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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 8 : Chapter Eight: Recovery
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 The warm morning of May 5th welcomed Harry as he opened his eyes. He reached over and grabbed his glasses off the nightstand and put them on his face, making everything near him clearer. Ginny moved away from Harry as he did this, wanting nothing more than a few more hours of sleep.

Harry looked over his shoulder as Ginny moved away from him, and smiled to himself. The same old Ginny, Harry thought. Ron's snore interrupted his thoughts as he looked over and saw Ron and Hermione sleeping on the bed next to his, arms wrapped around each other. Harry sighed and looked at the clock next to him, realizing it was only five-thirty in the morning. He lied back down and got back into a comfortable position, and wrapped his arm's around Ginny's waist softly, not wanting to wake her up.


Harry then closed his eyes, and hoped more sleep would come. It didn't. He lied there for another hour with his eyes closed, but he was still awake. Sighing, he finally opened his eyes again and started to sit up, feeling that his muscles were a bit sore. Of course they are, he thought, after all that thrashing and pain. Harry looked over towards Hermione and Ron and found that Ron was awake as well, and was staring right at Harry.


"Hi, Ron." Harry said in a slightly cheery voice.


Ron raised an eyebrow at him, glancing at his sister next to him, then went back to Harry.


"You alright? You gave us quite a scare there." Ron asked.


"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a bit sore is all. The wound is gone." Harry told him.


"Really?" Asked Hermione, who propped herself up.




Harry and Ron looked at her as she did so, and just shrugged. She always had her moments.


"Now it's just another lightening bold scar." Harry informed them.


Ron looked shocked, and Hermione looked at him questionably.


"Are you sure?" She asked him.


Harry rolled his eyes, and started to lift up his shirt, exposing his newly healed chest. Ron looked at it and shrugged, while Hermione inched closer to get a better look. Seeing that he was right, she sat back down next to Ron. Just as Harry was about to pull his shirt down, Arthur walked in and stopped dead in front of Harry.


"Its just like the one on your head." Arthur said, his eyes flickering to Harry's chest and forehead.


"Er, yes." Said Harry uncomfortably, pulling his shirt back into place and looked at Ginny guilty.


As Arthur then walked over to where Hermione and Ron were, Harry quickly shook Ginny's shoulder for her to wake up, and was satisfied as he heard her grunt and smack his hand away. She then sat up and rubbed at her eyes, yawning as she did. After she was done she glared at Harry, who tried his hardest not to laugh.




Ron saw this, and burst out laughing. Harry heard Ginny join in, and he couldn't help himself as he did. Their laughs were contagious. Hermione and Arthur looked towards them, and broke out into grins.


"What's so funny?" Arthur asked.


"A Weasley waking up." Harry told him, gesturing to Ginny.


Hermione broke into a fit of giggles as Ron and Arthur laughed loudly. Harry started laughing, and looked at Ginny, who was redder than her hair and glared up at him. Harry felt himself cower under her stare, and wondered how could a sixteen year old witch scare him more than Voldemort.


"Okay then," Harry started, looking towards Hermione and Ron, "So, you destroyed him, Ron?" Harry asked.


"Yeah." Ron responded, looking down.


"Pity." Harry muttered.


"Why?" Ron asked, looking up at him.


"I was the one who wanted to do it." Harry answered.


The whole room broke into laughter. Harry joined in, even though it was his own joke.  As the laughter finally died down, Poppy came out of her office, carrying a goblet of potion. Ginny kissed Harry quickly, then jumped off the bed and sat down next to her father by Ron and Hermione.


"Mr. Potter," Poppy began, "How do you feel right now? Any pain? Soreness?"


"Just a little sore, but I'm fine." Harry told her.


"Here," Poppy told him, handing him the goblet, "Drink this, its a Soreness Reliever."


Harry grabbed the goblet out of her hand and took a sip, he spit it out almost immediately. The taste was horrible; it reminded him of expired milk. Harry coughed and felt someone take the goblet out of his hand to prevent him from spilling any of it.


"What did you expect?"Poppy asked him, half serious and half sarcastic.


Harry ignored her and went and took the goblet out of Ron's hand, and chugged it down. It took a lot of strength to just keep it down. It was worth it though, the affect was immediate. Harry gave Madam Pomfrey the goblet back and wiped his mouth with the back out his hand.


"When can I leave?" Harry asked her suddenly.


"You can leave tomorrow Mr. Potter. Don't give me that look, I need to check over you and see how you do, then you can leave with the Weasley's." Poppy told him.




Harry groaned and leaned his head on the head of the bed, pouting slightly. Ginny and Hermione giggled slightly; he looked like a three year old. Poppy rolled her eyes and went to go back into her office, until she stopped and turned to face them again.


"Oh. I almost forgot." She told them.


Poppy grabbed her wand and gave it a wave, and food appeared next to Harry's bed. As she left, Ron hurried over and grabbed as much as he could take on his plate, while everyone else rolled their eyes at him. Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Harry, and Arthur  all sat down with their breakfast, talking about this and that.






The next day Harry was in bed, being checked over by Madam Pomfrey for the last time.


"I feel fine," Harry insisted, "Can I please go now?"


Madam Pomfrey huffed angrily and put her hands on her hips, her eyes roaming over him. Then she sighed and gave him a small smile.




"Fine, you are free to go then, Mr. Potter," She told him, " I'll have Mr. Weasley bring you your clothes to change into, then you can leave through the fireplace in my office."


"Thank you," Harry told her, "For everything."


Poppy blushed and muttered something that sounded like 'It was nothing,' and hurried back into her office. Harry waited on his bed for Ron, running his hand through his hair. A minute later Ron walked in, along with Hermione and Ginny. Ron gave Harry his clothes and pulled the curtain around him. Harry got out of bed and changed into his shirt and pants, trying to get everything in the right hole.


When he finished, he pulled the curtains away and grabbed his wand from the nightstand, and walked with them over to Madam Pomfrey's office.


"Where's your dad?" Harry asked, looking around for Arthur.


"He already left, he went to tell mum and them that you would be coming home today." Ginny told him, grabbing his hand.


"What do you reckon we should do when we get back?" Ron asked.


"I think we need to go shopping." Hermione said, looking at Harry's dirty and holed outfit.


Harry nodded and opened the door for everyone, and waited for everyone to get in. When they did, he walked in and saw Hermione and Ron grabbing floopowder. Ron took Hermione's hand and walked into the fireplace, and yelled, "The Burrow!" And disappeared in the green flames.


"Shall we?" Harry asked Ginny, linking his arm with hers.


Ginny nodded and giggled quietly, earning a confusing look from Harry.


"Always' the gentleman." She said, handing the pot of floopowder to him.


Harry chuckled and grabbed a handful of floopowder, walking into the fireplace with Ginny. She set the pot on the desk in front of her and stepped fully in.


"The Burrow!" Harry yelled.


Green flames invaded their eyesight as they felt themselves leave for home.




A/N: Thank you for all your reviews so far! Like I have said before, there all that are keeping me going on this story! If you have any ideas for the story, please don't hesitate to share them with me, I would like to know what you want to see in the story! R&R!

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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future: Chapter Eight: Recovery


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