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Happily Ever After? by Juicey_Moosey
Chapter 2 : Mr Medicine
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Disclaimer: I don’t own anything you recognise, no matter how much I wish I did.







“Scottie, calm down, she’s gonna be alright.”




“Calm down! How am I supposed to calm down, eh? My baby sister is in a coma and has Hyper-Bloody-Thermia! So tell me, mate, How the Hell am I supposed to calm down?!?”




What the? Alright, where am I?




“Jeez Scottie, don’t get your wand in a knot. We all know ‘Lyce has hyperthermia, see us pacing around like raving lunatics? And don’t you DARE yell at James, if it wasn’t for him, Alyce would be DEAD at the bottom of the lake right now.”






I cut him off before he could finish.




“Scottie, shut up, you’re giving me a migraine”



 “Alyce? ‘Lyce?”



 I slowly opened my eyes.



“Merlin it’s bright in here!” I croaked.



“Oh God! ‘Lyce! Your okay! Thank Merlin! I was worried!”



My brother grabbed my weak body and pulled it into a tight embrace and started to kiss my forehead repeatedly.




“Ahhhhhh! Geroff me! Scottie, your crushing me. Can’t…breathe…”




He sheepishly got off me and apologized frequently.




“Where am I?”


“Hospital wing, love” answered James as he gently squeezed my hand, which I only just realised he was holding. It fitted round mine perfectly and was lovely and warm. I closed my fingers around his squeezed them back.



WOW there is a lot of people in here; seriously there’s pretty much all of the Hogwartian members of my surrogate family, and there is a ton of them!




“Blimey there’s a lot of you in here! Go on, Scram! Yes all off you!




Mind reader right there I tell you!


I looked up to see Healer Jones, shooing everyone out whilst smiling.



Damn sexy beast, he has got to be the fittest member of staff at Hogwarts. What?!? He’s in his early 20’s, I’m not that bad! His blonde, slightly ginger hair is cropped short and goes nicely with his 200 watt smile.




“But sir” started my darling twin brother.



“Yes, even you Mr Delany” cut of the resident Healer.



Scottie huffed like a puff and stalked out.



Hr Jones sat down on the edge of my hospital bed and put his right hand to my forehead and his index and middle fingers from his left hand on to my upturned wrist.



“How do you feel, sweetheart?”




“Eughhhhh, like hell.” I replied.




He laughed softly whilst getting up off the edge of the bed and reached into the cupboard above, giving me a PERFECT view of his arse, pulling out a vial full off light blue liquid. Sitting back down, he to off the lid and handed it to me.




“Here, drink this, it will make you very sleepy, but it’ll help get you better”




I nodded and brought the vial up to my lips and swallowed the contents in one gulp. He took the empty vial from me and smiled slightly.




“’I’ll come back and check on you later, just try and get some rest, okay?”




I nodded in reply. Yes, I nod a lot, have you got a problem with that?



He smiled and winked at me before entering his office and quietly closing the door.




I fidgeted about until I got comfy, and let the fatigue consume me whole.





“’Lyce, darling, are you awake?”




“Muhhggghhhh” was my extremely elegant reply.




I heard soft laughing and slightly louder, ‘manly’ laughing.




I opened my eyes and looked up.




Sitting on the edge and standing next my hospital bed, were Ginny & Harry Potter.




“Ginny? Harry?”




“How are you feeling hunn?”




“Eughhhhh like Hell”




The both smiled and Harry put a hand on Ginny’s shoulder.




“Well, we just came to make sure you were alright, and you obviously are, so we’ll let you get some rest won’t we love?” Harry asked whilst patting my leg with his free hand.



“You ready to go Harr?” Ginny asked her husband



“You go ahead love, I won’t be a minute” He winked



There was a pop as Ginny disapparated



“Soooo…..” I began.



“Don’t worry; I’ll just be a minute”



Oh Merlin! This does not sound good



He walked over to the other side of my bed and grasped the air, pulling it slowly towards him.



To my amazement, James magically appeared (if you’ll pardon the pun) from thin air.



“How on Earth did you know I was there? Surely it’s called an invisibility cloak for a reason!?”



“James, James, James did you really think I wouldn’t notice someone using my own cloak?







“Lyce, I can explain!”



“I’m sure you can and will, James, but as I need to leave ASAP, I’ll explain for you. Lyce, James here was using my invisibility cloak to sit in the dank, depressive and extremely white Hospital Wing, next to your bed, without anyone but me noticing to either:


A)    Watch you sleep, very much like a stalker; or…


B)     Talk to you, but, being angel, didn’t want to wake you up.




Personally I honestly hope it’s the latter of the two, but I’m not entirely sure, oh well, got to go love, hope you feel better!”



With that he leaned of and quickly kissed my forehead, and then there was another pop as he left following his wife.



“Well this is awkward”



“No Shit Sherlock”



Gotta love that phrase!!



“Former or Latter?”






“A or B, first or second, both, none of the above?”



“Ohhh, Latter, B, Second, whatever you want to call it. I’m sorry, love.”



<Insert Awkward Silence here>                                  



“You saved me.”



I wasn’t 100% sure whether it was a statement or question. Never mind, let him decipher it how he wants.



