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Happily Ever After? by Juicey_Moosey
Chapter 3 : Back to School
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Disclaimer: I still don’t own anything that you recognise :(

Also we’re in the present day, so the flashback is over ;) x

Lyce! Lyce! Lyce! Lyce! Lyce! Lyce! Lyce! “

My beautiful reply?

I grunted and rolled over in bed.

“Lyce! Get-up! Even James is up!”


I grunted again.




They are Jumping on my bed!!!!


“Lily! Stop bouncing, you’ll break the bloody bed.”

“Not until you get up!!”



I glared up at the red-headed 4th year, who just so happened to be my surrogate sister.


“James…I think Alyce is trying to kill me… with her eyes…Help me!” the little brat whimpered.


There was deep chuckling and the sex GOD that is also known as my boyfriend appeared at my door.

“Lyce, stop trying to kill Lily with your eyes, you will regret it if it actually works, AND Lily, you should know better than to annoy Lyce in the mornings, you know that she needs coffee before she can tolerate most people.”

He lifted his bare, toned arm to allow her to exit my ‘Pit of Doom’ AKA: My Bedroom.


As he walked over, I realised he was completely topless.


Mmmmmmm, that body!


So glad I have unlimited access to that.


“Do you know what the date is love?”

My sexy reply?



I turned to look at the calendar.


Guess what it says Yup, September 1st, as in the day we go back to Hogwarts and start our 7th year. Oh yeah, talk about lemons.


James chuckled.

Jumping out of bed, I ran into the adjoining bathroom.

Without thinking, I started undressing and turned on the shower.


There was more chuckling and the bathroom door suddenly shut behind me.

Damnit!! Trust me to start stripping in full view of my boyfriend.

Oh well, it’s not as if he hasn’t seen me in so few clothes before.

Anyway I got into the shower, and, you know, washed, cos that’s what you do in a shower.


Getting out of the shower, I wrapped both myself and my hair in towels and entered my room again.

For some reason, sitting on my bed were some clothes and a note.

OOOOOHHH A NOTE!!!!!! Let’s read the note!!!

Yes I like notes. Get over it.


Lyce just grabbed some random branded crap from your trunk for you to wear. Get downstairs ASAP. I’m making you bacon and pancakes with maple syrup. ~ James xxx


Mmmmmmm Bacon, pancakes and maple syrup. I think I’m in love! Both with the food and James before you ask.


I wonder what he’s got out more me;

Blue Top Shop Jumper: Clever boy, he knows I love this!


Black leggings: Hmmmm good.


UGG Boots: Very smart boy, I’m actually slightly surprised he isn’t in Ravenclaw.


Oh Hell No.

If that boy thinks I’m actually going to wear that lacy push up bra and matching pants, he’s got another think coming. Mental child, I take it back, definitely not a Ravenclaw. Silly Boy.

I got into the clothes he put out for me, but not before exchanging the push-up bra for something… more appropriate.

 Drying my hair magically, with my wand, I skipped down the stairs (yes I did bloody well skip, do you have a problem with that? No I didn’t think so somehow) to the kitchen where my, unfortunately fully clothed, boyfriend was stood at the counter, putting bacon and pancakes onto a plate.

He stopped what he was doing and wrapped is muscley arms around my waist and pulled me into his toned chest.

Leaning down, he kissed the top of my head and gently stuffed a strip of bacon into my mouth.

No I don’t know how you gently stuff something in someone’s mouth, but that was how it was done, alright?

Merlin this bacon is good.

“Mmmmmmmm this is heaven!”

 Although the fact that I had a piece of bacon in my mouth it sounded more like “Mmmmm dthis izt heban!”

There were gentle vibrations against my back as he laughed at my compliment and the way it was delivered.

Unravelling his gorgeous arms from my body, he poured the maple syrup over the pancakes and bacon, before sliding it across the counter to me.

Grabbing a knife and fork from the drawer, I started my breakfast, that was lovingly prepared.

This is what I like to call ‘Heaven on a plate’.


My reply was a groan of pleasure, cos I’m cool like that.

“Should I take that as a yes?”

I nodded vigourously.

“Try some!”

I got a fork full of the deliciousness and put it in his mouth. But somehow, I manage to get maple syrup on the tip of his nose.


I stood on my tippy toes and sucked the syrup of the end of his nose, being the sexy beast that I am.

