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Memories by Gabriella Hunter
Chapter 1 : Changes
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A/N: And here you all are! This is just a little story that I always wanted to really do for George/Angelina shippers. If you haven't read "This is Angelina", you may not understand some of the jokes in this but that's perfectly all right and I hope you enjoy this anyway! Much love and thanks for reading!

“Fred! George!” Percy screamed shrilly as he stomped into the living room carrying what used to be his set of robes. To George, they looked suspiciously liked a woman’s frilly nightgown, complete with pink lace, “which one of you did it?”

“Merlin, Perce, if you get any redder you’ll explode.” Fred taunted meanly and George folded the Zonko’s magazine that they’d been reading on the floor and grinned up at their brother.

All around them were mail orders but they had steadily agreed that the less their mother saw of them, the better, as she’d already trashed about a dozen of them already. They both shoved them in their jackets as Fred said to their older brother, “Take deep, calm breaths.”

Percy spluttered and his face, to George’s amazement, did start to turn redder and redder. As if he had had his first kiss by a lucky book. “C-calm breaths?! I was going to wear this tomorrow at the Cup for Mr. Crouch.”

George roared with laughter. “I think he might appreciate that one a bit better,” Fred snorted into his fist and their brother hissed at them meanly, “brings out those lovely blue eyes.”

Percy’s eye was twitching like mad and George had a feeling that that stellar temper of his would never be under control. Vaguely, he wondered if they were going to get into some sort of trouble, “I’ll have you know, Fred or George that I have a very good understanding of what Mr. Crouch wants and doesn’t want!”

“I bet you do tiger.” Fred said and they both burst out laughing until their stomachs hurt. But after a while, George watched as their older brother fumed and ranted for at least five minutes before their mother came in from the kitchen.

They had been forced to clean up the Burrow today to prepare for Harry and Hermione tomorrow when they got them for the World Cup. George was rather excited about it but he didn’t feel like busting his ass all day when things were better off messy, how was anyone supposed to find anything when it was cleaned up? Mental, “What is going on in here?” their mother demanded hotly.

Percy had been especially annoying all summer because he had finally gotten his swelled head out of the house and into the bosom of the Ministry. He was working for some dour man named Crouch and George and Ron had muttered about which one of them was going to be best man, “One of these monsters did this to my best set of robes!” their older brother hissed.

Their mother took one look at the dress robes and frowned disapprovingly and George wondered if she didn’t like the color. They’d only used some things from their soon-to-be joke shop to change it, no underage magic required, honest, “You two have been driving me up the wall since last night! Apologize to your brother and change back his robes!”

“But we don’t know how! We were just testing it out!” Fred complained and George watched their mother’s face turning as red as Percy’s. He blanched, “it was just a test and I think it’d look better on Percy anyway, show off those amazing broad shoulders.”

That didn’t make their mother laugh and George saw Percy spluttering indignantly, as if the thought of looking nice in women’s undergarments was beneath him. “Penelope would like it you know!” he said diplomatically.

The name caused Percy’s nostrils to flare dangerously and George had never found it more than surprising that his older, stuffy git of a brother had a girlfriend anyway. They probably just sat around sniffing old parchment together or something, “Don’t talk about Penelope George or Fred.” He said to him now and his eyes were mere slits behind his glasses.

Fred of course was still arguing with their mother and stopped short. “But he’ll look lovely, turn a bunch of heads—and that’s George, Perce. Merlin, you all are pathetic!” he said to Percy over his shoulder before going back to their mother, who was looking as if she might wring his neck.

George was used to people confusing them and it was all in good fun of course but he did get a bit annoyed by it. He wasn’t even wearing a sweater or anything, “Perce, relax! Merlin, you’re getting on my nerves. It’ll turn back into the boring, drab set of robes in an hour or two.”

“George!” Fred said, aghast. “Traitor!”

Their mother looked as if he might spank them then and there and because George had had enough of those recently, he grinned at her. The action showed off a right dimple and because his mother had always liked their dimples, she softened almost instantly and then wagged her wand at him, “Don’t you smile all smug at me, George Fabian! If I weren’t so busy, I’d tan both of you black and blue!”

Fred gasped and flung his arms in the air dramatically. “I don’t look good in blue!”

“B-but Mum, aren’t you going to—? My robes,” Percy stuttered furiously, at a loss to why the twins seemed to sleaze out of trouble while he, the perfect son never got a break. George sent him a shrug and Fred smiled smugly at him, puffing out his chest, “don’t you two have somewhere to be?!”

