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Finders Keepers Losers Seekers by Xanthe
Chapter 9 : Potions Class
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Oliver’s point of view

Sunday passed uneventfully. I stayed holed up in my room along with the other boys. We were all scared of what Clark would do to us. Monday rolled around and it was time for our first day of our sixth year. I literally fell out of bed at 6:00, got dressed and flew down to the pitch. I was trying to avoid Clark as much as possible. The rest of the team lollygagged their way to the pitch as slow as possible. I didn’t know what Clark was doing because I was trying very hard not to make eye contact with her.

“All right men-”

Alicia cleared her throat.

“A guy can dream can’t he, anyway, we are going to destroy every person, player, and team who comes in the way of us. We had a strong captain last year and I intend to be just as strong if not stronger. By that I mean you thought Joe was bad, you’re going to hate me. We are going to win the House Cup not because we have the best equipment,” I said eyeing the twins’ old banged up Cleansweeps, “but because we have the strongest players…”

I stopped in front of Clark who not only was petite but was also mumbling to herself while sporting big eyes that kept darting towards a butterfly that was fluttering on a flower. I had a quick moment of silence for that butterfly who was soon to be worse than dead.

“Anyway, I just thought I should make that clear that any differences we have should be laid to rest as soon as we enter the pitch for optimal performance.” Is it just me or does this seem like I’m jinxing our team… Nah! Well be fine.

I gave the players their orders to continue running plays. I didn’t want an actual game going yet. I wanted us to be big and strong before we play each other. Fred and George were having too much fun with a new play they learned. Poor fools won’t even know what hit them by the end of practice. Clark and I went up to the stands. She’d calmed down a little bit. We ran through some new plays and Clark asked thorough questions. That’s one good trait about Clark; she always takes her quidditch seriously.

Afterworlds I blew a whistle that my dad gave me before they dropped me off at the train station. It had Wood engraved on it. The team flew and filed out in line tallest to shortest, Fred on top Clark on the bottom.

“All right we still have half of practice left and here’s how this season is going to. When whistle that signals halftime for practice, which means that we have to get down to business. I’m making this a sort of a warm up practice. Everyone one mile jog follow me!”

Callies point of view

That only took forever and a day. The mile is only supposed to be about thirteen minutes. We took up a whole half hour because Alicia had to take so many breaks. By the time practice was over and we showered we were too late to get any breakfast. I glared at Wood all morning. I was still mad at whoever screwed up my date last night. I actually had no idea who it was but when I find out I swear… Anyway I had a few classes with the Fred and George and the girls. That’s good I don’t want to face Ancient Runes without the twins. I need someone to laugh at the way they are pronounced with me.

The day passes by ok until it came time for potions. I was in a little bit of a hurry hoping Roger would be in this class and I could talk to him about last night. I didn’t realize I ran into something until it made a sound.

Funny I seem to be doing a lot of that.

“Hey watch where your- Oh hi there Blondie”

I looked up from gathering my books and saw the worst person ever.


“Hi, nice day were having isn’t it, bye.” I said trying to rush pass him but his not so small lackeys came out from nowhere and blocked my path.


“Look I’m gonna be late for class. Can we do the part where you hit on me and make yourself look like a total idiot some other time.”

“Anything you want Blondie.”

“Ok really with the Blondie, not cool man.” I tried turning away again. Didn’t work, I’m gonna have to fight my way out of this.

“How do you like heights? Were going on a date Friday night and I just want to make sure the Astronomy Tower and you get along ok.” He said advancing towards me with an extremely stupid looking swagger.

“I’m not going anywhere with you, and I do like the Astronomy Tower. It would be a nice place to throw you off of.” I said somewhat untruthfully. I haven’t forgotten the last time I was up there and was thrown off myself.

“You little-” He said narrowing his eyes and almost grabbing me.

I shoved him out of my way elbowed bodyguard #1 and side kicked bodyguard #2 and ran the heck out of there.

I made it to potions just in time to get an empty table in the back. Everybody else had a partner so I was left all alone. I looked in front of me and saw the second worse person ever.

Wood was sitting two rows down from me. But the weird thing was who he was sitting by. Was that-? No it couldn’t be. Wait it is-


Immediately I made sure my hair was ok looking and not looking awful. I always throw my hair up in a messy bun for school. I also straightened out my robes and brushed the invisible dust off of them.


Why is Roger sitting next to Wood…? I don’t want my Roger tainted with Wood.

Just then the doors opened again and in walked Flint. Oh great.

“Mr. Flint you will find your seat next to Miss. Clark.”

My heart stopped beating and I was pretty sure I was going to be sick. My eyes probably were the size of a needles point.

Wood whirled around to look at me, his expression matching my own. I made a face at him and looked away to see Roger giving me the cutest look of pity. He did not look happy with the arrangement either. He mouthed “We need to talk” and I nodded my head in agreement.

Flint did that slow dramatic swagger over to the desk.

“Are you sure I have to sit by him I mean wouldn’t you rather me sit by a girl, you for a fact know how flirtatious I am when it comes to the opposite se-”

“Miss. Clark no amount of untrue excuses will change the matter. Mr. Flint, take a seat. Turn to page 436.”

I’m screwed.

Flint sat down and scooted his chair way closer than it should be towards me. I don’t remember boys ever doing this to me before why now. Why aren’t Fred and George doing their job and beating the snot out of all these creeper guys? I thought it was their job to keep the boys at bay.

I looked up from my textbook to see Wood still staring at me I gave him a well rehearsed death look saved for just him and he sent on right back.

By the end of the day I was sick of boys trying to spend time with me I just wanted to go dinner and scarf down all my food and not have to talk to any male except Fred and George.

Life doesn’t like me sometimes.

Even the boys who I have considered my friends kept trying to flirt with me. I don’t mean Fred or George I mean the other Gryffindor boys. I had one offer to cut up my chicken for me.

I had had enough.

I got up and starting to do a very nice hate walk to the door but did a double take and came back for a chicken leg and a cookie nodded my head in a good day manner and continued my hate walk out the door. It was time I found out who sabotouged my date last night...

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Finders Keepers Losers Seekers: Potions Class


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