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Lily Luna Potter And My Teenage Confessions by potterfan310
Chapter 16 : Confession 13 - Of Being Bored, Hospital Appointments And Late Parents
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A/N I finally got my writer's block sorted out! So here is the long awaited chapter 16/confession 13 :) Enjoy!

My summer holidays have officially started, I've only been home a week and I'm already bored. Look's like my summer is not going to be as fun as it normally is. I have a hospital appointment at St. Mungo's to see jellybean again and maybe even find out the gender, Oh and the Hamiltons are coming along.

I've been home from school for one week and I am completely and utterly bored out of my skull. I mean I have never been more bored in my entire sixteen years on this planet. Ok so that may be a lie, I guess there may have been times when I was younger when I was extremely bored but still that was years ago.

I haven't left my room much except for food, drinks and to use the bathroom. Kayl and Livi have been over a lot, as has Jake. In fact he's been here so much I'm starting to think he hasn't even been home. As you can tell so far I am hating the summer and it's unusually warm right now. My bump is definitely visible now and now everyone know's I haven't bothered trying to hide it, I don't see the point. The only thing that kinda relaxes me now is swimming and when there's a cool breeze at night.

I can't play quidditch with the others when we go over to The Burrow like normal and I can't go exploring the woods either. Too be honest I feel huge already, I know I'll be bigger but still. I still haven't told my family that we've chosen adoption, Jake's parents know because his mum asked to come to the scan and it meant we had to tell her and his dad. I have my twenty week scan next week and I've invited the Hamilltons to come, Jake and mum are also coming along.

Mum has still been trying to talk me out of it. We went shopping two days, not to Diagon Alley but to a muggle shopping centre. She took me in a few baby shops and looked at things, she was actually cooing in the middle of the shops. I just wasn't interested, ok yes the clothes were cute, it's hard to think something will fit into something that small. But like I've said before my mind is made up, it's for the best. The other reason we didn't go to Diagon Alley was because ever since the thing in the prophet came out , I can't go anywhere in the wizarding world without a picture being taken.

I'm used to it, what with having famous parents but now it really annoys me. I swear these people are stalking me or something. Dad's trying to get restraining orders taken out as well as trying to set up this thing which means that if anyone does take a photo, uses it in an article or even writes and article about me or Jake then they get sacked. Well something like that.

I heard a knock at my door which interrupted my thoughts. "Come in." I called from my bed.

The door creaked open and in walked Al in shorts and a green t-shirt. He came over and sat on my bed, "Hey Lil, come on down," He said, "Stop hiding up here, no one's judging you."

I didn't say anything. Sure they're not judging me now but if I tell them I'm choosing adoption then maybe they will judge me. My whole family is downstairs, I just can't do it. Every time I think about telling them I'm choosing adoption I feel sick.

"What's with the silent treatment Lil. Why're you not speaking to me." Al asked right before he started tickling my bare feet.

I tried not to giggle, but it slipped out. "Stop it," I breathed trying to hit him away, "Ok, ok I'll talk." I yelled.

Al grinned at me "If you had talked, I wouldn't have tickled. So why are you hiding from everyone?" He asked.

I guess I should tell him, he my brother and he's been there for me.I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and said "Look Al the thing is, me and Jake are too young to look after and pay for a baby. Which is why we've chosen adoption."

"But, but Lil," He spluttered, "But you've got us. We'll help Lil. I told you I'll babysit."

I opened my eyes to find him staring at me, his smile had faded. "That's not the point Al. This baby deserves so much more than two teenagers who can barely look after themselves. I just want what's best and this is it. My baby will have a better life."

He looked at me, "Do mum and dad know?"

I sighed, "Yes as do Jake's parents."

I watched as he stood up and started pacing. "I'm sorry Lil. I know I took it badly, but I lately I've been coming around to the idea that my baby sister is going to be a mother. I'm sorry that I can't be happy about the fact that your giving away my niece or nephew. It's not right, it should be with it's family and you and Jake should be it's parents." Al said his voice quivering a little.

"Al we're too young. Don't you get it, we're only sixteen and we have two more years left at Hogwarts, not forgetting that we have to sit our N.E.W.T's. Tell me how we would manage to do that with a baby." I cried, realising that I was nearly shouting.

