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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 13 : Chapter Thirteen: Surprise
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 Harry looked around him and saw that everyone had their wands out, even Hagrid had out his pink umbrella. Just as Harry was about to raise a Shield, the wall in front of them was blasted away. Harry pulled Ginny down with him and covered his face with his hands to protect himself from the flying glass and wood. His adrenaline was running, making him barely notice the pains that the glass and wood cutting him gave. 

Harry saw spells flying left to right, and hoped his family was winning their own battle right now. Harry lifted himself up, only to duck as a green jet of light flew his way. He could feel the spell touch the hairs sticking out of his head. Harry raised his wand and looked for a vulnerable Death Eater.


"Stupefy!" Harry yelled.




The Death Eater was blasted off his feet and fell unconscious to the ground. He looked around and saw Ginny Bat-Bogey Hex her Death Eater, he tried swatting them away, then 'Stupefy' him. Harry smirked and looked at the scene before him. Just in time, he saw another jet of green light head his way. Harry ducked and fired the Body-Binding Curse at him. Successfully hitting him, Harry ran towards Ginny, who he could see was losing to her new Death Eater.




"Expelliarmus!" Harry yelled, his wand pointed at the Death Eater.




The Death Eater quickly blocked the spell and fired one back, Harry couldn't conjure his curse before the spell hit him. Harry felt himself be thrown back as the spell hit him, leaving him a daze. Harry heard Ginny whimper in fear, and lifted himself to his knees. He looked up and saw the Death Eater disarm her, and give a smile in his direction.




"Crucio!" He heard the Death Eater yell.


Harry bolted to his feet and ran in front of Ginny before the curse hit her. He turned and faced her, and felt the curse hit him in the back. Harry fell to the ground as pain licked him, hitting him intensely. He put his arms out in front of him to keep himself from falling face first into the ground. Harry's body was trembling with the pain that coursed through it. He kept his lips tight together, making sure no scream escaped him.


"Petrificus Totalus!" Harry heard Ginny yell, and the pain stopped.


Harry shakily lifted himself from the ground, the after-effects of the Torture Curse kicking in. He tried his hardest to stop trembling.


"You okay?" Harry asked in a quivering voice.


"Fine, are you?" Ginny asked.




"I've been better." He responded.


Ginny gave a quick and small laugh, then looked around her.




"Most of the Death Eater's are down. Let's help the others." Ginny suggested.


Harry nodded and looked for the remaining Death Eaters. He saw that Fleur, Molly, and Bill were battling one, Hagrid, Minerva, and George another, Kingsley, Arthur, and Hermione battling two, and Charlie, Percy, and Ron take down one. Harry hurried and went over to Hagrid, Minerva, and George, who were all hurt somehow and needed help. Harry could tell this Death Eater was experienced in dueling, and wouldn't go down without a fight.  


Harry dueled his hardest, dodging curses left to right. He then heard the Death Eater's shouting order's to one another, but he couldn't make out what they were saying. He looked around and saw the horror on his friends and families faces, and knew it was bad. Just then he saw everyone around blasted into the air, him being one of them. He landed with a thud on the ground, and felt a rib inside break, he grunted in pain.


"Get Potter!" He heard a Death Eater call out.


Harry reached for his wand, but found it was no where near him; he was weaponless. Harry looked around and found no one else had a wand on them either, they dropped it when they were blasted back as well. Harry flinched violently as he felt a hand close in on his throat, and yank him up. He scratched and clawed at the Death Eater's hand, desperate for an escape. But the Death Eater laughed at him and threw him back onto the ground.


"Stay down!" The Death Eater commanded him.


"Like hell!" Harry shouted back



Just before Harry could register what was happening, he was put under the Cruciatus Curse once again.  Harry screamed out, being caught by surprise. He could barely hear the people around him begging for the Death eater to stop, but the words had no affect whatsoever on him. Finally, the curse was lifted, leaving Harry panting and trembling on the ground. As he tried to control his breathing, he felt ropes tie themselves to him, tying him arms and legs together. 