“Percy, stop shouting. You’ll bring the whole house down,” their mother said disaprovingly, looking a lot like him for a moment. George found it eerie, “go back up to your room if you don’t want to play with your brothers.”

“They’re not five!” Percy snarled and at that time, he had been forced to play with them and those games had usually winded up with him covered in mud or slime. George missed those days when they all got along, “and if you two bother me again while I’m working, I’ll talk about cauldron rates all through dinner tonight!”

Fred paled and George stared at him in abject horror while their mother just sighed and watched the three of them fondly. Bill, Charlie, Ron and Ginny were outside looking at some Muggle junk that their father had snuck into the shed but George really could care less about what a microwave was right now, “You’re so cruel!” his twin shouted.

Percy looked very pleased with himself, shook his fist threateningly at them and then stomped back up the winding stairs. George heard his door slam and he pursed his lips, “What’s up with him? Not like we turned his boxers into panties again.”

“I thought he looked rather nice.” Fred said with a grin.

George was about to agree but their mother swatted them both upside the head and they turned to see her frowning warningly. “What was that for?” he asked, holding the wound. Fred scowled and muttered under his breath.

Their mother was shorter than they were but she looked as if she could take down a troll if she got up to it. “Don’t think that I’ve forgotten about our deal you two. I let you have two of your friends over tonight for dinner and you two behave as well as you can during dinner—your brother is under a lot of stress at the Ministry.”

“Mum, he sits at a desk all day filing parchment!” Fred corrected.

George nodded his head. “Plus, he’s getting engaged to that Crouch fellow so what does he need us for?” Fred snickered but their mother’s brown eyes narrowed threateningly and he gulped. “Okay, okay, we’ll behave. When are they getting here anyway?”

“In a moment or two and you, George, I had better not see you sneaking off with that girl or I’ll tan your hide. The last time you two went missing, Percy was set on fire!” their mother reminded and Fred roared with laughter.

That memory made him laugh as he finally stood up; Fred taking the Zonko’s magazine and stretching lazily. “No one told him to come looking for us and she was showing me some Muggle stuff, a match or something! He got in the way!”

“And was bald for the rest of the day!” their mother snapped.

“That’s because she had gas on the little fire thing we made and he freaked out and she squirted too much. He got too close, so it was his fault!” George said hotly. “And I think he looked better without hair—on one side at least.” He added and Fred laughed.

For a moment, it looked like their mother might say something scathing or tell them to hang around Ron and listen to him complain (Which was never any fun) but she never got her chance. Just then they heard a scuffling noise in the kitchen, “GET OFF OF ME YOU GIT! I SWEAR I’LL FLAY YOU ALIVE IF YOU TOUCH MY ASS AGAIN!”

George felt a leap of delight and rushed into the kitchen with his other siblings (Percy came thundering down from his stairs in a fury) and parents. Angelina Johnson and Lee Jordan were wrestling with one another on their kitchen floor and Percy groaned miserably, “Oh, no, not again—!”

Lee had fallen onto Angelina’s back, probably on purpose and was making a great show of feeling for a way off of her. George laughed even while his mother sighed in disapproval, “I didn’t touch it!” their friend cried laughingly.

“You did!” Angelina accused hotly, wrestling with him viciously.

Fred crowed. “Lee, what are you doing?! Let me try!” Their mother sent him an acid look. “I mean—you pervert!” he hastily corrected.

George watched as their two friends wrestled with one another, though Lee looked like he was having too much fun in his opinion. Both of them were black but at the moment they were covered in grey ash from the Floo powder and he laughed, “Man up Lee and touch her boob!”

“That is enough!” their mother said warningly and the sound of her voice seemed to dawn on the two wriggling masses on the floor. They instantly separated and stood, dusting each other off as if nothing had transpired, which only had the rest of George’s family laughing, “Now listen you two, I’m letting you over for dinner and don’t you dare think that I won’t send you back home if you misbehave!”

Lee pouted and flung his dread locks out of his face and after a moment he used a rubber band on his wrist and tied them back. “Aw, come on! We’ll be good Molly!”

Angelina was glaring at him from under her lashes and smiled at his mother charmingly, which instantly caught Charlie’s attention. George glared at him, “You can count on us Mrs. Weasley. I didn’t even bring anything to put in your tea!”

“Not this time,” Percy muttered.

Because Fred and George had invited them over more than once and because it would be very disastrous if they all stayed the night, they were only here for a day. It was the most their parents could handle to be honest and after the dilemma was resolved, greetings were properly in order, hugs and awkward handshakes and the like before Angelina hissed at Lee, “Do it again and I’ll murder you.”

