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    I just wanted to take a moment to officially welcome you (albeit late) to our forum. Thank you so much for joining us! I’m constantly looking for ways to improve the forum and make all of our users feel at home here, so please feel free to share any ideas and suggestions you may have. I’m looking forward to growing this forum and community with you.

    See you around soon.
    - Ashley
    Hey guys! I just edited Ch.4 "Family Quidditch & The Lovegood's Nargle Dance" from "A Weasley Vacation" and I'm much happier with it now. I added better spelling&grammar, more descriptions where it lacked some and better wording. One of my favourite chapters in the book, 3 fun and contrasting POV's all with very different cliffhangers at the end. Please let me know your thoughts and read it. Even if you already have, it's much better now. :)
    Hey guys! "A Weasley Vacation" is of course completed but now undergoing edits! If you're unfamiliar, it's a 21 chapter 8th HP book about the Next Generation going on a family holiday. Starts out as a lighthearted comedy with romantic elements and absurdity, but quickly progesses into a action-thriller-drama. Please if you have any interest at all, give it a read and leave a review, I love those :) Also, I'd love a review swap since I'm lookin for new reading material. As for genres, anything similiar to my story in terms of genre should do :) Just contact me
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    Make sure you share your WIPs and completed works in the forum so that we can read them all and I can highlight them in our community fanfiction thread :)
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