I slowly lowered my lips onto his and kissed them softly.

Arms wrapped around my waist for the second time in 10 minutes and he placed his hands on the small of my back, fiercely pulling me against his body. My hands lost themselves in his hair, causing it to stick up more than usual.

The only thing that could ruin this moment is if someone was to walk in right now.

“Lyce, where are…oh my!”

Right at that moment the one and only Ginny Potter walked in.

Talk about bad timing.

 We both pulled away blushing and turned to look at Ginny/Mum.

“Do you really have to do that in the kitchen, off all places?” She mock told us off.

“Sorry Ginny.”                                                                                                                                                                                        “Sorry Mum.”

“Don’t worry darlings. Anyway, Lyce can you drive today please?”

“Isn’t Harry driving?”

“No, he’s had to go into work.”


“Ohhh, umm, yeah sure, but how are you and the car going to get back?”

I suppose you’re wondering why she’s asking me to drive. Well, I’m going to tell you anyway whether you want me to or not. So, I’m the only person (except from Harry) in the Potter family to have a muggle driving license. Ginny can drive, but it’s generally safer for me to drive, because, to be brutally honest, she drives like a mental person on crack.

“Oh I’ll just drive back and hope not to get stopped.”

Not bloody likely.

“Ohhh, okay, have you got the car keys then?”

She handed them to me.

“Mum why can’t I drive!?!”

“Because you don’t have a muggle driving license sweetie”


“And you don’t know how to drive.”

“Oh yeah.”

Merlin’s beard! Definitely not a Ravenclaw. I have no idea what on Gods good earth possessed me to believe that. Not the sharpest tool in the box is our Jamesie. It’s a wonder he passed his OWLs, no siriusly, it is.

------------------------ 30 mins later ------------------------



“Hurry up and get in the car! I WILL be leaving in 5 minutes whether you are ready or not!!” I screamed form the driver’s seat of the shiny black range rover.

Al, Lily and Scottie came running out the house dragging their trunks behind them.

Shoving their trunks in the boot, they scrambled into the back seats, fastening their seatbelts in record time.


Oh I love the power of being in charge. This is going to be fun.

“Have you got everything?”




My twin brother jumped out of the car and sprinted back into the house, obviously to get his robes/uniform, I’m sorry but how can you forget that, and more importantly, what has he filled his trunk with?!

“Parchment and Quills, ink-pots?”

There was a loud groan as Lily followed Scottie back into the house. Merlin, how she forgot that I don’t know.

“Toiletries? Otherwise known as soap et cetera?”


Albus ran after his ‘siblings’ into the house.

Me and Ginny collapsed into a laughing fit, whilst James didn’t seem to understand. Not the brightest crayon in the pack.


Yes I know it should be Ginny and I to be grammatically correct, but do I honestly look like I give a crap? The answer is no by the way.

Finally they emerged from the house and clambered back in, although I was tempted to start pulling away before they got to the car, just to be evil.

“Have you got EVERYTHING Now?”

They nodded instead of speaking as they were panting from their latest ‘workout’.

I don’t know why Scottie and Al are so out of breath though, after being on the Quidditch team for so long, that exercise was like a walk in the park. Seriously, James (the Quidditch dictator) makes us run laps, well at least he does them as well, our previous captain didn’t and just watched. Oh well if I bat my eyelashes at him I only have to do a few, or if I’m slightly ill I don’t have to do any at all.


Anyway, rant over, I put the car into gear and reversed on the drive, speeding down the country lane on our way to Kings Cross Station.

------------------------ About halfway to Hogwarts ------------------------


“Longest heads and prefects meeting ever!” I groaned as James and I entered the compartment our friends and family were in.

“I thought you two were running it?”

“Yeah but the little twerps wouldn’t shut up and stop asking questions.”

“Why didn’t you just tell them to shut up then?”

“Oh believe me she did. You see that 5th year Slytherin prefect whimpering over there? Well, that’s why you don’t piss off Lyce.”

“What did you do to that child!?!?!?!” Dommie screeched at me.

“Well I told the whole carriage to shut up and actually listen to me, and that little BRAT, had the nerve to lecture me about being rude, so I decided to take her down a peg or two.”

“It was bloody amazing! The kid actually wet herself in the end!”

“Are you being Serious?!”

