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  • I am so sorry again but i need ur guyses opinion.

    Most of you guys said Slytherin, and I think I also resemble Slytherin energy. I have gotten Gryffindor on my Pottermore, and also have gotten Slytherin before. Should I convert (lol that's such a weird word to use) to Slytherin or just stay as Gryffindor?

    thank you so much in advance
    I think it depends on how you've been feeling lately. I've been in Gyffindor in previous years, but have been feeling VERY Hufflepuff recently. So, I changed to Hufflepuff. :) Go with your gut.
    Okay yall. i need your help. So im going to like this Harry Potter Summer samp (rockwood and parkway). we get to choose our house, (and I know my house) but I want you guys to tell me which house fits me best. Ill describe my personality below.

    1. It takes a lot for me to get mad, and if I do, I am pretty scary. Not like that scary-I-will-yell-at-you type of scary, more like the -i-screenshotted-out-chats-and-use-them-to-ruin-you type of scary.
    2. I am like hella crazy, but shy when it comes to talking
    3. I hate public speaking
    4. I will refuse to do anything that might publicly embarrass me (unless i have to do it)
    5. Im usually brave, but I have some fears
    6. I am very secretive, and if my mom catches me doing something I shouldn't be doing and blocks me from doing that, I will one way or another find another way to do that (I always do) For example, I got caught cheating on my kumon, so my mom hid the answer book. a few days later, I see my mom grading other kids work (she works at kumon) from an online answer book. i go into her passwords on settings (have my fingerprint on her iPad so I could access them) and type the password onto my computer, so I can access the answers (ik, Im a bad kid)
    7. I can easily adapt and find a way to do something even when I don't have the materials to do so.
    8. I am very impulsive
    9. I value friendships
    10. only a very few ppl know the 'real' me
    11. it takes a lot for you to gain my full trust
    12. If you do something to wrong me I will get revenge
    13. I hold grudges
    14. just bc I am your ally does not mean I get along with you
    15. I tend to not like popular kids
    16. I tend to get jealous easily
    (I feel I just like exposed myself LMAO)

    anyways, please comment a house that fits me! thanks in advance!
    This is like rlly random but i just realized this tik tok i watched this morning


    there is this one guy with a towel as hair, and above the text reads: that one girl at school who doesn't like anyone.
    And then it changes to his normal self and above the text reads: fictional characters with the star emoji thing

    I felt called out
    okay y'all I need to rant a bit so here I go

    My friend said that being gay and trans is a choice *simple smile emoji*

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