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Summer Storms, Glass and Tinsel by ReeBee
Chapter 1 : Hooked
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They were grey. That's all most people said. Not green like my father or brown like me. Just grey, most people compared them to concrete, wet concrete. But they were so much more. They were the sky when it rains in summer, a cloudy, calm grey. Most days they were still and at peace. But some rare days, they were as sharp as glass, I could almost feel the cut in my stomach when she directed it at me. I had also seen them laugh like the tinsel that Mum and Lily put up at Christmas each year. But mostly they were see through. They looked innocent, never been hurt, never been touched. If one got lost inside them, they would be his demise.

Damn it...I sound like a girl. Screw it all. I was hooked. She had me hanging off her every word! Me! Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, the man every girl wanted. The man who managed to use the Head Girl as a one night snog in my fourth year. The man who once wooed six girls at once. Bloody hell! I said wooed. What the hell did she do to me?!

After all, she was no one. Just another Ravenclaw nerd (thankfully, one Fred hasn't snogged). She was also on the Ravenclaw quidditch team, a chaser like me. She was one of the targets we watched for when we played Ravenclaw but outside of quidditch, no one had heard of her, just another Ravenclaw with exceptional grades.

But she was so much more.

"James! James! Snap out of it!" When she saw I was finally listening to her, she smirked and teased, "I know I'm just sooo beautiful. And you probably want to shag me on the spot but, seriously, characteristics of Amortentia??"

I internally sighed, did she know how close to hitting home she was with the beautiful and shag part? By the way those grey eyes of hers were filled with innocent expectancy for an answer, apparently not.

But even though I fancied her, I still had to act normal, "What do you think, Bell? The Captain not know this? Impossible!" Chelsea rolled her eyes and replied, "Of course. Just answer the question. I have a team meeting soon." But a smirk ruined her serious expression.

"Fine! Killjoy much?" I copied Chels' eye roll.


"Chelsea" she shot me a look. "Fine, smells different depending on person and swirly steam."

"I'm not even going to bother correcting you with the correct terminology. But you missed colour."

"Uh...clear?" I said, voice wavering on the last word. God! She was making my voice waver! Before I would have confidently told a Ravenclaw, that I don't care about freaking Amortentia and also told said Ravenclaw to stuff it in an explicit place. But I wanted to please her, and of course, scrape at least an Acceptable on my NEWTs.

"James! Stop zoning out!"

"Right, okay, so, clear?"

"Basically clear but the textbook says that it has a 'pearly sheen'"

"Stuff the textbook" I grumbled. She shot me a look but chuckled anyway. After a few more questions, Chels packed up and left. My homework (which I of course won't do) was to review proper terminology.

Chelsea Bell was the girl. She was also my part time tutor. A smirk came to my face as I thought about how she had come to be in this position.


I was in the library (yes, I do know where it is!), I was only here because Albus, my younger brother had forced me to come. My potions grades were currently scraping the bottom of the cauldron and Al had threatened telling Mum. So here I was. But ironically, he had left as soon as we got here to go flirt with a random Hufflepuff girl (he was a Potter after all). So here I was trying to figure out why the hell copper cauldrons were less effective than steel cauldrons. That was when I saw her.

She didn't hit me as striking or a girl I would come to fancy. She was in the same aisle as me, trying to find some book. I recognised her forum quidditch.

"Hey! Bell! You're a Ravenclaw, right?" I shouted out.

"Good observation Potter. Especially since we played you in a match a couple of weeks ago. And do you not have the brains to know that you have to be quiet in the library." She was clearly annoyed being interrupted, her voice filled with dry sarcasm.

"Yeah, sure. I need your help. Why do-" her look cut me off. "What? I was just asking a question. Bloody hell, Bell! So copper cauldrons-" she cut me off herself this time.

"Manners, Potter." She simply stated. Here I was, the infamous Gryffindor Quidditch Captain, asking for her help! She should be honoured! But since I had no choice, "Fine! Will you please help me with my Potions? I will be forever grateful."

She smirked, I noticed how attractive it was. "Perfect! I'd love to help." I guess I was already interested, but then, it was only for a good snog. She had stood up to me when any other girl (except my, erm, darling cousins and my sister) would have kissed my feet. At that moment she was just a challenge.

After she finished her explanation about the bleeding cauldrons, I made a very generous offer. "So, you helped me and thank you" I put extra emphasis on the 'thank you', she smirked. I wondered if all Ravenclaws were so...smirky. "Anyway, I need to show you I appreciate it. So, I'll meet you in the Charms classroom at one?"

