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Review #1, by Ella A Devil Put Aside

8th January 2017:
I love reading this story and your analysis of Dumbledore...especially cause it validates my own feelings that Harry and the rest shouldnt have forgiven him as easily as they did. I feel like dumbledore for the most part has his intentions in the right place but sometimes goes waaay to "big picture" with everything and forgets about individuals and their own happiness/well-being

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Review #2, by Diana Hanson Forgotten Boy

7th January 2017:
This is excellent! Where is Dumbledore? I am ready for Lily and James to get closer, though! Great story but desperately want an update on Regeneration! Your writing is amazing!

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Review #3, by whykay A Devil Put Aside

5th January 2017:
The war has reached this school.

That sentence is Chilling. To. The. Bone.

I love love Lily's rant, her rebellion phase, her kick ass raw anger and power. It is just so mindblowing how you have conceived her. Canon shows the love - protection for Harry but not the spectacular personality that you have etched out. I love her and all the boys and how she is the leader and they are simply just THERE for her. Love Jack and James. Wick seems a little annoying in this scene, somehow. I think he understands, but doesn't really get Lily's angst and tirade.

Unfortunately, I can't say the same of Remus and especially Sirius - perhaps the moment hits him later? Right now, he seems like a rebellious kid who is happy having rebelled against his family, won that fight and now wants time to enjoy that, but the world doesn't wait. The world never waits for Sirius Black and his personal battles. It's very sad, he never got to enjoy his victories. As for Remus, well, I do understand what he is going through, but I feel he is taking orders from the teachers who live in his head than the real life. He was able to own up to his life only after Tonks.

I also like how you have stressed what Dumbledore meant to Lily and most of the students at that time and what McGonagall lacked. It really speaks to the phase where Dumbledore was absent for long stretches of time during the Hogwarts Era as well. It is another matter that Harry, Ron and Hermione had a better connect with the Headmaster, but this is what he would have meant to majority of kids then too. Until he died maybe.

I am a sucker for strong women and you are as great as they come in writing them with their flair, strengths, (fatal?) flaws, reality, experiences, journeys and tenacity. I would have dearly loved to have Alice to just have that very similar yet very different weathered woman to compare Lily against. Maybe ONE important meeting with her?? Please :P.

Emmeline Vance was superb - I think this is her coming of age nd her story arc has now taken the long overdue turn. And I think this will be the reason why Graham will not come over to this side anytime soon - maybe he too will pull a Regulus or a Snape towards the end, hopefully not too late.

I especially like how you have put the effort to effortlessly turn the storyline into how house rivalries, petty rivalries, morals, values, and outside events have come together and smoothly merged it into how the war came to school.

The second war never really came to school, until Dumbledore's death. It was really a proxy war, shadow fought with puppets and it was mostly Voldemort v. Harry + Dumbledore. Whereas the first war was when Voldemort was establishing himself and therefore needed to be seen to be doing things and gain the control - it was really about hate and discrimination at the forefront. The first war unfortunately, really came to school and went to town about it and in a way it was more damaging way than second...

Oh and I have to say, excellent title - A Devil Put Aside - wow, it can refer to many people. Really. :)


Please write non-sci-fi original ficton, please please. This is your time. Go for it.

Author's Response: First, gotta say this is the kind of review I live for. ;) I should say this when my readers are being awesome, so: You're being awesome.

Canon gives us little on what Lily was like as a person. For books we get the idealised view of Harry's parents, and with James that's stripped away courtesy of Snape's Worst Memory. The only thing that did for Lily was show us she has a temper (and killed, thank God, the trope of meek Lily). But she has continued to be treated as an accessory to the Marauders' story. In a story so much about the Muggle-born cause, how could that be championed by pureblood James?

Wick would understand. He just got pent up about the wrong issue, because he's jumpy and prepared to see anti-Muggle-born sentiment even where it isn't, 'cos he's so damn used to it.

