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Review #1, by Aune Prophecy Misinterpreted

18th February 2017:
Szia! Nos, n magyar vagyok :D Elsősorban kt szrevtelem lenne: a "woman' helyett kvetkezetesen "women"-t rtl, ami ugye a tbbesszm, s a mondatban egy nőről volt sz. A msik pedig annyi, hogy angol szvegekben idzőjelet hasznlnak, nem pedig gondolatjel.
Pr sz a trtnetről: Nagyon tetszett! rdekes volt olvasni Mtys kirlyrl s csaldjrl, j volt megismerni ezeket az j karaktereket s kvncsiv is tettl! Csak gy tovbb! lvezetes volt olvasni, csak hirtelen tl sok volt a nv s informci, amihez hozz kellett szokni.
Szval hajr! :)

Author's Response: szia :) nagyon köszi, hogy írtál! javítom amiket mondasz, biztos hogy az angolom nem tökéletes
ami meg a sok infót illeti, hát tény, hogy ebben kicsit 'extrém' az ízlésem, a legtöbb fanfic-nél amit olvasok azt érzem hogy lassú és vontatott - ami nyilván nem igaz csak én pörgök túlzottan
köszi még egyszer! remélem nem bánod ha beírom a fordítást is nehogy kivágjanak az oldaltól ;-)
hi :) thank you for your comment! I will correct as you suggest, I know my English is not perfect
regarding the amount of information in the story, I know my taste is extreme in this sense, for most fanfics I read I feel they are too slow - which is obviously not true, just my thing
thank you again for stopping by!

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Review #2, by Gatita12 Prophecy Misinterpreted

17th February 2017:
Hi DossyVilja, this is one of the first stories I read on HPFF (I'm a Remus Lupin fan, so was looking for him ;-)), and I truly loved it! I think you did a really great job in connecting minor cannon characters and putting them in a coherent and plausible story. I would have liked to read more about young Lupin during the story - after all it was a cruel thing that they made him do the Unbreakable Vow, you could have described more in detail how he feels. But overall the story is great, definitely one of my favourites!

Author's Response: Hi Gatita12, thank you for leaving a review! I'm glad you liked my story, and I'm especially happy you appreciate the minor canon characters - I was very much afraid that people wouldn't be familiar with characters that only appeared on Pottermore and not in the books. Remus Lupin is one of my favourites too - thus I could not resist the temptation to include him (even though the original focus was 'just' on the minor characters), but I did not want to make the story Lupin-centred, that's why I didn't write more on him. Thanks again for stopping by! :-)

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Review #3, by AlmaVK Prophecy Misinterpreted

30th January 2017:
Wow, this was great - thanks so much for writing it!
I was kind of wondering if this is a prequel to a longer story - would love to see how the mission ends.

Author's Response: Thanks very much for the review! I'm not planning to write a longer story on this - but eventually we all know how it ends: Voldemort raises to power soon after the story takes place and our heroes realize that the prophecy was about him; the mission targeting Gellért Gauroch is aborted and Eugenia Jenkins leaves office; Remus Lupin indeed supports the 'chosen one' and lays his life in the final battle - whether his decisions to do so are influenced by this prophecy he could never talk about or not... well, who knows :)

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