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Review #1, by Bardic Magic The Fall of Voldemort

31st March 2017:
Broadway Lion,

Since you were so generous as to leave reviews on my two stories, I thought it only fitting that I reciprocate. I will warn you...my reviews are much longer than my comments.

I like how you started the story with a few lines from J.K. It lets the reader know where they are. I like the story, so far. The interaction between Harry and Minerva is very good...just how I think she would be. The fore-shadowing of what "might be" between Harry and Ginny is nice, too.

Now, for the nit-picking (which are only my opinions and are done with the best intentions of helping another writer...honestly!). Just for ease of reading, you may want to add indentations to separate paragraphs. In my opinion, it helps break the story up and not seem like a long run-on.

Also, I noticed you dropped a lot of "y's" when you were spelling "they". They ended up as "the".

I may be wrong, but I think it's "Spinner's End" with an apostrophe.

I will definitely be reading more as I have placed your stories in my "Currently Reading List".

Ta ta, for now! Great job, so far!!

Author's Response: The paragraphs have been corrected when I assembled it as a .pdf I have a print proof coming from lulu, I will check that for the problems that I know are in there, and then I will hand it to another author for his proofreading.

Once I correct the .pdf I'll upload the final version to lulu and anyone will be able to buy the print edition. I'll keep the .pdf edition on my website. (It will be on the lynx page).


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