You're spot on with Sirius. His story is still in its early stages, because he's now rejected his family (mostly, as we'll see), rejected these principles, but so far his understanding - as a pureblood rich kid! - can only take him so far. He's so close to getting it, but the problem is, he thinks he already gets it. Remus has stuff going on, but he has always been a peacekeeper. It would take a lot to shake that.

Don't get me wrong; I love McGonagall and think she's a better teacher and a better caretaker for the kids than Dumbledore ever bloody was. This situation isn't meant to be a condemnation of McGonagall so much as of DUMBLEDORE, because he's dumped McGonagall in this situation without the full tools to manage it. Now, sure, it's important he runs the Order, and the right thing to do - but Hogwarts is suffering for it. Also it's been made explicitly clear McGonagall had a great relationship with Lily and James as PEOPLE as well as students. There's less evidence that Dumbledore - while having a good read on Lily and James - was close to them in the same way he was close to Harry.

That ties into reasons to roll back Alice's role. While I agree - and had vague plans in this regard - that the more cynical, weathered Alice would have played off interestingly with Lily, I felt canon relationships such as McGonagall being a mentor to Lily were in danger of suffering as a result. I have no plans for us to see Alice during Year 1, but hopefully this should help make Year 1 more focused.

Emmeline is a supremely important character just coming into her own. But she will definitely impact Graham and his story, and we'll see how soon.

It's been a tough balance keeping this as 'blossoming war' and remembering these are teenagers. They interpret everything through that filter (everything's the end of the world! Except maybe it is!), but also want to care about teenaged things (see Randal failing to turn Quidditch into the full political victory he wanted, because the two Beaters just liked Quidditch). But yeah, the Second War was almost entirely a shadow war, it only had the briefest flare of serious open conflict, and then it became an Occupation. The First War was LONG, and messy, and sank into every echelon of society, and that's a problem in so many different ways.

And thanks on the title kudos. A song this great had to be used on a chapter this important (this is one of my favourites).

HA, I have so many story ideas across so many dang genres (Steampunk fantasy, urban fantasy, MORE scifi), and I WISH I were writing original fiction while I'm not writing NFA. Unfortunately I'm writing essays. Once the deadlines and exams are done (Jan 20th, counting the blasted days), I go down to fewer modules and only one day on campus a week so if I can't get more writing done THEN, you might as well saw my hands off...

Thanks so much for this review.

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Review #4, by JaneLane Whatever I Want

17th December 2016:
Great! Looking forward to what you have in store for us next...

Author's Response: So many things. ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Kristina1990 Whatever I Want

15th December 2016:

First of all, I'm so happy to hear that you decided to continue to write this story. I believe NFA is one of the most realistic and best written fanfics in progress at the moment and it would have been sad to see it abandoned.

I agree with your judgement that Alice's and Frank's storyline was the most logical to cut out. As great as it was to read about the on-goings outside of Hogwarts, I think the greatest strength of this story is how the outside reflects onto the inside and the developments within the walls of Hogwarts are more relevant to the main characters.

I'm particularly glad that you left the Mulciber storyline intact. I enjoy it the most of all, because it shows how difficult it is to break out of the patterns and the path your ancestors and friends set for you. Of course, the heroes are usually the ones on the "good" side, but it's also doubters like Graham that deserve some credit for trying to think outside of the box.

So, thank you for continuing and Merry Christmas ;).

Author's Response: I'm hoping to crack on more with this story now we're in the new year. ;) The other reason to cut Alice and Frank's story is that we'll GET to the goings on outside of Hogwarts. Seventh Year isn't gonna be exclusively focused on Hogwarts (apparition and weekends and rebellion exist, basically), so we can experience this wider war through this more narrow, focused perspective of these slightly more thematically pertinent character.

I think I'd have cut Sirius as a POV before I would have cut Graham. I considered many extreme options in how to go forward with NFA, including stripping it down to bare bones and (POVs aside) making it basically Lily's story (which would have encapsulated James and Jack and Dory as those close to her). But Graham's story feels too valuable to toss away, and telling his story alongside Lily's - they will intersect, but we're not there yet - demands a wider narrative, so something had to go. While Lily and Graham haven't interacted yet, they are very much foils to one another dramatically, and we'll see more of this.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by scorprose Whatever I Want

14th December 2016:
First of all all the best for the new year and all the new plans. Yep! we are still hanging here and will be there ever. Thank you for not dropping on us. Honestly, I am a little disappointed with you dropping on Alice but I do completely understand your concerns and I believe, we shall enjoy every bit of your writing.