Fred was too busy trying to stick his wand in Percy’s left ear as he sat down at the dining table, grumbling about nuisances to hear them. George wanted to hug Angelina but he supposed that would have to wait when she looked like she could tear his face off, “I didn’t even get a good squeeze!” Lee cried angrily.

“It was a good enough squeeze for me, prat!” Angelina snarled furiously. They must have traveled through her Floo to be here just now and George felt a burst of envy because he wasn’t allowed at the Johnson home for some strange reason.

As if putting dragon dung in someone’s stew was all that bad.

Lee rolled his eyes and wandered over to bother Percy too, just as he turned to fight off Fred as he succeeded in putting his wand tip in his ear. George watched them scuffling for a moment, their mother shouting for them to take it outside before he offered, “Want to chuck gnomes, Angie?”

“Sure,” Angelina said happily, grinning at him. Lee was here for Fred’s entertainment and George had complained and bitched to their mother to allow his own friend to come here, though she always pointed out that they caused more trouble than was even humanly possible. “I’ll chuck more than you.”

George snorted doubtfully at her nerve as they walked out of the kitchen through the back door, out into sunshine. Charlie and the others were debating on playing a game of Quidditch now, their father probably loitering in the shed, “Oi, Angie! You wanna play?” his older brother called.

Angelina loved Quidditch more than she loved cherry-flavored ice-cream (With lots of hot fudge) and puppies. George didn’t like puppies that much, they were so cute that they had to be kicked and he frowned in annoyance as she cried, “Sure! Georgie, let’s play really quick!”

Playing against Charlie was like running from a bear—it wouldn’t be pleasant. George frowned, wanting her all to himself to pick on but saw the eager look on her face and groaned, “Fine, fine. But if you lose, it’s your fault!”

My fault?” Angelina snapped. “Just because I beat you the last time I was here doesn’t mean that there’s anything unmanly about you.” She shrugged her shoulders, walking off and adding, “But I will have to buy you a set of bras and panties.”

That had Charlie and the others roaring with laughter and George stuck his tongue out at her, about to ask why he never got to see her panties and deciding against it. Ginny didn’t need to hear him talking like that after all; her mouth was bad enough as it was, “That’s some tough talk, Angie. If you lose, you have to give me all the cookies your mum sends for you—”

Bill interrupted in surprise at his nerve. “But those are really good.”

Charlie gasped. “You monster!”

Ron and Ginny looked curious. “I’d like a cookie, actually.” Their sister said.

His two older brothers had been on the Quidditch team for a while so they knew Angelina pretty well, but not as well as he did. Mrs. Johnson had a habit of making delicious chocolate and raisin cookies for her daughter every month and sending a big box for her that they had eaten on many an occasion but George was especially fond of them, “You’re on! And if I beat you, you’re rubbing my feet after every game for a month!” Angelina declared.

“…Why did you have to frighten me like that?” George asked, paling.

“And you’ll paint them too!” Angelina added, a spark appearing in her eye.

Ron was looking back and forth between them. “You two do this a lot, I’m guessing?” George absently nodded, spat in his hand and held it out for his friend to shake.

Angelina did the same, sealing the deal and making Ginny gag a bit before shaking his hand in a firm grip. Her hands were soft and he felt a burst of sensation all down to his toes before he let her go, looking quite smug, “Be prepared to rub my feet. I prefer red on my toes—with lots of glitter.”

George shuddered and Charlie clapped him on the back as if they had already lost and said to him with a grin. “Okay, let’s get this started.” When the others rallied on who was going to play who, gathering supplies and arguing (Angelina had always thought Bill was really handsome so all he had to do was grin at her and she agreed to anything. Much to his annoyance) “Angie got really cute.”

“She’s always been cute.” George corrected and this was true.

Charlie seemed to think about that before shrugging. He felt very small beside him, as he probably ate rocks for breakfast and ran ten miles a day, “Hm…and how old is she exactly?”

George spluttered as his brother scanned Angelina in a way that would have had him punching him if he didn’t want to get asked why. And who the hell told her to bend over at that exact moment to tie her trainer?! Who, goddammit?! Scowling, he snapped at his brother. “She’s sixteen! You’re too old for her!”

Charlie spluttered. “Not that old!” he cried indignantly.

“You’re in your twenties!” George reminded furiously.

