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Review #1, by Remus Lupin The good werewolf and the evil vampire

8th March 2017:
Hello, my dear Valentine! Thank you for being so patient; I seem to have been brought back to life, and when that happens, one tends to lose one's sense of time. At any rate, I'm alive again, and seem to have landed right here in this story! Sirius never told me about this one...

Poor Regulus. He was always a bit aloof and distant at Hogwarts - not that Sirius was any better towards him - but I had a feeling he and Sirius were close when they were little.

Sirius' story sounds familiar. A werewolf? That's me!

But Sirius never was much of a storyteller. That story would fill about 3 inches of parchment and would probably receive a mark of Poor, or maybe even Troll. But since he educated Regulus about prejudice I'll let it slide.

Hm, his second bedtime story is much more descriptive and slightly more creative, if still not high quality literature. And I can't believe he forgot which kind of stake must be used to kill vampires, clearly he never paid attention in Defence Against the Dark Arts. I think he was too busy prank planning with James.

Anyway, good on Regulus for correcting him. I loved that whole conversation at the end there, and what a sweet little snapshot! I still can't believe Sirius never told me about this time. But now I know the truth!

You are a very fine writer. I think I should check out a few more of your stories!

Author's Response: Remus! Hello, darling!

Oh, that's totally fine, it was worth the wait getting these lovely Valentine presents from you! You know I love you (and the unreliable person who sent you here), right?

I bet Sirius wouldn't tell about this... I guess he didn't like to talk much about his relatioship with Reg, did he? You guessed right, they were very close when they were little.

Ahahah! Yay, that's you! :P

Well... at least he tried... we can't all be great storytellers, can we? And yes, he did try to teach Regulus something about prejudice, which is definitely admirable.

The second bedtime story is slightly better ;) Ahahah! He was never a model student, was he?

I'm so glad you enjoyed this little snapshot. Thank you so much again for your visit.

Lots of love,
your Valentine!

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Review #2, by crimson quill The good werewolf and the evil vampire

7th March 2017:

I'm here to do your requested review, yay!

This is just the cutest thing ever, I really enjoyed this little one-shot! I'm so happy I got to read it as it's probably not something I would normally read! just mainly because of my current obsession with next gen. this is why i love review thread!

my favourite thing about this is the way you create the relationship between the brothers. it's so believable that Sirius won't want Reg around but really love him at the same time. you've done so well at capturing and writing realistically child characters which can be difficult. I'm super impressed by that.

I just love how you bring Sirius' friends into the mix without them being characters. it's so lovely to get an insight into Sirius' feelings for them especially Remus. Your writing really projects how good Sirius is at heart but also how he still had this hope for his family is rather heartbreaking. it's so sad that we know this bond of theirs got broken somewhere along the way.

good job! :)


Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much for the lovely review, and sorry for such a late reply... I'm so bad...

Ah, I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this and found it cute! Yes, review thread is great to discover things you wouldn't read otherwise! :)

I love writing children, I love their spontaneity and their way of seeing the world so much. I'm so glad you found I captured the brothers' relationship well. I've always liked to imagine Sirius and Regulus being close as little kids.

I'm Remus' fan number one, so I had to include him somehow... :P Happy that you liked the Marauders' appearence. ;) Yes, it's very sad that their bond will be broken, but we know that Regulus did choose the bright side in the end.

Thank you so much! This really made my day!

With love,

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Review #3, by MrsJaydeMalfoy The good werewolf and the evil vampire

18th May 2016:
I'm not finished with you yet! :D I know I'm a little late with these next reviews, but still, Happy Hot Seat!

Chiara. CHIARA. C.H.I.A.R.A!! THIS IS THE CUTEST, SWEETEST, FLUFFIEST LITTLE ONE-SHOT IN THE HISTORY OF FLUFFY LITTLE ONE-SHOTS! I just adore it! It's going in my favorites right NOW! I know you said in the author's note that you felt self-conscious about posting it, but I'm SO HAPPY that you posted it anyway because it is amazing and you have NOTHING to feel self-conscious about!! I just.. GAH! I wish I'd read this before the Keckers! It SO would have been nominated!!

I love love LOVE this tender moment between Sirius and Regulus. We know in the end that Regulus wound up looking up to Sirius anyway, so it's nice to see this bonding moment between them. And, even though this is a fluff piece, you can definitely see the conflicting ideas floating around in Regulus' head that would one day lead him to do what he did.

