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Review #1, by hey! The Hen and Stag Party

17th January 2017:
hey! Update quickly so more people will vote for you! your story has been shortlisted...

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Review #2, by Crescent Moon  The Hen and Stag Party

10th January 2017:
I really love this story. It's just so hilarious. I can't wait to read more.

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Review #3, by GinnyPotter29 The Hen and Stag Party

7th January 2017:
Omg this chapter was amazing bloody confusing but brilliant!! Please update soon I can't wait to see what happens with James and albus it's all so dramatic!! I love victoire's introduction but she definitely has a thing for Hayley!! Please please please don't let the next week be as long as the last, preferably only a day long!!! Love it so much

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Review #4, by Lydia The Hen and Stag Party

6th January 2017:
Well I have to say I wasn't expecting that ending at all! Brilliant chapter, I laughed so hard at 'If I was going to this Hen do, I was going to look fabulous.' Best line ever.
I'm so sorry about your dad. He was right to be proud of your writing, you're fantastic. I hope you find some peace in your grief soon :)

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Review #5, by Meagan 3am Wake Up Call

8th November 2016:
Please update adore Hayley and james

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Review #6, by whatsthetimemrwolf 3am Wake Up Call

6th November 2016:
Cute chapter! Things are sure heating up!

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Review #7, by shewhomustnotbenamed_ 3am Wake Up Call

5th November 2016:
Loving this story! Cannot wait for the next chapter.

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Review #8, by AbraxanUnicorn 3am Wake Up Call

5th November 2016:
This is so funny and brilliant! I can't wait to read how they plan to stop the wedding going ahead, or whether nothing will stop it! Fingers crossed for Scorbus/Alpius :)

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Review #9, by Crescent Moon  3am Wake Up Call

4th November 2016:
I'm loving this story. It's just so hilarious. I can't wait to read more!

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Review #10, by EL The Wedding Would Be a Lot Better Without The Bride

23rd October 2016:
loving it!! please continue :) x

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Review #11, by esmeraude The Wedding Would Be a Lot Better Without The Bride

7th October 2016:
So when I first clicked on this story I was a bit disappointed because it wasn't as long as the last chapter, but now I've decided that that's a very good thing because my cheeks are hurting from laughing and grinning at how awesome this story and these characters are :D

Rose is such a mean bride! Being rude to Albus and making fat jokes about Hayley! :O I get that it's stressful doing seating charts (even the thought is terrifying) but that's no excuse to be nasty to your family! Why is Scorpius marrying her?!

Would it be rude to ask them to pause this argument so that I could get myself some snacks, or popcorn? Best. Line. Ever. ♥

I love how many hints you're dropping in this chapter about things that have happened before - like why is James a liability? What did he do? Why does Rose not want Albus involved in the wedding? (Does she secretly know he's in love with Scorpius but refuses to admit it to herself / believe he's gay?)

Hahahaha at Albus forgetting the straw! How is their relationship going to survive?! *insert laughing emoji*


I love this chapter, I love Hayley and how unique she is - not only in her appearance but in her attitude which is awesome - and I can't wait to see where this story goes!! This is awesome!!

*all of the heart eyes emojis*

You're an amazing writer, Tammi ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #12, by Dirigible_Plums Second Base

4th September 2016:
Hello again!

It's me with your final review. I really wanted to check out the second chapter of this fic after seeing how hilarious the first one was, so here I am!

And I am... speechless.

I really don't know what to say.

Okay, so I really like Hayley's confidence. She's very comfortable in her body (as we can see by her happily allowing Al to feel her up - which, by the way, was so absurd and ridiculous that I genuinely can't. Usually, people just stick to the kissing, but here we are. Kudos for originality) and just is herself. She's got such a larger-than-life personality which I really think is good for Al, you know? He's been so miserable recently and their friendship is just what he needs, really.

Though, they really need to stop drinking so much before they damage their livers. Don't want to drink themselves into early graves.

Hayley, you liar. You are so going to get it on with Jamie boy.

Okay, seriously, I am so intrigued with why Rose is such a cow! What has she done to my sweetheart, Al? She's gon' go down.

Al is just hilarious in this chapter. I love how hesitant he is about everything, you know? And the look of pure terror on his face when he found out he'd have to kiss her occasionally. Such innocence and naivety. How does this man survive?

(Also, Hayley is so taking too much pleasure in all of this. It's hilarious.)

To put it succinctly, this chapter was really great. It's nice to see a bit more of how Hayley and Al are around each other and to get a few more tantalising hints at the rest of the story. I can't wait to see how the rest unfolds.

Plums xo

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Review #13, by onestop_hpfan18 Meeting The In Laws

28th August 2016:
I basically was giggling the whole time I read this chapter. So hilarious. Loved it. Everything. I loved James and Hayley's shameless flirting in the lobby and their bedroom eyes across the room. I loved Hayley and Harry one-upping each other in comebacks. I loved the whisper fights between Albus and Hayley. This story is brilliant. I'm looking forward to the next chapter, especially after that cliffhanger. I bet that was Rose's shrill.