Author's Response: I'm kind of surprised how many people seem regretful I'm dropping Alice! I guess in an ideal world I could have written it all. But seriously, look at NFA's wordcount (then add 20k for Alice's cut content) and consider it's only just three months in of what could be a FIVE YEAR story. Sure, these three months had a lot of setup - ack, basically something had to go, which I know I've explained and I know folks accept. I'm just still surprised people cared as much about Alice as they did! But thanks for the review.

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Review #7, by whykay Whatever I Want

13th December 2016:
OH NO. I was so looking forward to Alice and Frank. Sigh. We cannot have it all, can we? I respect your judgment and if it means NFA will still be alive, so be it.

Glad you are back and looking forward to Renegeration too! You dropped a bomb on us there and left. :|

Author's Response: So many people seemed more into Alice and Frank than I expected! But hopefully I can make up for it.

Regeneration is kind of on ice for the moment until I'm further into 2017 and have more of a handle on my writing in general. Then I'll make a choice on it. Basically academia is kicking me way harder since October than I expected!

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Review #8, by Maureen Whatever I Want

13th December 2016:
I'm loving this story! I'm content to keep checking in to see if you have updated... Have a great Christmas!!
PS The Characters are really well drawn. I love Jack! (like so many others) I'm wondering how much Sirius being a pureblood feels about the pure blood bias of Slytherin after all these are probably cousins, second cousins that kind of thing... Is he heading for the showdown that sees him run away from home?

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Review #9, by Pumpkin Whatever I Want

13th December 2016:
Slide! You are back! And with a Graham chapter to boot! It's like Christmas come early.

I'm happy to hear that things are looking up for you. I've been a fan since Ignite and your work has brought me a lot of enjoyment over the years (and judging by others comments I'm not the only one). So I'm glad you are able to continue writing for selfish reasons, but I'm also glad for your sake you feel you are in a good enough place personally to keep going.

Reading your author's note about story revisions, I found myself relieved when you said you were cutting Alice's POV over any of the others, so I think you made the right choice. I enjoyed the Alice chapters as I was reading them, but I think I would have been way more disappointed if it worked out any other way.

Onto the actual review... sorry it's both rambling and a bit disjointed!

My man Graham is having a rough time. His moral grey is getting darker and darker and it's killing me. But for the story's sake (plot advancement and also questions of morality) I'm glad to see you push him into more actively evil territory. If there's one thing the good and bad guys agree on in this story it's that you absolutely have to pick a side. And it seems all the fence sitters are being pushed into doing so by the times, but I feel it more with Graham because he's alarmingly moving towards the dark rather than the light as with most of your other characters... and probably because he lays the inner angst on extra thick.

He's now shown himself willing to plan violence on others for his brother's sake... and to weasel out of performing any violence himself. He was able to maneuver out of It this time, but will being forced into physically violent acts be his breaking point in the future?

For now though he's on the outs with all the people who he connected to who don't believe in the ideals of the magical KKK, he's more closely tied to his brother, and completely coming apart on the inside. Very worrying! I wonder what would have happened if Hargreaves had reacted to his plea with understanding or kindness?

I love your Remus. It makes so much sense for his character that he's reluctant to take any action because he's so grateful to be treated like a normal kid and attend school. And that he lets his friends get away with so much because he's so grateful to have them. He needs to stop the self loathing and learn some self love... unfortunately when we meet him as an adult in the HP books he doesn't seem to have made it there.

Sirius's relationship with Fletch is probably his most interesting one. Like Remus I'm tired of his pretending with Marlene.