And, even though it's a part of the magical world, and therefore, fantasy, this story is also SO REAL, because nightmares happen. Little boys or girls go to their older siblings for comfort or protection, that's so true-to-life and real and it really helped me connect with both Sirius and Regulus here!

I also love that the first story that came to Sirius' minds was about his friends and Remus' lycanthropy, and how he used that story to prove his point to his brother about werewolves not being evil, and about people shouldn't be judged based on old prejudices.

And it was So hilarious when Reg kept correcting Sirius about the stake for the vampire! Typical little brother actions! And speaking of hilarious, so was the story about the 'vampire'! Sirius has a way with inventing stories, doesn't he? :P

My favorite two parts of this were the tickle fight, and then the very end - SO SWEET AND CUTE!! Those two definitely have their differences, but at the end of the day they're still brothers, and that's what's important.

I could go on forever and ever about how much I ADORE THIS, but I think you get the point. So now I'll just stop rambling and click on 'favorite' and then go find some more of your amazing work to read! ♥

Author's Response: Jayde!!!
Aww... you're flattering me with all your these super sweet reviews... *blushing*
You are awesome!

Thank you so much! I wrote this ages ago and, while I found it sweet, I wasn't sure if it was interesting or good at all... so I'm incredibly thrilled by the response it got. Your entusiasm is so lovely! Just, thank you!!!

I've always loved to think that the two brothers used to have a sweet relationship at a young age. We know things will change, of course. But we also know that Regulus will choose the light in the end. And I do believe he always esteemed his brother, even when they disagreed.

Ahahah! Well, yes, this could've easily been a real life moment. Aside from the fact that werewolves and vampires exist. :P I love writing siblings' relationships, and Sirius and Regulus especially are so much fun together. :D

I can't write anything without throwing in Remus somehow... :P (ok, that's only half true, but I love Remus!) I guess using real life experiences is the easiest way to invent a story. And of course, Sirius tried to teach him something about prejudice.

Ahahah! The vampire story was hilarious! Yes, Sirius does have a way with inventing stories! ;) And obviously Reg would want to show off his knowledge! :D

Aww... so glad you liked the end! That's exactly what I wanted to show, that their brothery love was stronger than any different character or view they might have.

Ah! How can I even thank you enough for your sweetness??? I'll be back to reply to your other reviews soon! Thank you so much again!

Snowball hug,

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Review #4, by Unicorn_Charm The good werewolf and the evil vampire

14th May 2016:
Chiara!! I stopped by your AP to leave a Hot Seat review, and holy moly! There's so many new things here! I didn't know what to choose. But of course, I settled on something Sirius related. ;)

My poor heart. :( I mean, this was so super sweet and the bond they had was incredible (even though Sirius was super rude in the beginning. But I'm the oldest sibling, so I was the "get out of my room" person, too). And Regulus was such an innocent cute little thing. How could that sweet boy ever end up a death eater? But now is not the time for that discussion.

I LOVED how you wrote the big sibling/little sibling dynamic! It was so relatable! I could remember having that feeling of being extremely annoyed with my younger brothers, but then the protective older sibling thing would kick in and you'd want to take care of them.

I thought that was so funny when Reg asked to sleep in the room and then wanted a bedtime story. I could picture Sirius's face and just hear the dry tone of, "You are kidding." Hahaha. That was funny and cute and sweet. I love it! And of course Sirius would choose a story about a werewolf. :) And can we just talk about the perfection of this line??

"Prejudiced, Reg. It's when people think poorly of something only because someone else put an idea in their minds, while they really don't know anything about the thing they are talking about."

Such a perfect way to explain that. Just fantastic!

Aww and then poor Reg was just upset because of the fight Sirius had with his father. I imagine it had to be difficult on Reg to see his parents and brother so at odds with one another his whole life.

And then the end with that Vampire story!! Hahaha! That part about the beautiful women and how Reg will understand when he's older. Chiara, I cracked up laughing! XD

The end of this broke my heart. It made me so sad, because, again, it was so sweet and we know what happens to them later in life. Regulus and Sirius stories are always so bittersweet. Because it's so great to see them get along, but we know that Sirius will run away, Reg will become a death eater and Sirius will never know that Regulus saw the light and died trying to bring Voldemort down. Bah! My heart!