Harry looked up and saw a death Eater towering over him, his long white-blonde hair coming out of his mask. Malfoy. Harry thought. He thought the Ministry had dealed with them already, apparently not. Lucius gave him a smile and let out a muffled laugh, and pointed his wand straight at Harry's heart.


"Stupefy!" Lucius whispered.


Harry felt his body jerk as the spell hit him, and knew no more.




Ginny picked herself up, reaching for her wand, but could not find it. She scrambled onto her knees and searched the ground before her, but found nothing. She looked around and saw her family scrambled around the lawn, weaponless as well.


"Get Potter!" She heard a Death Eater shout. 


Ginny froze and looked up, and came face to face with a Death Eater. He picked her up by the arm and carried her over to were her family was put in a circle.

"Stay still!" She heard a Death Eater say.


 "Like hell!" Harry shouted back at him.


"Crucio!" Ginny heard another Death Eater shout.


As she was thrown into her family, she heard Harry scream. Ginny looked up franticly and saw a Death Eater with long white-blonde hair sticking out of his mask have Harry under the Torture Curse.


"Stop!" Ginny yelled, her voice coming out in a strangled cry.




"Please, stop!" Ron and Hermione shouted at the same time.


The Death Eater ignored them, continuing the curse.


"STOP!" Ginny screamed.


The Death Eater suddenly stopped, and Ginny sighed in relief. She looked and saw Harry panting on the ground, trembling as well. Ginny then heard the one Death Eater mutter a spell, and ropes flew out his wand, tying Harry's legs and arms. She looked around her and saw Death Eater reviving ones that had been knocked out, while other's still pointed their wands at herself and her family.


The white haired Death Eater towered over Harry, and give him a smile through his mask, and let out a muffled chuckle, it sickened her. Ginny's eyes widened as the same Death Eater proceeded to point his wand at Harry, and mutter a spell she could not hear. The jet of red light hit Harry in the chest, making his body jerk, then he moved no more.


"NO!" Ginny screamed, along with Molly, Minerva, George, Ron and Hermione.


Ginny saw the Death Eater towering over Harry take his mask off and pick Harry up. Lucius Malfoy. Lucius looked over at up and gave a insane laugh, then Dissapperate. The remaining Death Eaters around at them and smiled, then followed after Lucius. Ginny quickly lifted herself off the ground and ran over to where Harry was lying a second ago, and sank to her knees. Ginny heard footsteps and looked over her shoulder, her family was rushing over to the spot she was kneeling on.


Hermione walked over to Ginny and sank to her knees as well, then put a comforting arm around her. Ginny looked down at the ground to avoid people knowing that she was crying, but she couldn't fool Hermione. Hermione wrapped her arms around Ginny and pulled her into a hug. Right then and there both girls broke into a sob at the same time. Ron came over and kneeled close to them, and soothingly rubbed their backs, not knowing what to say.


"Harry," Ginny sobbed onto Hermione's shoulder.




Harry started to to gain consciousness, and couldn't register why he couldn't move his hands, or even why they were behind his back. Harry's eyes almost snapped open as the memories of the Burrow attack sank in. Harry didn't want to open his eyes yet, he wanted to see how stupid these Death Eaters were, and if they would give information in front of him while he was 'sleeping'. 


"Keep a eye on him, Yaxley. Potter should be awake at any moment." Harry heard Lucius call.




Harry wanted a while after that to see if anyone would start sharing information in front of him, but there was only silence. Harry mentally cursed and decided it was time to open his eyes. Harry reluctantly opened his eyes and looked around at his surroundings. He could tell right off the bat he was in a basement, the floor was made up of cement, as well as the walls. In front of him was a circle of Death Eaters, twice more than those who attacked the Burrow.


"Finally, Potter's awake." A voice said behind Harry.


Harry snapped his head and saw Lucius Malfoy standing next to him, his Death Eater mask in his hands.


"Should of known, scumbag Malfoy." Harry spat angrily.


Malfoy's smile wiped off his face, a look of anger replacing it. He raised his hand and slapped Harry as hard as he could. Harry cheek stung and he thought he could taste blood inside his mouth.


