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Review #1, by FriendofMolly Open At The Close

17th April 2017:
Your story has provided me, and others, with an unique glimpse of Heaven. It saddens me, that no one, not even Dumbledore met Severus. But at the time he was meeting Harry at his temporary stop, and Lily was with the others having guided Harry to his meeting with Tom. But not even Snape's Mum? So sad, he also needs to learn that being miserable was no longer needed. That too was part of his duality. I hope too he is able to have the happy life he was denied on Earth. I expect too, once he and Harry are settled he will be very anxious to learn about his namesake. God Bless Dobby. He really was/is special.
I can't wait for the next,
PS. It's obvious just why this was so difficult to write. You did it brilliantly

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Review #2, by FriendofMolly Chapter 7: A Lonely Home

6th April 2017:
All I can say, is More, More, More. As soon as what comes next, strikes you. I wonder if James is playing pranks? Surely, Lily wouldn't let him. Or even Dumbledore should have stopped it. I have a feeling Harry is there to lead Severus into the joy Afterlife can bring. I will be watching for the next.

Author's Response: Hello again Friend of Molly!

I'm so thrilled to tell you that the next chapter was just posted!

Thank you so much for all of your support! I hope you enjoy what I've come up with!


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Review #3, by magnifique11 Chapter 7: A Lonely Home

27th March 2017:
Okay I'm back and caught up!

First off, I think this is a fantastic/unique idea and I love your interpretation of the afterlife - it makes sense? Harry can't even get a pass when he's dead lol, but I really do like your choices in "trials" thus far. Bellatrix was a huge, huge impact on Harry, (almost as much as, if not more so than, Voldemort) and I think you handled that scene beautifully. I'm also very eager to see what exactly is the "test" aspect of this meeting with Snape, though I can only hope it doesn't end too sadly D:.

Overall, I just really enjoy the writing and planning involved in this and how you transition so smoothly between points of view, again, in ways that make sense. (I especially like the snapshots we get of Harry's other loved ones on the sidelines, desperately hoping for more information).

I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of this and I'll have to check out your other stuff in the meantime!



Author's Response: Hi Julie!

I'm so, so happy that you're enjoying this story! It's definitely my baby and I've been working on it for such a long time. :)

I'm glad you like my interpretation of the afterlife. I worried everyone would be upset with me for putting Harry through more trials...but I think for it to be fair, everyone has to face them.

The tests will involve a series of familiar faces and with each one, Harry will be challenged with something different. I think Snape will be one of the larger challenges for Harry. I wish I could tell you if it would be happy or sad, but I don't want to give away the ending. I'm sorry.

I'm thrilled that the POV shifts are smooth. I'm not used to swapping between characters, so I was worried it might be too all over the place.

The next chapter is about 90% finished, so I'm hoping to have it up by the end of the week. :)

Thank you again for this lovely review! It's really given me a push to get this next chapter finished up!


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Review #4, by magnifique11 Chapter 3: The Beginning

27th March 2017:
So I'll write a proper review once I've caught up detailing everything I've been enjoying about your writing lol but I just had to pop in and tell you how happy I am that you had Scorpius/Hugo together, they're one of my FAV next gen pairings and I just love when I see other people put them together!

Alright, off to the next chapter!

(also omg Dobby, I could cry, he is so absolutely sweet)

Author's Response: Hi Julie!

Thank you for leaving a review! It makes me so happy to see what other people think of my stories. :)

Ahh Scorpius/Hugo. I don't know why there isn't more of them paired together. It seems like such a natural combination.

Dobby is the sweetest, for sure.

Thank you again!


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Review #5, by Faith S. Chapter 7: A Lonely Home

27th March 2017:
I am enjoying "The Next Great Adventure" very much and am looking forward to the next installation. :)

Author's Response: Hi Faith,

I'm so glad you're enjoying the story so far! Thank you so much for reading it!

I'm about 90% complete with the next chapter, so it should hopefully be posted by the end of the week.

Thank you for the review!


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Review #6, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 7: A Lonely Home

14th February 2017:
HI Kaitlin!

Iím sad this is the last available chapter, but I did notice a one shot companion piece Iíll have to check out!

Iím surprised that heís with Snape. I didnít think Snape would be unfinished business considering the middle name of his youngest son, but here we are. I hate how tormented Snape seems because I think after the life he had he deserves some kind of happiness. He deserves it.

ďDobby is thinking Professor Snape is needing a house elf,Ē LOL, I love Dobby.

Is Snape still battling his own tests? He'd have to forgive James to move on? Maybe he needed Harry to help guide him. Does that mean no one came to guide him? Oh, my poor heart.


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Review #7, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 6: A Pitch Black Dungeon

14th February 2017:
Hi Kaitlin! :)

Wow, this got dark fast! But in a good way. I mean anything Bellatrix got in the afterlife probably still isn't as much as she deserves, but still. She thought Azkaban was bad? Yikes!

I think Dobby is truly the only one for this task. This is such a good mirror of what it was like OOTP when no one could communicate with Sirius to be certain he was safe.

I think the underlying message about forgiving someone for yourself, for your ability to move on with your own life is a good one to write.

I also like how Dobby has to overcome his urge to hurt himself in response to lying to Harry because itís still so in character that it really just makes him infinitely more realistic.

He shouldnít have too many more tasks, right?

