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Hello, lovelies! Nix here.

Check out my newest one-shots Daydreaming and Turning the Tables!

I also recently posted Chapters 34 and 35 of Sirrah Malfoy!

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1 : Five of a Kind by EnigmaticEyes16     Short story
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 2   Reviews: 9

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Five Hogwarts students entered the classroom. None of them friends. None of them aware of the others' hopes, aspirations, or issues. All essentially strangers who, for different reasons, got themselves detention on a Saturday.

My very belated Secret Santa gift to moonbaby11.
Amazing banner by caelestis @ TDA!

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst   Era: Next Generation   Characters: Albus, OtherCanon , Rose, Scorpius  Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, OC/OC
Advisory: Contains profanity, Mild violence, Scenes of a mild sexual nature, Substance abuse, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Published: 2015.02.05   Latest Chapter: 2015.05.01 Updated: 2015.05.03 Status: WIP (7340 words)

2 : Sirrah Malfoy by EnigmaticEyes16     Novel
Rating: Mature   Chapters: 35   Reviews: 260


Iím Sirrah Malfoy.

Daughter of Draco and Astoria Malfoy. Granddaughter of Lucius (the scary grandfather I was telling you about) and Narcissa Malfoy. Oh yeah! I almost forgot to mention that I am the twin sister of the one and only Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, unfortunately enough. Youíve heard of him?

Well, isnít that nice.

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Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst   Era: Next Generation   Characters: James (II), OC , Rose, Scorpius  Pairings: James/OC, Rose/Scorpius
Advisory: Strong Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Sexual Nature
Published: 2010.04.11   Latest Chapter: 2015.02.11 Updated: 2015.04.01 Status: WIP (108969 words)

3 : Daydreaming by EnigmaticEyes16     One-shot
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 21

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What happens when Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger are alone in the library together?

Written for DMsSlytherinPrincess's Draco Malfoy in 1000 Words Challenge.

Genres: Drama, Romance, AU   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Draco , Hermione  Pairings: Draco/Hermione
Advisory: Scenes of a mild sexual nature
Published: 2014.09.01   Latest Chapter: 2014.09.01 Updated: 2014.12.21 Status: COMPLETED (1087 words)

4 : Turning the Tables by EnigmaticEyes16     One-shot
Rating: 12+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 6

banner by RoxiMalfoy @ TDA!

banner by RoxiMalfoy photo 63r8zm_zpsb890b99c.png

Severus Snape meets Lily Evans for the first time when Potter and Black take a prank too far. And he discovers the fiery Gryffindor isn't the uptight prude he thought she'd be. In fact, she was full of surprises.

Received 1st Place in Polyjuice_'s Shippy AU Challenge.

Genres: Drama, AU   Era: Marauders   Characters: James, Lily, Pomfrey, Sirius , Snape  Pairings: Snape/Lily, James/Lily
Advisory: Contains profanity, Mild violence
Published: 2014.08.15   Latest Chapter: 2014.08.15 Updated: 2014.12.21 Status: COMPLETED (2558 words)

5 : Forbidden Wanderings by EnigmaticEyes16     One-shot
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 10

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Draco makes a new friend in the Forbidden Forest.

House Cup 2014 - Prompt One

Genres: Horror/Dark   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Draco
Advisory: Mild violence, Sensitive topic/issue/theme
Published: 2014.06.27   Latest Chapter: 2014.06.27 Updated: 2014.06.27 Status: COMPLETED (1082 words)

6 : Define Insanity by EnigmaticEyes16     Novella
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 2   Reviews: 11

banner by crimson.

Rose Weasley's life is officially embarrassing. She is falling behind on all her classes, her best friend would rather spend time with her boyfriend than her and she only had a boyfriend once before. In second year. But worst of all, she has fallen head over heels for the one boy her parents hate the most. Scorpius Malfoy.

An entry for mangagirlís Summary Challenge.
Banner by Crimson. @ TDA.

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst   Era: Next Generation   Characters: Albus, James (II), OC, OtherCanon , Rose, Scorpius  Pairings: Rose/Scorpius, Other Pairing
Advisory: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Published: 2012.02.12   Latest Chapter: 2012.02.24 Updated: 2012.02.24 Status: WIP (2508 words)

7 : Exceptional by EnigmaticEyes16     One-shot
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 14

banner by laelia

Iím Lucy.

Thatís right. One of the many Weasley children. The brave, fiercely loyal, and unyielding Weasleys. Though sometimes I feel like I canít be one of them. That someone has made some sort of mistake. I am nothing like them.

An entry for houlestar's 'What the Hell is a Hufflepuff?' Challenge and hplover_987ís Pureblood Challenge.
Received 2nd Place in LadyL8's Phobia Challenge.

Genres: Angst   Era: Next Generation   Characters: OtherCanon
Advisory: Mild Language
Published: 2011.12.19   Latest Chapter: 2011.12.29 Updated: 2013.01.17 Status: COMPLETED (3380 words)

8 : 'Bring a Muggle to School' Day by EnigmaticEyes16     One-shot
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 20

banner by enycha22

There is no 'Bring a Muggle to School' Day, and I should stop insisting that there is.
Received an Honorary Mention in JRose16's 'Things I'm Not Allowed to Do at Hogwarts' Challenge.

Banner by enycha22 @ TDA.

Genres: Fluff, Humor, AU   Era: Hogwarts   Characters: Fred, George, OC
Advisory: Contains profanity
Published: 2011.11.13   Latest Chapter: 2011.11.13 Updated: 2012.12.07 Status: COMPLETED (1947 words)

9 : Not for Always by EnigmaticEyes16     One-shot
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 1   Reviews: 15

banner by everafter

"I'm not what you want,
You said what I never could."

Entry for Woodrow Rynneís ĎUnnamedí Challenge and Puttylil's 'Always' Challenge.

Lyrics from "Always" by The Birthday Massacre
Beta'd by BellaCamille. Banner by everafter @ TDA.

Genres: Drama, Romance, Angst   Era: Post-Hogwarts   Characters: OtherCanon   Pairings: Other Pairing
Advisory: Mild Language
Published: 2011.10.21   Latest Chapter: 2011.10.29 Updated: 2013.01.17 Status: COMPLETED (3824 words)

10 : Her Sight's on Sirius by EnigmaticEyes16     Short story
Rating: 15+   Chapters: 4   Reviews: 18

banner by (sol)

Once she sets her sights on something, itís hers. Itís as simple as that.
Received 1st place for LilyFireís ďPoints of ViewĒ Challenge.

Banner by (sol) @ TDA.

Genres: Drama, Horror/Dark, Romance   Era: Marauders   Characters: James, Lily, Lupin, OC , Pettigrew, Sirius  Pairings: Sirius/OC, James/Lily, OC/OC, Remus/OC
Advisory: Mild Language, Mild Violence, Scenes of a Mild Sexual Nature
Published: 2010.06.14   Latest Chapter: 2011.08.30 Updated: 2011.10.14 Status: WIP (6233 words)
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