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Lily Luna Potter And My Teenage Confessions by potterfan310
Chapter 14 : Confession 11 - Of Secrets Told, Stupid Girls And Awkward Meetings
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Back to Lily's point of view

On Wednesday when I was coming out of the toilets on the third floor, Becca pulled me into an empty class room and said something that made me become very nervous. I don't know why she said it or how she knew but all she said was 'I know your secret. I won't tell anyone unless you happen to piss me off. So I would be nice to me if I was you 'Baby Potter'. She emphasised the words Baby Potter. I literally froze when she told me and I felt and icy chill run through me. I kept my cool though and replied with 'you know nothing'.

That was two days ago and It's still freaking me out, even now as I lie in my nice warm, cosy bed. I don't think I've done anything to piss her off unless you count that I may have mentioned to our potions class she had got caught by Professor Longbottom with a boy who had his trousers down behind the greenhouses the other week. I saw her scowl at me when I said it but I didn't care since I was high on Jake's boy smell.

Anyway today is Friday and it's about seven in the morning. I've had three exams (Charms, Herbology and Astronomy), so far and right now I'm on top of cloud nine. Myself and Jake made up on Monday after my meeting with Mcgonagall and I feel as though a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that he supports me. Even Al apologised for breaking his nose and my life is generally a lot happier. Things are just starting to look up again even if I am pregnant.

I peeked out of my scarlet hangings and made sure that Laura and Cerys were both still sound asleep before got up and I grabbed my dressing gown. I put it on and tip toed across to the bathroom. After I had relieved my bladder I left our dorm and went and sat by the fire that was barely flickering as the morning sun came up. I settled on the sofa and pulled a blanket over me and my thoughts went to my jellybean.

I must say it is strange to think you have something growing inside you. It really is freaky, I mean I have a person in my uterus right now as we speak swimming around or doing whatever it does. I frowned what does a fifteen week baby do in your uterus apart from grow? Does it kick yet? Oh Merlin I really need to find this out otherwise it will bug me. Maybe I should owl mum and ask if she has still got any pregnancy books or maybe even Bee since mum might be likely to think If I am asking for pregnancy books that I am keeping jellybean.

I shut my eyes and then it came to me in perfect Rose style. When in doubt go to the library, I practically heard her say. Of course, but would Hogwarts' library have pregnancy books and more importantly why, if they are so against boys being in girl's dorms. I stood up, pulled my dressing gown tighter around me and left the common room.

The castle was so quiet it was spooky. There wasn't even a ghost floating around and Filch wasn't sniffing around either. Lucky for me, since I didn't have the map or the cloak to help escape any trouble at least. When I got to the library I thought it was locked but as I got nearer the doors opened as if the library was welcoming me. Fat chance it was Madame Pince (The Old, cranky and partially deaf librarian. I swear she's like a hundred or something) opening the doors wide. She smiled at me as I entered and said in a croaky voice "Anything I can help you with dear?"

I shook my head and replied in a loud voice "No thanks, just looking."

She seemed happy at my answer and shuffled off to sit behind her desk. I started in the most obvious place, looking under the letter 'P' for pregnancy. I found no books on it unless it was to do with animals. Not one books on human pregnancy. I looked under 'B' for baby and found nothing.

I gave up in the end and left. Madame Pince shot me a look that said 'why did you come this early and not even borrow a book' I ignored her and carried on. I definitely have to see Bee tomorrow either before or after the meeting with the Hamiltons. Maybe I can persuade her to come with us. Yes I think I might.

When I got back to my dorm every one was still asleep except Laura who was now sat up in bed yawning. Her blonde hair a mess and a sleepy look on her face. I automatically loosened my dressing gown a little around my waist hoping it would hide any evidence that said I was pregnant (I.e. my bump)

She looked up as I crept back across the room "Couldn't sleep Lil?" She whispered.

"Yeah something like that." I replied.

Laura got up and then went into the bathroom, she looked really pale and worried. She came back out to get her towel so I took the moment to say "Laur are you ok? you don't look to good."

She sighed, "I know, I'm just stressed."

"About O.W.L's?"