"I just said that I'd help Lil, I'll babysit while you do work." He offered.

I stared at him in disbelief, "And how is that going to work while I'm at Hogwarts, I highly doubt that Mcgonagall will allow a baby in the castle."

"Lil you're the only daughter of Harry Potter. He saved the entire wizarding world, I think Mcgonagall might allow it." Al replied without looking at me.

I scoffed, "Just because I'm the daughter of Harry Potter, She's not going to make any exceptions. My mind is made up as is Jake's, we're in this together and we want what's best for our baby."

Al looked at me with a sad expression, "I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna stick around and watch you give your child to some couple." With that he strolled out of my room, slamming the door behind him.

I felt something roll down my cheek and I realised I was crying. Great now Al isn't going to speak to me all because I'm not keeping it. Looks like he sides with mum. I don't get what goes on in boys head, he was totally pissed Jake knocked me up. Then he was happy when he came to my scan and now he couldn't care less. Seriously someone should write a book on how boys minds work.



"Lily get up." I heard mum call from outside my room.

I groaned and rolled over which is getting a lot harder to do since I have a bump.

I heard my door creak open, "Lily come on, get up. You've got your hospital appointment today." Mum said loudly.

I groaned again. Today I have my twenty week scan and instead of me going to see Cassy in the hospital wing, I now have to go to St. Mungo's until I go back to school. This means I actually have to venture outside and into the wizarding world. Something I have not done in three weeks. I've refused to the leave the house, unless I'm in the garden or we're going to see relatives. Kayl has been around here alot because of spending time with Al, and Livi has been around since both me and Kayl were here.

Al hasn't spoke to me once since he stormed out of my room and if I enter a room he leaves. I'm surprised mum hasn't picked up it what with her 'mother's intuition'. What surprised me the most was that it was James who realised that me and Al have been ignoring each other. He's hardly home since he's working at uncle George's shop with Freddie but Friday night after dinner he came into my room to speak to me.


Mum was just about to dish up dinner as dad came in from work. I was sat at the breakfast bar reading one of the pregnancy books Natalie had given me. James was still at the shop and Al was upstairs in the games room playing on one of his muggle game consoles'.

"Lily can you tell Al dinner's ready please." Mum asked as dad entered, he gave me a one armed hug and a kiss on the head before going over to mum and giving her a full on kiss.

I rolled my eyes at them. Must they kiss in front of me, it's gross.

I ignored mum and carried on reading the paragraph I was on, according to this jellybean is about the size of a mango and weighs around twelve to fourteen ounces.It's eyes are formed except for the colour of the iris and it's skin is thickening and is covered in vernix which is a creamy substance that protects them.

"Lily, can you tell Al please."

Again I ignored her and carried on reading,"I'm home." James called from out in the hall.

James came in just as mum asked me again, "Lily."

"What's for dinner?" James asked.

"Homemade chicken curry with rice." Mum answered before looking at me. With her free hand she swiped my book away. "Lily, I've asked you three times already, can you tell Al that dinner's ready."

I hopped off my stool and took the book out of mum's hand and left the room. Instead of walking up both sets of stairs, I stood at the bottom and yelled, "OI POTTER, DINNER'S READY!"

James came out and looked at me before going upstairs so I went back into the kitchen and sat at the table. Dad was already sat at the table reading the Daily Prophet. I sat down as my stomach grumbled and James came in followed by Al.

James sat opposite me and Al was next to him, mum came over levitating six plates. Each one stopped in front of us and the last landed in the middle.I stayed quiet through out the meal except for when dad asked me how I was feeling.

I ignored Al the whole way through and left the table before he finished saying that I didn't feel too great. I went up to my room which is on the third floor and flopped onto my bed.

I was lying on my back looking up at the ceiling, the pregnancy book lying open by my side when there was a knock on my door. "Come in." I said absent mindedly.

My floor creaked as they came over and sat next to me, I looked up to see it was James and I frowned. "Hey Lil, what you reading?" He asked.

"Pregnancy book." I muttered wondering why on earth James had come to see me.

"How you feeling?"

"Tired, hot, aching."

James picked up my book and started flicking through it but soon put it back down and I smirked. "What's going on with you and Al?" He asked casually.

"Nothing." I replied as I grabbed a pillow from behind me and placing under my bump as I rolled onto my side so that I was facing my window.