Lily standing up for muggle borns is the right thing to do but it's interesting that the central point of all her critics was that her actions just encourage retaliation... and the story is telling us they were right! Randal outright says they need to act because of what she did. Of course the future death eaters would have continued to abuse the muggle borns anyway as Lily pointed out, but she's responsible for the escalation! It's great that even her heroic actions are shown to have very real negative consequences. There are no free actions for anyone. That's one of the elements that really elevates this story for me.

Anyway, like I said, it's great to have you back! Thanks as always for the quality work.

Author's Response: Thankfully writing is a thing that keeps me going, so I'd have to be REALLY badly off to not be emotionally able to write. The worst there is passing/under control. Unfortunately, time? Should improve. We'll see.

One vote for cutting Alice! Yay! Not that I didn't like her, but I'm surprised how many people have been disappointed I dropped her, I didn't feel her scenes were nearly as strong as any other character's. But she was the most expendable; with anyone else, I'd have lost something seriously important.

Graham is in a rough position simply because as time goes by, refusing to be involved in Junior Death Eater activities becomes more and more of an extreme statement. He has mostly been not a bad guy so far out of inaction - and it's inaction because he doesn't WANT to get involved, but the absence of bad deeds does not make one a good person alone. He has yet to receive the motivation or the security or the nerve to stand against his brother as his brother demands his help.

It's not explicitly that he's weaselling out of the violence himself, so much as when he commits to helping his brother, he tries to give his best advice. And politically, this is the best advice he can give. The question of what happens when he's in the middle of a violent situation (as they become more common) is... frankly, keep a big question mark over that issue. It's a damn, damn good question.

The problem with his request to Hargreaves was that it wasn't especially in good faith. He wanted to continue to treat her as Different to all the other Muggle-borns, while continuing to rub elbows with his brother and Saul and all the rest. It would have been morally and emotionally dishonest, if pragmatic, and Hargreaves is having absolutely none of it. On the other hand, Hargreaves is being a bit reductive and disregarding the nuances of the situation, but she doesn't REALLY have much reason to TRUST Graham, or think he's doing anything but trying to make his own life simpler. So they have obstacles to overcome.

Remus is a lot of fun to write, I think my favourite of the Marauders to write so far - in part because he has more going for him than Peter and I've had a lighter touch with him than with James or of course Sirius, so it kind of leaves me wanting to do more.

I'm glad you find the Sirius/Fletch interactions more compelling than those with him and Marlene; they're meant to be compelling. Those two bring out some of the flaws of each other. Not quite sins, but their apathy to act and kind of step aside from problems is a shared issue.

You're spot on with consequences. Randal ABSOLUTELY would have continued to escalate - I'm so glad to get to this chapter, which highlights his motivations beyond just prejudice. He needs to keep control over Avery and Carrow to not just be a footsoldier outside of school, and so he has to keep demonstrating to Death Eaters he is a worthy leader. But with Lily taking action against him, he has to do EVEN MORE. And yet, Lily's inaction would help absolutely nobody either. It's rough.

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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Review #10, by Diana Hanson My Name is Called Disturbance

23rd November 2016:
What the heck?? It has been months since you updated your stories. I am dying!!! Please help us out by adding some chapters. I love your writing.

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm jumping back into the mix of things. All's okay, new chapter is up. Thanks for sticking it out! :)

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Review #11, by Kristina1990 My Name is Called Disturbance

26th September 2016:

Jack is having trouble to believe that he isn't alone anymore, huh? I guess with his previous friendship history this isn't much of a surprise. He does have a short temper, is impulsive, quick to judge and really has to learn to control himself better, but he is as good a friend as anyone could ever be. I hope he will realise this some day.