“Yeah! I’ve never seen anyone so scared in my entire life, and my mother is Ginny Weasley/Potter, and she is pretty scary.”

“I still cannot believe that you made a FIFTH year wet themselves, there like 15 years old!”

“I can” My darling brother contributed.

“Oh whatever! I tired now. Goodnight”

I yawned and laid my head in James’ lap and closed my eyes, hoping to get some much needed shut-eye.

The sound of laughter filled the compartment and I looked up, giving them all a ‘You-are-so-lucky-I-love-you-or-else-I-would-have-told-you-to-go-jump-off-the-astronomy-tower-by-now’ Glare ™

“What I tired!!!”

“You weren’t actually going o go to asleep like that, were you?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I?”

“Did you think about James’ opinion of it?”

“Awww I don’t mind! Bubba can go to sleep on me if she wants” My irresistible boyfriend cooed at me.

I reached up my arm and put a finger to his soft lips.

“Shhhh, Pillows don’t talk.”

The compartment erupted in laughter.

Smiling slightly; I lay my head back down and closed my eyes.

I felt a blanket carefully being draped over my fatigued body and a toned arm lying across my waist, pulling me closer to the owner, half hugging me.

Slowly I drifted into blissful sleep.

---------------------------- Later ----------------------------


*Sniff Sniff Sniff*

I smell chocolate.

I fucking love chocolate! Whoever has it, prepare to surrender it! I’m actually slightly surprised that I’m not fat from the sheer quantities of it I consume. But I cannot live without it. Seriously, I ended up in the hospital wing for a week after I was made to give up chocolate by James so ‘I could fly faster and be fitter for practise’. Stupid git. How the hell will I be able to play better if I’m in the bloody hospital wing? Nutter.

I have found the culprit.

James is eating the soon to be mine chocolate.

Puppy dog eyes time.


“If you come and get it, you can have it.”

Jumping up, I eagerly look at him.


“But you can only use your mouth to get it”

Smirking he popped the chocolate halfway into his mouth with the end sticking out of his lips.

Oh two can play that game.

I slid one hand into his hair, holding the back of his head, before positioning myself so I was sitting on his lap straddling him.

Did he just squeak? Oh my Merlin.

I slowly lowered my lips onto his, grasping the strip of chocolate between my teeth.

Gently plucking it out, I claimed my prize.

Slowly chewing, sucking all the chocaltety goodness. I savoured it, and took my sweet time finishing.

I started to shimmy off him, but his hands grabbed at my hips, holding me in my position.

He positioned his lips on my ear, nipping gently at it.

“You're staying right where you are.” He whispered; lips still on my ear lobe.

His lips migrated south west across my face, making the skin tingle.

Reaching their destination, his laps attacked mine with fire and passion, I obviously kissed back, come on he’s my boyfriend and this is James Sirius Potter, who wouldn’t??

I groaned slightly as his tongue parted my lips and his hands tangled themselves deeper in my hair.

Ohhh this is good.

“Merlin’s polka dot Speedos! What on sweet earth are you doing to my sister!?”


“We were only kissing Scottie! I know for a fact you’ve done more with your slags, I mean ‘girlfriends’.”

“Good job you didn’t come in 5 minutes later mate!”



My brother’s wand came flying out of his hand and into mine, before he finished his spell.

“That my baby sister you’re talking about you Prat!”

There was a sickening crunch as Scotties punched James.

Blood started streaming from his handsome face and I flung upon the compartment door.

“OUT!” I roared (like a true Gryffindor) whilst pointing at the open exit.


“Scottie Oberon Delany, you get out of my sight right now or else, Merlin so help me, I won’t be held responsible for my actions!”

“Get Out. NOW!” I growled.

As soon as he stepped out, I slammed the compartment door.

I conjured up some tissue and gently moved James’ hand to reveal his badly broken nose.

He visibly winced as I lightly pressed the tissue to his node

“It’s alright love, shhhh, it’ll stop hurting in a bit” I cooed whilst gently removing the remaining blood on his face.

“I’m sorry Lyce.”

He looked so innocent, like in the pictures of him when he was like 7 scattered around the house.

“It’s okay Bubba” I sighed. “I would just like to suggest you think about what you say round Scottie though.”


“Hold still now. Episkey”

His beautiful face contorted in pain slightly, and I leant down and lightly kissed the tip of his nose.



