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Fearless by AccioTeddyLupin
Chapter 5 : Being Chosen
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 After training all weekend with Teddy, I was seriously in need of a very long nap. My back was aching from all of those dead-lifts and my legs made my body feel as though I was dragging cinderblocks from all of the running I had to do in the forest, while dodging spells being thrown at me. It seems as though Teddy and the rest of my mentors were not taking Fortis' participation in the Tournament lightly.

I felt the bruise forming on my lower back as I glanced at the portraits on the walls of Hogwarts. Kingsley had told the group that today, Monday, was the day to place our names in the goblet, though we had no idea why he chose today or this time at all.

Together, we made our way down the concrete stairs, before they moved, to the set room that was holding the goblet of fire. Albus pushed open the door and we walked through the door. It was like a scene from one of those muggle movies where all the spectators glanced up at the new entries. The spectators being a great amount of Hogwarts' students and professors and the entire Wotter&Co clan; the kids that were actually still in the school and the ones that graduated, and the parents their parents.

Probably came to see James, Dom, Fred, Alice, Frank, Molly, Estelle, Spencer Rose and Liam put their names in the goblet.

I guess it' a family event. Another family even Al and I weren't invited too.

Just fucking great.

I think I know why Kingsley had picked now for us to go to the goblet.

Chase went first, throwing his name into the goblet. He was followed by Lea, Dustin, Val and Gwen. Scorpius went next, glancing at Albus and I before throwing the paper with his name on it into the fire. I was beginning to feel anxious as I glanced at Teddy, his words flooding back.

People die in this tournament.

Before I knew it, Al had placed his name in the goblet, causing cheering to erupt from the spectators, notably minus the Wotter&Co clan who were staring intently, as if they were shocked and for once, I honestly didn't care.

I walked up to the goblet and I felt as though I was going to faint. I knew there was a chance I wouldn't get picked, but there was still the nagging feeling that I still could. I knew I could complete the tournament. I knew I had a great possibility of winning the tournament. Though I knew all of this, I still had doubts for some reason.

While in the middle of this thought, it seemed as though my hands acted on their own accord and threw my small cream colored stationary into the fire, and like Albus, I too received an explosion of cheering.

I turned from the goblet, sparing a glance at James, catching his eye. Though I did not hold it for long I saw something beaming off them, though I'm not quite sure what it was.

On Tuesday, class had resumed from the little break the school had to let the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students assimilate into Hogwarts.

As usual, Fortis walked down the the Great Hall to have breakfast together. We would go over information we had gathered, and then talk about the gossip going around Hogwarts.

Well we are still teenagers after all.

I just left stood up from the Ravenclaw bench in the Great Hall to go up to Defense early to talk with Teddy when a group of Beauxbatons girls walked up to me.

"Bonjour Charlotte, je suis Amée, c'est Renée, Mirabella et Thérèse." The girl whom I know knew as Amée said she motioned to 3 other girls standing behind her "Madame Maxime nous a dit que vous parlez français et nous sommes complètement perdus. On se demandait si vous pouviez nous aider à trouver la Défense Contre les Forces du Mal avec, euh," Amée glanced down at her times table "Professeur Lupin?" she finished (AN: Translations are on the bottom of the chapter, and tell me if there is any problems with the french. I did study in french but I think it's still rusty.)

I waved goodbye to my friends and I turned to the group of girls. "Oui, je parle français." I replied "Comme il s'avère," I smiled "J'ai aussi la défense contre les forces du Mal avec le professeur Lupin, si vous avez de la chance." I started to walk out of the Great Hall.

"Alors, comment voulez-vous Hogwarts jusqu'à présent." I offered as we made our way to the staircases.

The dark brown eyed girl, Mirabella said "Eh bien, les garçons sont très beau." The girls giggled "Mais je ne manquez pas la météo à Beauxbâtons beaucoup."

"Les garçons sont mignons mais ils sont complètement désemparés à tout le monde sauf eux-mêmes." This seemed to anger the Beauxbatons girls.

"Ça craint! nous allons à l'école avec seulement des filles et la chance nous devons d'abord se rapprocher de garçons, nous découvrons qu'ils sont tous idiots" spat Thérèse

The rest of us looked at Thérèse, then at each other, then we all burst out laughing. We were being shushed by the portraits but we didn't care and we continued on, finally reaching Teddy's classroom, late but not caring.