Angelina interrupted whatever he had been about to say. “Georgia, what are you yelling about?” and that had Bill, Ron and Ginny roaring with laughter. He hated it when she called him that and he turned his nose up at her, “look, I’ll let you put blue glitter polish on my toes if the red bothers you.”

“Shut up!” George shouted angrily. “I don’t give a damn! I like purple better anyway!” that only had the others laughing even more and he wondered why he was the one being made a fool of.

No one told Angelina to get so damn pretty anyway.


So apparently he would be painting Angelina’s toes blue and purple with sparkly glitter for a month. Because he had been so furious at the thought of his brother’s obvious interest in her during the game, he had failed so horribly that Ron had looked fantastic in comparison and he groaned now as he washed his hands in the bathroom sink.

Lee and Fred had teased and joked about it of course and Ginny had asked why he had been so distracted but George hadn’t heard her because Angelina had been laughing at something Charlie had said. And to make matters worse, Bill had commented, in that casual way of his that she had gotten really pretty, prettier than she had been anyway and he was so devastated by the fact that everyone apparently noticed that he couldn’t see straight.

The pair of them had been friends ever since the Express and he liked having her around. She really was the best part of the day at Hogwarts when Fred wasn’t around and he glowered…wondering if millions of other blokes would take her away.

That made him pause.

Why the hell should he care? It wasn’t as if he didn’t date at school, he had more girlfriends than he could count, though Fred had been keeping score lately on his broomstick (No pun intended) so why shouldn’t Angelina date? Guys thought she was cute and her legs went on for miles…and her skin always smelt really nice… “Pieces of shit, I dare them to lay one fucking finger on her.”

“What are you talking about?” a voice asked and he jumped to see the object of his recent thoughts standing in the doorway. She was smiling at him and that made his stomach do this stupid twisting thing and he glared annoyingly, “Georgia, Georgia, Georgia.”

“Would you stop calling me that?” George cried hotly. Ever since last year she had been making fun of him and calling him that stupid name, “I’m not calling you Angelo.”

Angelina roared with laughter. “That’s my uncle’s name, actually.” The joke didn’t make him smile in the least and she watched him for a moment as he washed his hands, “your mum told me to tell you that dinner is ready. Fred was going to do it but he got distracted by Ginny braiding Bill’s hair.”

George almost smiled but he flung his wet hands at her to shoo her away and she frowned at him irritably. “So?” he grumbled.

“Now, what’s got your panties all in a wad?” Angelina asked him, her own temper threatening to flare and he saw his life flashing before his eyes. If she got mad at him enough, he would probably be reduced to mush, like last time when he’d been turned into a gelatinous blob, “are you really all that mad that you lost the game?”

George was drying his hands off and fearing for his life but answered with a curt shake of his head. “No. Seems like everyone liked the way you played Quidditch.”

Angelina was a very good Chaser and would probably leave him all behind in a sea of broom dust as she went to Ireland for the Holyhead Harpy annual try-out. She was really hoping for it actually and George hated every minute of thinking about her that far away, “What the hells that supposed to mean?”

“Oh, nothing. Just that you’re getting a lot of attention lately.” George sneered pointedly and Angelina stared at him for a moment. And then she roared with laughter and he snapped, “who the hell told you to get so damn pretty anyway?!”

There was a warning shout from his mother downstairs. “One more curse word from you George and I’ll jinx your mouth shut!” and that had the others roaring with laughter.

George felt his cheeks burning hot, knowing that Fred and Lee were going to bully him into telling them what they were arguing about. They argued quite a bit actually but the issues were always resolved one way or another, usually with both of them snorting that they weren’t sorry, but just sort of missed each other, just a bit, “Why are you so jealous? So what if I’m pretty?” Angelina asked.

“Arrogance!” George cried in astonishment and she laughed.

“You don’t see me getting all huffy about all the girls that say you’re cute. Even though it’s a lie, I hardly notice.” Angelina said loftily and he narrowed his eyes on her in annoyance. As she stared at him though, there was an odd twist to her mouth, as if she were stopping herself from saying something, “and anyway, I don’t think I’m all that pretty. Never have and I don’t have time for things like that when there’s Quidditch to be played, stupid.”

George wanted to point out her reflection in the mirror as she shoved her way inside the bathroom to wash her hands that she was gorgeous. How couldn’t she notice that her skin was smooth and dark and that he’d die to peek at her naked? If only…but he liked being able to breathe.

Lee would learn that the hard way if he kept trying to sneak looks when the girls took baths (Though the two of them had seen Alicia and Katie naked so often now that it had lost its appeal…at least to him). “You’re mental.”

