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Review #1, by SiriusAura92 Two

18th January 2017:
Hey there,

I think you've got a really nice concept here; good characters (already!) and an interesting plot brewing.
One thing I would suggest though is colouring your scenes in a bit. We're on your second chapter a still have no real idea of what our main characters look like or what kind of settings their in.
Your dialogue and actions make up for this somewhat but I swear your story will flourish with the added details.

Hope this helps and keep it up,

Author's Response: I literally just had the most obnoxious flame I've ever had in my entire life (heaven forbid I write Fudge/Amelia Bones for a challenge) and can I just say thank you so much for writing crit like this. I think you honestly restored my faith in writing today. I'm glad you like my characters and my plot! You're absolutely right about coloring my scenes. Usually the setting is something I add right before I post, but it looks like I've completely skipped it in both of these chapters and two chapters in one of my other stories. I'll blame grad school for taking its toll! :D

Thank you for the helpful words!

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