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Happily Ever After? by Juicey_Moosey
Chapter 1 : Rolling In The Deep
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything that you recognise

My name is Alyce Lilac Delany, I’m 17 years old and I’m about to start my 7th and final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, at which I’m a Gryffindor and play chaser on the house Quidditch team.

I have a twin brother, Scottie Oberon Delany. Yeah I know poor SOD, but I’m afraid you’ve been pipped to the post with that one. I think the first time that pun was used was about 17 years ago, and it has become beyond old by now. What were our parents on when they named him? Well to be quite honest, I haven’t got the foggiest, our parents didn’t really agree with magic you see, so 11 year olds Alyce and Scottie were given an ultimatum on the 1st of September 2012, which is today, exactly 6 years ago. Either we stay at home, forget we ever got our Hogwarts letters and never talk about it again, or, get on the dazzling scarlet Hogwarts Express, departing from Platform 9 ¾, Kings Cross Station at 11am and never come back home.

You’ve probably gathered which option we picked.

I’ll give them something, they kept to their word.

We haven’t heard from them once in the last 6 years. And you know what? I haven’t regretted that decision in the last 2191 days, and I’m not planning to any time soon.

Rant over, back to my delightful (insert teaspoon of Sarcasm (he isn’t so bad, just really overprotective) here) twin brother. He’s 5 minutes older than me, but he treats me like its 5 YEARS, not minutes, which is rather stupid actually, considering I’m way more mature then him. Maybe the most mature in our year, which is probably why old Mckky G has made me Head Girl this year.

You’ve probably been wondering were me and Scottie have been living during the holidays for the past 6 years. (You haven’t? Shame on you! Boo, Hiss!)

Well, on our first ever train ride to Hogwarts, we ended up sharing a compartment, with the ridiculously friendly Wotters. Yes, I did just say the Wotters, as in the offspring of the golden trio and their extensive family (Seriously, they breed like fricking rabbits). We hit it of straight away and we’ve been living with James, Lily, Al, Ginny and Harry at the Potter Mansion ever since.

We have our own rooms there and everything, and Ginny and Harry are way better parents to us than our biological ones ever were and would have been, but, for some stupid reason, I can’t bring myself to call them…Mum and Dad.

Scottie calls them Mum and Dad, and I think it annoys him that I don’t, but, I can’t, I just can’t bring myself to do it. I can’t.

 There amazing, and the totally understand why and accept me for who I am. Lily and Al are just like the little brother and sister I never had.

So why isn’t James like my brother? Well, he was, right up until last year when I managed to drown in the Black Lake and he saved my completely natural and supposedly sexy arse.

I’ve probably lost you around about now haven’t I? Yeah, Oh Kay …. Ummmm, I think it’s time for a flashback.

November 14th 2016.

“Move your arse Lyce!” The Oh so delightful Dominique Weasley screeched as she dragged me hurriedly towards the Black lake, where the rest of the Gryffindor Quidditch team were waiting for us. We had just finished Quidditch practice, and I was exhausted, well who wouldn’t be, James Sirius Potter, is a Nazi Quidditch Captain (I apologize to anyone who find this offensive, but he is worse than a military dictator), seriously, if you wasn’t like a brother to me, I would Avada Kedavra the fricks sculpted arse by now. Anyway, Dom turned me to face the lake and ripped my cover-up off, to reveal a very skimpy, lacy bikini. Bearing in mind our company included my brother, my two surrogate brothers, one of which is actually quite attractive and the rest of the sexily muscled Quidditch team, I wasn’t too impressed so I proceeded to run into the lake.

Ooooh it’s nice in here! “Oi, Dommy, James, Freddy, Al, Scottie, Scorpius! (Yes I did just say Scorpius, yes as in The Scorpius Malfoy, No he’s not in Slytherin, I know, shocker! He’s a mighty Gryffinroar! Just as well really, he’s a bloody good beater) Get your butts in the water, its amazing!” The responses I got were a mixture of laughter and abusive comments including “Crazy Bint” I think my brother was the one to call me that. My own flesh and blood! Honestly, never mind, there loss, not mine.


I started jumping up and down splashing and mucking about in the water, which was until I made eye contact with James. It was magical, we both smiled, yes smiled, for once we didn’t smirk! I felt my heart racing. We looked away at the same time; I started to blush and looked down.

Just then, I felt a pulling at my leg. I thought it was just a plant so I tried to shake it off, but it wasn’t a plant. The Grindylow pulled me under, and I screamed bloody murder.

My natural survival instincts kicked in. I thrashed wildly to escape the grasp of this particularly strong Grindylow. I bet your thinking, Why don’t you just stun it? Well Einstein, I’m in a lake, wearing pre-before mention skimpy bikini, so do you really think I would have my wand? Hmm, go figure.

I made it back to the surface, just.

My petrified greeny-blue eyes met with a shocked and worried pair of Gold and Brown ones that I instantly recognised as James’s. I reached out, screaming, and screeching for him as much as I could, hoping he would help me. Then I felt it, the horrific burning in my ankle and the pulling sensation, all I could do was take a deep breath, before I was pulled under, yet again.

