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Chasing April by Loving_Sirius_4eva
Chapter 1 : Have You Met Me.
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I am going to kill him! How can he leave me stranded on the platform carrying my trunk and a bag of books? Mind you, they were not your ordinary light weighted books.


To add to my stress, the platform is crowded with squirmy little first years that huddled in a bunch. Argh, their excitement disgusts me. 


Don’t get me wrong; I’m usually a pleasant person to interact with. It’s just because I’ve spent the last hour squeezing through a sweaty swarm of muggles in order to get to this platform.


I’m drained and irritated.  Only a teeny part of me is thrilled for the year ahead of me.


Finally, sixth year had arrived.  All I want is to board the Hogwarts express and get heading to my true home, Hogwarts.


I am currently looking for my twin brother Daniel. He grabbed his trunk with a sneaky grin plastered across his face and vanished from my sight.


I was driven with energy this morning, looking forward to begin this year. I had forced my brother to teach me Quidditch during the summer holidays. I couldn’t wait to tell Dom and Cameron, my beast friends, that I wanted to try for the Gryffindor team. They probably will roar into fits of laughter.


Dominique Weasly, also known as Dom, is my best friend. We’re practically sisters. Sadly, she’s sorted into the house of geeks and I’m sorted in the house of the grandiose people. That’s right, Gryffindor.


To conclude, Dom can be summed up into three words, diligent, reliable and outgoing.


Cameron on the other hand is sarcastic, funny and charismatic. He’s always swooping in to save the day. I honestly would be screwed without him.



Great, I have about five minutes to get on the damned train before it takes off without me.


I begin to heave the bag of books with all my strength. Pushing through the horde, I yell, “Excuse Me!”


Just as I manage to catch glimpse of the shiny red coating of the train, I get tackled to the ground.


I moan as the weight crush me. Don’t people know how to walk? 


 I feel the Hippogriff lift off me.  “I’m so sorry.” A deep, husky voice apologizes, offering his hand at me. “Here.”


Ignoring his kind gesture, I pull myself onto my feet and brush the dirt off my jeans.  


“I was racing Fred Weasly...” while he explains, I take notice of my scattered books that lay on the filthy ground. 


“My books!” I cry. These books weren’t just any books; they were the latest editions of the school-advanced textbooks. 


Prepare to glower at the idiot who ran into me, my jaw slacks instead. I realize that I’m face to face with the one and only, James Potter.  


James Potter, the egoistic playboy who every girl desires and wishes to be with. Except for me, of course. I’m the only girl who doesn’t fall for his alluring green eyes, famous Potter smirk and tousled black hair. His face revolts me.


 “They were very expensive!” I exclaim, bending over to retrieve them. If he found this amusing, he wasn’t doing a good job in hiding it. The corners of his mouth tilt upwards as he helps me.


“Ravenclaw?” he questions, raising an eyebrow perfectly.


I cross my arms and debate whether or not too punch him.


“Perhaps not. You seem a tad peculiar,” he inspects. “Huffelpuff then?”


I scowl. Did I really seem like a Huffelpuff?


He grimaces under my intense, scrutinizing glare and shivers slightly. “Slytherin then.” I huff, grab my bag roughly from his grasp and walk away from the insane boy. I am beyond frustrated; this blithering idiot managed to ruin my morning.


For gods sake, I am in the same bloody year as him AND the same house. Have I mentioned that I was his bloody potions partner for the whole of forth year. Two years is not a long time to forget someone.


“Wait!” he calls, catching up to me with ease. “What’s your name?” he questions holding my stare. “I’m James...”


“Sirius Potter.” I finish. Yes, everyone knows you; you’re the son of Harry Potter and the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team.  Blah, blah, blah. I do not care.


“Let me guess, you know my father?” I take note of the slight edge of frustration in his tone. 


“Actually, I just happen to think knowing the people in your year and house is important.” I state factually.


“You’re in Gryffindor? I must surely know you then.” he assures. “You seem somewhat familiar now that you mention It.” he narrows his eyes and examines me head to toe.


I rake my hand through my knotted ponytail.  “I doubt that. Know if you’ll excuse me, I don’t want to miss my train.” I smile and turn around to board the train.


James Potter is seen as a freaking god to others. We had never interacted willingly and nor should we ever.


“Ah ha, you grew taller,” he yells, stopping me on my tracks.


Girl’s walking by shoot envious daggers at me.


“No” I groan, searching for a friend to escape with.


“Dyed your hair?” he sounds unsure.


“This is my natural hair thank you very much.” I pushed my dark chocolate hair that consisted of soft curls behind my shoulders. 


“I knew it, you’re using polyjuice potion.” I chuckle at his last guess. He too, broke into a heart-wrenching smile. “I still believe I know you.” 


“Well, we were potion partners in forth year and I’m your cousin’s best friend.” I mutter.


“Your Dom’s best friend?” he questions still trailing behind me. 