This was so, so lovely! I truly loved every second of it and I'm just waiting to see how you further break my heart, make me laugh, and make me go "awww," in future chapters. Great work, love!! ♥

All the love and tons of hugs,

Author's Response: Hey, Meg!!! *wub*
I've missed you...

Ahahah! Sirius related is always a good choice, isn't it? :D

I know what you mean... Sirius/Regulus stories are always sad because, as sweet as they might be, we know what happens later... but let's not think about it now, alright?

Ahahah! Can't you see Sirius trying to shoo his little brother away? :P I'm quite sure he can be very rude with him but (as you said) the protective older brother thing kicks in in the end. ;)

And, yes... Reg is super cute!!! Poor child...

Aren't stories about werewolves the loveliest? (Ok... here's my lovesick for Remus self who's talking... :P )

So glad you liked that line! I wanted Sirius to try to explain prejudice to Reg in a way that could be understandable for someone his age. And I think the message passed, even if Reg was confused at first...

Yes, that would be hard. Seeing your big brother fighting all the time with your parents would definitely scare a little child, wouldn't it? Poor Regulus...

The vampire story was so much fun!!! Ahahah, that bit about "you'll understand when you'll be older" is a last minute add, but when I got the idea I loved it so much and I had to include it! I'm so glad it made you laugh! ;)

Aww... thank you so much, love! I'm not sure when I'll post a new chapter of this, and I have no idea who I'll write about yet. But I'd love to know your opinion once a new chapter will be up!

Thank you so much for the lovely review and many hugs!!!

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Review #5, by TreacleTart The good werewolf and the evil vampire

8th April 2016:
Hey Chiara!

I'm here for our review swap! I'm so sorry about the delay! Between the site shutdown and work stuff, I've just been running ragged.

I was truly surprised at the tone of this story. Since it was about Regulus and Sirius I sort of expected it to be dark and angry, since as adults they have a very poor relationship. For whatever reason, that seems to be the only thing that gets covered in fanfiction.

Instead, I was treated to a really sweet moment between brothers. It was cute how even though Sirius was annoyed, he still gave Regulus some comfort from his scary dreams. The story about the vampire really made me laugh, particularly the part where Sirius starts tickling Regulus. That seems like just the thing an older brother might do.

I'll be curious to see what other siblings you cover in this short story collection. Maybe Narcissa, Andromeda, and Bellatrix? :)

Anyway, good work on this and again, I'm sorry for being so late.


Author's Response: Hello, dear Kaitlin!
No worries, you're here now, and that's what matters! :D

Yes, usually stories about Sirius and Regulus tend to have a darker tone. But that's not what I wanted to do here. I wanted to show the sweeter side to their relationship (I've always believed that they did care about each other, especially when they were younger)

I'm glad you found this cute! And that the vampire story made you laugh! Yes, that's what a big brother would do! :D

I have a few stories started for this collection. I don't know which will be up next and when, but the Black sisters are definitely on my list! ;)

Thank you for stopping by and for the lovely review!
Many hugs,

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Review #6, by Gabriella Hunter The good werewolf and the evil vampire

5th April 2016:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and super sorry for the lateness. I tend to sleep in a lot and I don't wake up until the sun is setting for some reason. I'm probably a vampire. Hahaha.

So this is a cute story! I thought about reading something new from you and stumbled across this! I don't read a lot of Reg/Sirius stories so this was a great little piece to read.

We don't really get a lot of stories that show the sweeter side to their relationship. I think that you've done a good job here, you implied that there was some trouble at the home but you didn't focus on it. Sirius comes across as the typical older brother on one hand, he's impatient and moody but there's this really lovely side to him too.

He doesn't like to see Reg upset and instead of forcing his younger brother back into his room, he decides to tell him stories. I did that once with my own little brother (He liked to climb into bed with me and chat about baby things) and so I thought this was so sweet. :3

I also liked the fact that Regulus was so innocent here, he didn't completely understand everything but at the same time, he was so open to it. Haha. The constant interruptions and know-it-all attitude came across as very realistic. I liked that Sirius spoke from experience with prejudice and broke it down in a way for his brother to understand, which is something that a lot of people aren't comfortable with doing.

All in all though, this was a great read and I hope you update it soon!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hello, dear Gabbie!
Ah, don't apologize! You weren't late by any means! And I can totally understand being exausted...

Oh, a vampire, are you? And are you evil? :P (yes, you are... look at what you did to poor Albus... Erm, not the right time for this... sorry...)