She looked puzzled, "why?"

I chuckled, "You helped me. I will help boost your popularity, wear some nice clothes" I added a wink for added effect.

She looked appalled. Suddenly I was on the ground due to a very well executed Jelly-Legs Jinx. "Grow up Potter! Not everyone wants to snog you! I helped because I wanted to. I don't need anything in return, least of all, I don't need, nor do I want, you!"

Chels turned and stormed off. Now that I think back, this fiery temper added to her charm. Not to mention, I viewed her as a challenge even more.

The next few times Al brought me to the library, I looked for her. Wondering whether my charm would win her over. Not because I liked her, just because I wanted to win. And Chelsea Bell was the prize. It surprised me that she wasn't there, I guess I wrongly assumed that Ravenclaws spent all their time in the library.

I saw her the fourth time though. I still couldn't believe I was in here for the fourth time in two weeks! Stupid pesky little brother...with a big crush! But as soon as I saw her studying alone on a table, I decided to let my charm and sensitive side have a go at trying to win her over (instead of my confident, sexy, captain side).

I strolled up to her table and stood in front of her. She looked up and rolled her grey eyes. "Move Potter, you're blocking my fire." She snapped.

"Listen, Bell...Chelsea, I'm sorry about what happened a couple of weeks ago."

Her head snapped up and her eyes were filled with surprise. "Sure, whatever. And Bell's fine, Potter."

"May I take a seat?"

"Potter, quit the gentleman...ness. What's your motives?"

I grinned a sexy, dangerous grin, "Okay, Potions again. But I really am sorry." I was surprised to realise I meant it.

"Fine. What do you need?"

"Well, a girl to snog the tensions away, a permanent shied for the team till the game on Saturday, a guarantee that we won't get hexed (the shield would do that I suppose), someone to make Finn realise how much Rosie likes him-" Chelsea was looking on with an amused expression and raised eyebrows, so I continued, "-and a back and foot massage would be wonderful."

I expected an eye roll but Chelsea laughed, a tinkling sound (bloody fuck, I said tinkling!). Her eyes met mine and I saw the tinsel look in her eyes for the first time. Eventually she did end up helping me with Potions. Al came back to find Chelsea sitting beside me pointing to something in the textbook and me staring at her face. The git (Al) ditched me and left the library.

When I got to the Gryffindor common room, I found a very excited looking Fred and Finn listening to something Al was saying.

"So let me get this right, James, our Jamsie, the one who refused to date even a close friend of a Ravenclaw player, sitting next to a Ravenclaw player, looking interested?" Asked Fred, leaning so far that he was almost fully in Al's lap. Al, the git, nodded.

"Imperius Curse?" Finn offered.

I walked up to them, "No. And this girl is the one I bet 5 galleons that I would snog."

Realisation dawned on Fred's and Finn's faces. Turning to Al, I said, "The reason I was flirting with her is because she was the one girl who refused my un-refusable charm! I have to snog her, a good challenge."

"Obviously not so un-refusable" Finn muttered.

"Not your brightest idea James, you're dead if she finds out." Al stated.

"But she won't, right Al?"

"Damn it, how the hell are you the older one? I believe older siblings are meant to be responsible." Albus turned and walked up to his dorm.


After that I saw her on a regular basis. And I started relying on her for help in other subjects too. We took our work onto the quidditch pitch and did it there, instead of the library. Both of us were comfortable that way. We sat on the grass working on Transfiguration, Charms, Potions and anything other subject I needed help on. Sometimes she would bring her own work and we would just sit quietly side by side working. I got a lot of homework done. We also started talking.

I realised then that Chelsea Bell was worth more than 5 galleons. I cancelled the bet with Fred and Finn and genuinely was interested to know her.


It was a sunny day. I decided to grab my broom and go practise. No one wanted to come with me, selfish pigs!

I walked outside in my robes. The Ravenclaw team were heading into their locker rooms to change out of their robes. I saw Chelsea walking ahead of me with the other two Ravenclaw Chasers.

Almost if she sensed something, she threw a look over her shoulder, catching my gaze. A grin lit up her face and after saying something to her teammates, she jogged over to me.

"Hey Chels" I said after she reached me.

Narrowing her eyes at the nickname, she replied, "Come on then Potter. "

"What? Where?"

"In the air. Are you practising or not?"

With a chuckle I kicked off, "Race you to the other hoops and back!" I yelled over my shoulder and caught her 'no fair' expression just in time.

We trained together for the first time that day. Also the first day when I realised how talented she actually was.


