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The Blue-Eyed Girl by Pigfarts23
Chapter 1 : Tinywings
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 A/N: Hey guys! I’ve got a new story, and it’s a new school year!  Anyway, here goes nothing! It’s a Marauder’s Era story, starts 5th year after the big Mudblood calling. It will fly pretty quickly until 7th (The marauders are more fun to write when they are older) So hope you like it!

 “Lily,” Mary said as she stepped through the common room door portrait, “That Snape boy threatened to sleep outside the door if you don’t –" She stopped when she noticed Lily was not in the common room. She shrugged and made her way over to the couches where the Mauraders were sitting. 

James laughed when he heard what Snape threatened. “Stupid greasy old Snivellus. I told her that he’d hurt her one day. After all, he is a Snake.”
“Now Prongs, you’re not going to take this lying down, are you? NO YOU’RE NOT!”  Sirius proclaimed, jumping onto the couch as Remus sighed and looked back at his paper. Josephine looked up at Mary as she came over.

“Hey, Mary, Lily’s upstairs.” Josephine said, standing up from the couches and heading to meet Mary in the middle of the common room. “She’s been crying non-stop since the big confrontation.. and the M-word calling.” She felt her shoulders lag as she sighed.

“Oh, okay. Thanks Jo.” Mary said, heading off.

“Sephine!” Josephine felt herself reply, irritated. She always hated people calling her by ‘Jo’ as she felt that they were making her sound male, rather than female.

The curly haired girl paused as she headed off. “Right. Sorry.”

“Oi, Tinywings!”

Josephine turned around to see Sirius still standing on the couch, his pale gray eyes beckoning her over. With a sigh, she turned and headed back to the spot she had just vacated, in-between the dark-long haired boy and the pale boy with the dirty-blonde hair.

“Why the Tinywings name? I'm not one of your Mauraders."

“Well,” the still-standing dark haired boy replied, “You’re tiny-“

 “Gee thanks.” The petite brown-haired girl interrupted, her voice oozing sarcasm, as she pulled out her homework.

 “And you’re a bird. Birds have wings. Besides, you're an honourary member. HA! I am brilliant!”  Sirius jumped up off the couch, landing on the ground with a big flourishing landing and a loud thud. He looked extremely affronted when none of his friends applauded. "It is for that exact reason I should be considered a genius!" He carried on.

“Padfoot,” James groaned into his hands.

“Hush! Here comes the lovely lady now!”

“Where?” James asked, his hand going to ruffle his hair.

Josephine looked up from reading Remus’ transfiguration notes (she had never been good at the subject, unlike Sirius and James).  Sure enough, Sirius was right. Coming down the stairs was Lily Evans, also known as “Thing Number One” on James’ to-do list (as dubbed, with great pleasure, by Sirius). Only, she did not look like Sirius’ description.

 Her normally bright, green eyes were red and puffy from crying. Her hair, long and a deep red, looked like a bird’s nest –minus, of course, the twigs. Lily was wearing a dressing gown, but it was not the normally perfect dressing gown she wore – it was covered in tearstains, and littered with wrinkles. She was the complete opposite of “lovely”. She must have felt the eyes of the Marauders (plus Josephine, minus Peter) on her, for as she passed, she lifted her head and gave James a withering glare. With her head held high, she left the common room.

 For a brief moment, the common room was silent – that included the Marauders. Josephine could have sworn she heard a pin drop. But of course, that silence was short lived. It usually was, if Sirius was around.

 “I’m bored,” Sirius whined, sounding like a little kid, and looking exceedingly handsome.

 “Why don’t you something constructive? You know, like, maybe, studying!” Remus said, with more emphasis on the ‘studying’. “And speaking of studying,” Remus said, turning his glaring gaze on Josephine, “you really should be doing your own. Not reading my notes!”

“But I am doing my own studying!” Josephine exclaimed indignantly to Remus’ back.  She sighed as he vanished up the stairs. “Now how am I going to pass the exam tomorrow?!” She asked no one in particular.

The couches fell silent once more as the younger students gradually trickled off to bed.

"Don't worry about Mooney, Tiny. He alway-" Sirius started, but was cut off by the portrait slamming closed as Lily stormed into the room.

"Lily!" Josephine exclaimed, forgetting about the exam tomorrow, "What happened?!"

"Sev-Snape came to beg for my forgiveness."

"And?" Josephine prompted the crying girl.

"I didn't forgive him!!" Lily wailed, crying harder now.

Josephine felt something inside her snap. Even though she knew she was supposed to comfort this girl, Josephine felt it justified to put her in her place. Amazed, she watched her hand raise up and watched in horror as it slapped her best girlfriend across the cheek. Lily stumbled backwards, her hand going to her cheek, her eyes glistening with fresh, unshed tears.

"Y-you slapped-d m-me!" she exclaimed, the hurt in her voice evident by the stuttering.

Although Josephine could feel her heart telling her to apologise at once, her mind took over her mouth.

"Painful, isn't it." Although she tried, she could not keep the sneer out of her voice. "That's what Severus -"

"Snivellus." Sirius interjected.

"Snivellus, Snape, Severus, random snake, YOU KNOW WHO I MEAN! Ugh." Josephine sighed, her thoughts gone off track. "Thanks Black," she said in a deadly voice. Sirius, she noted, at least had the decency to keep quiet. "Where was I?"