"You two haven't spoken in five days, something's up."

"There's nothing wrong Jay." I told him as I opened my book back up.

"Lil, I might be here a lot and mum might not have noticed, but I have."

"Like I said nothing's wrong with me and Al."

I heard him sigh, "Lil drop the act."

I ignored my big brother in the hope that he would give up and leave me alone except he didn't. James got up and came and sat on the same side as I was leaning on.

"Just tell me please Lil, so I can stop worrying."

I groaned, seems like James is not going to give up. "He's not speaking to me and he's ignoring me." I told him as I carried on flicking through my book.

"Why?" James asked as he ran his hand through his already messy black hair.

"Because I told him that me and Jake are choosing adoption." I told him as I rolled back and stared up at the ceiling waiting for his reaction.

What he said next surprised me the most. "Lil he'll get over it. You know it's for the best as does Jake."

I sat up and looked at him, "You're not mad at me?"

He laughed, "Why would I be mad at you, you're my little sister. It might have took some getting used to the fact you're pregnant but it's your decision along with Jake. To be honest Lil, if I was you I'd probably be doing the same thing. You know what I was like at sixteen, I wouldn't have been able to be a dad."

I didn't say anything, all I could think about was that I had one of my big brothers on my side and that Bee has to tell James about Codie soon.

"Don't cry sis." James said as he pulled me into a hug.

"Thank you." I managed to say as I pulled my head away from his shoulder.


"Lily come on sweetie." Mum said as she opened my curtains letting sunlight stream in. I lost my train of thought and I blinked a few times, letting my eyes adjust to the sudden light. "You have half an hour to get dressed and to come and eat breakfast. Don't make me have to come back up here." Mum instructed me.

"Ok, ok I'm getting up" I mumbled as I sat up and stretched. I left my room and made my way down the hall to the bathroom, so I could have a shower.

Fifteen minutes later I was in my room deciding what to wear. So far, every time I've seen Cassy I've been in school uniform. Should I wear a dress, but then I'll have to lift it up, I guess shorts and t-shirt it is then. I chose a pair of denim shorts that came to my knee and pulled them on except they wouldn't do up. I sighed and picked my wand up, pointing it at the zip and button and saying "Extendem". I felt them loosen and I was able to do them up, I must admit that book James got me has been pretty handy, ok so I've use it all of two times but still.

Pulling on a pale pink and white strip t-shirt over my bump, I put on my white flip flops and picked up my bag. The house was quiet as I walked through it and I realised that dad was in work and James was probably still in bed. When I entered the kitchen, Al was sat at the breakfast bar, ignoring him I went to the fridge and pulled out two bottles of pumpkin juice and put them in my bag as well as a bar of chocolate.

"Are you ready Lil?" Mum asked.

I nodded because my mouth was full of chocolate, not exactly the best breakfast but still it's yummy.

"We'll be back later on Al and make sure your brother does actually get of bed today." Mum told Al as I left the room because he was giving me dirty looks.

Once outside I turned to face mum, "Um how are we getting there?" I asked her as we started to walk up the street.

"Well Esme and Jake are waiting for us outside The Golden Lion pub and then we're going to get a muggle taxi to St. Mungo's." She explained.

It wasn't that much of a walk and I saw Jake sat on the wall behind his mother. He was wearing shorts and a blue t-shirt and I must say he looked really good. His hair was ruffled and he was smiling his lopsided smile at me. Just as we arrived a taxi pulled up.

"Hey you." He greeted me pulling me into a hug and kissing my forehead.

"Hi." I breathed.

"Come on you two." Mum said as Esme was getting into a taxi, we climbed in after them and the taxi pulled off. It took just over an hour to get to the street that St. Mungo's is on. Mum told the driver to drop us off at the end, she paid using muggle money and we walked down the street. I saw the department store, all the muggle's were totally oblivious to it and us as we vanished through the glass doors.

The waiting area was empty except for three people who were sat on white plastic chairs. I walked over to the receptionist hand in hand with Jake, I didn't know what to say so I turned to mum who said, "Appointment for Lily Potter up on maternity."

The witch stared at me for a moment and then checked her screen before nodding, "Go down that corridor and take the first left. Then you want the second floor."

Mum nodded and said, "Thank you."

