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Review #1, by lovegood27 Friendship

11th April 2017:
Hey Hedwig :)

This was cute, lol. Omg Lily's so innocent as a 6 year old, her swearing references were hilarious. Is her inner monologue just something she's had since, like, birth? ;)

Ahaha, it would be cool if we were actually related. Cool, but kinda weird. But remember aeroplanes so...maybe in the future? *inserts laughing emoji*

I'm just going to assume Moody's based on Mark, but whatever. Pretty sure he didn't even know about me when I first came. Agh, why am I even talking about this here...

Anyway, thanks for the story, it was really good. Going on my favourites list ;D

Author's Response: AWW MARSHY YOU SO CUTE XP

I'd like to think that Lily has had a inner monologue from birth, and it's grown up and matured with her... Like my inner monologue, which is where I get my ideas from ;)

Omg the aeroplanes :)... Hopefully we will be related in the future- it's a possibility, anyway XD

Actaully, I wasn't even thinking of Mark when I wrote about Moody, but now you mention it...yeah. I suppose :3 and I don't know why we're talking about this here either...


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