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Lily Luna Potter And My Teenage Confessions by potterfan310
Chapter 2 : Confession 2 - Of Friends, Tests And Finding Out
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I woke up to find sunlight filling the dorm. Sitting up slowly, I stretched and remembered the conversation I had with Rose last night.

"Shit." I mumbled under my breath.

"Ahh you're awake then sleepy head." Came a voice coming from the bathroom, I recognised it as Olivia 'Livi' Thompson, one of my best friends and room mate. As she walked out I saw that she was plaiting her medium length brown hair, her blue eyes sparkling like sapphires in the morning sunshine.

I love Livi, she can always cheer me up when I'm sad or calm me down when I'm angry. Livi's great like that and is one of the many reason's I love her. Livi's muggle-born and lives with her mum, dad and younger brother Isaac. Like me she was still in her pyjamas, and she started to get clothes out of her trunk while I tried to stop myself from falling back asleep.

Unlike me, Livi has curves, something I wished I had. I'm kind of medium sized, and I if I am pregnant, I'm going to end up looking like a whale in nine months time. Speaking of my possible pregnancy, today is the day I find out. Today is judgement day.

I flopped back against my pillows and muttered again, "Shit." Livi shot me a dirty look, she hates swearing and rarely ever does unless she's annoyed, angry or upset, "Oops, did I say that out loud, sorry I didn't mean to."  I had meant to, but she wasn't supposed to hear me.

Livi giggled as she pulled out a pair of blue jeans, "Yes you did. Are you feeling better today?"

I shrugged, "I do feel slightly better, I'm not as tired as I have been, I must have slept really well last night."

"Yeah you did, I'm surprised half the castle didn't wake up what with your snoring." She giggled.

I grabbed my tissue box and threw it at her, "Haha, aren't you funny. You know I don't snore."

Livi grinned at me, "Keep telling yourself that Lil. You were out like a light according to Rose, you've been asleep just over twelve hours."

"Where is everyone and what's the time?" I asked curiously as it was just the two of us when normally it's me, my two best friends (Livi and Kayl), my cousin Roxy, Laura (cousin of the stupid Becca) and Cerys (kind, happy, blonde and unique).

"It's nearly nine, Kayl and Roxy have gone down to breakfast to meet the others. Laura's probably somewhere with Becca and Cerys is in the common room, I saw her just before I came up."

"Explains why the room is so empty." I yawned.

"God Lil, you're not still tired are you."

I shrugged, "A little, I haven't been sleeping well since I got this bug have I. I guess it's just catching up on me."

She shook her head as she got dressed in her blue jeans, a grey top and a black hoodie as well as her Gryffindor scarf, hat and gloves. "Are you staying here or you feeling well enough to come. No ones seen you for ages." Livi said once she was dressed, she looked at with me with those big blue eyes of her's and I sighed.

I know I have to go, I need to find out whether I'm pregnant or not. I think I know what I'm going to do but I'm not a hundred percent sure. If I am, I am and if I'm not then it's a false alarm and I can calm down a hell of a lot.

"I do feel better, so I might come but first can you get me Rose please, I really need to speak to her."

Livi nodded, "Do you want us to wait for you or..."

"Can we meet you in the three broomsticks at eleven."

"Course, she you later Lils." Livi called as she crossed the dorm and left.

I yawned again and stretched out in bed, pulling back my quilt, I lifted my pink pyjama top up and looked at my stomach. Maybe it was my imagination but it looked different. Maybe it looked bloated, but there was definitely something there. The door opened and I hastily pulled my quilt up over me. I looked up expecting to see Rose but instead I saw Livi.

"Lil is it ok if Jake comes up. He saw me come down and asked if you were well enough for visitor's."

"Yeah, sure."

I shut my eyes for a minute so that I could think, am I going to tell Jake that I think I'm pregnant now or wait until I find out for sure. What if I tell him and it turns out to be a false alarm, but what if I tell him and it's not.

"I'll go and find Rose now, but I won't tell her to come up for ten minutes." Livi told me quietly.

I smiled as I opened my eyes again, "Thanks Liv."

