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Review #1, by Rosie_Posie thirteen.

25th April 2017:
This was a really good chapter! Grayson seems so lovely (even though I'd rather Cass ends up with James of course!). I also love the relationship you've created with Cassie and her sister.

Hope you update soon :)

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Review #2, by Grace3 thirteen.

8th April 2017:
I absolutely love this story. I can't get enough of Casie and James. Also how is she going to deal with Grayson and if she will give it a go with him. PLEASE UPDATE SOON. I know life happens but I hope you come back to this story. I never met you but I love you and that marvellous imagination you have. THANK YOU, PLEASE UPDATE SOON :)!


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Review #3, by Literally dying thirteen.

19th March 2017:

Author's Response: Haha, thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #4, by Janine thirteen.

17th March 2017:
I feel like Cassie can't catch a break. I hope things start to look up for her.

Author's Response: Me too, I'm sure they will!

Thanks for reviewing :)!

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Review #5, by frie thirteen.

15th March 2017:
omg. did she even want to kiss grayson? he babbled then ran away! cassie, you can do better than grayson &+ james. freddie for the win! team freddie! #frassie

Author's Response: So, when I first started imagining/writing Freddie, I was like "omg, Freddie is the one, he's perfect!" but I think he might be a little too ridiculous/crazy for Cassie, no?

Anyways, so glad you reviewed! Thank you!

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Review #6, by Emmy thirteen.

14th March 2017:
This story is seriously AMAZING!! I love the characters, how they interact, the plot, everything! Excited for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's so nice to hear that you're enjoying this. I promise to get back to writing very soon!

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Review #7, by brightdiamonds thirteen.

14th March 2017:


Author's Response: Hahaha, this made me laugh out loud! There's so much happening! lol, I promise to either blow things up more or let some dust settle very soon haha. I hope you continue to read!

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Review #8, by luna1306 thirteen.

14th March 2017:
Oh my god I'm so lost.
I don't know If I like Cassie Better with Grayson or James!
James Is helping her and he's apologizing. And it turns out he's not as annoying as we thought!
But Grayson is so nice and he and Cassie really have a good connection, they are just so easy around each other!
Uggghh I don't know!!!

Maybe next chapter will help me out.

△⃒⃘ luna

Author's Response: :) I go back and forth too sometimes! But, I do think you'll be able to pick a favorite fairly soon :). Thanks so much for the review!! Your reviews always make me happy :D.

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Review #9, by AbraxanUnicorn thirteen.

14th March 2017:
Hello! I was so pleased to log in this morning and find your story in the "Recently Added" section; yay :)

Cassie's having a bit of a crazy time at the moment; her emotions must be all over the place! I loved the bit about Royal Josh having to do tours, and McGonagall being powerless against the Crown, hehe!

I wasn't expecting the kiss with Grayson at the end, though. That was a bit of a curve ball.

Can't wait to see where this story goes next.

Brax X

Author's Response: Hi Brax :)!

I was so happy to see you reviewed again. Thanks so much for the kind compliments. I'm glad you're still enjoying the story. Your sequel is on my list btw! Very excited to read it!

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Review #10, by NH Stadler one.

10th March 2017:
So I've been wanting to give this story a go for ages :). This was a great first chapter... Cassie seems like a very strong lead and a relatable character. I do love her best friend's obsession with nail polish... I can relate so much to that haha.

I really enjoyed this first chapter and I think you've got a lot of talent... and, just on a side note because I came accross it in your comment section and because I really want you to know, I don't feel like you copied from How not to be a Woodley AT ALL.

That being said, keep up the good work! :)

Author's Response: :) Thank you so much for reviewing! It really means a lot to get feedback/words of encouragement from writers I admire (you're part of that list if it wasn't obvious!). The nail polish obsession is actually based on one of my best friends lol so I'm glad you can relate.

Thanks so much for the kind compliment! And it makes me extremely happy to hear you don't think I copied your work. I'd never, ever want to do that!

Thanks again!

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Review #11, by AhsokaAmidala34 eleven.

6th March 2017:
Please continue writing! Love this story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! This really means a lot.

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Review #12, by Julianne twelve.

24th February 2017:
I can't wait for more. I like that I can't predict what is going to happen next.

I do have a feeling that this isn't really a story about quidditch. like I wouldn't be shocked if she never plays.

Author's Response: Hi! So happy that you're enjoying this!! And yes, we will have to see what happens :)

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Review #13, by Casey twelve.

20th February 2017:
This is wild! I can't wait for the rest of this. When can I expect more? This was truly fabulous. This really warmed my heart!

Author's Response: You're so sweet!! I actually just submitted the chapter last night so whenever it's approved! I'm glad you're enjoying this! Thank you for taking the time to review.

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Review #14, by Casey eleven.

20th February 2017:
I can't believe they won! I think I'm still team Grayson!

Author's Response: Haha I'm team Grayson too sometimes! Thanks for reviewing every chapter! It means a lot. Truly.

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Review #15, by Casey ten.

20th February 2017:
She's such a BABE. Cassie is the best, my Beyoncé, or my Adele!

Author's Response: Haha I love your reviews! Thank you so much for reviewing :). I'm glad you like her!!

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Review #16, by Casey nine.

20th February 2017:
Grayson Grayson Grayson! I'm all about Grayson!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're a Grayson fan! I'm quite the fan of his too :)

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Review #17, by Casey eight.

20th February 2017:
Oh no! James sucks in this chapter! I really hope he can redeem himself!

Author's Response: Haha a lot of people weren't happy with James in this chapter but I do have to say I kinda enjoyed blowing things up a little

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Review #18, by Casey seven.

20th February 2017:
Love Grayson. He really just warms my heart and spirit!

Author's Response: I'm happy you're enjoying him :)

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Review #19, by Casey five.

20th February 2017:
Cassie is amazing! She's my heroine.

Author's Response: Yay! This makes me so happy! I'm so glad you're enjoying Cassie!!

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Review #20, by Casey six.

20th February 2017:
Who is Grayson?! There's so much happening and I think I can not get excited enough

Author's Response: So I actually thought up Grayson right before posting this chapter and now I can't think of the story without him! Thanks for another review!!

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Review #21, by Casey four.

20th February 2017:
Freddie is wonderful! I would want to date Freddie! I think Cassie should like Freddie.

Author's Response: So interesting!! I don't think anyone really ships Cassie and Freddie. What an idea! Lol

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Review #22, by Casey three.

20th February 2017:
Cassie has quite the potty mouth! She reminds me of some of my friends and cousins.

Author's Response: Haha so true. I also have quite the potty mouth so that's definitely reflected in Cassie!

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Review #23, by Casey two.

19th February 2017:
Gosh! James sure sounds like sex on legs!!

Author's Response: Hahaha, glad you're enjoying him ;)

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Review #24, by Casey one.

19th February 2017:
Oh gosh! This is quite a gem. My goodness, what a story so far! I can't believe I have never explored websites like this before. Thanks for the writing!

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm glad that you're enjoying the story and this website!

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Review #25, by beka_wotter twelve.

19th February 2017:
I haven't been around so I got to catch up on a few chapters and I just love it, I especially loved this scene with the whole hallucination experience, it was so funny!
Hearing about Pia kinda throws me because it sounds like she is a genuine threat unlike Mimi, and I totally ship James with C*ssie, it was so cute that she held onto him even if she wasn't aware of it.
Can't wait for the next chapter so I hope you update soon :)
Also I adore C*ssie's friends aw they're just great

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind review!! I'm so happy you enjoyed this chapter! And yes, Pia may cause some problems ;). I'm so happy you're enjoying everything. This review really made me smile :)

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