“What dyu mean?”



Great Reply James, Great Reply.



“It was you that saved me.”



Yet again another questment. Yes, I just combined question and statement to create ….*Drum roll*…. A Questment!! I know, I know its genius, hold your applause, no seriously, I understand your awe, but you must contain your excitement, which you are quite obviously doing (cough cough Clap Damnit).



“Hmmm? Oh yeah…. Yeah…I suppose I did.”






“What? Well umm, I kind of held my breath and dived into the lake and wrestled you to the surface, from the evil clutches of a Grindylow.” He answered whilst either scratching his head or ruffling his hair. Either way it is incredibly sexy and there was a fluttering in my stomach. Stupid butterflies.



“No, I mean…this is gonna sound ridiculous… Promise not to laugh?”






“Pinky promise?”



“Not sure about that, pinkies are quite serious”



I slapped the back off his head



“Owww, Lyce, was that really necessary? Fine Pinky Promise.”



Okay, here goes nothing.              



“Okay, I umm…. I saw….I saw the bright white light…the one they say you see just before you die…. And…..mental as it may sound…I saw you behind it…..Behind the white light that is.”



He looked at me and laughed.



The GIT laughed.



If looks could kill, he wouldn’t be laughing. He’d be on the floor; Dead. If looks could kill, I would be the new, more effective, killing curse.



He’s still laughing.



STILL Laughing.



If he keeps bloody laughing, I think I’m going to go insane. What do I mean ‘go’? Well contrary to popular opinion, I am not YET insane, maybe borderline crazy, but not ‘lock her up in Mungo’s ‘psychiatric health ward’ and throw away the key’ mental.






He’s stopped laughing if you hadn’t already guessed/realised.



He wipes the tears (Yes Tears, the Git was so much, he started to cry!) from his gorgeous Amber (Goldy - brown) eyes, and takes hold of my hand.



“Ohhh Lyce, darling, you’re just too cute, and adorable, especially cute.”



I punched his arm playfully, though it was meant to be hard, but probably hurt me more than him.



“You laughed you git. You pinky promised. EVIL CHILD. YOU should NEVER break a pinky promise. In some countries they cut of your pinky for breaking a pinky promise. Would you like that? Huh? Huh? I think someone needs to apologise *cough – you - cough*”



“Alyce, they do not cut off pinkies for breaking pinky promises. And I apologise profusely for laughing at you, I just couldn’t help it, you were too cute.”



“Explain why you laughed and I might forgive you. Might.”



“Welll… The bright white light; that would have been the light coming from the end of my wand. And me, well that was me holding my wand.”



Oh My Jelly. I just got blonder than a Barbie doll. Yes I talk about Muggle things, would you rather I talk about magical things that you wouldn’t understand? No I didn’t think so somehow.




“Ohhhhh…..Call it a blonde moment?”



“If you say so Barbie”



 Did he just call me BARBIE.



Oh he is going down. There is gonna be some chicken. Or is it Beef? Pork? Lamb? Hang on, I think its beef. Well there all meats. I don’t really get those ‘hip/modern’ phrases. Turkey? No deffinately beef.



“Did you just call me BARBIE!?!?!?”



“Yup.” He smirked and popped the ‘p’



“As I the blonde haired, ditzy, muggle toy?”



“You betcha Bar-boo”



“Do you want kids when you’re older?”



“Errrrrrr well Ummmm…”



“If you want that ability to EVER reproduce I suggest you NEVER call me Barbie again.”



 He gulped. Yeah that’s right, you better be afraid, love, I can be a fearless biatch when I want to be. Don’t mess with the scary, slightly Veela girl. Fine I’m like 1/132 but he (and you) should still be afraid.



“I’m sorry love”



“Mmmm, forgiven, I couldn’t stay mad at you for long anyway”



<Insert a really long and especially awkward silence>









“I…. I think… I think I’m in love…With you.”



His beautiful eyes widen slightly, and he slowly starts to nod his head.



He looks a bit like those muggle novelty nodding dog thingies. Like the Churchill ones that you put at the back of your car.



“As more than a friend or a brother?” He asked softly whilst tilting his head to the side, ever so slightly, as if he was trying to get another angle of me.



I slowly nodded my head as well. Now I look like a bloody nodding dog. Humph.



“Good.” He whispered.



His hand reached up and cupped my cheek, stroking it gently, and leaned in close to me, before crushing his soft and smooth lips against mine.



And the fireworks began.






A/N: Hey guys! So the eagerly awaited Chappie 2. I hope you like it as much as I do! Just want to point out in the previous chapter I made a little mistake, it was 2018, not 2016 the accident happened, so basically this is back at the beginning of 6th year.



 I would like to thank everyone that reviewed, (You know who you are you awesome people!) and beg that more people review this time! (Favourite bits, advice for next chapters, quotes etc.) I always respond to them!  I also want to celebrate 100+ reads on the previous chapter (may seem rubbish to some but I’m so happy!) Going to get some CI’s for the characters and put them in soon as there made ;) Congrats to those that actually bothered to read this massive A/N. don’t think there’s anything else to mention, so till next time. X

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