She waved her hand in response as she left the dorm once more. I heard her tell Jake he was allowed up. Boys aren't allowed in the girl's dorm and at the bottom of out stairs there's a portrait of an ancient witch who guards' the girl's rooms. She doesn't allow boys up unless a girl tells her it's ok. If they don't and a boy comes up regardless then the stairs turn into a slide. If you ask me it's a pretty fun way of entering the common room.

I sat up just as the door opened and there in the doorway was my boyfriend Jake who looked slightly horrified at the fact he was in our dorm. I mean we're not the tidiest people in the world and there are knickers' and bra's hanging from the beams. Mainly because we forgot to put our washing out for the house elves to collect, so we did it ourselves as we were in need of underwear and the only place we could think to dry it was the ceiling.

Actually my cousin Dom suggested that we hang it out the window, but I really didn't like the idea of people seeing my underwear or even stealing it. I saw he was staring at the side of my bed closest to the window, I looked down and saw a load of snotty tissues from where I had aimed for where I thought the bin was.

I can't actually blame him, if I wasn't one of the people who lived here then there is no way that I would step foot in here. Jake's tall frame was blocking most of the doorway and I could just make out his perfectly toned abs through his green t-shirt which was a little tight.

"You can come in you know, I'm not contagious." I told him.

He ran a hand though his messy brown hair and smiled the smile that I love so much. "I know. How are you? Livi say's you're coming to Hogsmeade."

I nodded as he pulled me into a hug, I could smell his boy smell and I felt like I was in heaven. We broke apart and he kissed me on the mouth, I closed my eyes as I felt his warm lips on mine.

"I'm feeling much better now." I said breathlessly when we broke apart. I looked into his green eyes, which remind me of grassy meadows and thought back too the first time we kissed.

I smiled at the memory, I love him so much.

"I love you Lil's." He whispered as he planted a kiss on my forehead, great he can read my mind as well. "Miss Potter, would you accompany me to Hogsmeade?" He asked.

"I will but I really need to do something with Rose first. I'm meeting the others at the three broomsticks at eleven."

He smiled as he pulled me onto his lap, "Perfect, It's a date."

I giggled, honestly if there was one boy in the entire world who can make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world, then it's Jake. He's so romantic and kind and sweet.

"Thanks for understanding." I whispered as I wrapped his hand in mine.

"So what have you and Rose got to do?"

"I want to tell you but it's kind of private." I replied as I buried my head into his neck, inhaling his smell.

"Oh really well then I won't ask anything else." I love him that he's so understanding, most boys aren't like that.

"You're the best." I said turning around to kiss him. Before I knew it I was on my back and Jake was leaning on top of me, putting all his weight on his hands as we kissed. For some reason I had a feeling of déja vú but my train of thought was broken when the door opened and in walked Rose, a stack of toast in her hands.

"Oh my god, I think my eyes are permanently scared Lil." She called as she headed straight back out the door.

I looked back at Jake who was still on top of me, "I guess I'll be going then. See you later." He gave me one last kiss before climbing off my bed, "You can come in Rose. Bye Lil."

I smiled looking up at the stars in the canopy above my bed.

"I see your feeling better then." She laughed as she walked over and sat on Roxy's bed.

I stuck my tongue out at her, "May I remind you how many times I've walked in a room and saw you with your tongue down Scorpius' throat." I pulled a face, "Way too many times Rose, way too many. I am scared for life because of it."

"Oh shut up. Here." Rose handed me the plate of toast and I took it gratefully since I haven't had a proper meal in nearly a week.

"Fanks." I said with my mouthful, once I swallowed I added, "So what's the plan then?"

"The pharmacy is on the edge of town, You're better off buying a few muggle test and a pregnancy potion just to make sure. And then we're meeting the other at eleven in..."

I put my hand up to cut her off, "Yeah I know, in the Three Broomsticks."

"Are you going to get dressed then?"

"I suppose so." I replied as I got out of bed slowly, as soon as I was on my feet I stood on my tip toes and stretched causing Rose to look at me funny. "What, I'm stretching." I told her.