What I intend to do with these stories is to show siblings' love, even in those relationships that we know are, or will be, strained. I've always believed that Sirius and Regulus used to be close, before ideologies and prejudices pushed them apart, and I wanted to show that closeness! I'm glad you liked it!

Aww... Knowing that you could relate to the situation and felt it was authentic makes me so happy! I wanted to show them as typical brothers and I'm glad it came across. Also, I think it would be very important for Sirius to make his brother see that reality is a bit more complex than what their parents would say.

Glad you enjoyed this little story! Hopefully I will update soon! ;)

Much love, dearest!

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Review #7, by lexaleine The good werewolf and the evil vampire

3rd April 2016:
Hiya, love!

I really enjoyed this! They way you've portrayed the relationship between Sirius and Regulus is so authentic; Regulus as the annoying little brother and Sirius as the protective figure was really nice.

I love how you incorporated Remus into this, it was lovely to see Sirius standing up for him against his family and try to teach Regulus that not everything their parents say is correct.

A little bit of CC: I think the ellipses was a bit overused, there were a few times where a full stop or a comma would have sufficed.

Other than that, I really enjoyed this, It was really sweet and outlined the relationship between Sirius and Regulus really well.

Lexa :)

Author's Response: Hey, Lexa!
Thank you for accepting the swap with me! :D

I'm so glad you enjoyed the story and the relationship between the two brothers! Great to know you found it authentic!!!

Ahahah! Well, if you'll get to know me a tiny bit, you'll discover that I'm quite obsessed by that certain werewolf and that I'll include him pretty much anywhere! :P

By ellipses do you mean the semicolons? What's funny about that, I usually don't use semicolons at all... but I had just read BookDinosaur's article about semicolons before editing this and I might've been carried away a little... :P

Thank you so much for swapping! It was a real pleasure!

Tons of love,

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Review #8, by cherry_pop94 The good werewolf and the evil vampire

3rd April 2016:
Hello Chiara!

I'm here for our swap! Aww, what an adorable story! I love seeing Sirius and Regulus young and cute like this. You can tell how close they are as brothers.

I really enjoyed how Sirius took this time to teach Regulus something about prejudice. He obviously doesn't want his brother to grow up believing all the things his parents say, but he isn't sure how to go about helping him. Its sad to know that Sirius died thinking that he failed his brother, when really, Regulus obviously takes what Sirius says to heart.

The vampire story was so cute. The bit about Regulus understanding why the vampire goes for pretty girls made me chuckle a little. I just loved imagining little Regulus getting tickled by his big brother and then the two of them falling asleep together. It's just adorable!!

Just one point, it's spelled 'lycanthropy' not 'licanthropy.' Just a small error.

Thanks for swapping with me, this was really great!


Author's Response: Stefi!!! *hug*
I will never say no to a swap with you!!!

So glad you found this adorable! (I did too... :P) I like to imagine they were pretty close when they were younger! :D

Yes, Sirius wanted to teach Regulus to think with his own head, and sadly he never knew how much Reg actually learned from him... It's so sad he never knew the truth... :(

Ahahah! That! That bit about "you'll understand when you'll be older" was something that wasn't there in my first draft (this story has been taking dust in my laptop for months...) and that I just added when I edited before posting. The idea got into my head and I just needed to include it! Glad I made you chuckle!!!

The tickling part was very cute, too! I agree! :)

Ah, did I wrote it with an "i"? Typical mistake... there are those two or three words I always spell wrong... thanks for pointing it out!

Thank you so much for the lovely review!
Much love,

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Review #9, by princesslily_36 The good werewolf and the evil vampire

3rd April 2016:
Been meaning to ever since I read this and went OMG THIS IS SUCH A WONDERFUL IDEA YOU ARE SO AWESOME CHIARA!

Sirius Regulus almost break my heart here... I mean, they're so lovely, and I can just picture little Reg and Sirius being the big brother. DArn, why did things have to turn out the way they did?

Poor Reg, getting yelled at by Sirius, but hey, Sirius was being the bratty elder sibling we all know he is quite capable of being. Do I love him any less after that? No, but I definitely love Reg more. His reaction to Reg wanting a story was priceless - I could just see him looking att deadpanned LOL! Reluctant elder brother Sirius is the cutest (blush) I think it was awesome that Sirius adressed the age-old pure-blood prejudice against werewolves in this story. And of course Reg learns to swear from Sirius. That's becoming my headcanon!