Angelina ignored him to wash her hands and after she was properly cleaned, she flung her fingers in front of his face. Water dripped onto his forehead and nose and she made a great show out of drying her hands off on his shirt, “And you’re a prat. Prat,” she said teasingly.

George opened his mouth to say something to that but he ended up smiling, effectively ending the fight and allowing her to grin smugly. “I don’t like you,” he said without heat and she laughed before pushing him away and walking off downstairs. When he made it down, having stayed upstairs to properly get rid of his stupid grin, everyone else was already seated and he looked for an empty space and found himself plopping down beside Percy and Fred.

The two of them apparently had been bickering but their mother shot them a furious look and they ceased. As usual, there was a lot of food on the table and he hastily grabbed a plate and started loading it with anything he could before Charlie and Bill devoured everything, “Are you two excited about the Cup?” his mother asked Lee and Angelina.

“My mum couldn’t get any tickets in time, sadly.” Angelina said with a frown while Ginny passed her a bowl of gravy for her potatoes. Charlie had somehow wormed his way by her side and was offering to cut her meat for her and George wanted to stab him in the face, “I’m a big girl, you know. I can cut my own meat.”

Charlie grinned and backed off with a sigh. “I bet you could.” That had their father narrowing his eyes on him warningly but he went to eating his own food with an innocent expression on his face. Bill choked on his own to stifle his laugh but George didn’t really find his brother flirting with his friend all that funny and thought it sad that he couldn’t hit him properly, “anyway, I didn’t know your mum played Quidditch.”

Angelina nodded while shooting Lee a dark look as he tried to reach for her dinner roll. She stabbed him with her fork as slyly as she could but George saw his mother sigh wearily, “My mum is a big fan, actually. She played Keeper in school and could have gone pro!”

That caused exclamations of surprise from George and his family and Fred asked in confusion while eating his food. “How come she didn’t go?”

“Oh, she got pregnant with me!” Angelina declared happily. “That’s what happens when you’re rolling around banging each other on the Quidditch pitch.” That had George and his siblings spluttering and roaring with laughter, “sorry, Mrs. Weasley!” she cried when she noticed his mother’s expression.

Though his father was holding in his laugh, he pretended to look stern as he sent her a look that didn’t have George flinching in the slightest. “That’s perfectly all right, dear.” His mother said reassuringly, “was your mother upset about not being able to go professional?”

Angelina looked relieved that she wasn’t in any trouble and George knew that her stuffy parents would have harped on her for her language. As they always did, “Well, she wasn’t really all that bad. My dad made more of a deal out of it than she did, she says,” after a moment she laughed. “And he was really annoyed when I turned out to be a girl and not a boy—but my mum fixed him good.”

George wanted to know more about this but apparently his mother was afraid of what she might say next and turned her attention to Lee. He had been trying to get Ron to give over his plate, “What about you, Lee?” she asked.

Ron held his plate up to fend him off. “Get your own!”

Lee frowned and made a great show of having Ginny fill his plate back up for him, though she didn’t seem to mind it. “I’ll be there, Molly!” he sent Angelina a smug look. She glared, “I don’t know what my dad did to get us tickets and it was probably illegal but I can’t wait!”

“Seems like you’re gonna be left out, Angie.” Fred said and George saw her flash him a look before going back to her meal. “You know, I’ll tell you all about it. And then, you know, you’ll be a lot nicer to me.”

Angelina rolled her eyes. “Is this because I won’t let you have any of my bras and panties? (More spluttering from his parents and siblings) Don’t you have enough?”

George said loudly over his mother asking what exactly that was supposed to mean by pointing out to Angelina. “You could sneak in, Angie. I’ll carry you on my back and dump you somewhere in the forest!” she shot him a look before she laughed.

“If I did that, my mum would kill me. She’s such a prude and absolutely no fun, which is why I’ll be putting something in her tea when I get back home.” Angelina said happily and as she said this, Percy took a sip out of his cup and screamed.

Everyone turned to see him pulling out a long, nasty looking slug and just then, their mother screamed as well. She pulled out quite a few nasty, grimy worms and exclaimed, “When? Which one of you did this?!”

Ron pushed his drink away warily and Ginny looked pale, as she had already drunk enough of her tea and pumpkin juice to water an entire river. Bill looked unconcerned and Charlie’s face was green, “It wasn’t me.” Fred said as George laughed.

