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Review #1, by Secret Valenpuff First Year

28th February 2017:
This story has no reviews or love that I can see! So your Secret Valenpuff is here to fix that!

First up, I freaking love Colin.

I have never ever thought of them as a pairing before (who has?!) but now that it has come to my attention, I ship them so hard. They seem like cute little outcasts (I don't actually know if Colin is, but that's kind of how I see him) who could be the best of friends. There would never be a dull moment between them!

I love that Colin chooses to ignore implied social warnings. He's an opportunist, if nothing else.

Renee, this is cute! I'd love to see more of them actually interacting, because instead all I'm thinking about is Colin following her around like a little puppy dog (which is still adorable)

The first letter to spell out the last word in the sentence is: L

Love Valenpuff ♥

Author's Response: Well I'm definitely just now seeing these reviews but thank you so much Bianca! Er. secret unknown Valenpuff person. :P

I really want to finish this story bcs I ship them so hard too! I agree with you that they have this mutual oddity about them that can't be anything but fascinating, you know?

All the letter hints here would've been quite helpful haha

Thank you so much again *hug*
xoxo Renee

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