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Fearless by AccioTeddyLupin
Chapter 3 : No Doubt
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Fortis, the codename of our team, was standing in a half circle around the headmistresses desk. Minnie, sat in her chair behind the desk with Kingsley standing to her right.  

“How is it even possible that one of us will be chosen?” asked Scorpius

“Yeah, The goblet of fire chooses the champion.”  

“It is no doubt in my mind that one of you will be chosen. The goblet chooses who competes by knowledge and skill. All of you have both of those, more than any in the world, let alone this school.” replied Minnie

“Does my dad know about this?” asked Al.

Kingsley face paled slightly “Yes he does. He was very adamant about not letting the tournament occur but my hands were tied. But considering what had happened in the last time, Harry was able to put forth new rules after a great deal of fighting with the Department of International Magical Cooperation as well as the Department of Magical Games and Sports. With the new rules in place, we have a great deal more of protection for the champions as well as the students.” Dustin started to speak but Kingsley cut him off “And I don’t want you to worry about the other case. I will pass it on to Law Enforcement. I have a special job for you all.”

“And what is that Kingsley?” asked Lea

“Though, I’m sure one of you will be chosen, in the event of someone else being picked as Hogwarts champion, I want you all to make sure that no mischief occurs. I do not need any injuries, let alone casualties. And if anyone, and I mean anyone pulls something, you will report it directly to me. Is that clear?” stated Kingsley with the straightest face I had ever seen on him.

“Yes sir.” Fortis replied.

“When are the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students arriving?” asked All looking at Minnie.

“Halloween. Now it you’ll excuse me I have to notify the Head Boy and Girl.”

At the mention of the Head positions turned round so I was facing the portrait of Severus Snape. Fortis always had a special bond with him. For some reason he was always bright with us, but with others he was so very cold. I think it’s because we remind him of when he was protecting Harry. Being hated but still pushing forward for the ones we love.

In first year, when Al and I would have a bad day we would come in here and speak to Severus (as we were instructed to call him). Severus always had insight on the situation, in a way he was another mentor to us. He showed us not only the way to play the game but to work around it if needed. In the end I believe he had a hand in the person I am today.

After the meeting in Minnies office, We all made our way down to the great hall together. As we walked, we looked at the portraits and acknowledged them. Some said hello others answered back in a few choice curse words.

The group sat at the end of the Ravenclaw table, as Scorpius and I had to greet the incoming first years.

“Elizabeth Ambrose.” My father called. The girl visibly flinching at her name.  

She walked up to the stool, the sorting hat was barely placed on her head before the hat yelled Hufflepuff. She slid off the stool and skipped all the way to the cheering table and happily sat down next to a Hufflepuff perfect.

“Dylan Camden.” The name echoed across the hall.

The boy sauntered up the stairs to the stool and he sat. I could tell Dylan was going to be a heartbreaker in his years at school. It took about a minute before the hat bellowed Slytherin. He stood up, winked at some Gryffindor girl and walked over to his table.

Within the next half and hour Ravenclaw house had gained Marie Clark, Alexander Davenport, Thomas Infield, Cassandra Michaels and Cody Stewart. In the same time 6 children were sorted into Hufflepuff, 8 into Gryffindors and 5 into Slytherin.

My father glanced at the parchment in his hand and announced “Aurora Walters.”

Aurora looked like a very shy girl and being the last to be sorted most likely raised that reluctance. She looked up at her name being called and slowly made her way up to the hat.

As she made her way up to the stool a Gryffindor yelled “Hurry Up.”

I stood up and yelled back at the Gryffindor whom I now knew was none other than Louis Weasley and said “OI, shut up! No one asked for your opinion, Weasley!”

This statement received around of applause from the Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff tables, laughs from the Professors and a shy smile from Aurora.

It took about 4 minutes before the hat yelled Ravenclaw, to which Aurora sighed in relief. She basically ran to the Ravenclaw table and sat down as fast as she could.

“What took so long?” asked Chase to the first year
“Yea it was almost a hat stall.” offered in Al

We had to wait a few moments for Rory (I’ve decided to call her Rory) to calm herself down.

“The hat was split between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, but I told the hat I probably wouldn’t belong in Gryffindor house. They all seem so egotistical.” I laughed from the great use of vocabulary from the 11 year old. No doubt she belonged in Ravenclaw.

“Damn straight you don’t belong in Gryffindor! Because everyone knows the library is where the best parties are!” Scorpius yelled causing the whole Ravenclaw table to once again erupt in agreement while I burst out in laughter. Scorp was the only one who could make comments like that.   

