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Finders Keepers Losers Seekers by Xanthe
Chapter 8 : The Date
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Oliver’s point of view

I can’t believe she left the letter down here. Better yet I can’t believe Fred and George were the first to find it. I guess they pulled through after all, even if they didn’t have to get off the couch to do their job. They were just laying there surrounded by an air of confidence. Now all I have to do is figure out how to sabotage her date. Lee certainly wasn’t going to help me. He had detention tonight too. I was freaking out a little. “Calm down you’re Oliver Wood. You are hot, awesome, and awesome at what you do. You can do anything.” I thought to myself. When ever I need reassurance I just look in the mirror and stare deep into my big brown eyes and say you’re awesome. Everything’s all better after that.

But seriously what was I going to do about tonight. There are so many different approaches.

I could feel that hangover potion I took this morning kicking in. I’m not thinking right. I’m freaking out about this. Oliver Wood does not freak out. I checked my watch. It was past breakfast time. I decided to go down to the great hall for my first breakfast of my sixth year.

Fred, George and Lee, decided to follow me so we were seated at the end of the Gryffindor table. I looked up from my bacon I was inhaling when my eyes locked with one person I did not want to see. Ever.

He gave me a somewhat smug smile that basically said, “I’m going on a date with your prized seeker tonight and you can’t do anything about it.”

That’s cute. He thinks that I can’t do anything. He doesn’t even know what I’m capable of.

A genius plan started forming in my head.

Callies Point of View

I woke up at about five o’clock. I yawned, stretched, got up, put on real pants, a real shirt, and brushed my hair. I looked at myself in the mirror. Yup looks good to me.

“No. No, no and no.” Angelina said with a disapproving stare.

“Geez what did I do.” I said holding my hands up in the air.

“You are not going on a date looking like that.”

“Oh please I look just fine.” I said with a scoff.

She fished inside her closet to find a niceish looking top.

"Put this on." She said.

50 minutes later I was wearing a red and brown dress with brown leggings and beige moccasins. She did something to curl my hair. I think she said crunch. Or maybe it was scrunch. Anyway it was incredibly curly. She also parted it to the left and pulled the right side back with a golden clip.

She also did the unthinkable.

She put makeup on me.

Yes I am wearing the stuff that comes before the pink cheek stuff. I'm pretty sure it's foundation. I'm also wearing a tiny bit of black eye goop. And she tried to put the glitter shimmer stick stuff on my lips but she only got as far as the bottom lip when I started running away.

I was walking down the halls grumbling about how I looked like a clown. I came to the front doors and found Roger. He was staring and gaping at me.

"Wow! Callie you look- wow!" He said with wide eyes.

"Angelina made me do it lets just start walking." I said taking his arm and running outside, while also looking over my shoulder for Angelina and her lip-gloss of death.

"Hey slow down," he said taking my hand "I'm in no hurry."

"I am the farther away I get from Wood and the girls better." I said looking behind my back.

We started walking by the lake. I let go of his hand and started running off to the edge of the water.

"Hey where are you going?"

I ignored him and sat down on the rocks and started skipping stones. I made it half through the lake.

"Wow. Where'd you learn to skip like that?"

“It’s pure talent.”

We sat down and started skipping stones. I naturally turned it into a competition to see who could get it the farthest. I won naturally. We sat there just talking about life. I had a lot to say of course telling all about my summer and my quidditch adventures. With my brothers being gone to practice and such they decided to take me with them instead of me staying behind and causing mayhem. So everywhere they went so did I. I had lots to tell and he listened so well.

I knew I would never be able to tell any of my other friends about this summer because the girls wouldn’t care, the twins wouldn’t stay focused for this long, and Wood might like to hear it but I’m trying to ignore him as much as possible. I rambled on for about two hours telling him about how I tried to attack the ref at a Chudley Cannons game because he made a bad call, how I was able to try out the newest, fastest, holiest broom, the Thunderbolt, which hadn’t even come out, and how Meaghan McCormack, Catriona McCormack’s daughter, was kicked off the team because she had an illegal possession of Muggle drugs.

He was so polite and just sat there hanging onto my every word like what I said he actually cared about. Nobody ever does that to me. I mean my brothers forget it; my friends can’t stay focused, so I found it really nice that he not only listened but was actually interested in what I had to say. I was dark outside when I finished telling my story about the new Pride of Portree keeper who will be filling in for Meaghan. He pulled out a lantern from who knows where and lit it.

With the mist rising off the lake and the glow of the lantern I was engulfed in a romantic ambiance. I looked deep into his stunning grey eyes and we both had one of those connections. We started leaning forward. “Here it comes. I’m about to have my first kiss. I’m about to lose my lipginity. I hope my lips know how to kiss because I don’t.” I thought to my self. We were so close I could feel his warm breath on me. “Why is this taking forever? Why can’t our faces just collide and speed things up a little.” We weren’t even an inch away when the worst possible thing happened.

“Miss Clark just what do you think you are doing.”

Oliver’s point of view

This is quite possibly the happiest day of my life as I ran away in fear. I knew once Clark found out it was me she would literally kill me, but I just couldn’t resist. Her face when they got caught was priceless. And of course I would gladly jump at the chance of being able to see Davies get busted.

I sprinted up the stairs and into my dorm locked the door and turned off the lights. I looked out my window there were two lanterns approaching the castle. I squinted harder and noticed three figures approaching the castle. Clark and Davies were separated by the worst possible person in the world.


My cunning, genius, fool proof plan worked. I told Professor McGonagall that Clark was drink large amounts of firewhiskey last night. She was very disappointed in her but she was busy with helping the dumb first years. So she told Snape to handle it instead. So Snape and I marched ourselves out to the lake as soon as he asked what they were doing I ran away as fast as possible. I do not want Clark to find out it was me who told Snape. Not because I’m scared of her but because I know it will kill her if she doesn’t find out. I looked in the mirror. “You are a genius, genius man.”

I could vaguely hear Clark storm into the common room startling everyone and no doubt scaring all of the first years. I was thankful for my nice safe room up here. I was also thankful that tomorrow was Sunday and I had plenty of time to think up another plan to ruin Clark’s life.

The rest of the night passed by uneventfully, I stayed in my room and polished my broom and reading quidditch magazines. I had no contact with the outside world until Fred, George, and Lee came up looking awful.

“We just had the interrogation of a lifetime.” George said collapsing on a chair.

“Clark, she just- we couldn’t do anything-” Lee said trying to catch his breath.

“She is like another person.” Fred had wide eyes.

“What happened?” I said trying to look casual.

“Somebody ruined her date with Davies. She is literally about to kill someone.”

“She attacked us. I haven’t seen her quite this mad since the time Professor called her half dwarf in front of the entire class.” Lee said shuddering.

“Anyway, we are going to bed.” Lee said locking the door.

Wait locking the door?

“How did you guys get in here?” I asked. “I had the door locked”

“Magic, its quite useful.”

Thank you so much for reading! It’s been a while since I’ve updated because I was sick, then my birthday, then Thanksgiving, my usual case of writers block,finals, and then I found out I am the lead in the school play, and there was this problem with the server keeping me from posting so… I may not post as often as I would like to but I will for sure try my hardest!
Hugs and Kisses

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