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    camp nano july 2020

    Lacy? Question. I want to post up a book cover for my book, but it won't work. I don't have a wattpad so that won't let....Do you have any idea?
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    Yea. my mom's 6 brothers live there and their cousins and all and stuff. I been there and I thought it would fall on me when I was younger.
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    YES! I love the arch
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    Weird ships?

    I have seen Molly/Andromeda, Gideon Prewett/Marlene McKinnon, and Marlene McKinnon/Dorcas Meadows
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    Korean food is the best! I love it! I never been there since I was adopted in Russia but I am Korean and was adopted at 21 months, so not a lot of memory.
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    okay! I almost deleted your comment by accident and then I was OH NO OH NO

    okay! I almost deleted your comment by accident and then I was OH NO OH NO
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    camp nano july 2020

    I just have lost interest in the camp and is like brain dead
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    Yea. I haven't been there in like 4 years XD
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    Ah okay thanks love

    Ah okay thanks love
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    Pet Lovers Introduction

    I have two ferretts, my new cat, (don't know the species), my other cat, my brand new ferret Animal names in order of pictures: Autumn, Sunny, Lemon Thyme, Kristy, and mooney and I almost forgot Misty my dog I HAVE TOO MANY ANIMALS My cat named Luna passed away a few days ago :(
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    How many chapters is too much?

    How many chapters is too much?
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    I draw digitally and traditionally, I do photography, I am a crime junky. I love music, and building! I maybe have bought a broken down 5 story house and made it into a traditional house that you would see now a days....
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    I'm from Ireland and where mostly a lot of brunettes here. I have seen a few red heads. The streets are clam and neighbors are nice. I used to live in the city part of Ireland, but I currently live on a big land in the middle of nowhere XD. I go to the farmers market to sell food, since I have a...
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    I have done a lot of traveling. I'm a free lance artist as well as a free time photographer. I live in Ireland and have been to German 3 times, the US a lot. I was actually adopted in Russia and I'm Korean. I am really sad that I can't travel as much due to Covid. I am going to MO for a cousin's...