She nodded "And other things as well, also make sure you stay well away from Becca." She added before going back into the bathroom.

Why should I stay well away from her. I mean it's by choice that I ever have to be near her except in class. I wonder has something happened between those two. Then again what do I care, Laura's alright but we ain't gonna be besties any time soon. I got back into bed and thought of sending a letter to Bee.

I must have dozed back off because when I re-awoke it was only me in the dorm. I saw a note stuck to one of my bed posts, I peeled it off and read

Lil, gone to breakfast meet you there. Kayl, Livi and Roxy xxx

I rolled over and groaned as I nearly fell out of bed. I went for a warm shower before putting my uniform on. I pretty much had to force my shirt to do up and one of the button near the top shot off across the room. Great. I put my tie on and hoped it would hide the fact I was missing a button. It didn't, which meant I had to wear my tie a lot lower than normal, a lot lower meant detention but hey Mcgoggles should let me off a little, not my fault clothes are not fitting me. Ok it's partly my fault but whatever.

The castle was much more awake than earlier on and I took my time on getting to the great hall. I entered behind a small group of third years and when they vanished from in front of me to go to the Hufflepuff table, I heard whispers and all eyes were on me. I thought nothing of it and carried on to the Gryffie table.

"Morning," I said brightly as I sat down next to Jake. I noticed that everybody seemed to have the daily prophet in front of them. "Anything good in the paper," I asked pointing to the one in front of Livi as I helped myself to toast. None of them said anything "Are you gonna answer me." I whined since I was getting annoyed.

I saw Molly and Louis come over from the Ravenclaw table both clutching a copy of the daily prophet. "What..." I started to say but Molly stopped me.

"You haven't seen it have you." She said.

I shook my head, "Seen what."

Molly slid the paper she had been holding in front of me and I saw the title.

Baby Potter is Having a Baby.

I read on but having seen the title this can't be good.

We have recently received information submitted by a current Hogwarts pupil that Lily Potter. Yes the youngest Potter, is pregnant. The father is said to be Miss Potter's boyfriend of two years Jacob 'Jake' Smith, youngest son of Esme and Jasper Smith. But other people have said she has been seen going off into empty class rooms with his older brother Jamie. Who know's which brother is the baby daddy?

I frowned that was one time! and only then it was because Al was glaring daggers at us. Ok there may have been two times but that is not the point. It's not like I'm secretly dating Jamie and for the record I'm not. God who ever writes this rubbish really needs to be sacked. I read on but it wasn't any better,

It is said that Miss Potter may be five nearly six months pregnant but has been hiding it for a while. A pupil said "They split up a few weeks ago when he disappeared and She moped around the school like a wet sponge. Now he's back and since the begriming of this week they have been all over each other like a rash. Snogging at lunch and in class."

It seems like the Weasley/Potter clan didn't have a clue of Miss Potter's pregnancy. Her and her 'boyfriend' are both sixteen and attend Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry. They are currently sitting their O.W.L's and who knows whether Miss Potter will be back for her sixth year in September. For more information on the Smith family please turn to page 18.

Voice your opinions on the two teenage parents by owling us at The Daily Prophet. Just make sure you remember to send your name and you will get five minutes of fame.

Written by Melanie Skeeter.

Of course I thought, only a Skeeter could come out with this trash. It took me all of a nano second to realise which Hogwarts pupil had given information.

"That fucking bitch." I whispered as I looked up. The whole of the hall was looking at me. I knew who had done this, there was only one person in the entire hall with a smirk plastered on their ugly face, Becca.

I stood up and walked all the way over to the Slytherin table to where she was sat with Sammy, Penelope and Laura who quite frankly looked like she would rather be somewhere else. I held my head high as I heard a couple of shouts of 'Oi Preggers'. I ignored them and headed for her intending to wipe that smirk off her face once and for all.

I hadn't realised that Al, Jake, Jamie, Kay and Livi had followed me over, but I could here them talking in hushed voices behind me. I looked at Becca, that stupid cow who has now told all of Hogwarts and most of the wizarding world that I was pregnant even if the information she had was wrong. I reached out and slapped her across her stupid face, there was a 'crack' as my hand came in contact with her cheek and I noticed her smirk vanish.

