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Review #1, by Paige Turner Chapter Fifty

6th April 2014:
What the hell. That's so messed up. That was so unneccesary.

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Review #2, by VStoryWebber Chapter Forty Nine

5th April 2014:
Was Jeremy Adams the only one who died?
I thought many students must've died in that attack... not that I want them to be dead, of course!
But I was just wondering, is all.

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Review #3, by VStoryWebber Chapter Forty Seven

5th April 2014:
Hey, not fair!
It was shaping up to be an amazing, senti chapter - and BOOM! Voldemort's grand entry!
It was scary to read, even...
Anyway, good going!

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Review #4, by VStoryWebber Chapter Forty Four

5th April 2014:
That was amazing!
Really, I think it deserves a 10...
But Lily's reaction kinda spoiled the scene... but I agree that's what she would have felt!

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Review #5, by maurauders rock123 Chapter One

4th April 2014:
wow. i love your fanfic so far

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Review #6, by diamondmoon Chapter Eight

23rd February 2014:
What is it with Lily and the color green? It's literally the only thing she's worn... XD

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Review #7, by insertamusingpseudonymhither Chapter Twenty Five

23rd February 2014:
You made me cry.I love this fanfic

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Review #8, by MeganGillies Chapter Fifty Two

22nd February 2014:
I know that this story was written a long time ago but I would just like to say that even though I have only discovered it now I think its one of the most amazing Harry Potter Fanfaiction stories I have ever really read, also, I think that the literature used in the story is quite good and that the way you have seemed to structure the story based on some small facts you hear about Lily and James in the actually Harry Potter books is something amazing that not many people could do!

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Review #9, by onetimedreamer Chapter Sixty

11th February 2014:
hahahahahahahaha i love grace's reaction in this chapter!!! XD This is hilarious. I imagine Lily must have been expecting the typical jumping up and down, screaming sort of response, and she gets snoring :P well. it's funny to me :)

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Review #10, by ellykristina Chapter Forty Four

27th January 2014:
10/10, darling. Always. Ahh, I've always loved this bit. It's adorable.

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Review #11, by ginny809 Chapter Seventy Eight

24th January 2014:
I loved reading your story. it was just amazing and it really came alive to me. I always find it weird to read through generations, like how Lily and James are young now, and in JKR's books where Harry's kids are going to Hogwarts. Anyway, you have a great style and I'm glad I found this.

As a reader who gets really into stories I always fall for the characters (like most), but in your story even I thought that I couldn't fall for James because he belonged with Lily. Sirius is the one for me ;)

Thanks for writing this, you're awesome Katie

(my only one comment is about "you're not a feminist are you?" in a previous chapter, because that's a little over rated seeing as feminism means equal rights, not hating men.)

PS I thought Grace and Remus were the best couple ever and they should've figured it out. But I also love Tonks

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Review #12, by ;) Chapter Sixty Seven

13th January 2014:
While I enjoyed the story and the suspense especially I really Don't think that Lily would have been like this at all. I understand you wrote this before all the books were out so there is also a lot left out but otherwise i enjoyed it as a story.

Read How to Tame a Maurader!

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Review #13, by kelly Chapter Sixty Seven

12th January 2014:
Oh my goodness I cant believe alice and frank are the longbottoms i didnt put it together until you wrote about the mother in law with the vulture hat. so subtle. LOVE IT

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Review #14, by ohyeah Chapter Forty Four

9th January 2014:
I liked the proposal scene definetly!

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Review #15, by HPFAN Chapter Seventy Eight

4th January 2014:
You started writing this story in 2004 and here, in 2014, people are still reading this story. I don't know if you still read reviews or even check on this site any more but on the off chance that you do I just want you to know that you did an amazing job. This was a truly captivating story that gave a great insight into the characters lives. Your ability to give life to character is astounding. I felt more attached to Lilly than any other character I have ever read on this site. I truly did not want this story to end and when it did i felt compelled to write this: I hope that where ever you are in our life you are still writing. Your talents should not be wasted.