Percy was spluttering stupidly and stood up with a lot of fury and shot Angelina a look as she smiled innocently at him. “Merlin, you’re just like them. It’s a pity,” he snapped before stomping over to the kitchen sink and grumbling moodily.

Angelina looked as if she might apologize. But George’s mother simply waved it away, apparently used to far worse and dinner seemed to commence easily enough, though he was wondering what was making Percy so upset. By the time his older brother came back, still grumbling and complaining, George was more than curious and asked to him so Fred couldn’t hear, “What’s up with you?”

Percy shot him a look of pure aggravation. He had never really liked him, he supposed but George thought it was just brotherly ignorance, as he had to set a good example for him, Fred, Ron and Ginny and he took it very seriously even though no one else cared. “That’s none of your business….?”

“I’m George.” George said when his brother stared at him in confusion, guessing and failing. He narrowed his eyes on his pale blue ones, “And something is wrong. You’re stuffier than usual! I’m sure Angie was only teasing—you don’t have to be so mean to her you know.”

Percy had every right to be mean to her, actually. With he and Fred, Angelina had tortured him from the moment she had come off the Express and his brother often snapped that she had to be related to them somehow, no matter if it were a horrifying thought, “Tell your girlfriend to mind her manners, George. I prefer a woman with actual class in my home.”

George spluttered for more than one reason as he said with a bit of anger. “Since when do you own this house? And Angie isn’t my girlfriend—if you’d get a girl like her, you wouldn’t be so stuffy all the time you know.” He pointed out rudely and Percy glared down at him, and it was apparent that he had struck a nerve, “you need to relax.”

“There’s no time for relaxing George when I want to become Minister of Magic someday.” Percy said importantly and George really didn’t understand why positions in power seemed to fascinate him so badly and he felt a slight pang.

He knew that they didn’t have much. But he had never minded it, though it was becoming more and more obvious that that bothered his brother almost daily as he strove to erase anything that might make him who he was.

George didn’t like the idea of becoming anyone else, which was why he and Fred had decided quite early on that the only thing they were good for was telling jokes. So, the best option was creating a joke shop and making people like Percy and his stuffy girlfriend Penelope laugh and the day he had his brother being proud of him for that would be the day he knew he’d done something right.

Their mother didn’t like the idea of course. But they had plenty of support from their friends and their other siblings didn’t seem to mind the idea but telling Percy that was like talking to a brick wall.

He had his mind set already on what he wanted to do and what he disapproved of. Which was everything, “Perce, you’ll bore yourself to death! Merlin, where’s your sense of adventure?”

Percy thought about this while sending Angelina a dark look as she stuck out her tongue at him, looking so much like one of their own siblings that he blanched. “She’s related to us…I just know it.”

George wouldn’t mind that at all but he felt a strange fluttering in his chest at the thought of being related to Angelina when she didn’t exactly feel like a sister. Ignoring that, he nudged his brother sharply to bring him back to their conversation, “So…where’s your sense of adventure? Don’t you ever just want to do something wild? Like, I don’t know…get a tattoo? Roll around with a dirty girl?”

Percy had been cutting into his fish but he stopped short, his knife hitting the plate with a jerk as he glared at him. For a moment, his eyes flickered briefly but he said stiffly, “Never in my life have I wanted to do something like that. And what would you know about dirty girls?”

“A bit,” George said evasively.

“Do you need to hear the talk?” Percy asked warily, disgusted.

George shook his head, “Heard it from Bill ages ago.” And that had only been because he’d been caught with some girl that he’d been messing around with. Fred had laughed at him when their brother had sat him down and talked to him about it but he hadn’t hated him for it.

Percy shook his head, completely ashamed and a bit amused by the careless look on his face. Fred was trying to listen in but he was nudging him away as their older brother chastised hotly, “I wish that you and Fred would take a bit more seriousness into account. Life isn’t all about fun you know, sometimes it hurts.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” George asked curiously, knowing that life could hurt but the apparent pain that his brother was speaking of was beyond him.

“That’s none of your concern. Just don’t complain when you lose something that you’ve always wanted to your own stupidity.” Percy said gravely and for some reason, that advice made George contemplate for a moment, though he didn’t notice the way his brother’s eyes hooded with his own thoughts, having learned this lesson somehow already.

When dinner and dessert (Angelina practically ate the remains of her cherry pie off her plate) were over, their mother told George and Fred that Angelina and Lee could stay for a while longer before they had to go home.

After all, they had to get ready very early in the morning to pick up Harry and Hermione was coming over to bore them all (Though Ron said she would be kept in line) so they decided to spend a few moments outside.

