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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 11 : Chapter Eleven: Nightmare's and Funeral Arrangement's
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Harry grabbed Ginny's hand hand and looked into her eyes, giving her the answers she wanted.


"I started having the nightmare's right after the Battle. Most of the time Voldemort's there, flashes of green light, a forest. Then I started to see my parent's, and everyone who died. I think it's normal for someone to go through this, it was traumatizing." Harry told her.


"I know, Harry. I just wish you would have told me sooner, I would of helped you." Ginny answered.




"I promise I'll tell you if it gets worse, or it changes." Harry said to her.


"Okay." Ginny agreed.


Harry stood up and helped Ginny to her feet, then went back inside the Burrow. As Harry sat down next to Hermione, who was reading, and Ginny sat down next to Ron to play Wizards Chess, a owl flew into the window. Ron hurried up and took the note attached to the grey owls foot, reading who it was for.


"Harry," Ron called, "It's for you."


Harry felt surprise inside him and walked over to Ron, taking the note of his hand. He didn't recognize the writing. He ripped the envelope open and grabbed out the paper inside. It read:




I'll be having Remus and Nymphadora's funeral tomorrow, and would be honored if you could come. You'll get a chance to finally meet your godson, Teddy, as well. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.





"Bloody hell." Harry whispered after her read the note.




"What?" Hermione asked, closing her book.


"I almost forgot. Teddy." He responded.


Silence filled the room, there thoughts all on the little boy. Harry couldn't help but think how much he and Teddy were alike, both orphans, both of their parents were murdered, all before they were able to know what was going on in the world. Harry re-read the note, and looked over towards Hermione.


"Do I have any good robes to wear for tomorrow?" He asked her.


"I'm sorry, Harry. All our robes were burnt when we escaped from Gringotts." Hermione answered.


Harry sighed and set down the note. 


"I guess I'll go out later and buy some. I'll have to go to Gringotts." Harry told them.


Immediately everyone recognized his problem; going into Gringotts. He didn't think the goblins would be keen on giving him any gold after destroying most of the place and letting go of their dragon.


"Bloody hell, I don't think we'll be able to set a foot in there again."Ron told him.


Harry nodded his head in agreement. Just then Bill walked in.


"I can give you some gold to use right now. But, you do need to talk to the goblins, they agreed not to kick you out for good. They just want to take some of your gold to pay for the destruction you made." Bill told him, obviously listening in on them before.


"Thank you, Bill. I can go and talk to the goblin's in about two day's; I have Remus and Tonk's funeral's tomorrow." Harry explained.


Bill nodded his head, and reached inside his pocket for a small bag of gold.


"Here," He dropped the bag into Harry's hand, "That'll be enough for a few days. Use it well."


Thank you." Harry repeated.


Bill smiled at him, and then looked around the room, at everyone inside it.


"Well, I better head off. I now have a appointment to set up at Gringotts." Bill announced.


Ginny and Ron came up to Bill and gave him a quick hug, and Harry and Hermione gave him a hand shake. As Bill headed out the door, Harry, Hermione, Ginny, and Ron sat down on the couch.

"I talked to mum earlier, she said that she'll make the Dreamless Sleep potion." Ginny whispered in his ear.

Harry nodded and stared down at his hands.

"When will Fred's funeral be?" Hermione asked Ginny and Ron suddenly.




Everybody had sadness replace their emotion at the mention of Fred.


"Mum said on the 10th." Ginny answered.


Hermione nodded and the silence continued. Harry finally couldn't stand it anymore. He got up and walked into the kitchen to send a reply to Andromeda, then walked outside to his and Ginny's tree. Harry sat down and sighed, thinking about all the funeral's he would soon attend. The thought saddened him hugely. 





Harry grabbed one of the robes George was letting him use and quickly threw it on, checking the time on his watch. If he didn't hurry, they was going to be late. Harry hurried down the stairs and saw all the Weasley's waiting on the couch, waiting for him and Arthur. After a moments notice, he walked in.