“I’m so sorry sweetie, I didn’t mean t hurt you, we’ll go to Hr Jones as soon as we get there and I’ll get him to fix it properly.”

“Don’t worry love, it was an accident… or was it?” He teased, raising his eyebrows mockingly.


The rest of the journey flew bye; before we knew it, we were standing at the lectern in the great hall ready to welcome the whole school back.



They were talking so loudly, honestly, talk about manners or in this case, lack of.




No. Still talking.

I spun around to see James who was coincidentally Head Boy, trying to contain his laughter.


Arghhh stupid brats! James looks like he’s about to wet himself from laughing so much. It’ll be the second time today that someone has wet themselves because of me.


My Growling shut him up, shame the same can’t be said for these kids.


That shut them up. Thank God.

 “Welcome back Hogwartians and welcome to our new midgets… I mean first years!”

“So this lovely lady, Alyce Delany is Head Girl this year, and I’m warning you now kids, you don’t want to get on her bad side, believe me it’s scary. Not only is she like the smartest Gryffindor since Aunt Hermione, but she’s one of the chasers on the Quidditch team” <Insert cheers from the Gryffie table here> “And the sane one of us, which is not really saying much, so yeah, that’s Lyce”

“This Gorgeous guy, James Potter, is Head Boy this year, Merlin help us all, he’s the kind one, with the already inflated ego. A BEASTLY Quidditch Cap’n, just like the last 2 years and also plays chaser” <Insert huge cheer from the Gryffies> “What else can I say, he’s kick ass awesome!”

“So I’m sure you’re all wondering where Min, I mean Proff. McGonagall is, so we shall tell you now that she is away for personal reasons, but should be back by the end of the week, until then, Nev, Proff. Longbottom will be acting as head”

<Claps and cheers and some groans>

“I have been told to remind you that all Weasley Wizard Wheezes products are banned and that a full list of all prohibited items can be obtained from Mr Filch (If you’re sad enough to read/want to read it). And as always The Forbidden Forest, hence its name, is, of course, forbidden.”

“And as a final note, I would like to remind everyone to keep up Hogwarts traditions, especially those in 5th year in above, on our First Night Back.”

Trust James to remind all the senior students about the ‘secret’ annual welcome back party, held for the upper years, on the first day back. No matter what day it is.

When I say party, I don’t mean an innocent with cake and party bags, unless you pretend fire whiskey is cake and the girl that gets pregnant is going home with a party bag. Oh yeah, people have gotten pregnant before, there’s all sorts of illegal substances at these parties, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Anyway let’s eat already.

“So on that note, let the feast begin!” We shouted simultaneously.

The part starts in 2 hours time in the Room of Requirement. There will, of course, be ridiculous amounts of alcohol, which means I’ll be up at 5 am giving hangover potion to the younger students, so the teachers don’t (if they haven’t already) realise that we were up partying till the early hours of the morning. To top it all off, I’m gonna have to mentally prepare myself for some girl to come and tell me in ‘confidence’ that their pregnant in the next week or so.

What a great way to start the year.

I’m just glad these parties are worth it.


A/N: Hola darlings! First I want to apologize for the long wait, I had written this in time for the queue closure, but I couldn’t get it typed up in time, I stayed up typing as late as I could but I hadn’t even got like halfway through! So I’m sorry :’(                                                                           

Secondly, I want to thank the 4 people that reviewed Chappie 2 (as of 5/1/12) especially Ginny Potter and horseyrosyrb for being so far my regular reviewers, well, Rosie knows she has to or else I’ll disown her (Don’t worry we’re friends in real life, I don’t just disown random people on the internet!) so really only Ginny Potter, so THANK YOU!!                                                          

Thirdly: Would anyone hate me if I changed the rating to mature because of things that happen later?                                                                                                                                                                                   

So in Chappie 4 it’s going to be the party and possibly some after events etc, it depends how long my brain can work for ;) Oh and we’ve got another character coming in that has only briefly been mentioned and I’m thinking a bit of Scottie POV (?!)                                                                                          

I’m going to tell you now, it’s my birthday on the 19th so if you want to be one of my favourite virtual people, leave me a review as an early birthday present or leave me one on me B-Day to make it the best B-day ever! *Hint Hint!*   

#Love, Peace and Ponies! - Julia x

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