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  • Ok, so I have tons of school stuff to do this June, so I probably won't post this month. (My school goes later than most) Hopefully, I should have a chapter out by July. Sorry to disappoint the fans of Wednesday Addams and the Death of Classmates, who have patiently been waiting. There is still hope something will come out this month, but I'm not sure yet.
    Okay, I need help. (For context this is just hinting at these things, it won't develop into a fully-fledged relationship until they're in the sixth or seventh year, maybe 5th.)

    For the eighth chapter of WAADOC, I'm hinting at WinolaxFriday and WinolaxWednesday, 2 questions,
    1) Should I hint at FridayxWednesday?
    2) Which ship should become a fully-fledged relationship?

    I'm personally a WinolaxFriday person but I'm also not really sure.
    Expect a post on Wednesday Addams & The Death Of Classmates today!

    Also, I have 20 days until the CTPs (the standardized test at my school) and my math scores have gotten worse... I'm bad at time management and I've had to guess absurd numbers of questions before. (12 of the 25) Also, half the problems make no sense!!!!! But I know how to do the stuff, it's just the way they phrase the questions! HELP!!!!!!!!!!! And @ThatChaoticBisexual I don't care what you have to say. I'm going to fail.
    Okay, I'm like actually back this time. I have a baseball game tomorrow and homework, but chances are I will work on Wednesday Addams & The Death Of Classmates, I will have the chapter out Tomorrow, Monday, or Tuesday, depending on my schedule. Sorry, I haven't posted in a while. I was doing Camp NaNoWriMo, and when I'm doing that I don't have time to work on fanfiction.
    Okay, I'm going to be trying really hard to avoid the forums for a little bit. I've been wanting to ever since the whole drama started, but I just needed more information and then I got stuck in a rabbit hole of things about it and blah blah blah. I really just can't handle this anymore. Can someone update me when it's over because this is affecting my mental health and my ability to concentrate on my homework. (I have it for Spring Break. My teachers are trying to get us to study for this standardized we have to take for High School. So, I really want to clear my mind and concentrate on that since my math skills really need to improve. Goodbye for now,
    HermioneSmith (Who ironically has never written a fanfiction shipping Hermione and Zacharias)
    So, about the whole Miss. S. Weasley thing...
    I don't even know what to say. I am so confused. There are so many things to comprehend, but the general idea I've gotten is Miss. S. Weasley lied about pretty much everything and now people are feeling betrayed. I want to ask someone to break it down into a lot of detail, but I know no one wants to talk about it anymore so I will just live with being confused.

    On a completely unrelated note, I won't be updating Wednesday Addams And The Death of Classmates as often this month (like I update it often anyway) because of Camp NaNoWriMo. Also, I'm doing personal NaNoWriMo's the two months, because I have a lot of things I want to work on/finish. And, from past experiences, I am terrible at keeping up with NaNoWriMo and working on fanfiction, but I will try to update often enough and still participate on the forums.
    A few of you might have noticed me viewing threads about all the deaths but not saying anything. That's just because I haven't known what to say other than "I know," and "I'm sorry," which seems so wrong for people who were so important to this community. And for that I'm sorry. All the other things I've wanted to say, I've felt like they would be taken the wrong way. Just know, I am so sorry for all the people who have lost family/friends to suicide. I know this is what everyone is saying, but they're saying it because it's true
    You are important. You have had a positive impact on a lot of people, including the people who read and love your books. Everyone here on HPFF loves you and everything you do. I know it's hard, but if you're experiencing suicidal thoughts tell someone. If you're in school and don't want to tell you're parents, tell your friends or your guidance counselor (or a teacher, or frankly anyone you trust. You are not being overdramatic). If you're a working adult, there are millions of resources to help you. And if you need help, tell a friend or a parent or anyone you trust. Even if it's hard, you can do it. Even if you need help, you will get through this hard time.

    I just wanted to take a moment to officially welcome you to our forum. Thank you so much for joining us! I’m constantly looking for ways to improve the forum and make all of our users feel at home here, so please feel free to share any ideas and suggestions you may have. I’m looking forward to growing this forum and community with you.

    See you around soon.
    - Ashley
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