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Fearless by AccioTeddyLupin
Chapter 4 : Stand Alone
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 Though I had some hope that the Wotter&Co clan would forget about their escapade of trying to follow me, Merlin once again seems to have chosen another path.  

It had been a month since the start of term so we figured that they had grown tired of their task of following our every move. It was just my complete horrible luck as I left Charms, departing from Fortis to make my way to the library that I discovered that I was being followed by none other than James and Lily Potter.

I sprinted down the corridor, very attractively might add, and ran straight into someone causing me and the other person to fall onto the hard floor of Hogwarts.

Nice Charlotte. Real lady like.

My first instinct, being me, is to make sure is to make sure of the other doesn’t have injuries. I looked up from where my eyes were set and I had run into none other than Lucas Nott. The same Lucas Nott who is the 7th year Slytherin perfect, chaser on the quidditch team and as the girls in school call him, sex god.

It seemed like that Luke’s first instinct was the same as mine as he offered a hand. I took his hand as I looked up, my eyes finding his.

I now understand what all the girls talked about when you looked into the Slytherin’s eyes. His crystal blue eyes showed compassion and kindness. Something I haven’t seen towards me besides my close friends in a long time.

“Sorry.” I choked out after realising I had been staring at him for far too long. After losing his stare I tore me hand from my hand from his and started again down the hallway.

“Charlotte, wait!”

I turned at my name being called, bumping into Luke once again.

What the hell is with the clumsiness, Char?

“Uh sorry, again. What is it you wanted?” I replied trying to find composure as I see those gorgeous blue eyes once again.

“Uh, well I was, um, wondering if, you wanted to, uh...nevermind.” He spun on his heel and began walking in the opposite direction.

“What were you wondering Lucas?” I asked with curiosity.

“Well I had been wanting to bump into you for awhile and uh, I noticed that um.” he paused “I was wondering if, well if you maybe wanted to go to Hogsmeade.” Lucas added “with me.” as an afterthought.

Do I, Charlotte Emmeline Longbottom, 5th year Ravenclaw prefect want to go out with Lucas Theodore Nott, 7th year Slytherin.

Well since I know I would never have a chance with James, why not go for it. I’m also pretty sure that a few hundred girls would love to be in the same position as me, namely 3rd year Lily, 7th year Dom and my sister as well.

“Yes.” I answered quickly.

He kissed me on the cheek. “I’ll catch up with you later, I have to get to Transfiguration. Chang is going to murder me if I’m late again.” He gave one more look, a smile brightly showing before he continued going in the direction he was once heading in.

Ya know, not only did I just get a date with the most gorgeous boy in school, but stuck-up Lily (who I knew said she was closing in on a date with Lucas just a few days ago) and James heard the whole thing.

This is the best day ever.

I turned on my heel and continued towards the library with a soft smile on my face not caring that tweedle dee and tweedle dumb were still following me.

After leaving the library with An Anthology of Eighteenth Century Charms, Quintessence: A Quest, Numerology and Grammatica, Confronting the Faceless, The Dark Arts Outsmarted and finally Quidditch Through the Ages for a bit of light reading,

Hey, don’t give me that face, I get bored easily.  

I had decided since I didn’t wish to bump into any more Wotters after out-running Lily and James (which is an easy thing to do since I have to run for my life quite a lot) that I was going to go back to Ravenclaw tower.

I ran down the steps to get to the fifth floor before running into someone else, sending my books and my bag everywhere.

“WHAT THE HELL!” I’m convinced Merlin has it in for me.

“Wotcher Char.” said someone from behind me. Wait I know that voice...

“Teddy!” I screech as I jump to hug him. “What are you doing here?”

“Well since the Tournament is starting soon, the Ministry and by Ministry I mean Kingsley, wants a better Defence Against the Dark Arts professor. The new professor being me.” stated Teddy proudly.

“Poor Professor Periwinkle. I don’t believe she can even see anymore.” I said sadly “But you will have the same position your dad had.” I told him, a grin magically appeared on his face “Anything else changing at Hogwarts?”

Teddy waved his wand and my books and bag were once again in my hand. He took a step down, motioning for me to follow him. We continued all the way to the Great Hall, all of my constant questions to Teddy being answered in one glance.

Aurors have invaded Hogwarts. Aurors including Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas.

This cannot be good.

“What’s happening.” I asked Teddy, my hand automatically reaching to hold the other arm at the elbow.

“The new rules Harry instated called for Aurors to be present at every part of the Tournament - “ I cut him off “But the tournament doesn’t start for another month.”

“I was just getting to that.” Teddy glared as he pulled me from the door into the shadows of a nearby corridor. Without a moment to pause, Teddy muttered a silencing charm around us. “The Departments controlling the Tournament have called the students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang here early. They wish to start as soon as possible. It seems they think if Hogwarts wins faster, the crime rate will go down. Though I don’t understand why the crime rate matters anymore, there is hardly as much as there was 30 years ago.” Teddy rambled on.  

“So what you're saying the students are coming earlier that expected. What’s the problem?” I questioned.  

“What’s wrong is this means the Tournament is starting tonight when the schools arrive. It means that we don’t have enough time to try and discover what the tasks are to give you an advantage. It means you have less time training. It means that your chance of winning goes down dramatically.”

Though I usually leave conversations with Teddy confused, this one was completely a doozy.

I love that word. Doozy. Ha. I’m going to use it more often.

“That doesn’t make any sense. Fortis is a group of teenage Aurors who have training more extensive than top assassins. The 2 other students we would compete against only have basic knowledge.” I reasoned

“We don’t know who is going to be chosen for sure, but from what information we have gathered is that Beauxbatons and Durmstrang has hired it’s expectations for it’s students just as Hogwarts has.” Teddy paused at a sound at the end of the corridor “Charlotte, this is not a game. People die in this tournament. When chosen, you stand alone.”

Teddy’s words hit me like a ton of bricks. I mean, when we learned of the Triwizard Tournament in History of Magic, 3rd year. I saw the Tournament as some maze, you had to exit. I guess I’m just realising that the outcome of this wouldn’t be what I wanted. I realized that secrets would come out and with that created a whole new group of problems.  

“Welcome Madame Maxime and the girls of Beauxbatons, as well as Headmaster Romanov and the boys of Durmstrang.” bellowed Minnie from atop the stairs in front of the professors table.   

3 aurors, 1 of whom was Teddy, levitated in a large box, almost the height of an average man onto the podium atop the stairs, and from what I knew, the goblet of fire was in that box. Minnie pulled out her wand a muttered a spell, making the box disintegrate and the goblet appear.

“Next thursday night, at this time, the Champions of the Triwizard Tournament will be chosen by the goblet of fire. Next thursday night, 3 of you,” Minnie paused looking out at the sea of children, her eyes meeting those of Fortis. “Will be chosen to participate in 3 highly dangerous tasks.”

After taking a dramatic pause, she continued. “One of you will emerge the victor, awarded with eternal glory. But let me be perfectly clear, when chosen, you stand alone.” Her words echoed across the hall. Her words near what Albus Dumbledore had said 28 years before, and words that Teddy repeated earlier that day to me.

As I look around the hall I saw many faces. Faces filled with horror, faces filled with excitement, faces filled with doubt, doubt that anything that is going to occur this year will be good for anyone.




oh and review please and tell me wh you want to be the champion of Hogwarts,because I haven't written anything for the next chapter yet!


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Fearless: Stand Alone


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