is also one of my dad’s students*

    Sophie: is it true that dad let’s students copy?

    My friend: Oh yes! Just yesterday we had a written test, and a boy had the textbook on the desk and your dad saw him, but didn’t say ANYTHING!

    Me: lol
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