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Review #14, by onestop_hpfan18 Second Base

28th August 2016:
This chapter was hilarious. I couldn't even tell you which I loved more. Albus being more frightened to kiss Hayley than he was getting to second base with her. Priceless. This is a whole new spin on the fake girlfriend spiel and I love it.

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Review #15, by onestop_hpfan18 Fake Girlfriend

28th August 2016:
I did not see Albus being gay coming. I just figured it was going to rant about being single. I have high respect for James after you made him Al's confidante. It makes their relationship as brothers that much more important to the story line and their characters. Great first chapter. Also, Hayley's character seems like a riot already. I love it.

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Review #16, by Dirigible_Plums Fake Girlfriend

26th August 2016:
Well, hello there!

Seeing as how it's your birthday, I thought it was high time I get off my lazy butt and leave you one of the reviews I promised. So onwards we go (also, happy birthday!)

Alright so I've actually been really excited to read this. I saw your tweets as you were writing it and they were absolutely hilarious - I just wanted there to be a few chapters before I absolutely devoured them. The first chapter hasn't disappointed AT ALL. Just from Hayley's character, Al's sense of humour and the trainwreck a-coming, I already know this is gonna be a good one.

Alright, so Hayley: love her. One thing I noticed straight away was the representation you're already including (does that even make sense?), e.g. Al's sexuality and - the part I'm about to discuss - Hayley's size! I absolutely adored the fact that she owned it because I think it's really important to show how being bigger than a size 6 is not a bad thing. She's comfortable in her body and I love it.

(Also, she's freaking hilarious. Just saying.)

Onto the Albus. Poor, poor Albus. He really is in a bit of a pickle, isn't he? It must be awful to fall in love with your best friend, only to have him get hitched to your cousin, especially a vile one AND have to be the best man - the poor boy! I don't blame him for that triple shot that tastes like death. Usually, I like Scorose, but I'm interested in seeing the ugly side to it aka the ugly side to Rose Weasley.

James already sounds like a sweetheart. He knows about Al and supports it. And he hasn't outed him! Cutie 😘

Honestly, the fact that it was Hayley who proposed the fake dating is just brilliant. Usually, it's the guy swanning in and enticing the girl into it, but I love how Al's moping and Hayley's just like TAKE ME WITH YOU, DAMNIT. Her internal monologue here ("Was there even a look for that? Was it a smoulder? Should I pout?") was actually hilarious.

So yeah, this was a great starting chapter. I look forward to reading more. And once again, happy birthday!

Plums xo

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Review #17, by ScarletSlytherin23 Second Base

22nd August 2016:
I really like this so far. It's really funny :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much :D I'm so glad that you like it!

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Review #18, by Kaylee Fake Girlfriend

3rd August 2016:
This is set up wonderfully so far! Looks promising, dramatic, and fun. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much :D More is coming soon!

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Review #19, by kayt Second Base

2nd August 2016:
What a sweet story. I love how you've made me want to know more about the characters - both the 2 we've met and the ones only mentioned. The wedding should be fun!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! More information on them is coming soon! :D

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Review #20, by UnluckyStar57 Second Base

1st August 2016:
Hey Tammi!

I wanted to at least kind of review this fic because I'm already so in love with it, but idk how much good I'll be with constructive criticism (because I'm so in love with it).

Comments re: chapter one

LOVE that Hayley isn't one of those OCs that's always like "oh, I'm shaped like a twig, how tragic." Not that being shaped like a twig is bad, but that's happened a lot in fic and it's time for the plus-sized girls to have their day! (I'm a big fan of fat girl protagonists.) Also, I loved the way she said it so matter-of-factly, not seeking pity or "oh, you're not fat!". Just. A fact about herself. Very nice!

Also, I am trash for the fake dating trope and I am so interested to see how it turns out with Albus and Hayley. The usual line, in which the couple ends up realizing their feels for each other, is not going to happen and I'm super psyched to see where it will go with one half of the couple being gay and the other half shipping herself with her fake partner's older brother. ;)

In this chapter, I thought it was so funny that Albus and Hayley were doing a bit of drinking, because it seems like all of the best plans are made while drunk (and these are the same plans that often go awry). I can't believe that Rose is such a snob and a brat, but I also love it because that's very different from things I've seen. So poor old Scorpius is going to be caught in a wedding weekend love triangle whether he likes it or not!

Lol @Albus with the second base awkwardness. I kept expecting them to go ahead and try kissing, but that seems to freak him out even more than Hayley's chest does! It's quite cute that he named his fake girlfriend Hayley, and I know in a standard fake dating tale, that would be because he secretly has Many Feelings for her. But here, it's probably because she's the only one outside of James (and maybe Scorpius) that he's really come out to, and she's a bartender in a pub that probably few of his family members really frequent (maybe. what if they show up to the wedding and people recognize her and go, "Hayley! Why didn't Albus tell us that he was dating our favorite barmaid???". I guess I'll have to see!).