At the door I turned to them and said, "Nous y voilà. Si vous avez besoin de plus d'aide, ne pas avoir peur de demander."

I opened the door, showing 5 year Durmstrang students, Beauxbatons students, Ravenclaws, Gryffindors and Teddy in the middle of a lecture with a translating spell.

The week had been okay, I think. The fifth and seventh years were being pummeled with homework.

Freakin exams.

All throughout the week, I had been bringing Durmstrang and Beauxbatons all over the school. It seems like I was the only one in the whole school who spoke Russian and French. I know for a fact there is multiple people who speak French in this school; ie the whole Wotter clan.

Lazy sons of a bitches.

On thursday, all of the Hogwarts students sat at there house table, with the Beauxbatons students sitting with us at the Ravenclaw table, and the Durmstrang students sitting at the Slytherin table. Kingsley sat at the head of the professors table with the previous champions, Harry, Fleur and Viktor seated to his right.

Minnie stood in the middle of the hall with the goblet residing next to her. I could tell she was fretting, we all were. It's not easy getting over the fact that people have died in this tournament, gone from the planet in the blink of an eye, though it was comforting that Minnie and Kingsley were adamant that Fortis could handle the tasks.

The fire roared and turned blue as a small piece of paper that was edged in lace floated out and landed in Minnie's hand.

"The Beauxbatons Champion is Aubree Valette." Minnie's voice echoed throughout the hall.

A girl at the end of the Ravenclaw stood up looked as though she took a deep breath and she started towards the chambers on the left of the professors table. As she went the Beauxbatons students and Madam Maxine clapped as though their lives depended on it, while the Hogwarts and Durmstrang students showed little enthusiasm.

The goblet decided it was time to choose another champion as it let another piece of paper glide out.

"The Durmstrang Champion is Dimitri Vetrov."

A boy with a brown head of hair and deep honey brown eyes stood up from the Slytherin table and just as the the Beauxbatons champion had, he too made his way to the chambers.

My heart started to pound as though it was coming out of my chest. I grabbed Scorp's and Al's hands under the table and I could also feel them shaking too. I know it seems as though we were always strong but at the end of the day we were just teenagers, children.

I looked up at Minnie and she was grinning broadly as she spoke. "The Hogwarts Champion is Charlotte Longbottom."

As I looked around I realized that all of Hogwarts were on their feet cheering as loud as they could. I looked up at my father just as I did at my sorting. I looked at my brother and sister. I looked at Harry and Fleur. I looked at the Weasleys.

Shock once again shined on their faces. My name echoing in their ears.

I stood up, looking around the Great Hall. All of Hogwarts were on their feet, cheering their loudest and clapping their hardest, as well as the students I had helped over the week.

I spared a look at Teddy, sitting at the Professors table. He, unlike everyone else in the room showed a sense of anger. I knew Teddy did not want this Tournament to occur more than anyone, and here I was, one of his partners in the Auror department walking into game of sorts that always ended up hurting someone in the end.

Just before reaching the chambers I glanced back to James. He was half way from standing up at his seat at the Gryffindor table. I continued on my journey to the room besides the professor's table. Just before I reached the door I came to a conclusion, and it hit me like I had just walked into a wall.

They thought James was going to be chosen as the champion. James thought he was going to be chosen as the champion.

Well Kingsley, it looks like your plan worked. I was chosen. Now all I have to do is survive the Tournament.

"Hello Charlotte, I'm Amée, this is Renée, Mirabella and Therese. Madame Maxime told us that you speak french and we are completely lost. We were wondering if you could help us find Defense Against the Dark Arts with, um Professor Lupin?"

"Yes, I speak French. As it turns out, I also have Defense Against the Dark Arts with Professor Lupin, so you're in luck."

"So how do you like Hogwarts so far?"

"Well the boys are quite handsome, though I do miss the weather at Beauxbatons a lot."

"The boys are cute but they are completely clueless to anyone but themselves."

"This sucks! we go to school with only girls and the first chance we have to get close to boys, we find out they're all idiotic."


review and tell me what you like, and don't like and so on.

let me know of any mistakes too!


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Fearless: Being Chosen


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