Lee was showing Fred some fireworks that he had snuck from home and they were planning on lighting them with Charlie and Bill. But Angelina found herself lying flat on her back and looking up at a starry sky with him.

George liked moments like this the best while he was home. There was nothing quite like a good dinner, a full stomach and lively conversation…though he couldn’t quite understand why Percy had locked himself up in his bedroom.

Ginny had decided to stay in the living room with their parents to talk about wheedling some new robes that weren’t second-hand (He had a slight suspicion that she was trying to impress Harry) and the Burrow was quiet. Of course, chickens were clucking and a gnome or two had climbed onto his head to stare down Angelina’s shirt but he’d chucked them after they’d nearly jumped into her cleavage.

Now though, the pair of them rubbed their stomachs and groaned over how much food they’d consumed. “I think I might go into a food coma,” Angelina complained weakly.

“Well, you did eat a lot.” George pointed out with a grin as he turned to look at her. The grass was warm and if he had felt like it, he could have slept outside for the night but then he would miss the delight of listening to Fred talk in his sleep—he always revealed a bit too much and it was so fun to mess with him in the morning. Tonight he assumed he would be making fun of Percy again and making fun of their older brother was far too fun at any time, “you’ll get fat.”

Angelina angled her head at him and her eyes narrowed playfully before she reached out and patted him on the stomach. It might as well have been a punch, “We’ll see about that, Georgie. You won’t be able to fit into your trousers the way you go at it.”

“Because of my huge package? Angie, you don’t need to compliment me like that.” George said with a laugh and she snorted doubtfully. “Don’t believe me? Now I have to show—” he made a great act of unbuttoning and unzipping and she shook her head firmly, eyes going wide, “you’re such a prude.”

Angelina was silent for a moment and they could see Charlie, Fred, Bill and Lee giggling over the fireworks in the distance. Apparently they were going to let them off in a few minutes and George wondered if they’d explode in the process, “I am not a prude!”

“You won’t let anyone see you naked! What sort of bullshit is that? As many times as we’ve gone in the Black Lake, I still don’t know what your ass looks like.” George complained and Angelina rolled her eyes and smiled at him a little. She had such a nice smile but that wasn’t the issue, “you’re gonna have to dip in at some point, Angie—I’ll bully you into it.”

There was a slight silence and she took her hand—which she’d still had on his stomach—up and thumped him lightly on the nose. “Not in a million years, Georgie.” There was an odd way to the words and he frowned in consternation before she looked away, her thoughts on other things that may or may not have anything to do with him.

George wondered what she thought about; she took things too seriously and wore herself out to the point where it was worrying. Once, she’d beaten up some Slytherin girls and hadn’t gone to the hospital wing no matter the fact that she had a huge lump on her head and a limp—Angelina was the toughest person he knew and he wondered sometimes if he envied her for that. “I’ll make sure to tell you all about the Cup.”

“You’d better. I hear it’s going to be amazing, Viktor Krum is going to be there! I was so pissed that mum didn’t get the tickets and dad actually cried for a while.” Angelina admitted and George laughed, trying to picture the imposing form of Mr. Johnson crying about anything when he was just as stubborn as his daughter.

He was actually pretty frightening and was another reason why he had gone to just sneaking over to Angelina’s when they weren’t home, so as not to have his spine removed by those brutish hands.

“It’s going to be a pretty amazing game! And just think—someday me and Fred will be selling all our joke stuff there and you’d be an idiot not to buy our merchandise!” George said with a satisfied smile, imagining all the possibilities.

Angelina laughed a little and her hand settled onto his stomach, her fingers tapping on his skin and making him grin. “You’re going to be so famous that you’ll forget all about little old me. All the girls out there will be wanting to stroke your broomsticks.”

“Angie, you can stroke my broomstick anytime you like. Comes with its own polish you know—no warrantee or anything.” George remarked and Angelina laughed. When she finally stopped, the sound had carried over the still air, like a pleasant echo, “and who cares about other girls anyway? You’re my main girl you know.”

For some reason, that had her smile dimming. It looked as if she wanted to say something more but she shook her head firmly of whatever thought was dancing in her brain and turned the conversation around with a snarky, “But you’d better tell me everything about the Cup or I’ll beat you up.”

George was quite sure that she could and was about to say something to that but there was a small explosion. Billions of lights seemed to go off into the sky at once and they both shot up to see Lee rolling around on the ground, apparently on fire and Bill hastily putting him out with water, “Merlin, that idiot!”