She shook her head and muttered something that sounded a lot like "Is she insane?"

As I gathered my tidy jeans, a purple top and some underwear, Rose picked up the book off Roxy's bedside table and started reading. I entered the bathroom and looked in the floor length mirror, noticing that I looked completely awful.

My hair was scraped back into a pong which was falling out, my eyes had bags under them and my pyjamas looked terrible. I mean they're the pair that I wear when I'm ill, they're purple with unicorns and rainbows on them. I just can't part with them as I've had them since I was eleven, I used a special charm to make them bigger as I got older.

I jumped in the shower and the water felt so nice and warm against my skin, once I got out I felt revived. Like I was a flower that had just been watered. I pulled my jeans on and was just about to put my top on when I realised that I hadn't picked up a bra.

I looked through my washing basket and eventually found one that looked the cleanest. Normally I have to put it on the middle clasp, but today it felt really tight. I sighed as I un-done it and put it on the last clasp. It felt better but it was still on the tight side. Pulling my top on I looked in the mirror again and this time I noticed a slight curve to my stomach. Turning sideways, I could see it and I doubted that anyone else would notice but I could.

Turning around I quickly brushed my hair and put it up in a messy bun before leaving the bathroom to put my socks and shoes on. "Right I'm ready." I informed Rose as I pulled my grey hoodie on and picked up my bag. Rose didn't even look up from whatever she was reading until I poked her. "I said I'm ready."

Rose shrugged causing her red curls to cascade over her face, "I know but I was trying to finish this page." She told me indicating to the book.

Eventually we made it out the dorm and through the castle, taking a few of the short cuts that we knew. As we walked past the great hall, I could smell all the food, the bacon, the eggs and my stomach felt funny.

I left Rose and rushed to the nearest bathroom which luckily for me was down a corridor opposite the entrance hall. I just managed to reach a cubicle before the toast that I ate early came up. I heard the door and I was just about to speak thinking it was Rose when I heard a Becca Parkinson's voice.

It was just my luck that she picked the sink opposite the cubicle I was in. Her dark hair shone with grease and I shuddered. How could someone have that much grease in their hair? She looked just like her mother, the same pug shaped face, brown eyes, greasy hair. Becca's mother Pansy Parkinson was a complete cow to Auntie Hermione when they were at Hogwarts and it seems that Becca hates me.

She's always trying to come up with gossip or she's after  the boys. Mainly the Slytherin's as they are pure bloods or the Hufflepuff's because they're considered  'gullible and a good shag', her words not mine.  Becca is the Slytherin slut, she hates me and my family and is failing most of her subjects which isn't such a big surprise since she doesn't even study.

My hands were clutching the cold toilet bowl and when I looked up I saw her look at me in the mirror as she put lipstick on, "Hi Lily, throwing up again are we. I thought you were better." She said with a nasty smile.

I cursed myself for not locking my cubicle and replied, "Well I was but then I saw your face and threw up. I still have this bug, so you might not want to come too close in case you catch it." Ha the only thing that she's likely to catch is an STI. She started to back away over to the other side of the bathroom. I prayed that I wasn't going to be sick again as flushed the toilet, the door went again and this time it was Rose who looked worried.

"Lil, what happened? One minute you were behind me and then the next you weren't. I was about to get in a carriage when I noticed you weren't behind me."

"I smelt food that's all. If I can get some water that'll be great, but please can we leave here, Becca's over there." I whispered.

We left the bathroom and Rose dragged me down a shortcut to where the Hufflepuff common room is, "What about my water..." I started to protest.

Rose smiled, "Don't worry, we're here."

I looked infront of us and saw a painting of a giant fruit bowl, really? Why on earth has she brought me to see a painting. I watched as she reached out and tickled the pear, which giggled. Giggled?

"Rose what?"

"You want water, I'll get water. I suggest you stay here otherwise you might be sick again." She replied before disappearing. It didn't take long and Rose was back within minutes, two bottles of water and a packet of ginger biscuits in her hands. "Here you go," She said as she handed me a bottle and put the other one and packet in my bag. "I got you some ginger biscuits to help with the sickness."