Great chapter, can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Jack's got his problems, but his virtues are plain to see if you can look past them. We'll get a lot more into him, his background, his family, his friends in the reasonably near future. So we'll see how that works out.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Iris My Name is Called Disturbance

26th September 2016:
I love your story so much! Keep on writing, I always look forward to the updates

Author's Response: I intend to get back on top of it. ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by HPlover My Name is Called Disturbance

22nd September 2016:
Im so happy you updated! Reading this chapter made me remember how much I love Jack. Also, that last line has to be my favorite :)

Author's Response: It pretty much summarises Jack's relationship with problem resolution, doesn't it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Malnonne My Name is Called Disturbance

21st September 2016:
I love your characters so much. This story is so fabulous

Author's Response: Jack's amazing and I'm so glad everyone seems to love him. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by whykay Heart of Stone

8th September 2016:
Lily, oh Lily. You do know how to make a crowd turn. Good for you! :)

Author's Response: That she does. There are reasons the girl will end up with the reputation she does. Cheers!

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Review #16, by fanofgredforge Heart of Stone

6th September 2016:
This was great. There were a few chapter in the middle of this story where I was not sure where this was going with the character. But its all paying off.
The way this story grows the characters instead of making them caricatures and or have them fully formed from the beginning is really admirable and so much fun to read.

That last bit of this chapter was especially wonderful. A well written description of how we sometimes step into a situation on instinct and end up surprising ourselves.

Keep it up!

Author's Response: Yeah, this story's gone a bit meandering in places; it's undergone a big overhaul now so should be a lot more streamlined and focusing on the characters who need the focus.

This chapter is one of my favourites, though, and is of course a huge stepping stone not just for Lily, but for Hogwarts and the whole war effort.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by hedwig Heart of Stone

6th September 2016:
I loved this chapter! I thought James blaming himself for the Mulciber incident was very similar to Harry always blaming himself for putting others in danger, and both of them missed the central point that the war is bigger than just themselves.
Also, I'm happy that Dory's character is being further developed. She is one of my favorite characters to read about, and I am very curious about how her story will continue!

Author's Response: James is absolutely being well-meaningly egotistical to absorb blame for the Mulciber incident. Him figuring out his place in the war is a very important part of his arc, because ultimately the rich pure-blood isn't the guy who's first to be endangered when Muggle-borns are being wiped out - and he needs to understand and accept that. But yeah, you can see where Harry gets it from.

Dory does often come across as comic relief, but there's a lot more to her than that. It's almost like she's intentionally comedic so she doesn't have to open up about deeper issues...

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by Luna Trouble on the Way

22nd August 2016:
I like that each chapter emphasizes a different character's story and focuses on different aspects of the plot. It makes each new update that much more exciting because I never really know what the chapter is going to be about

Author's Response: It used to be more significant, with each chapter being a specific POV, but that became more bitty. I do try to make sure each chapter has a very valid *focus*, though, rather than just being a series of events smooshed together for 5k-7k words. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by hannah Trouble on the Way

20th August 2016:
Lol at James and Sirius. Love those two

Author's Response: They're quite a bloody pair. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by whykay Trouble on the Way

16th August 2016:
Some things should never change - such as an Underwear Hug. Definitely and perfectly apt for two best friends (though I feel Harry and Ron would never be up for it). Let euphemisms lie.

Poor Amy - I can imagine how confused and angry and lonely she is. Fletch is being really unfair to her and I imagine Amy knows it. That's mostly why she is alone because she cannot afford to share her thoughts.

Aubrey's branding and Fletch's immobility, I think characterizes the classic reluctance and fear, which unfortunately seems to be about the right place to be. Especially one, while trying to escape the walk of shame and pain instead, lands up right in the middle of the walk of terror and horror. Beautifully written.

Also wonderfully written is their animagi escapade into the forest. Deranged Remus, Unbound Sirius, Restrained James, Harangued Peter. I mean James is right, but to experience it through Padfoot's senses is amazing. Uncomplicated, Free, Joyous, except the aftermath of eating a rabbit. :D

I think Frank is writing Gutters. He cannot compromise his position, but can do the same anonymously. It cannot be Alice, because she is too defiant in your face for her to conserve and channel all that frustration into research and writing.

Author's Response: Fletch is a deeply, deeply flawed figure. I mean, in many ways she's a teenaged girl who's been forced into a particular kind of selfish self-sufficiency, but it hasn't translated into having the kinds of friendships which can allow for vulnerable supportiveness. And to be fair to Fletch, Hargreaves is bloody terrible about seeking out that kind of support, too. But Fletch isn't going to emerge unscathed from witnessing Aubrey's fate.