Angelina stood and offered him her hand and he took it and rushed over with her, the others from the house exclaiming worriedly over the noise. When they made it over to the group, Lee was soaking wet, grinning and sporting a singed chest that was giving off a nasty, burnt smell, “Just add sauce and we can eat him.” Fred said proudly, fanning his nose.

“No thanks.” Angelina said dryly and George laughed before Lee shook his head and sent water splashing in all directions, “where’d you get those from?”

“From home, but I thought I could handle them.” Lee explained gravely as George’s mother walked up worriedly, patting him down for wounds. Bill assured her that he would live and while everyone exclaimed (Ginny was looking up at the fireworks as they finally dimmed) Charlie just kept laughing and patting him on the back.

“At least you’re alive!” Charlie laughed and he angled his head at Angelina and George, though his eyes were on his friend and not him. He wanted severely to kick him, “you missed a good show you know!”

Angelina laughed as Lee took their mother’s hands in his and stared into her face, all innocence and purity. Fred gagged behind him, “I guess you’re sending me home, now?” he whined to his mother.

George’s mother gave him a stern look even though she appeared that she might actually laugh and nodded curtly. Lee bowed his head miserably and Fred cried, “Aw, can’t they spend the night?”

“NO!” Percy shouted as he appeared out of the midst, glowering. Angelina sent him a look and he asked idly, “and what are you doing holding hands anyway?” this was said sort of nastily and George felt his ears turning pink as every eye seemed to turn towards them and he hastily smacked her hand away, even though she’d loosened her grip. “Can’t have that going on,”

Fred was waggling his eyebrows at Angelina but stopped and spat at Percy. “Don’t need to be so jealous, Perce. Just go find Penelope and link pinkies or whatever it is you two do.” Their parents were looking stern, scenting an argument about to brew but his brother said lightly, “too bad you can’t since you broke up.”

Fred!” their mother said warningly.

George wondered if he had been reading Percy’s mail again because their brother’s face took on a look of pure hurt and anger.

Instead of saying a word, he stiffly turned around and strode back into the house and he felt true worry for him in that moment as Angelina offered uncomfortably, “I think I’ll head on back home now, Mrs. Weasley. Thanks for having me—come on Lee.” She commanded firmly and he grumbled; shoulders hunched as they made their way into the house.

Because he was so annoyed with Fred (Who was getting a telling off from their father while Bill, Ron and Ginny listened uncomfortably in the background) he failed to really notice that Charlie stopped Angelina from leaving.

She had made her goodbyes, gotten a hug and kiss from their mother but now George saw her stopping to talk to him, all smiles and he briefly frowned before Charlie spoke to her for a minute, Lee gawping before walking off.

George wanted to wring the answer out of him immediately but he was missing his chance to say goodnight to Angelina and cried, “Goodnight Angie!” instead of rushing up to hug her like he’d wanted to all day.

That had her pausing as she’d open the back door, shoving Lee ahead of her. George always said goodnight to her, in this extremely weird way since they had first met and while he would never tell her why, it never failed to make her smile at him and say it back, “Goodnight George!” she waved.

“See you all at school!” Lee called, his head popping out from the doorframe before the two of them vanished inside. George wanted to go with them and spend a few more minutes with Angelina before tomorrow but he had to get up at the crack of dawn and he really wanted to see if he could get Harry’s Muggle cousin to eat one of their trick sweets.

Charlie had walked up to him by this point, looking sour and disappointed for some reason and George punched him in the arm. It was like a feather hitting a boulder but it got his attention and he raised his brows at him as he asked, “What’d you want out of Angie?”

“Oh, I asked her if she wanted to visit sometime.” Charlie said lightly, shrugging his shoulders and George felt his face paling. The thought of his brother going out with his friend made him feel oddly numb somehow and he had about a million questions flying form the tip of his tongue but his brother said sadly, “she turned me down.”

Joy rushed through him but George kept his face neutral as he patted him good-naturedly on the back, laughing. “Maybe next time, champ.” So Angelina was still all his…

Charlie rolled his eyes and plucked his hand from his shoulder and mentioned with a sly little grin that had George frowning uncomfortably. “Yeah, you two,” when he looked confused, his brother said with a sigh, “she’s got a boyfriend. She’s taken.”

George heard the words and saw his brother walk off but he was rooted to the spot…not understanding why his heart seemed to have stopped.

And...there you go! Not sure how long this will be but it might not be very long so stick with me and let me know what you think and such! Much love.

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