"'That's what Severus..?' You were there." Lily offered quietly, wondering if she was further driving a nail in her coffin.

"Right! That's what Severus - shut up Black - felt when you ignored his apology. I know he's going down the wrong path, but maybe you should stay with him. He might turn out to be a better person if you stay with him. Lil, you know I love you, but honestly, you needed that. Now are you going to go after him or go to bed?" Josephine asked the now silent girl.

Lily pondered the question for a moment. "Tomorrow. I'll go after him tomorrow."

Anyone who knew Lily knew that she wouldn't.

True to her thoughts, Josephine was up early, once again worried about the exam.  She knew that she got Outstanding in Defence and Charms, but that was about it. She was expecting an Acceptable in all her other subjects, save for Potions (where she had blown up the potion all over the examiner and then, with great gusto, proceeded to burn the cauldron), Divination (which in her opinion, most people should not do well) and Astronomy (who really cares about those star names), where she was expecting Trolls.

 Lily and Mary came and sat beside her at the Gryffindor table. Lily looked better this morning, her eyes back to normal and her usual thin layer of make-up on. Her hair, she had fixed overnight (so it seemed), and she was laughing at Mary's joke.  Josephine had always felt insecure around Lily, as she felt that the other girl was always more beautiful than she was. Where Lily had gorgeous, soft, welcoming eyes, Josephine's eyes where an electric blue, such a starling shade, that when mixed with her glare, turned people away. Lily's hair was a beautiful deep red, with soft curls; on the contrary, Josephine had wavy, dirty blonde/light brown shade of hair, with natural light copper highlights. Lily had a beautiful, freckled, heart-shaped face, which complemented her personality - Josephine always hated her round face, save for the fact that she looked fabulous in any hat, something which not even Lily could pull off.

 Mary just further stomped on Josephine's esteem. She had golden brown, curly locks that hugged her square-ish face. She, like Lily, was tall and (unlike Lily) willowy, and had large, hazel eyes.

 Seeing her two friends and roommates approach, she greeted them with a stress-filled smile.

 "You ready?" she greeted them instead of the usual good morning.

 "Yes." Lily replied, while simultaneously, Mary uttered a "No." before collapsing into the bench.

"That's okay, Mary," Josephine said to the distraught girl, "I'm not ready either."

 "Well I need Transfiguration for my job. I plan on being an Auror," Lily said with a slight note of haughtiness in her voice. The two other girls looked at her with a mixture of awe and amazement.

 "Well, Lily, you do have the marks for it!" Josephine replied warmly.

"I'm sure you'll be just wonderful," Mary said. "I, unlike the ever organised and planned Lily Evans, plan on being a curse breaker at Gringotts. I just love Ancient Runes - it's vital you know, and I know I passed the OWL."

 "Awesome," Josephine whispered, her shocking blue eyes wide with curiosity and begging for more information. She opened her mouth to say something, when a commotion at the entrance to the Great Hall silenced her.

There, standing at the Entrance was... VOLDEMORT. Ha, she thought sourly, that would be the day. Instead of seeing that "great" Lord, she saw the Marauders entering the hall, following the fireworks that were exploding over the Great Hall tables. This, knowing them, was probably just a celebration that the last exam was upon them.

"Can you believe how fast time flies!?" Lily and Mary had moved onto another topic of conversation; with a sigh, Josephine forced herself back to her notes.

Finally, they were over! Josephine breathed a huge sigh of relief as she, Lily, and Mary came out of the hall. The Marauders had already left, and by standing on her toes, Josephine was just able to see the tops of their heads as they were swept away with the crowd. They headed out to the lake, where Josephine wanted to curl up in a tree with her favourite book. Unfortunately, a too good pranking opportunity presented itself.

Lily and Mary were standing by the lake's edge. Judging by the way they were standing, the petite girl knew they were standing with their weight forward. She snuck up behind her two victims, and with both of her hands behind both girls, she pushed them in. It was quite a commotion. Sirius could be heard laughing from afar while trying to retain James, with the help of Remus. Josephine was standing nearby, laughing so hard her sides hurt. Lily and Mary stood up in the knee-deep water, both girls fuming that someone had dared to push them in. The crowd gathered around at this point was quite big, each person curious to see who had dared to push the great (A/N; please note - that was sarcasm. If you didn't know that, then you are not going to get a cookie) Lily Evans into the Black Lake.

 Josephine soon got her wits about her, and she rushed forward to help Lily. Lily shot her a glare.

"What was that for?" the shivering girl asked as the petite brunette escorted her up to the castle.

"I thought it was obvious, personally," the brunette replied. "To celebrate the end of exams and the beginning of summer, of course!"

 Lily looked at Josephine, and Josephine could feel heat rising to her cheeks as the goofy smile made it's way to her face whenever someone looked at her in a weird way.

"What?" Josephine heard herself exclaim.

"Of course you'd throw your friend into the lake to celebrate summer..." Lily said, her voice amused.

"Hey! Was that an insult?"

 "I don't know - was it?" Lily replied as the reached the Hospital Wing.

A/N: Yea okay, I’m not going to ask you to review. But I love Jupiter and Earth! So yea. OKAY anyways, this is awkward!

and you know its awkward!  But I love awkward moments, so!

Peace, Love and Awkward moments,


Pigfarts School of Intergalactic School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, student number 23

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The Blue-Eyed Girl: Tinywings


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