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Review #16, by Michele Chapter Seventy Eight

29th December 2013:
Hi! I have been totally hooked to this. I'm so sad that it ended! It was so fun! I read it all in 2 days!

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Review #17, by Charlotte Chapter Thirty Nine

22nd December 2013:
thankyou, the story is amazing. i love James

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Review #18, by Marcella Chapter Seventy Eight

18th December 2013:
This is the first time I write a review in my life.
Thank you.
I want you to know that i'm from Brazil, that your story has come all the way here, and toutch me deeply.
I'm sad i finished it so soon, but I'm very happy to know that somewere across the globe you existe.
Always remmember how many strangers you have been able to reach with your own immagination.
Thank you, very, very much!!

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Review #19, by love_is_magic_ Chapter Seventy Eight

20th November 2013:
I wish I could have left reviews on all of these chapters but I thought I would just wait for the last one, because I knew it wouldn't take me long to get there. That being said, I AM SO SAD THAT I FINALLY GOT HERE! Thank you so much for bringing this story into the world, it was simply inspiring.
I would also like to say that experiencing this story alongside Lily has helped me with a lot of my own issues (insecurity, a fearful and love/hate relationship with love). Reading this has helped me to accept my own challenges and realize that feeling that sort of thing is normal and can be overcome. I know this is all ridiculously cheesy but I really cannot emphasize what a relieving epiphany this truly was for me.
I hope you go on to write more, if not for us, for yourself. You have a real talent and I hope that you succeed in whatever you set forth to do.
Thank you so much,

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Review #20, by Roanna234 Chapter Thirty Five

20th November 2013:
Not cool that Lily thing..

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Review #21, by You (again) Chapter Eleven

19th November 2013:
A couple of mistakes... this: "We arrived in Potions and took our seats. Professor Harrison was at his..." where is professor Horace Slughorn?? (chekc sixth book) And what about this? :"We had Potions with the Slytherins, which consisted of Lucius Malfoy, Severus Snape, Bellatrix Black..." They can't be all the same age! Malfoy is older than snape for sure, so he shouldn't be in school anymore! (check seventh book, snapes memorys) Sorry that I'm annoying but .. Yeah, I like your story, still.. :) but have you ever read the books?!

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Review #22, by You (again) Chapter Ten

19th November 2013:
What? 'To make matters worse, Gaby leaned over the table and whispered in my ear, "Cecilia's seeker on the team, you know." ' Seeker? James Potter is of course the seeker!! I still like your story. Even it haves mistakes quite lot...

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Review #23, by You Chapter Nine

19th November 2013:
I like your story, but there is many things that aren't right, if you think the book. First, potter and Sirius weren't prefects. Remus was only one. Second, they didn't have divination in those times.Sibyll Trelawney was the first teacher that Dumbledore got to that job. Third, Lily did not hate potions, or I wouldn't think so, cause in the sixth book professor slughorn said that she was very good at potions. Even the best I would remember. And I have doubts that Sirius would have been in Quiddich team.. And Lily

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Review #24, by Desiree M. Chapter Two

11th November 2013:
This story was actually really got me into HPFF. "Living Life" is truly addicting and I could not get myself away from it. I felt for the story and character so much as I was reading it, my emotions were affected by the characters feelings and story outcome.

Toward the ending, I was literally moody b/c of what was going on in the story.

I will recommend this to anyone!

My own complainant was Lily. Reading JK Rowling's HP books, Lily was described as totally opposite than what Lily was in "Living Life." And her character overall was really frustrating to deal with most times (and I know you knew we would feel this way). I felt like Lily's character should have been someone else entirely.

James was my favorite. I think I fell in love with him. Or Sirius. Can you be in love with two people? (lol.)

I love what you did with Peter's character, it fit well to explaining Peter's role as a Death Eater.
And each character you created was phenomenal! (Henn was my favorite out of the girls.)


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Review #25, by Pigsfly Chapter Seventy Eight

10th November 2013:
Katie, for a kid who wrote 78 chapters from middle school to college, ya did good.

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