"Thanks. So that's the kitchens?"

Rose nodded as we made our way up to the entrance hall, "Yep." She said popping the 'P'.

The sun was shining and it was quite a warm day for April, the sky was blue and there were fluffy white clouds floating in the sky. The light hurt my eyes for a bit as I've been in a dark dorm for a week, but my eyes soon adjusted. A carriage pulled up in front of us, to most people it looks like nothing's pulling it but it's actually thestrals.

Thestrals are the magical creatures that pull the school carriages, only people who have seen death can see them. Rose and her brother Hugo can see them as they saw their mum's dad die but I can't.

We climbed in and I drank my water as I stared across the grounds thinking about what I'm going to if I am pregnant, when I'll tell Jake, how I'll tell my parents and my O.W.L's. Once the carriage stopped just outside of the school gates we walked the rest of the way into Hogsmeade.

"Rose, what's the time?" I asked, feeling more nervous now that we were here in the little village.

"It's half nine." Rose replied, "Do you want to look in some shops before we go to the pharmacy?"

I didn't really care, but I did know that if I didn't find out soon, I might explode. "I think we should look in some shops first, and then make our way over slowly, so that we don't look too suspicious or like we're doing something we shouldn't be."

Rose nodded, pulling her scarf around her face as she dragged me in the direction of Honeydukes. I stayed outside as I had a feeling that all the sugary smells would have made me sick. Rose bought sugar quills, jelly slugs and ice mice, she offered me some but I refused. I wasn't taking the risk of me being sick, I have to find out if I'm pregnant or not.

We walked around for a bit before heading over to the bookshop which was near the pharmacy. The bell rang as we entered and Rose zoomed off to look at books. She has hundreds already so I don't see why she needs more. It took ages for her to finally pick one and then pay.

Eventually we left and turned right in the direction of the pharmacy which was a couple of doors up from the bookshop. I made Rose go first and the bell chimed as we entered causing the brown haired women at the counter to look up. She must have been around twenty to twenty-five as she didn't look very old. I swear I recognised her from somewhere but I couldn't think where.

"Hello, any thing I can help you with." She smiled.

I was about to say no when Rose cut infront of me and said, "Yes please Bee."

"What can I help you with?"

"Can we talk in private?" Rose asked and Bee nodded. I watched as she walked around the counter and over to the door. She locked it and then conjured up a sign that said 'back in 5 minutes'. She came back over and went in one of the two doors that were behind the counter, Rose followed leaving me stood there looking around.

"Lil come on." She called sticking her head out of the doorway.

"How do you know her and can I trust her?"

Rose sighed and came over to me, "Listen to me Lil, she helped me when I came in last year. She can be trusted ok. Bee never told a single soul."

I nodded but I still wasn't totally convinced. I followed Rose into the room which was bright yellow, a little window was behind the desk which took up most of the room.

Bee pointed her wand at the door and said a spell that I didn't recognise and I saw a plant, a muggle computer and three chairs. I sat down next to Rose and Bee spoke directly to me, "I'm Beatrice but call me Bee. Anything we talk about will stay within these four walls, ok." I nodded, "So what can I do to help?"

It was Rose who spoke as I couldn't seem to find my voice, "My cousin Lily here has been ill since last Sunday and at first she thought it was food poisoning or a bug. But then she told me her symptoms and I realised they were what I had, basically she thinks she's pregnant and want's to confirm it."

Bee nodded causing her brown hair to fall around her shoulders, "I see, and how long ago did you have intercourse Lily?"

"Nearly six weeks ago." I managed to whisper.

Bee smiled at me, "I'll be back now, what did you want?"

"Two potions and four muggle tests." Again it was Rose who spoke. I had no idea what happened to my voice, so I got out my water and took a sip. My throat seemed less dry but I still couldn't talk.

Bee came back in the room her dress swishing around her, she handed a white bag to Rose. Maybe she thinks she's more responsible since I've only said four words to her. "They both come with instructions and if you see Madame Pomfrey she'll be able to tell you how far you are. I'm guessing five or six weeks. Cassy will make sure that you're ok and then refer you to St.Mungos the further along you get. If you need any help or advice don't be afraid or ashamed to ask." Bee stopped for a minute and smiled, "I've been there before Lily."