Glad that the animagus trip was entertaining, I'd hoped that to be one with a significant impact as a scene. The Marauders don't get as much attention in this fic, but some things should be fully explored.

Ah, for once I can give a straight answer to a theory - now that I've cut Alice's POVs from NFA, I can confirm it is not Frank who is behind Gutters. He's far too busy being an Auror to worry about propaganda and spreading the truth at school.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by hedwig Trouble on the Way

15th August 2016:
Wow. That ending was intense. Im getting more and more curious about who the authors of Gutters are. Im pretty certain it is from Ravenclaw, but thats about it

Author's Response: Glad the Gutters author is remaining a safe mystery. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by Toni Trouble on the Way

15th August 2016:
Another brilliant chapter!

Author's Response: Cheers! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #23, by whykay You Can Run

21st July 2016:
Life on earth is pretty difficult, eh? Soon Graham will need to make a choice. He can't sit on his broom and pretend it is alright. Even for a Slytherin. Poor Amy Hargreaves! - I am not sure if her showing her passionate side to Mulciber, though Graham it was, was a good idea. I think, though unintended and natural, it could alienate Graham and make their stable work more difficult (pun intended). I also think if someone like Alecto had seen this, she would have definitely harassed Amy.

Yes, yes. I am worried for Marlene. I seriously wish Sirius dumps her. Somehow this mention of her in the alibis and timelines was disconcerting. She seems like a leech and is so clingy. However, the breakup will also cause a break up in the ranks I think. Nathaniel and Co. v. Potter and Co.
What are your plans for Wick? I have a gut feeling things won't end well with him :( I mean why else will Lily and him not get closer.

It's good to see James away from his coterie. He is being very intentional about the fight and that's good. Lily-James is going to be a wartime romance, isn't it? None of the teenage angst - I mean, they were squeezed together in a BOOK cupboard. BTW, I am so glad you wrote that scene the way you did. Love it for things that never came onto the horizon - kudos!

Oh and I am eagerly waiting for the Fletch-Avery conversation. Especially, one that's due after the match.

Author's Response: Graham is absolutely going to have to figure out where he stands, and Hargreaves is going to doubtless play a role in this. The question is just what choice and what consequences, and there is nothing about it that isn't messy. Everything's going to turn itself upside-down before long.

Insights into Marlene will come, but for the moment she really is being pretty young and silly and infatuated with her boyfriend, who's too cowardly to just dump her because he doesn't want to seem like the bad guy.

And obviously I can't speak of Wick's fate. ;) I can guarantee that I'm done murdering the hypotenuse in my love triangles, though.

James is starting to come to the forefront now, actually showing his mettle instead of his childish antics. We'll see where it goes.


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Review #24, by Sarah You Can Run

20th July 2016:
This is awesome! Mulciber and Hargreaves are my favorites, I feel like they are the most human of the characters. They're angry and flawed, but neither of them is really taking on a movement right now. They could be good together. This story did take a while to get going, but now that it has, it's coming together pretty well. I definitely think the OC's are more interesting than James and Lily and Sirius, but Frank and Aice are great.

Author's Response: The story's undergone a mild overhaul, so hopefully things will keep going. Lily's best is coming very soon, but Sirius' story hasn't really PROPERLY started yet. But Graham and Hargreaves are major favourites of mine, so I'm glad you're enjoying them. Cheers!

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Review #25, by Luna You Can Run

20th July 2016:
I swear each chapter keeps getting better and I just keep getting more and more emersed! The characterisation, the lack of cliches, and the imagery is just perfect. I hope the recent slower updates are just because life is busy and not losing interest in the story.
I love this story so much!keep writing!

Author's Response: I have been struggling with the story, I can't lie, but I don't think I'm about to abandon it any time soon. And reviews like this always help keep me motivated; it's so much easier to write when I know people are reading! Despite the brief lapse, I am intending to stick to the bi-weekly updates at a minimum.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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