I paced the Astronomy Tower. I didn't know how to ask Chelsea Bell out on a date. I was bleeding James Sirius Potter, Captain of the infamous Gryffindor Quiddditch Team. But how did I come to be in this state?!

After telling Finn and Fred about my thoughts on Chels' eyes and my crazy distractions over studying about Amortentia, they made me realise how crazy I was about her.

We were meeting here, in the tower, I was fifteen minutes early, I wanted to rehearse the perfect way to ask the perfect girl out. Bleeding perfect?!?! Not that she wasn't but I would never admit it! I decided to practise.

"Chels, we have never talked before and-" I started, no, too weird and sappy.

"Chels, I'm going to come right out and say it" nope! Too narration-y.

"Chels, I like you." Okay, way too forward!

"Chelsea Bell, will you do me the honour of going out with me?" Bloody full name, olden day talk? Pull it together James! You are awesome, every girl wants you.

But I cracked, just one more time, I convinced myself. This girl has me nervous like never before. "Chels-"

"Yeah James? Don't tell me I'm late! Or...your early?!?! Hell's frozen James!"

"Shut up" I muttered, turning around thinking about her amazing timing. But that was a mistake, I choked as soon as I saw her.

Her brown curls hung soft and kind of puffy down on her shoulder. She was wearing tight jeans and a beige girly pull-over...thingy. My breath hitched on my greeting. She noticed and smirked. Curse girls. But of course, Fred would kill me.

During the tutoring, I'm guessing Chels got hot, because she pulled up the sleeves of her sweater and looked at me. I immediately looked at her bare arms and I saw her follow my gaze and smirk.

Her skin looked soft and smooth and a scent of flowers reached my nose. Damn it! Stupid seductive lotion! She turned around, an intimacy on her face that I'd never seen before. I knew then that she either liked me or she wanted to screw with my mind. Knowing Chels' personality, I knew this night was going to be memorable. But I didn't say anything.

"I need help with turning a kitten into a cup. I know how good you are at transfig, I was wondering maybe you could help me with the wand movements?" She almost whispered.

I didn't say anything except nod, I stood and walked up behind her. She was already holding her wand in her hand. I carefully placed one hand on her shoulder and wrapped another on top of her hand holding the wand, taking my time to slide my hand down her arm slowly before reaching her hand. I was right, her skin was soft and smooth. When I reached her wand hand, I felt the goosebumps on her arms.

I guided her arm in the movements of that spell, but that's all I was doing, guiding. She already knew the movements.

I slid my arm back up to her shoulder and turned her around. Chels looked up at me, her expression was shy but a summer storm raged in her eyes.

I hesitated a bit before bringing my lips down on hers. She didn't do anything for a moment and I was scared, maybe I'd read her wrong.

But then her wand dropped to the floor with a loud sound. Her arms instantly wrapped around my neck and pulled me closer. She tasted like strawberry and mint. It was...amazing. I'd never been kissed like that, the emotion behind the kiss. It was cataclysmic. Now I really did sound like a fucking woman.

We broke apart and I felt...amazing. God, adjectives, James, adjectives!
I realised I was still staring at her, she bit her lip nervously and there was a pink tinge to her cheeks. The pinkness of her cheeks increased as I broke out into a wide grin and breathed out, "wow".

She still seemed nervous but now I could see the confidence in her eyes in the form of lightening. Once again, I realised I was staring, but this time my sexy laugh filled the empty peaceful tower. Chels too, broke out in a grin. Tinsel and summer storms mixed with the lightening.

"Will you go out with me, Chels?"

Her grin widened and this time she cupped my face with her hands and pulled me back in. I broke apart and I could feel the heat in my face.

"Is that a yes, Chelsea Bell?"

"No James, that was a no. I snogged you that hard because I don't want to go out with you." There was the dry sarcasm I missed so much.

I kissed her again.

After we reluctantly broke apart for air, I wanted to ask a another question but I hesitated.

"Do it James."


"You obviously want to say or ask something, do it."

I grinned again before asking, "You knew, didn't you? The wand movements for that spell?"

"Maybe or maybe not, you'll never know." she winked at me. A grin lifted my face again.

"God woman, you drive me crazy!" She pulled me in again.

I will never forget the taste of strawberry and mint.

A/N- Hey Guys! First story ever. I know, just a one shot but still. Hope you like it!! Please leave me a comment or review! I would love to hear about what I can improve on or even just mistakes I made. I hope it wasn't too quick or fluffy!! And if you guys could also tell me how I did with the kissing scenes, It would be really helpful, due to me having no experience whatsoever. I hope you guys actually read authors notes! ;)


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