“The one and only.” I turn halfway and flash him a smile. “This was interesting. I’m going to go find Dom now. Toddles.” I try keeping a great distance between us but right he felt the need to chauffer me around.


“I’m sure I would have remembered a pretty face like you.” My face scrunched up.


“That is and will be the most cheesiest line in the entire wizardry world. That’s even worse than Fred and Louis’s lines, which are horrible by the way. ” I finally manage to find Daniel who was only a couple of steps away.


“APE!” Please tell me my stupid brother did not just call me that in front of Potter. Of course he did. Ape, I always knew he had a secret agenda to humiliate me. 


I glance at James who was failing to conceal his laughter. “Danny, where have you been?” I stab my finger into his chest. 


“Sorry Ape...” he apologizes. 


“STOP CALLING ME THAT!” I shriek, raising my hands in the air with furry. 


“But I always call you that.” he pouts.


I sigh in defeat and smiled gently. Danny and I never got into legit fights. We were too cute for that.


 “I truly am sorry.” he gave me a quick kiss on the forehead. “Cameron is looking for you.” I nod and sigh. Dom and Cam were probably getting a tad impatient.


“Daniel, good to see you mate.” James and Danny did some handshake. 


Ignoring my eye roll James blurts. “I didn’t know Ape was your girl.” 


I felt my cheeks heat up. “Don’t call me Ape, Potter!” I grimace at his amused expression plastered across his features. “And I’m not his girl.” I spit, causing him to raise his eyebrows. 


“That’s disgusting James. She’s my sister.” Daniel explains.


Potter’s gaze remains focused on me, somewhat intrigued by this fact. I simply glare back.


“When are you holding Quidditch tryouts?” We’re going to be here for another hour. 


Averting his stare, James faces Danny with his full attention. “Probably going to hold them this Saturday. We need a new beater and chaser, since they both graduate.”


Danny being the best brother notices the difficulty I’m in and offers to hold my bag. “Perfect. We are going to smash everyone this year.” I watch an evil grin slides across James’ lips. 


“Damn right we are!”


“Ape, I’m going with James will you be ok?”


“Yeah, I’m going to go find Dom and Cam.” I answer. Dom is probably pissed at me. Lets hope she’s in a good mood and no Slytherin has pissed her off.


“Good luck.” My brother hugs me before turning for the opposite direction.   


“Can I at least know your real name?” James pleads, holding me back from my wrist.  


Pulling myself from his grip I reply curtly. “I’m sure you’ll survive another two years.” I swivel and walk briskly away from them.


Behind me, I hear James groan, “What was that for?” 


“Touch her and you die.” Dan threatens. 





Trudging my way through the corridors, I came to a stop at two familiar faces.


“Hey Louis, look who’s in the corridor looking dashing as ever?” Freddy calls, causing me to laugh. 


“Ew, if you’re talking about my sister Freddy, I’ll make sure you don’t live to see another day.” Louis barks back. 


Meet Fred and Louis, the sweetest Ancient Runes partners. They bring the circus to Hogwarts every year with their jokes and pranks.


Louis soon sticks his head out, whistles and winks. “Well, if it isn’t our favorite girl, April Rose.” he mutters mischievously. Louis comes out and swings his arm around my shoulders. 


I tilt my head back from laughter. “You guys need a girl in your lives.”


“Tell me April,” Louis asks seriously. “Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?” 


“April.” Freddy grins wolfishly, looping his arm through mine. “Does your lips taste as good as they look?” I let out an unpleasant snort as Fred sends me a wink. 


“Get your filthy hands of her now!” A new voice snarls, causing me to freeze. 


Fred and Louis make the wise choice of removing their hands from me.


“Dom!” I yell. “I was looking all over for you.” I grab her by her shoulders and guide her away. “How were your holidays?” I ask, pressing her into a bone-crushing hug. 


Dom faces me and grins. “It was pretty boring until a hot new neighbor moved in.” she squeals.


“Ha ha. How did that go?” Dom had many flings; it was no surprise that this one also didn’t last.


She frowns and grits her teeth. “Louis punched him.” 



Finally I walk into our compartment and I’m eloped into a bear hug. I wrap my arms around his neck and chuckle. “I missed you too Cam.” 


“It’s been so long Ape.” He sits me down beside him and passes us pumpkin passies he had bought from the trolley. I squeal and tore the packet open. 


Cam is amazing. He’s like my second brother. Danny and Cameron got along just fine. They are both overprotective freaks that act more like bodyguards than my brothers. That is why I stopped bother with the whole dating thing. The poor guy will just get injured.


I yawn from exhaustion. My uneventful collision with James Potter has drained my energy.  Hopefully I don’t have the catastrophe of bumping into him again.


Authors Note. 


UNDERGOING MAJOR EDITS.  I know it still isn’t perfect but I assure it is better that what it was. I’m trying to find time to keep this story going.


I’m going to re-edit the next three chapters so don’t judge the horrendous grammar. Much appreciated.


I hope you like this chapter and feel free to click in the grey box below and write a review. The truly make my day. 


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