"What really?" Look at that I managed to talk.

"Yes, I was in sixth year, I found out at three months. And because I was too afraid to ask for help and I didn't want to tell the father as I thought he wouldn't take it too good, I kept it to myself and tried to deal with it on my own. I had my son Codie at seven months, he was tiny but he pulled through. He's two coming up three and is fighting fit. So believe me when I say if you need anything I mean it, even it's just a question"

I smiled, "Thanks."

"I work here on Monday's, Tuesday's and Saturday's, nine to one."

"Thanks." I said again as Rose put the white package in her bag and handed Bee the money.

"You'll be fine either way those tests turn out, good luck." Bee smiled as she went and unlocked the main door.

We left after waving to Bee, I swear I know her but I don't know where from and it's bugging me. I decided earlier on that I wanted six tests mainly because when the time comes, I can have proof to show Jake or my parents if they don't believe me.

Before entering the three broomsticks Rose stopped and looked at me, "Do you want to do them here?"

I nodded, "I have to know Rose. I'll do one know and the rest tonight or tomorrow. And if I need to tell Jake then I want him there when I do a test.

She nodded and pushed the door of the pub open, it was pretty packed what with the nice weather. Even though we were nearly half and hour early the other's were all sat at a table in corner. I spotted Livi, Kayl (my other best friend), Roxy, Jake, Hugo, Matt and Leo (Jake and Hugo's best friends). Jake's older brother Jamie along with Albus, Scorpius, Dom and her friends Maisie and Bethany.

Al, Jake and Kayl waved as Rose motioned that we were going to the bar to get drinks, once out of sight of their table, Rose pulled me into the ladies toilets. I looked around to make sure no one else one in here and had to squint a little as the bright red walls were a little too bright for my liking. Rose checked each cubicle and then locked the door with her wand and asked, "Potion or stick?"

"Which is quicker." I replied almost instantly.

"The stick takes a minute and the potion five."

"I'll do one of each."

Rose opened the bag as she said, "Your better off doing the potion one first." before handing me the box containing the wizarding potion.

I turned and went into a cubical muttering "Ok." to myself. I turned the box over and read the instructions:

Remove cork from flask and then fill with the lady who is expecting's urine.

Replace cork and give a shake before leaving for five minutes.

If it turns blue you're not pregnant, if it turns red you're pregnant.

I took the flask out which contained clear liquid and did what I had too, I gave it a shake as I left my cubicle. I placed it on the counter next to the sinks as I washed my hands. Rose was stood calmly in the corner and I started pacing, waiting for the five minutes to be up. Back and forth I walked until out the corner of my eye I saw something change colour.

I stopped pacing and watched the liquid inside the flask change from yellow to orange and then finally to red. Shit.

Rose simply looked at me and handed me the muggle test, I sighed as I went back in the cubicle. The instructions for this were really blunt:

Pee on stick and wait sixty seconds. One line means you're not pregnant, two means you're pregnant.

I did as it said and as I waited I closed the toilet seat lid and sat on it whist counting down the seconds in my head:

60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 53, 52, 51, 50, 49, 48 .......... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...

The moment of truth, one line appeared and then another. I groaned and closed my eyes, I lifted my knees up and buried my face in my lap. I was most definitely one hundred percent Pregnant,

Knocked up,

With child,

Up the duff,

Bun in the oven,


Up the spout,

My eggo was definitely preggo. Two tests had proved it, both magic and muggle and they couldn't have been wrong could they?. I started to cry, the tears pouring down my face. I heard Rose knocking on the cubicle door but ignored her until she said, "Lily, are you ok. Is the test positive or negative? Please open the door."

I reached over and opened the door of my cubicle slowly with the test still in my hand, just as another door was being opened and there in the main doorway was stood Dom ....

Cliffhanger alert!!

How do you think Dom reacts? What do you think Lily will do?, When will she tell Jake?

Beta'd by The Quidditch Freak

Edited - 02/04/13

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