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    FFRP Anyone?

    (Flashback) Hufflepuff? Olivia-Lydia stared at her empty plate in stunned silence. She was oblivious to the chatter going on around her. Hufflepuff? She repeated to herself mentally. However, she wasn’t oblivious to the whisper about her that were coursing through the hall. “But she’s so...
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    FFRP Anyone?

    Name: Olivia-Lydia Greengrass-Hale Age: 16 Appearance: Long wavy black hair, bright ocean blue eyes very pretty) Skills: Quidditch, schoolwork, manipulation, kind, loyal, fierce, hardworking Weaknesses: Stubborn, hold grudges Magic: Yes Pureblood Family: Parents: Daphne Greengrass, Leo Hale...
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    Cedric Diggory

    I'm writing an Albus/OC story that touches on Hufflepuff pride. It will be posted soon!
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    I'm from Big City New York. Been here since I was 1, and though I was born in Switzerland, I am not Swiss. I come from Canada, Haiti, and Cameroon, all places I'm very proud of, as Haiti used to be a refuge for slaves, an escape, Canada has a lot less racism than the US, and Cameroon fought for...
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    Graphic Requests

    I just started making banners and I don't know if these are any good
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    Graphic Requests

    Here's your banner @Some_random_person
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    Ooh, I can't choose between Ginny, Luna, and Hermione. Maybe... uhh, Ginny?

    Ooh, I can't choose between Ginny, Luna, and Hermione. Maybe... uhh, Ginny?
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    Writing... playing with my baby brother, writing, playing video games, writing, reading and writing.
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    Review Tag

    I have read and reviewed Charlie Lupin's Living the Bada** Life. Anyone of my stories could use a review.
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    What's your current writing status?

    Currently lost inspiration for a bunch of my stories... and deleted a lot of WIPs. I have an idea of a story of 'The Forgotten Girls' (Dominique, Lily II, Molly II, Roxanne, and Lucy).
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    Start up some popularity

    Sounds amazing, but isn’t the standard equivalent to Hogwarts in the USA Ilvermorny in Mount Greylock? Correct me if I’m wrong.
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    Share Your Work

    Character Basics
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    Share Your Work

    Hmm... that depends on the story plot and line.
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    Thank you so much!
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    I used to be named Ginny Lovegood, but now there's this glitch and my name is Yeetness! HELP!!!! I can't change it back and it says that I can't change it back because there's already someone named Ginny Lovegood!