Only moments later the feast appeared. Marie, Alex, Tom, Cassie, Cody and Rory’s eyes lit up, never seeing food magically appear before and we all dug in.

After the dessert disappeared, Minnie stood up and quieted down the hall. "Welcome returning and new students to Hogwarts! First years note that the forest is forbidden not only to you, but also to the older students as well. Mr. Filch would like me to announce that all Weasley Wizard Wheezes products are banned from the premises.” Minnie looked to ‘Marauders’ as they liked to call themselves, James, Fred, Patrick Wood and my brother. “I also am told to remind you that magic in the hallways in not allowed.” Minnie took a deep breath before continuing. “And this year I am sorry to say that quidditch is canceled.” The last statement earned several shouts of dictator or bullocks. The Marauders and Madame Wood née Bell looked as though they were about to start crying.

Minnie cleared her throat once again a hush spread around the hall. “Eternal Glory is what awaits the Student who rains victor of the Triwizard Tournament. This year, the Triwizard Tournament will once again occur and the champions of this tournament with have to complete 3 very dangerous tasks where the champion's courage, intelligence, resourcefulness, and magical ability will be tested to the very limit. ” This earned some dark ‘ooo’s from the students.

“I expect the very best behavior from every single one of you.” Minnie continued “The Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students will be arriving just before the Halloween feast. We will all welcome them warmly and let it be said, there is so be no problems or mischief during this tournament.”  

After the announcements, Fortis minus Scorp and I went up to Ravenclaw tower while we stayed behind to gather the first years up.

“Hello I’m Charlotte Longbottom and this is Scorpius Malfoy.” I said gesturing to myself and Scorp. “Welcome to Ravenclaw.” I then said with a broad smile.

As we started on the adventure to Ravenclaw tower we ran into Peeves.

“Hello Kiddies!” Peeves shouted flying just above the first years as they started to scream.

I sighed “Peeves can’t you just give them a break. It’s their first day.”

“Anything for Charlotte! But only this time!” screeched Peeves as he went towards the first year Gryffindors. I knew Rose would not receive the same treatment from Peeves, and the first year gryffies would be scarred for life.

“Who was that?” asked Marie. She reminded me of myself in my first year. Completely scared of everything occurring around me.

Scorpius bent down so he was eye level with her. This seemed to comfort the girl. “That was Peeves the Poltergeist. Try not to come into contact with him, but if you do, just threaten him with getting the Bloody Baron. He completely terrified of him.” the first years nodded but I think the whole ‘Bloody Baron’ scared them severely.

“Come on!” I said as Scorpius stood up straight, and we continued to our destination.

“Most of the portraits are kind but their are some who will just shout for no reason. Eventually you will learn to avoid them.” Scorp stated as made our way to the steps.

“Our Head Of House is Professor Chang, who teaches Charms and our quidditch captain is Albus Potter.” with the mention of Al’s name, the first years began whispering. Who wouldn’t want to be in the same house as one of the sons of the great Harry Potter? “Although it won’t matter till next year, when Quidditch is reinstated.”

They group climbed staircase after staircase, with the children complaining about the journey until they reached the fifth floor. There was a door but without a doorknob or a keyhole. Instead there was a bronze knocker that took the shape of an eagle. With the presence noted, the eagle stated “I never was, am always to be. No one ever saw me, nor never will. And yet I am the confidence of to live and breathe on this terrestrial ball. What am I?”

“Tomorrow.” I stated surely. The door opened and the lot moved into the common room.

The Ravenclaw common room was a circular and wide room that had midnight blue carpet with arched windows that had blue and bronze curtains. The ceiling was domed shaped and was painted with stars. The room was furnished with tables and matching chairs, bookcases reaching the ceiling and couches placed in multiple spots around the room. In the back there stood marble statue of Rowena Ravenclaw. And during the day, you had a lovely view of the first, Quidditch Pitch, Herbology gardens and the Mountains in the distance.

Scorpius and I moved towards the Rowena Ravenclaw statue, for on either side of it were the dorms.

“To the Right are the Girls dormitories and to the left are the boys. You will walk up a couple of steps till you see the door labeled first years.” and as the children ascending the steps I said goodnight and I received replies of thank you and goodnights.

“Night Scorp.” as I too went to the stairs.

I opened the door to the 5 years room and noticed Gwen, Lea and Val as well as my other roommates Amber and Chloe were already sleeping. I walked over to my bed and instead of changing, my face met my pillow and I greeted sleep like an old friend.   



3rd chapter!

what do y'all think of the story so far?



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Fearless: No Doubt


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