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Back and White by gingersneeze
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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“I see it now in your eyes, the look of pure fantasy whoah whoah,” the voices continued to screech.


Oh god please let this be a bad dream, please oh please let this be a bad dream; I chanted to myself as I found myself waking up, on a chilly night in the middle of England.


I looked at the clock stand that was on my bed side table and bright, red, blurry, scribbles stared out at



“Dammit,” I cursed to myself as I searched around for my glasses hearing a couple of books shatter on their way down. My searching could be best described as an Essex girl looking for her dignity after a night out.


Eventually, finding the glasses I put them on the numbers 2:35 am stared out at me.


You’ve got to be freakin  kidding me, I begrudgingly got out of bed only to stop when I saw  an unsettling the reflection staring back at me.


 My curly red hair was in corkscrews and I sighed disappointingly looking at the bags under my dark brown eyes.


At 5ft 3 ,ok lets be honest 5ft 2 because of my bad slouching that grandma pointed out , I was exactly the opposite of what a seventeen year old girl of  Malfoy upbringing should be. For instances I had red hair, no Malfoy in known history had red hair, something my older brother Scorpius reminded me of since the day I was born.


Yes scorp I know I’m a bloody ginger it’s not like I can change that miraculously overnight. Trust me Daisy my best friend and I once attempted to dye my hair black, with one of those witch weekly’s instant hair powders and the results were disastrous to say the least.


To make it worse it was Christmas morning and that year my present was Donald trump hair. As half my ginger roots protested and just up and left. Leaving me screaming like a banshee on Christmas morning and Grandma Narcissa accusing me of turning into a lesbian.


I guess that whole lesbian theory doesn’t help the fact that I dress like a tomboy and my only form of girly clothing is my pink doc martens.


The only person who had a good Christmas that year was James Potter, my ex best friend witch weekly’s teen heartthrob third year running. It was just preposterous they even have these completion’s like hello when was witch weekly going to report on important issues and not just the size of  James’s pectoral muscles 6 x5 inches by the way not that I wanted to remember it was just a stupid fact that stayed with me because it felt like everywhere I go I couldn’t avoid  him  and his band of shrieking banshee’s.


At the end of  third year Lorcan Scamader, James and I were inseparable.  I couldn’t lie James had always been talented with his guitar he had a talented voice too but he rarely let people hear it. I think the only time I heard him singing was once in the shower. I mean not like that get your mind out of the gutter we had sleepovers when we were younger Lorcan, james and I. Lorcan had always played the keyboard and Freddy James’s older cousin who was a year older than us, played drums. It naturally made sense for them to start a band.


James however felt like something was missing another voice he said and who was I to argue. I was not musically talented at all I was plain old Aves most people at Hogwarts only knew me for being James’s friend. However James insisted I had a go and one day when I was trying my best ( which consite of me mumbling a few words in near whispers) in came Scorpius  yelling at me to stop for the love of god stop.


Now Scorpius and James never got on well I don’t know if it was the old Malfoy -Potter Conflict or something else.


However something changed that day Scorpius pushed me away and belted out Blondie’s One Way or Another and the rest was history. Dementor’s Kiss was formed and now one of the most popular bands of our generation and I was just a distant memory of a life they had.


It’s not like they ditched me straight away it’s just that things happened and promises were forgotten as new opportunities rose.


“whoah whoah” the screeching brought a close to my thoughts. I suddenly remembered the disturbance that woke me up and I looked outside my window. A hoard of preteen girls outside the Potter’s lawn, oh that’s right did I forget to mention that James was my neighbour. Mum had inherited some land and by the time dad found it was too late. To be honest dad was too stubborn and proud to move after we moved in.


I nudged open my balcony window and I heard it creek open it had been years since I had come out here. I grabbed a few rocks from my old fish tank which had the word here lies rustin hieber ( I was 13 I was going through a phase please don’t judge me). The sad thing is at the time I thought the pseudonym I used for the fish’s name would keep my secret yearning for a certain unmentionable pop star under wraps.


Suddenly Daisy’s face popped into my head.  “Now Avery do you really want to do this people at school already think your insane” she would have said. Oh Daisy sweet innocent Daisy,I probably looked a site red mop on my head ratty pyjamas ready to throw rocks at a window of an international popstar.


Just then a shriek stopped my thoughts” Oh my god I bet Jay looks so hot when he’s sleeping maybe we should climb the roof”. I peered through the side of the house and sure enough the girls were still there. That was my breaking point and suddenly I hurled a couple of pebbles at my neighbour’s window.


“Oy rockstar”…when no reply came I tried again.

“Oy wake up you idiot,” suddenly I could hear shuffling and a bedroom light being turned on.


In walked James Potter in all his glory (not like that) he was wearing a wife beater and some sweatpants. The boy had aged well, boyish good looks were turning into hard masculine lines. Not that I cared or anything.


Of course the trademark impish smirk on his face was still tattooed on his face as he confidently looked me up and down eyes glazed. The cool night air felt hotter all of a sudden because the boy I knew three years ago would never do that.


“Something the matter miss Malfoy,” an eye brow hitching up arms crossed, as I saw his arm muscles bulge those were definitely not there three years ago.


Before I could attempt to say anything he interrupted me, “You do know that you toss them one at time at your lovers window not all at once.”


That irked me “well we all can’t  be a walking std factory like you,” I retorted.


He seemed unfazed “jealous Aves” he replied not even moving the slightest.


A gust of wind suddenly blew ruffling my hair.


“ugh in your dreams and don’t call me that,” I replied snappily.


“still a nasty ginger bitch I see.” suddenly seeing a  flicker of anger storming in his hazel eyes.


I wasn’t in the mood to fight I was exhausted, tired and frustrated with the situation before me.


 James had changed, fame changed him and while the rest of the wizarding world loved it I was not a fan.


“Just tell your freakin Harpy twelve year olds to stop singing your crappy songs in the middle of the night.”


He seemed a bit put out by my demand almost as if he was expecting something else.


Suddenly the voices stopped and I peered to the side of the balcony looks like security were clearing up the girls.


 “Finally”, satisfied I turned back to the boy in question nearly jumping out of my skin when I realised he was staring at me eyes nearly searing my soul like he could see all my secrets like he could see my soul all my imperfections.


“Night Aves, sleep tight” I flinched at the nickname “sorry Avery” he said apologising quickly.


Well maybe the boy has matured maybe just maybe we could hold a civilised conversation and the last week of the summer holidays would be


“See you at school,”


“what” I said snapping out of my thoughts.


“Didn’t Scorp tell you were all going back to school this year can’t wait to tell everyone your Bieber fan” he said looking over my shoulder the smirk replastered on his chiseled face.


Can life get any more depressing; sadly I think I knew the answer to that question. 

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Back and White: Prologue


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