Myself and Jake stayed behind my mum and Esme who were now talking, we entered a lift and went up to the second floor. As we got out I stopped paying attention to what they were saying and I started looking around. The place was white and bright and had that funny smell to it. I don't ever remember this being part of St. Mungo's.

"That's because you wouldn't Lil." Mum said turning to look at me.

Had I said that out loud?

"It was built two years after Victoire was born." She carried on.

As we went through a set of doors labelled 'Maternity' I spotted another desk with a witch. Mum went over and said, "Appointment for Lily Potter."

The witch nodded, "Take a seat please. You'll be called through shortly."

We did as she said and went and sat in the waiting area. These chairs were a lot better than the plastic looking one's down in the main reception. There were six women with bigger bump's than mine. I sat next to a girl who looked in her twenties who had a little boy of about two on her lap. Behind the baby I saw a little bump just poking out.

She smiled at me as I sat down and I smiled back. Jake sat next to me and mum and Esme sat opposite. I was watching the clock, wondering where Natalie and Tyler were but that thought soon went out of mind when I heard the boy next to me babble "Mama."

I looked at the him as it's mother pulled out a teddy. He had brown hair and green eyes and I thought it looked a little like Jake, I smiled as he played happily with the teddy. I was brought out of my thoughts when I hear my name being called.

"Lily Potter."

I stood up as did Jake, mum and Esme and I followed the nurse. I would say she was late twenties, she had black hair that was in a neat bun and a friendly smile.

She ushered us into a room, "If you could hop up onto the bed please Lily." She said.

I sat on the bed as she shut the door, Jake sat in the chair next to me and Mum and Esme were stood opposite. The nurse waved her wand and two extra chairs appeared for mum and Esme.

Turning to me the nurse started to talk. "Hello there Lily, I'm Annabell or you can call me Anna and I will be your midwife until you give birth. I shall be seeing you here, up until you go back to school and then you will carry on going to see Madame Pomfrey."

"I believe today is your twenty-week scan and in your notes it says you've chosen adoption. Is that correct."

I nodded.

"Are the adoptive parents coming today?" She questioned.

"Yes, they should be here soon." I told her.

"Well I'll give it a few minutes but then I must start. Is it okay if you answer a few questions for me."

I nodded and she smiled.

"Okay, so this is your first pregnancy."

I nodded, does she really think I've been pregnant before. I'm sixteen for god's sake.

"Have you been eating healthy foods and taking your vitamins"

"Yes." I replied.

"Has everything been normal, no falls or anything?" I shook my head, "Ok, Right let's get on with the scan then." Anna said.

"Is it possible to wait a bit longer." I asked wondering where on earth Natalie and Tyler were and why they were late.

"I'm sorry but I have other patients next." Anna said as she rolled up my top exposing my bump. "Now this will be cold." She added as she squirted the gel on my stomach before pressing some buttons on the machine.

I was used to the coldness of the gel by now and I was grateful as I felt the coolness on my skin. Anna pulled her wand out and placed the tip of it near my bellybutton. Everyone was watching the wand as Anna muttered something and it moved to a specific area about ten centimetres to the left of my bellybutton. She tapped gently and the room was filled with the sound of my baby's heartbeat.

I smiled to myself and squeezed Jake's hand even tighter. Anna tapped my stomach again and the room was silent. The monitor then came with a black background, amongst the white stuff inside I could see a baby shape. It not longer looked like a jellybean and I could make out what I thought was a foot.

"Oh Lily." I heard mum mutter. "They're beautiful."

I glanced at Jake and I could see him smiling, I squeezed his hand again as Anna spoke.

"That's baby's head, feet and arms. They seem perfectly healthy as do you. Would you like to know the sex?"

"No." I said almost instantly as I looked at the screen and saw a small arm move. I smiled since it looked like jellybean was waving.

I don't want to know, if I know I'll probably get attached and start choosing names and I know I can't do that. Also it's a nice surprise then for Natalie and Tyler.

"Would you like a picture of baby?" Anna asked with a smile.

I nodded, "Can I have three copies please."

Anna pressed some buttons on the machine, it whirred away as she handed me some paper towels. I wiped away the gel and pulled my top back down and Anna handed me the three pictures which were all moving. I smiled again since it looked like jellybean was definitely waving at me as the image moved.