"You fucking bitch," I hissed as she rubbed her cheek. "You're a heartless cow you know that." I said a bit louder and I heard people gasp.

"Not my problem slut," Becca retaliated. "See," she said a lot louder "She's not even denying the fact she's pregnant."

I laughed, "I won't deny I'm not pregnant," I confirmed trying to keep my voice steady since I knew I was going to burst into tears other wise, "But I'm not the slut, you are."

Again a few whispers went around. I'm well aware that the whole school and all the teachers are watching and listening but I really don't give a shit anymore.

"You have the decency to call me a slut when I have only ever slept with ONE boy," I screamed at her, I saw Jake's reflection in one of the silver goblets and he'd gone red, bless him. "ONE boy, where as you have slept with what sixty," I laughed, "yeah because I'm the slut."

I turned and left the hall as quickly as I could. Once I was in the entrance hall I felt sick, so I went and sat on the stairs, putting my head in my hands. I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Jake. He sat beside me and pulled me close to him.

"Hey," He whispered, "I'm sorry you had to do that."

I shrugged "They were gonna find out sooner or later." He kissed me and it was sweet and tender, we only broke apart when we heard more shouting coming from the hall.

"We can't be friends anymore Becca. You're a horrible, mean, manipulative bitch who needs to get her head from out of her arse and stop ruining other people's lives just because your's is so shit. Sort you own life out before you mess with other people's. Oh and you might want to keep you legs closed because god knows what you've got."

I recognised that voice it was Laura. Wow and boy oh boy was she giving Becca a piece of her mind.

"I've put up with you for god know how many years, yeah ok you're related to me but that doesn't mean I like you or your stupid pure blood ways. Get over yourself every one is equal and it doesn't matter about your blood status."

I heard a definite 'crack' and then Laura came storming out the hall looking fuming. She spotted us and came over, I noticed she was crying.

"I'm so sorry Lily. I tried to stop her I really did but she wouldn't listen and the information had already been sent off," She sobbed, "I over head her telling you to be nice or she would spill your secret but she had already sent the thing off, either way she was still going to do it."

I hugged her "Hey, it's not your fault she's a bitch. How did she know?"

Laura broke away "Um your cousin's Dom and Rose were arguing about something to do with you and being pregnant in the toilets last week."

Great, I must remind them NOT to go talking about my business in public.

"I'm sorry Lily." She said as she wiped away her tears before retreating up the grand staircase. Probably putting as much space between her and Becca as possible, I know I would.

Jake looked down at me and pulled me closer into his arms "Hey don't cry Lil." He murmured as he wiped away my tears.

"It's just what are we going to do now. I'm pretty sure the prophet will be all over us and wondering why we're not keeping jellybean." I sobbed into his shoulder.

He didn't reply so I looked up through my tea stained lashes and saw him frowning at me. "Jellybean?"

I sniffed and said "When I saw it for the first time it looked like a jellybean, so that's what I call it. Jellybean."

He smiled, my favourite lopsided smile which made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. "We'll just tell them to mind their own business," Jake replied, "Come on lets go to the common room."

I shook my head trying to hold back the rest of the tears "No, Room of requirement."

He nodded and scooped me up with him as he stood up. I giggled and buried my head into his chest closing my eyes. I mean why me, why were Rose and Dom even arguing about the fact I'm pregnant. Note to self, I must ask them. I didn't realise where I was until I felt the cool fabric on my legs and the softness underneath me.

Jake was lying beside me and I felt his hand in mine. I squeezed it and he squeezed back pulling me closer. We just stayed there lying close, not speaking but I knew what he was thinking, well at least I think I do. After what felt like forever just lying there, I heard voices. Both male and female coming from outside. I poked Jake and pointed at the door, putting my finger to my lips.

"How come we got in before?" I heard someone that sounded a lot like Kayl say.

"Because Lily was broken and she couldn't hide any longer, she didn't care. But they care about hiding right now so the room won't let us in." A male voice explained.

