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  • It only took me like...3 months (thanks WORK), but I finally got an update posted for Delicate. I was going to write a clever short sentence to trick you into reading it, but I've used my allotted brain power for the day. So:
    Fred/OC | Romance/Drama
    (cue chapter update theme music)
    Playing with Fire

    Fred/OC | Romance/Drama

    A strait-laced Gryffindor prefect agrees to be Fred Weasley's fake girlfriend. What could go wrong?
    Current summary of my writing status, in visual form:
    Hi there,

    Thanks so much for joining our forum, we're so glad to have you here with us. I hope to soon get to read some of your work. If you have any suggestions/ideas, please don't hesitate to share them, here. I can't wait for all of us to build this site together.

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