James POV.

I heard her before I saw her.

There were screams coming from the Black Lake, I turned around to see what was going on. The only person that was in there was….Oh Merlin….Alyce.

That’s when I saw her.

My eyes connected with hers. The usually playful greeny-blue irises surrounding her enchanting pupils had been replaced by a harsh icy blue, amongst scarily red veins popping out.

They conveyed everything…..The Worry. The Fear. The Pain.

I stood there paralysed. Just for a second, before ‘Lyce’s frantic cries shook me out of it.

I did the only thing I could think of doing.

I yanked off my shirt and sneakers, and ran full pelt at the Lake gripping my wand. “Lumos maxima” I muttered before diving into the water.

There she is! I saw her out of the corner of my eye.

I propelled myself forward and reached out. My hand grabbed at her bare waist as I pulled my girl close to me.

Oh Merlin.

This is so wrong. Wrong on so so many levels. Just plain wrong.

You think I’m insane don’t you? Well you’d be just as scared if your hand had just slipped from someone you consider to be your sister’s waist to, to her, to her breast. Not so much of a psycho now, am I? No I thought not.

Hmmmm, I think what’s worse, is in all honesty, my hand is quite comfy and really doesn’t want to move from its position on her left tit. Yeah, I admit it. The woman has a bloody nice rack, which incidentally is only just covered by that black frilly thing, that I’m pretty certain nobody in their right mind could class as suitable swimwear. Seriously, McGonagall would have a Fit is she saw ‘Lyce looking like that in that incredibly sexy thing. What? I’m a 17 year old bloke. It’s called hormones. Alright?

I slid my perverted hand back to her waist and was about to pull my ‘Lyce to me again, when I saw it.

“Bloody Grindylow” I realised. “Stupefy” I silently thought, whilst pointing my wand at it.

The Grindylow, you idiot. Not that skimpy excuse for a bikini top. Honestly, I don’t know how the hell, Scottie lets his sister, go out dressed like that. Merlin, I’d rather drag Lily back to the castle to change then let her go out revealing that much…that much…cleavage. Not that I’m complaining. Alyce has a mighty fine rack. So glad she wears old tank tops when we’re at Quidditch practice, cos they are skin tight, and short. Very short. I really have an excellent view, and Scott’s learnt not to bother yelling at her for it, she never listens anyway. Merlin! I’m a teenager with a Y chromosome, what else would you expect from me, honestly?

This time when I pulled my baby girl closer, her motionless body obeyed and floated into my arms.

It was getting bright and brighter as we surged to the surface.

We shot through the water/air barrier. I let out my held breath and refilled my empty lungs with oxygen (and whatever other crap that’s also in the air), before carrying Alyce out of the lake, to where the rest of the Gryffies were waiting and prepared for when we reached the land finally.

That when I understood.

Seeing her so…so fragile like this, it was what me realise, I bloody loved her. I love Alyce Lilac Delany and I don’t want to live a day with her by my side. I don’t care what people think. I love her, and of that I’m 100% sure.

Alyce’s POV.

I knew I had a lot of time to think; there was no way I could escape from the grasp of this creature now, besides, it would only waste energy, fruitlessly trying to do something that was quite obviously impossible. So I didn’t. I conserved my energy on concentrated on staying alive for as long as I could.


I thought about Scottie. His blondey-brown identical hair colour, which is cropped short and normally windswept, and unfortunately quite sexy? Merlin, what’s he gonna do without me?!

Harry and Ginny, their kindness and acceptance, their generosity. What would I have done without them?

My Best friend Alara, her shoulder length almost black hair, fluttering by her pretty, innocent face. How would I have survived so long at Hogwarts without her?

Dom, my only female companion on the Quidditch team, and how she literally forced me into this skimpy bikini.

Of my surrogate siblings, Al and Lily. How much fun I had with them. The ‘awkward’ talks with little Lily, and how Al's emerald green eyes manage to read me like one of his many books every day.

And finally to James Sirius Potter. My James. To wonder what would have happened if I realised these feelings for him earlier. His Honey brown eyes and how the last time mine connected with his, I felt something magical. Out of this world.

That was when I saw it

The bright light everyone says you see just before you die.

But you know what the strangest thing is, I also saw James right behind the light. Raaandoooom.

Phwoar! Those abs, is it possible to dribble under-water? I think I am. Merlin, you are cruel, showing something I will never have, just before I die as well, Inconsiderate much? I think so.

My eyes feel heavy; they’re blurry around the edges now.

I felt something on my waist, just before I drifted into darkness.

A place of everlasting darkness.

A/N: Hey guys, so this is my first HPFF, I want to point out that in the next chapters it will most likely stick to Alyce's POV. But I wanted a bit of James in there so the next chappie will make sense. I hope I wrote him alright, I haven't written from a guys POV before so yeah... I know this story has dived in at the deep end, no pun intended! I hope you like it and want more. Review will make my day (I can send imaginary cookies, wink wink, nudge nudge) ~ Juicey_Moosey


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