"Everybody line up, we'll be going in pairs of two." Arthur announced.


Ginny walked over towards Harry and linked a arm with his. Harry looked at her a gave a sad smile, Ginny squeezed his arm reassuringly. The pair waited quietly in line as the Weasley's started to disappear in the fireplace, flooing over to Andromeda's. When Ginny had stepped into the fire, Harry grabbed a handful of floopowder and stepped into the fire.


"Tonk's Cottage!" Harry yelled into the fire.


Flames irrupted over them, and felt themselves squeezed inside the floo network. Finally, coughing and covered in soot, Harry and Ginny landed in the living room of Andromeda's house.



"Hello, dear's." Andromeda said, helping Ginny and Harry to their feet.


"Hello, Mrs. Tonk's." Harry replied kindly.


"Please, call me Dromeda." She told them.


Harry nodded, while Ginny held out her hand for the old women.


"Nice to meet you, Dromeda. I'm Ginny." Ginny introduced herself.


"Nice to meet you too, Ginny." Andromeda responded, shaking her hand.


Just as Harry was about to speak, he heard a giggling baby from behind Dromeda. He looked around her, and saw his godson for the first time. Teddy was laying on a blanket on the floor, his hair bright blue and his eyes deep brown, he had Remus' eyes. Harry realized how much Teddy looked like his parents.


"Oh, I almost forgot. Harry, meet your godson, Teddy." 


Andromeda walked over and picked up Teddy, who giggled in delight. Harry couldn't keep his eyes off him, and vaguely felt Ginny hold onto his hand. Andromeda led him to the couch and sat Teddy down on his lap. Harry felt a moment of fear; he had never held a baby before. But Teddy fit perfectly in his arms, cuddling into his chest.  Harry smiled down at Teddy, who returned it, and mentally promised himself that Teddy would know everything he could tell him about his parents.


Ginny sat down next to Harry and combed Teddy's hair out of his eyes. Harry and Ginny both gasped slightly as Teddy's hair changed from it's perfectly straight blue hair, to ruffled raven-black hair. Ginny thought it was like looking into the future. The pair didn't notice as the Weasley's came into the living room, and saw them the baby in Harry's arms. Ginny heard a gasp come from her mother, and felt Harry and herself snap their heads in her direction. Ginny thought the looks on their faces were priceless. As Harry blushed and looked away from them, Teddy lifted his head slightly and looked at the guests. Ginny looked down and noticed Teddy's hair changed again, this time to the shocking red hair of a Weasley. She smiled.


"It's time to go, dears." Molly told them, her voice small.


Harry sat up and helped Ginny stand up, then walked over to Andromeda and placed Teddy in her arms. She smiled at him, and pulled him into a warm hug.


"Thank you for coming." She whispered into his ear.


"I'll always' be there." Harry answered, pulling out of the hug.


Andromeda released him, and Harry walked back over to his family. Taking Ginny's hand, Harry felt Ron and Hermione slip in next to him, both of them clasping his shoulder.


"Be strong, mate." Ron told him quietly as they walked out of the house, heading for the graveyard ahead.


"Always' am." Harry responded.






He heard Ron chuckle, and saw Hermione's lip twitch. Ginny leaned in a gave him a kiss on the cheek. Harry smiled and gave her hand a squeeze. Harry looked ahead, and saw the small set up for Remus and Tonk's funeral. Harry sighed and felt a tear all down his face. He looked down at Ginny and saw her bottom lip trembling, tears already coming down her face. Harry pulled her closer. Today's going to be hard. Harry thought to himself.


A/N: I'm sorry it's taken me so long to update, I've had writers block for the past few days, and didn't know if I should add in the Funeral at all. I know this isn't my best chapter, but the story will get better. Thank you for patiently waiting. I'm working on chapter 12 at the moment, so it should be up soon. R&R! 

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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future: Chapter Eleven: Nightmare's and Funeral Arrangement's


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