"Shut up, Potter. Outburst like that, and you might live as long as we intend to keep you." Malfoy told him in a calm voice.


"What the hell do you want with me?" Harry asked, his voice cold.


"You are the cause of my master's downfall, again. I want revenge. And information." He told Harry.




"Information about what?" Harry asked him, confused.


"The Order of the Phoenix, the people in it. What the Ministry is planning for the remaining Death Eater's." Malfoy responded.




"Might as well kill me, then. I won't tell you a damn thing." Harry snapped.


"We have way's of making you talk, Potter. And trust me, you won't like it." A voice within the circle said. 




Harry looked up as the man walked over to stand over by Malfoy. He took off his mask, and it revealed Avery.




"I thought you were in Azkaban." Harry said.


"Thought wrong, Potter." Avery replied.




"Well then. Why don't we get started? Avery, Crabbe, stay behind." Malfoy commanded.


The remaining Death Eaters sat up and left the door, leaving the four of them behind.


"Now, Harry," Malfoy started, facing him, "Who exactly is in the Order?"


"Let me see, no." Harry told him, sarcasm thick in his voice.




Harry heard Malfoy mutter a curse and felt a sharp pain on his arm. He pulled his lips together, and looked at his right arm. The sleeve was cut open were Malfoy hit him with a Cutting Curse, and blood was rushing out of the wound.


"What is the Ministry planning for the Death Eater's?" Malfoy tried.


"No." Harry said simply.


"Is that going to be your answer?" Avery asked him.


"Always'." Harry told them.


"Crucio!" Malfoy whispered.


The pain was overwhelming, Malfoy kept the curse on him longer than he ever had it on before. Harry screamed so much that he thought his throat might tear. Somewhere in the middle of it all, he blacked out into sweet darkness.




Back at the Burrow, the Weasley family and the Order were gathered around the table, pondering on where Harry might of been taken to.


"Malfoy Manner? He seems to be the leader." Ron suggested.


Hermione whimpered and shrunk back into her chair, her thoughts suddenly on Bellatrix and a knife. Ron pulled his chair closer to her and rubbed her arm soothingly, remembering the events of Malfoy Manner as well.


"I don't know. I would think they would go somewhere we wouldn't think of, but somewhere with some kind if meaning to them." Kingsley answered, his head resting in his hands.


The group sat in silence for a moment, thinking of a place a Death Eater would go, that had some kind of connection or value to their deceased master.




"What about the orphanage Voldemort grew up in? Didn't you guys say that's where he grew up?" George asked.


"We looked for the orphanage on our Horcrux hunt, it's not there anymore." Hermione responded.


Ron pounded his fist on the table in frustration, wishing for the first time in his life he knew more about Voldemort then he already did. He looked across the table and saw that Ginny still had her head hidden in her arms that rested on the table, and his mum was petting her hair, trying to soothe her like she used to when they were children.


He then looked hopefully at Hermione, who had always' kept her cool during a situation. He had faith in her that she still could, even though the situation hit close to home. As his eyes fell on his love, he saw that she was indeed in deep thought, but she was having trouble concentrating.


Ron did the only think he could think of that would possibly calm her down, he wrapped his arms around her waist and rest her head on his shoulder. He instantly felt her relax into him, and sigh heavily. Ron knew it was working, he could tell.


"Where was that graveyard that Voldemort took Harry to the night he returned?" Hermione suddenly asked.


"Little Hangleton." Ginny answered, picking her head out of her arms.


"How do you know?" Hermione asked her, shock written all over her face.


"He mentioned it to me a few days ago." Ginny told her.


"Why did he mention it?" Ron pressed on.


Ron knew right away her answer wouldn't be good; Harry never talked about what happened in the graveyard, he had hardly even told himself and Hermione.


"He had a nightmare about it." Ginny replied in a small voice.




Hermione nodded and sunk into deep thought again, as if piecing a puzzle together.


"Wait a minute," Kingsley spoke up, bringing Hermione out of her thought and gathering everyone else's attention. "The Riddle House is in Little Hangleton. I know because we had to investigate when a Muggle was killed inside, killed with the Killing Curse."