I motioned for Jake to come over and we stepped through the door and landed in the seventh floor corridor right on top of Al, Kayl, Livi and Jamie.

"There you are," Livi gushed as she pulled me into a hug, "Mcgonagall's looking for you. She mentioned 'White mice.'"

Great this can't be good. "Thanks." I mouthed to her as I grabbed Jake's hand and pulled him up the corridor. It took about five minutes to reach the office and we went up. Jake knocked and Mcgoggles called us in.

"Ahh Miss Potter, Mr smith please take a seat. Because of this article," She held up the prophet, "Was there any need for you, to use the common phrase ' have a go at' Miss Parkinson?"

"Yes, she told the prophet." I insisted.

"Are you sure Miss Potter."

"Yes. Laura was with her when they over heard Rose and Dom talking about my pregnancy." I informed her.

"Right well ok, I will look into it and if it appears it was Miss Parkinson she will be punished. You have a meeting tomorrow with the parents you chose, correct." She asked changing the subject quickly.

"Yes." Jake answered.

"Well as you are aware, I suspect that the press will be in Hogsmeade trying to get pictures or questions. So I suggest you use polyjuice poition for the trip. Obviously you wouldn't take any Miss Potter because of the baby. But you Mr Smith will take some and Miss Potter you will wear a wig."

I looked at Jake and we both nodded.

Mcgonagall continued "Madame Pomfrey has contacted Mr and Mrs Hamilton and you are to meet them in a private parlour in the Hogs Head at two o'clock. Aberfoth is well aware you will be disguised just make sure he knows it's you by giving him the code word which is 'Ariana', I also have letters off your families." She handed both of us a pile of about eight-ten letters "Oh and you are excused from classes for the rest of the day."

Feeling that we had been dismissed, we left the room and went to the common room. Of course the castle was quiet since people were in lessons, I had worked out that myself and Jake had been in the room for at least two hours, and that lunch had ended not long after we left the heads office.

The common room was empty and the fire was crackling away in the grate. The yellow, orange and red flames dancing away. I sat down and started opening the letters, as did Jake.. The one off mum and dad said that they were trying to stop the article from being re-printed and trying to get all the copies that had been sold.

I read the others which were off my aunties and uncles, saying things like 'why didn't you tell us' or 'to stay strong', however the one of auntie Audrey pissed me off because she said 'kids shouldn't be having kids you're not old enough, blah blah blah' I didn't really read all of it.

The only letter that gave me a little hope was the one off Bee:

Hi Lily,

Just saw the article in the prophet - who on earth did this? I hope your ok and that you and Jake have made up. Would it be possible to see you tomorrow about one-thirty outside the pharmacy? I can't really say what I want to in a letter.

Love Bee and Codie xx

P.s how are the O.W.L's going?

I grabbed some parchment a quill that someone had left on one of the table and wrote a reply,

Bee and Codie,

It was Becca Parkinson - a stupid Slytherin cow in my year I guess I'm ok just really pissed off and tired. Me and Jake made up on Monday after he said he would stand by me with choosing adoption and that I was right, we're too young. O.W.L's are fine I've done three so far and I think they went ok..

We're meeting the parents tomorrow at two so one-thirty will be fine. I was wondering would you maybe come with us for support?

Love Lily xx

I sealed it up and left Jake on the sofa reading his own letters whilst I went to find Zephie who would probably be in the owlery. My thoughts kept annoying me as I walked, It's like I have a person in my head rambling on about stuff.

Just as I thought my life was getting better, I now hate my life right again, seriously could it get any worse. Oh yeah it could, tomorrow me and Jake have to meet the parents and then in like five months I have to push a baby out of me. Bloody brilliant.





"Lily wake up. Lily Luna Potter wake up right now." someone yelled from somewhere to my right.

"Go away." I mumbled as I rolled over trying to think of my dream. I had been on a big cruise ship, lying on a sun lounger in a bikini showing of my flat stomach surrounded by all these hot guys. The sun was shining and the rays were beating down on my bare skin.

"Lily if you don't wake up now your going to be late." Livi said.

I opened my eyes a little and saw that my clock said it was one. Shit. I shot up in bed tangled in my quilt. Then reality hit me, yesterday Becca told the school I was pregnant and today I was meeting the parents.