"I shall see you again at twenty-five weeks, your scan will be booked for August twenty-sixth at eleven o'clock. Don't forget to take your vitamins and make sure that your eating five a day. Stay out of the sun and rest as much as possible.

"Thanks Anna." I said as I stood up and the others made their way from the room.

I left the room and handed one of the pictures to Jake and put the other two in my bag.

"Can you believe it," He whispered, "We made that."

"I know." I replied as I gave him a kiss.

We made our way back the way we came and went down in the lift. Mum and Esme were infront of us and as we turned down the corridor that lead to the main reception a very out of breath Natalie and Tyler were running towards us.

"We're so, so sorry Lily. There was so much traffic as there was a car crash, I knew we shouldn't have flooed instead of drove."

"It's fine honestly." I told her as she gave me a hug. "Natalie this is my mum," I said indicting to her, "And this is Jake's mum."

"Hi, Tyler Hamilton. Nice to meet you."

"And I'm Natalie."

"Esme Smith." Jake's mum said as they greeted each other.

"And of course your Ginny Weasley." Tyler beamed, "Potter now, big fan of your old team."

Mum smiled, "Why thank you."

Tyler asked, "Did we miss it?"

Jake ran a hand through his messy hair and replied, "Yeah, the midwife said we couldn't wait any longer as she had other patients."

"Do we know the gender?" Natalie asked me, "Tyler here want's a boy, but I don't mind as long as their healthy." She rambled on.

I shook my head and they're smiles faded slightly, "I thought it would be more of a surprise for you when they're born." I told them as I got out a can picture and handed it to Natalie.

"Aw look at that Tyler, their waving at us." Natalie cooed at the picture.

I felt a pang of jealousy as they cooed over my baby, mine and Jake's baby. The little jellybean that we had created not them. I pushed the thoughts out of my mind, now's not the time for me to vent my feelings. I can't be a mother at sixteen, this is for the best and Natalie will be a better mother than me. What do I know about babies, apart from they cry, poop and eat.

"I've got another scan on the twenty-sixth, if you want to come."

"Of course, we'll be there no doubt." Natalie gushed.

"We'll be here extra early." Tyler added.

Together we walked back through main reception and into the muggle world. Outside the entrance to St.Mungos we said our good byes and Natalie said she would owl me. They went in the opposite direction to us, waving as they went.

I was hand in hand with Jake as we walked down the street, the muggles were giving me dirty looks when they saw my bump and I just smiled back at them. Haven't they got better things to do in their day than stare at me and my bump as I walk down the street.

Mum managed to flag down a taxi and we got, I pulled out my scan picture and gave it to mum since she hadn't seen it properly.

"Do you want to go for lunch, whilst we're out." Esme asked.

Jake sighed and I nudged him, "Mum can we just go straight home, I don't feel like eating and Lily's tired."

"That's fine by me, Jakey."

Mum handed me back the scan and I put it in my pocket. I leant my head on Jake's shoulder and I swear that within minutes I was asleep. Jake woke me up when the taxi had stopped and I got out. We were back where we started, outside The Golden Lion pub. I was still tired as we walked back home.

"Bye." I called to Esme as she headed up the pathway. "And thank you for coming."

She smiled the same smile that Jake's inherited, "No problem Lily and thank you for letting me come."

"I'll be home later on." Jake called to his mum.

Once we got in the house mum went to see if James was awake since it was his day off work and myself and Jake went into the snug. I went and curled up on the sofa and Jake sat next to me. I leant against his chest and snuggled close to him, I pulled out jellybean's scan picture and I stared at it.

It's hard to believe that there's something growing inside of me, I still can't believe it now.

"It's mad isn't it." Jake breathed in my ear as if he had just read my thoughts.

"Yeah it is." I replied sleepily before holding the picture close to my heart. I shut my eyes and my thoughts were of jellybean. Always in my heart, I thought. My baby, my little jellybean. I created something, I'll be the one who brings a new life into this world.

My thoughts wandered as Jake played with my hair and I fell asleep snuggled close to him, with jellybean's scan clutched close to my heart.

A/N As I was reading back through, I realised there wasn't a lot of James. So there's a cute brother/sister bonding sorta scene. Chapter 17 is in progress and it's summary and little snippets of information is ready, I just have to get writing.



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