It was just so sweet to see them bonding as brothers... and implicating him as the vampire who liked girls, with an annoying brother - so many insinuations to Sirius' image as a serial heartbreaker! Loved every dialogue!

Also, werewolves and vampires may come and go, but the Tickle monster is the most effective with little kids!

Love love love love this, and I don't know if I have done a good job in telling you how much in my sleep-deprived state, but I'm going to come back for more. Ooh, who are you going to do next? The Weasley clan? Bet they'll have enough siblind duo combinations to fill up a novel! :p

Loads of love my dear beta,

Author's Response: YSH!!!
Aw... you are too lovely... Thank you so much for this amazing surprise review!!!

Yes, I know... It's so sad if you think about what will come later on... but let's not dwell on it right now, alright?

Ahahah! That's how older siblings are, right? They need to show that they are cooler and have no time to lose with their younger siblings, but in the end they would do anything to protect them. At least, that's what I like to think. I'm an only child, so I can't know for sure...

I believe Sirius would want his little brother to see past their family's prejudices. So that was only natural. Glad you liked that bit, though!

Ahahah! Yes, there was so much Sirius in the evil vampire! ;)

Ah, yes... the Tickle monster... that is a scary creature!!! :P

Aww... *blushing* Have I said thank you enough? How are you so ssweet, little Betee?

Ahahah! The Weasleys will definitely appear.
Actually, at the moment I have on my laptop a finished (but in need of huge editing) James/Albus/Lily and two other that I started but I'm quite stuck with (a Albus/Aberforth/Ariana and a Black sisters)
I'll let you know when I have news (I might ask you to give a look before posting, actually...)

Love you, little Betee!

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Review #10, by StarFeather The good werewolf and the evil vampire

3rd April 2016:
Hi, Chiara! Thank you for offering review swap!
I enjoyed your story very much. The dialogues are well written, I could imagine how Sirius told Regulus bed time stories. You visualized how confident and chivalrous Gryffindor heart Sirius had compared with a little brother, Regulus. Hahaha I laughed loud when Sirius thought of Lupin. A good idea!
There must be such a relationship you showed us, Sirius cared Regulus as a big brother and Regulus trusted his brother in his younger days.

I smiled at the scene where Sirius tickled Reg and tenderly caressed his hair. This story is full of love. Thank you for sharing this!


Author's Response: Hey Kenny!!!

I was so happy to swap with you! I really enjoyed your story too! We should do this again! :)

I've always thought that Sirius and Regulus must've been close at first and I wanted to show just that. I'm glad that came across!!!

Ahahah! Yes, thinking about Remus was a good idea to take inspiration! Glad you found it amusing! ;)

So glad you loved the brotherly love in this! I'm actually flattered by the responses I'm getting on this story!

Thank you so much again for the swap and the amazing review!

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Review #11, by victoria_anne The good werewolf and the evil vampire

28th March 2016:
Good evening and what is this I spy?
A new story by Chiara, the apple of my eye?
Ooh, don't mind if I do, my dear!
Reading anything by you I have nothing to fear!

AW! Baby Black Brothers! (That's my favourite band...) But seriously, they are so sweet!

Ha ha oh my god I love it so much. Regulus asking "why" all the time. I had a little boy with a squeaky voice in my head - it's so cute!

And this: "Hey! Where did you learn that language?"
"From you." - That is perfectamundo. Ha ha and how does Regulus know so much about staking vampires, may I ask?! But that vampire story sure was sweet. I love this brotherly love!

I wish Sirius would tell me a bedtime story... If you know what I mean... ;)

I know I can always count on you for an incredible Marauder fic and again you do not disappoint! I have told you before and I will tell you again - how dare you feel self-conscious?! Everything you post is amazing and magical and you know we don't bite... *again thinking of Sirius in bed*

*ahem* I better go now. Love you!

♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: Aww... Bianca... *wub*
I don't deserve your kindness!!!

Baby Black Brothers! Definitely my favourite band too!!! :D Glad you found them sweet!

Now that you're asking, Regulus seems very informed on the subject... Maybe he saw a documentary or something... Do Purebloods see documentaries? :P

Ahahah! I guess you're not the only one who would like it! Sirius is quite fascinating, isn't he?

I have little confidence... Can't help it... Thank you so much for all your praises! You are awesome!!!

Love you so much!

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