"Do you really think they might of brought him there?" Molly spoke up.


"I wouldn't be surprised." Kingsley responded.


"I say we go right now." Ginny insisted.


Nod's spread throughout the group, and Kingsley rubbed his chin.


"Let's wait a while, and come up with a plan. I could call and see if any of the remaining Auror's could help." He told them, a plan already forming inside his head.


"What are we waiting for? Let's hurry!" Bill said, standing up from his chair.






Kingsley ran over to the fireplace and through some Floopowder in, and called the Auror office. The remaining group around the table shared their own ideas with everyone, cooking up a plan to save Harry.




Harry wearily opened his eyes, wondering what would happen as he did. He lifted his head off the floor he was lying on, and found he was in some type of cell. Harry felt his muscles protest as he sat up more, and felt his right arm sting. Harry gingerly lifted his hand and touched the spot, and found it was sticky and cold from the blood that was drying on his arm. He looked around more and found he was still in the same room that he was in before, but he was in the corner, and looking at the center of it, where a few Death Eater's sat. 




Harry pushed himself into the corner of his cell, hoping that he wouldn't be noticed. The pain from the Torture Curse came back into his mind, and he flinched. Harry knew that he would never tell them what they wanted to know, he just didn't know if he could stand the pain that they would for sure put him through. Harry sighed quietly and leaned his head against the cold wall.


"Potter's awake!" A Death Eater called out suddenly.




Harry flinched and looked up, and saw a Death Eater hurrying up the stairs. The other two came over to his cell, and waited by the door. Harry heard footsteps coming down the stairs and saw the Death Eater that left before with Lucius, who had a insane smile upon his face.


"Get him out and tied up." Lucius commanded.


The two Death Eater waiting by the cell door waved their wands, and the door open. One came in and pushed Harry roughly to his feet, and pulled him out of the cell. Harry turned left to right, trying to escape the hands that had him. As they approached the chair he was tied to earlier, Harry kicked his foot out and felt it hit the Death Eater. He hissed and punched Harry in the gut. Harry bent over in pain, and was shoved into the chair. Harry was still bent over and they took his hands and tied them behind him, but kept his legs free.




"Lets try again, shall we?" Lucius asked.


Harry sighed and looked up, glaring at Lucius. Harry saw the same insane smile still etched on his face.


"Who's in the Order?" Lucius asked.


"No comment." Harry whispered.






Harry gasped in pain as he was hit with another Cutting Curse, this time on his left leg.


"Who is in the Order?" Lucius asked again, his voice a little more loud.


"What about 'no' don't you get?" Harry hissed at him.




Harry contained his scream, he didn't want to give them the satisfaction. As the curse was released off him, he gave a mental sigh.


"Father?" A voice called from near the stairs.


Harry snapped his head and looked at Draco Malfoy. Draco was still pale, no smirk on his face, his hair was smoothed down, and looked skinnier as ever.


"Go back upstairs, Draco. Nothing to see here." Lucius commanded Draco.


"What are you doing to Potter? You said you were just going to keep us out of Azkaban!" Draco exclaimed, a look of disgust on his face.


Harry looked at Draco, confused. Did he actually turn into a caring person?


"Go. Back. Upstairs. Now." Lucius hissed.


Draco's eyes laid on Harry, and widened. Harry stared back, and had for a moment a flee of hope. If Draco hated his father as much as it looked now, this was his only chance.


"Alert the Weasley's." Harry mouthed to him when he knew no Death Eater was looking.


Draco looked back at his father, and gave him a cold nod. Before he turned away though, he looked back at Harry and gave another nod, and walked up the stairs. Harry was the happiest he had ever been since he got here, he had a chance to get the hell out of here. Harry held onto the thought, and got strength from it. 


"What is the Order planning?" Lucius asked him.




"You still don't know what 'no' means." Harry sighed sarcastically.


Another Cutting Curse, but Harry's hope didn't waver. Soon enough he would be saved. He could take the pain, for now.



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