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  • Hello all!

    I wanted to take a moment to thank you for joining HPFF on this journey in 2019. It’s been an exciting year as we brought back the forum, worked behind the scenes on some site wide changes, released a writing course, and researched ways to make this community something we’d all be proud of.
    This journey has also been slow moving, but every walk starts with a single step, right?
    A personal goal for me in 2020 is to take my research and studying and put it into focus here! I want to truly build connections with every single one of you and to make this site one you check as often as your other favorite online places.
    Today, I’m thankful for 2019...but looking forward to 2020 in a way I can’t wait to share with you.
    In reflecting on the past year, I’d love to hear what made in 2019. I’d also love to hear what part of this forum you were most pleased with and where you’d like to see improvements in the next year.

    Share with me, here!
    I haven't uploaded any of my own work to the site yet, and I decided to just start with a poem, but my first 'work' is finally on the site. Also - I spent the last week on vacation and had time to read more of your stories, they'll be shared on our 'community' work thread ASAP. You all write Wonderfully and I can't wait to share your work on our forum.
    New threads are being added this week, one of which I'm very excited about. Harry Potter IRL is a place to discuss some of the creative outlets we all use that are inspired by HP. Everything from cosplay to baking. I'd love to hear and see all the ways you incorporate HP into your day to day lives.
    It looks like some of Harry Potter's finest have made their way to our forums. Be on the look out for their accounts and comments.
    Our newest train cars have launched, and with the help of @JMilz, these updated cars have more of a personal focus which we hope will bring you closer to your houses/favorite characters in the HP realm. I look forward to seeing all of your responses!
    Hello all!

    I wanted to point out a few things as a reminder, or as news, for our community members.

    Our 'Schools' have opened, which means our houses are ready to welcome our community members. Please join the house you belong in and look forward to some awesome prompts/discussions/photos, and more.

    Our Support Ticket is the place to share any problems you may experience on the site.

    A newly added Suggestions Ticket is the place to share any ideas you have with us about continuing to build a welcoming community. Don't be shy, we welcome any and all feedback and I take it all into consideration.

    Thanks for being here with us.
    Hi everyone! I wanted to apologize for the delay in September's writing prompts and a slower than usual contact time with me. I try to keep up with messages and comments every day, or every other day, but as school has started for my little guy, as have germs! He's been down for the count since last week and I had to get him back to the doctor today. Tomorrow, expect writing challenges to be posted and look for new content on the site this month. We're gearing up for fall and one of my personal favorite holidays, Halloween!
    Hello everyone! This is your Headmaster at HPFF and I wanted to say thank you for joining us and helping make our forum feel like such a welcome community already. I'm so happy to see the life being breathed back into our home here and the bonds that are forming. I have a lot of new ideas on the horizon, so stay tuned for more opportunities for exciting growth within HPFF!
    This month, in addition to our writing challenges, I’d love to see our users join our house groups. The thread within the forum will be closing within the next two weeks because our groups are taking their place! The groups have more room for discussion threads, photos, calendars, and community!

    You can find our groups at the link below.

    We experienced a death in the family last week so the monthly writing challenges and icebreakers are later than normal. I apologize for the wait. Please look out for those to be posted by morning and submit your responses then!

    Thank you.
    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Hugs to you and the family.
    Blue Kat
    Blue Kat
    Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that. Please take care of yourself. Hugs!
    Please check out the newly added Hogwarts Train Cars section of our forum. These compartments are aimed to help build a strong community of readers, writers, and fans.
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