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    Fred and George's Compartment

    Nice try, this is Fred and George's compartment, clearly it's some kind of prank. :p
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    Cho Chang's Compartment

    I'd never really thought about that before, but you're right. I suppose even the fact that the school Quidditch teams are co-ed is kind of unusual.
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    HP Lexicon Calendars

    The class schedules, weather, and Hogsmeade schedules have been LIFESAVERS for me.
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    Tips For Tagging Your Fanfiction

    There are few things worse than the finding what you think is a fic about a rare pairing, only to realize that the relationship amounts to the narrator being like "Oh, and Fred and Hermione were dating. That's all I have to say on that. Anyway, back to Ginny and Draco..." That all sounds...
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    Weird ships?

    That sounds kind of fascinating. I like the idea of Trelawney's very "out there" personality traits paired with Snape's cool logic.
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    Original Characters

    I mean, isn't that the dream? :p
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    Tips For Tagging Your Fanfiction

    This thread is giving me flashbacks to my cataloging courses in grad school. Controlled vocabulary and folksonomies, oh my! I do like that there's differentiation between primary and secondary relationships on HPFF. That has been a point of frustration for me on other sites.
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    Slytherin visibility

    It would be perfect if it was the Ravenclaw group having this problem because you have to solve riddles to get into the common room. :p
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    Slytherin visibility

    Also, I'm not sure if you've changed anything yet and it might be premature, but Slytherin is now telling me that I have insufficient privileges to post (which it wasn't doing before), but it's still letting me view threads.
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    Interesting Sorting Quiz

    I just found this Sorting quiz and it's pretty neat. It sorts you based on primary/secondary, with your primary house reflecting WHY you do things and your secondary house reflecting HOW you do things. They also have this concept of a "burned" house: Anyway, you can find it here...
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    Slytherin visibility

    I'm from the Midwest: unnecessary apologies are in my blood! :) But I appreciate all the work you all are doing--the site is great and the response time on these issues is excellent.
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    Link contrast on forums

    Absolutely no apology necessary! This was a pretty quick turnaround time--I have no complaints. :)
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    Slytherin visibility

    @Ashley Marie I'm sorry, I feel like I've created a lot of extra work for you lately! It's not my only purpose in life, I swear! :)
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    Link contrast on forums

    I just noticed that the link color has been changed! THANK YOU, THIS IS SO MUCH MORE VISIBLE! :D:love::D:love:
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    No apology necessary--life happens! If you need help with anything, let me know--I'm happy to do...

    No apology necessary--life happens! If you need help with anything, let me know--I'm happy to do whatever I can!