Also I love how much Hayley is a go with the flow kind of person. She's so blase, like, "Oh, we're gonna be in trouble," but she's so fascinated by meeting Albus's crazy family that she doesn't even care what madness and mayhem might come her way. Probably that's the way she acts in general, and I really admire her for it. Again, it is so nice to see a character (plus-sized or otherwise) really owning her situation and even purposefully putting herself in the way of awkward situations just because she can and it seems like fun. I aspire to be more like her, tbh.

Please please please update this whenever you possibly can, because I am so excited to meet James and the rest of the fam (and to learn more about Hayley because I am half in love with her already).


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Review #21, by my_voice_rising Fake Girlfriend

17th July 2016:
Hello!! I am finally here to read the story I've been so excited about :)

I love that Albus is clearly going by what he's read in books/seen in Muggle movies, about Angsty Men in Pubs who down whiskey like it's no big deal. It's so cute that he's trying to play a role here, at least that was how I saw it, like he was so at a loss and upset about Scorpius that it just seemed the thing to do.

(Also omg the curly straw ♥)

Poor Albus! What a terrible situation. I'm interested to meet your version of Scorpius--he must be either extremely in denial or a big pushover to be engaged to someone he (probably, if this fic goes the way we all want it to) isn't interested in. I also wonder how Rose could be so horrible and evil! Especially because her parents are pretty cool... unless she is the perfect storm of Hermione's superior, haughty, know-it-all attitude and Ron's foot-in-mouth, judgmental personality. Okay I can actually see how Rose would be unlikeable.

Something I noticed: "I’m not judging if you say she’s a horrible person I believe you" -- Is there meant to be some punctuation in here?

Oh okay, so obviously the fake-girlfriend thing is a trope (and one of the more amazing ones at that, does it ever get old? no) but I like that Albus has already been lying about having a girlfriend. It's much more believable that A) he would do that to avoid coming out to his parents in the first place, and B) that this "girlfriend" role already existed and Hayley was just filling the shoes. If two virtual strangers had met and randomly decided to create this character it would have felt a little more far-fetched Hollywood romcom. It's a small touch but it really has made the whole situation more believable!

It's even better that Hayley acknowledges that this is like "one of those cliched novels," and that she willingly says that she loves them. Ahhh! So good. ♥

Ooooh and we hear about James! Already I love him if he's been kind enough to his brother to keep his secret *and* to help him through difficult times. I'm already shipping James and Hayley and they haven't even met yet!

Ah! The ending two lines are brilliant. I love that Albus was like "No, you don't have to..." but clearly was begging for help with his secret signals and eye-glances. I loved this first chapter!

The only real suggestion I have is to shorten some of the sentences, particularly action sentences. It's really easy to describe every single hand motion and eyebrow twitch and weight-shift because we can see it so clearly in our heads, but it's a lot for the reader to trudge through, and your humorous dialogue is really what shines here! Here's a few examples:

With my eyebrows raised, I reached for a bottle of the finest rum my uncle had in this pub, and walked over to Albus Potter. Albus was slouched on the stool with his head in his hands as I brought the bottle over. You could shorten this to With my eyebrows raised, I reached for a bottle of the finest rum my uncle had in this pub. Albus Potter was slouched on the stool with his head in his hands as I brought the bottle over.

Or this: “You didn’t ask me, I offered,” I told him, shifting where I sat on the bar, moving my feet up so that they weren’t in the way of the mop that was cleaning the floor behind the bar. It could be shortened to ... I told him, moving my feet up so that they weren’t in the way of the mop that was cleaning the floor You already mentioned that she was sitting on the bar, so you don't need to repeat it :) Also is the mop magically cleaning by itself? That's a nice detail that could be made a little clearer!

All in all this is a great start, and I love your characters already. Hayley is perfectly balanced between genuinely wanting to help this person and having her own motives for going to a famous wedding. Albus seems like he's going to be a great underdog character. I'm really excited to read on!


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Review #22, by TheGoldenKneazle Fake Girlfriend

12th July 2016:
YAY this is awesome!! I have been so looking forward to reading this from the hilarious snippets you've been posting and now I love it even more :D I love the situation, a completely fresh twist on the "fake girlfriend" trope! I'm so excited for all the train wrecks and awkward situations! And I love how you've introduced Albus and Hayley. So excited to read more!

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Review #23, by dreamgazer220 Fake Girlfriend

10th July 2016:
Tammi hello! I was so excited to see that you had posted the first chapter of this!

This chapter is filled with all sorts of wonderful. I already love the way you portray Albus and Hayley; I like the dynamics and that they're so honest with each other. I also loved seeing their first meeting, it just seemed to suit the way their relationship is unfolding.

You know I'm super excited about this, and this first chapter didn't fail to disappoint! But poor Albus, having to go to Scorp's wedding when his family doesn't even know that he's in love with the groom. I like that you turned that cliche upside down too.

I absolutely cannot wait for the next chapter, the snippets you've been sharing are hilarious!

Keep it up and good luck with JulNo!

♥♥ Jill

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Review #24, by Shania Fake Girlfriend

10th July 2016:
the first chapter is great! can't wait for more, and can't wait to meet james and see what rose is like.

Author's Response: Thank you so much :D More is coming soon!

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