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  • I've deleted my account bc I underestimated the power of some stupid words. I throw around words like they have no meaning. To me, and insult is but a joke. Clearly, that's not what the rest of the world sees. The world sees an insult as an insult, not a joke. I know where it go. MCRG would be dead. Everything I built would die. Why? Because I had no clue how powerful some word would be. And there is only one reason I haven't left an apology before leaving. Because none of you would forgive me either way. I'm different from all of you. I don't take offence to most insults. I knew doing what I did would piss Aly off which is why I did it. But there comes a point where there is no point to continue living so yo have to die. Which is what I did. Broke away from months of work and vanished from the internet. I will not be returning to this website with another account. Do whatever you please with my characters because I no longer care for them. I am uninvited here which I why I'm gonna leave for good. I might still be around on this account but only for a short while. Then, I'm going to delete this account and retire to a different fanfiction site under a new alias so that I may have no enemies. I will make new stories and have fun. And MCRG will cease to exist. Pleas unfollow both accounts so that MCRG may rot in peace
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    Sorry. My other account wasn't working so I had to make a new one.
    To Jayla:
    1. Please leave the mean comments be. I feel like I should always have a reminder of what could happen.
    2. I won't make the same mistake ever again. I really underestimated the power of words.

    To HuffleFox:
    1. Blessed are those who believe without seeing.
    2. The whole thing didn't happen on forums which is why you didn't see.

    To Shy_Winter_Sky:
    1. I knew someone would be bad about not making me feel welcome anymore and everyone would start regretting it so I posted this and my plan worked!
    2. The above was a joke. I actually had no idea someone would feel bad about not making me feel unwelcome after what I'd done. It came as a sort of shock.
    3. It was more the fact that I didn't feel welcome here that I left. I can take really big insults as jokes. Too bad that only applies online as I'm much more emotional face to face. (But I didn't take your guy's insults as a joke so read on if you wanna see more.)

    My Apology:
    1. I haven't yet apologized because I saw what happened to Sarah and what I did was much worse so logically, you wouldn't forgive me. So I'm gonna apologise right now and hopefully, most of you will forgive me over time. Alahi (Sorry if I spelled it wrong, I forgot how to spell your full name), I'm extremely sorry for disrespecting your gender for "revenge" and for not thinking through my actions. Jayla told me it was rude but I ignored her. I'm also sorry for insulting you in all the other ways I insulted you. Jayla, sorry for blackmailing you into not telling anyone that I told Maki he was carrot. But whatever else happened between us is up to you to reveal bc I won't break my promise not to say anything. Gray, I'm very sorry for revealing who Carrot was but I did sorta warn (I'm not using this as an excuse) you when I said I would tell everyone when I figured it out, if I figured it out (If no one told me). It was really my choice and I could've kept it to myself but I did the opposite which led me to blackmailing Jayla, getting Alahi to kick me out of the chat three times, and then the whole reason I deleted my account. And everyone else, I am deeply sorry for all the trouble I have caused.

    To Everyone Else:
    1. I did NOT take your insults as jokes. I took them in full seriousness because they were very honest although they weren't in any way too mean and in fact, described very accurately what I deserved.
    2. I might (key word: might. I might or might not) stay on this site but with a different alias until all the hate for MCRG will die down. Blankdude won't be deleted and will just be there to remind you of MCRG so that I know when the hate stoops down low enough for me to be able so I could become MCRG again with all my characters.
    3. Carrot can take control of my characters in the sequel until I come back, and if I come back as MCRG.

    A Bunch of Other Lies:
    1. My real name is Solomon. It isn't. I didn't trust any of you enough to tell you my real name at the moment.
    2. I was really pissed on the inside but was acting like I wasn't. Nope, I was just doing it for revenge and my anger had already passed by the time we reached the online meeting point.
    3. I throw around words like they have no meaning. Yep, another lie. It's why I use curse words to express the fact that I'm angry or mad. Words obviously have meaning but I didn't know they had that much meaning/power.
    4. I will not be returning to this website with another account. Self explanatory.
    It works now.
    I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
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