"Oh no, I'm meant to be meeting Bee in half an hour." I told them as I de-tangled myself. "Why didn't you wake me up earlier." I grumbled as I got dressed in jeans, a purple tee and a grey hoodie that used to be a bit too big but now fitted perfectly.

"We tried." Livi answered, "But you were dead to the world."

I looked in the mirror, don't I look just great, I thought. My hair is a mess, I have bags under my eyes and I look paler than ever. I didn't have a lot of time so I put mascara and lipgloss on and brushed my hair putting it into a pony.

"Bye." I called as I raced down the stairs.

At the bottom I bumped into Jake who must have been waiting for me, he pulled me into a hug and kissed me on my forehead. "Hey sleepy head."

I smiled as we left the common room and made our way to Mcgoggles office hand in hand. Jake said the password 'Hippogriffs' and we entered. Once inside she handed me a wig that was jet black and very long and handed Jake a glass full of what looked like pumpkin juice.

I re-arranged my own hair , tucking it under the cap that Mcgoggles had given me before I put the wig on. As I did, Jake took the potion and when I turned around Jake was no longer Jake. He now had blonde hair and was nearly shorter than me.

"You have about three hours Mr Smith, until the potion wears off completely."

Jake nodded and I said, "Thanks professor."

The castle was quite busy as we walked through earning strange looks off other students. We jumped into the first empty carriage and went down to Hogsmeade. As the carriage made it's way to the village there may have been a lot of kissing involved between me and Jake, but it's not like I mind. I checked Jake's watch as we raced through Hogsmeade weaving through the crowds which thinned as we got towards the other side of Hogsmeade where the pharmacy was. Bee was stood outside looking worried.

"Hi." I said to her.

She looked me up and down, "I'm sorry do I know you." She asked politely.

"Yes, it's me Lily." I said in an undertone.

"Oh my god, why.." She looked up, "Oh the reporters."

I nodded "We have about twenty minutes before they arrive." I told her as I looked around, people with magical cameras and notebooks were following students and asking if they knew me or Jake and what they thought about our situation.

"Hey you might want to calm down." Bee suggested.

I really can't be calm right now. The place is crawling with reporters who are interrogating students. I can't be calm, I'm about to meet my baby's future parents.

I towards the Hogs Head leaving Bee and Jake to get acquainted, I was over by the bar when they eventually entered. I saw Aberforth at the very end of the bar, petting his goat.

"Hi, a private parlour has been booked."

He looked at me and grunted "Who for?"

"You know who for," I said raising my eyebrows. I leant over the bar just as Bee and Jake arrived by my side and whispered "Arianna."

His eyes widened as I leant back, "Oh very well then this way." He said and he lead us towards the back of the pub. "Bloody kids, don't they have manners." He muttered.

"Hey!" I protested, "I have manners!"

Aberforth ignored me and showed us to the parlour. Bee asked him to bring bring three glasses of lemonade. He then left us alone grumbling to himself.

"Lily I'm glad you ok, I saw it in the prophet yesterday morning." Bee said as she took a seat.

Aberforth came back shuffling in carrying a tray and placed it on the table.

"If a couple come in called the Hamiltons send them this way please." I asked him.

"Ok." He replied and left once more.

"Lily I know this may sound like an utterly ridiculous idea but what if I tipped the paper off about Codie being James'." Bee gushed.

"Codie?" Jake asked confused.

"My nephew." I replied as I stared dumbstruck at Bee. Where the hell had she gotten this idea?

Jake looked me, "Lil have you gone mad. You haven't got a nephew."

"Jake shh! and yes I have. It's James' son." I told him.

His jaw dropped, "Whoa back up. James has a son?"

"Yes and I bet Bee doesn't appreciate you yelling it out either." I snapped at him before turning to Bee. "No offence Bee but are you crazy?"

She shook her head causing her brown hair to cascade around her shoulders, "No Lily I'm not crazy. But I mean if that came out, then you being pregnant would be forgotten."

"Bee I appreciate the offer but I don't think James is going to be all too happy about it if it's in the paper." I said and she looked at me, "Ok so he might be a little happy he's in the paper but not to much about why."

"I suppose you're right and I guess I still need to work out how to tell him and when." She replied.

The room was silent for a moment until I heard someone cough. I looked around and saw Jake, crap I forgot he was here and boy was he looking confused. "Forget that whole conversation ok." I told him before turning back to Bee and asked "Would you stay with us please."

Bee nodded and smiled "Of course Lily."

Ten minutes later that there was a knock on the door and Jake called 'come in'. Aberfoth walked in with a couple behind him. Both were tall, had brown hair and big welcoming smiles on their faces. The woman came straight over and I stood up as did Jake.

She said with a smile "Hi, I'm Natalie" and then pulled me into a hug as I stepped forward. The man greeted Jake with a handshake and said "I'm Tyler and this is my wife."

I smiled and gestured to the seats, they sat down as did myself and Jake. "I'm Lily and this is my boyfriend Jake." I told them. "And um this is..."I trailed off unsure what I could call Bee, I guess in a way she is my sister-in-law even if she and James aren't together or even married. But I can't say that other wise they might get suspicious.

"Beatrice wood, family friend." Bee told them holding her hand out to each of them, saving me from opening and closing my mouth like a goldfish.

"Oh my word, are you Oliver Wood's daughter?" Tyler asked.

Bee smiled, "Yes, I am."

He ran his hand through his hair, "Wow. Pleasure to meet you, I'm a big fan of your father's."

"He loves quidditch." Natalie told us.

Aberforth came back in then, he couldn't have picked a better moment because there was kind of an awkward silence.

"Can I get you some more drinks." He offered.

Tyler said, "Can I have a butterbeer please."

"I'll have a gillywater. Is there anything you would like?" Natalie asked.

"Could we have a jug of lemonade please." I answered.

Aberforth shuffled off again mumbling to himself about spoilt kids and just because they have a famous father, they think they can do anything..

"I understand that you would like an open adoption, is there any particular reason." Natalie asked.

"I, well I didn't like the thought of just handing my child over and not seeing them again. I still want contact, to see them and to have pictures." I blurted out without thinking what I was saying.

Natalie smiled, "Of course you can still see the baby and we'll send regular pictures." She reassured me.

As the conversation progressed I found out why they had chosen adoption (Natalie had had eight miscarriages in Five years), their hobbies (quidditch and reading), more about their families and how glad they were when they heard that me Lily Potter had chosen them. Apparently they couldn't believe that they were going to adopt the 'first' grandchild of the great Harry Potter. Of course they don't know that this isn't the first in fact the second but hey I can't mention that. I told them why I had picked them, Jake didn't exactly speak when I was talking about this. But then again he didn't help me choose them so I guess he couldn't help it.

We had been sat talking for nearly two hours. As they got up to leave Natalie handed me a brown bag that was rather heavy. "It's pregnancy and baby books. I thought you might want to look through." She told me.

I smiled "Um thanks, I was thinking about getting a few." I told her. And when I mean a few I only meant one or two. There must what like ten different books in this bag."Oh would you like to come to my twenty week scan." I asked, "I don't know when it is exactly but I'll owl you when I know."

Her face lit up "Oh wow, are you sure?" I nodded and she continued "Of course, we would love too, call if you want to have a chat or want to discuss anything. Bye Lily and take care of yourself." She gave me a hug and then Jake, "You take good care of your girl Jake."

"I will." I heard him say.

Tyler wrote down their address and telephone number on a piece of paper and handed it to Jake. I watched them leave feeling another big weight lift off my shoulders. I think they are definitely the ones. Well I think that went ok, I mean yes it was pretty awkward but still that's two more things I have accomplished: meeting the parents and getting pregnancy books.

A/N Not too happy with the whole chapter. I don't know why but it just didn't have the same feel as the other chapters that I've written. I wrote it over the course of a couple of late nights/early mornings so do forgive me if it isn't very interesting. I also think the conversation with the adoptive parents was deffo awkward-ish so if you have any advice/tips let me know.


Edited 10/02/13


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