I canít wait for him to see his mom!

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Review #8, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 5: Worry

14th February 2017:
Hi Kaitlin!

I think Lily would be crazy nervous if anyone other than herself had been sent. I donít think it would be Dobby specific as much as control-freak-thatís-her-baby-boy-ness.

ďThe concept that Dumbledore would tell anyone anything of concrete value. That man thrives on secrets and half truths.Ē Lol, Sirius throwing shade. I mean, itís completely true though.

Iím really intrigued by Dumbledoreís role in the afterlife. Itís also interesting how much they all revere him to the point of being infallible.

Sirius feels very Sirius-esque here which is definitely a good thing. Brooding, sulky, impulsive. I love it.

I feel like when harry decided in OOTP that he pitied Voldemort it'd make it that much easier for him to face him and forgive him. If anyone can sympathize with Voldemort itís harry.

I love the little warrior Dobby sneaking students away from the Carrows. Thatís my official headcanon now.

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Review #9, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 4: The Weighing Of The Wand

14th February 2017:
Hi Kaitlin!

I like that this part of the afterlife is different for everyone because even though this is big and scary harry is returning to his first real home and that must impart some kind of comfort to him.
The weighing was very interesting. I thought it would be like Priori Incantatum like Harry initially thought, but I think the memories make sense. I like it because you can tell a lot more about intentions and why harry did what he did by his memories rather than just glancing through a list of spells he used.

Iím glad it didnít hurt like Dobbyís did and tbh I want to have a talk with whoever runs the afterlife for letting it hurt dobby. Iíll fight them.

I love Harry being so considerate here and pausing to help Dobby up. Adorable.

What laugh could that be? Voldemort? Peeves?

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Review #10, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 3: The Beginning

14th February 2017:
Hi Kaitlin!

I like the life flashing before his eyes being in a dream state. I like Dobby waking him up too. It's all very in line with Dobby's character and Harry's annoyance with him. I mean he obviously loves him but sometimes Harry seems to treat him like a pest of a little brother.

Oh! You answered my last question.

ďMister Dobby.Ē Youíve got me again there.

I bet Dobby's heart was a definite in to the afterlife. He's such a sweet, caring elf. That does sound crazy painful though.

I wish Harry was just a tidbit more tactful because questioning why it was Dobby would obviously hurt his feelings. I like that you added his drooping ears because that's exactly what I imagined when I read Harry's dialogue the line above.

The trolley witch from cursed child has scarred me for life because I immediately grimaced when she showed up. Even though she's really a sweet person. I love Hugo and Scorpius. That's adorable.

The beans were very, very sweet. Dobby is the sweetest most perfect angel baby I've ever read. I love your characterization of him.

I have to be honest Iím nervous about the wand weighing. Iím sure it will be fine though.

This story has brought up so many questions for me. Obviously Voldemort probably isnít making it into the afterlife, especially with the horcrux stuff. So im curious if anyone ever came to guide him. His mother? Would anyone bother to? Even if he had someone on the other side, surely theyíd know he probably wouldnít make it and wouldnít risk their own soul.

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Review #11, by PaulaTheProkaryote Chapter 2: The Transportation Office

14th February 2017:
Hi Kaitlin!

Ignore the fact that it took me half of forever to actually post these reviews! Iím here now and thatís what counts! ;) Iíve been meaning to come back to this story because itís so, so good and Iíve never read anything like it!

The entire creation of this afterlife is so amazing. I'm trying to imagine what in the world the streets of the afterlife might even look like and the closest I'm imagining is from my last trip to DC. Close enough.

Dobby has always been a bit of a wild elf when it came to skirting the rules and him smashing through the glass was amazing. I love it.

My heart canít even at ďMaster DobbyĒ

So would the first death of Harry Potter in DH be Harry at a transition point? With Dumbledore there? If so, what would happen to Dumbledoreís soul since they didnít succeed? Or would the answer be nothing since they didnít leave the transition point?

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Review #12, by P Chapter 1: Happenings

6th February 2017:
I like your take on afterlife!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're enjoying it so far! I hope you enjoy the chapters to come!


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Review #13, by marauderfan Chapter 7: A Lonely Home

30th January 2017:
Kaitlin ♥ I'm sorry I don't have the time to write you a long review right now, but I wanted to make sure you at least got a review so you'll know that I read and loved this chapter. And to let you know that I can't believe you ended the chapter there! What is outside? I must know! :P

But honestly, I think the idea of Snape trapped inside for the afterlife is kind of perfect, because in a metaphorical sense he was always kind of trapped in his real life, unable to move on. It's been so consistent of his character throughout his whole life that he holds on to things and can't move forward, whether it's the bitterness he has about his family, or his feelings for Lily, or his hatred of James - these are things that stuck with him for his whole life so it seemed very fitting that he ended up stuck in that room. Now that he's dead, he's forced to hold on to things as he did in his life - or maybe the room is holding on to him? Anyway, it was really well thought out and I kind of feel bad for him because it's a horrible thing to imagine - being stuck in a house for a week is bad, but 80 years? yikes.

I wonder if he's not passed his afterlife test, because he couldn't move on. After all, one would think that this experience would give him at least some empathy for Sirius who was stuck inside for so long during the second Order - but Snape would never, even if he understood that feeling of being stuck, he would never even want to feel any sort of sympathy for someone he hated even 100 years ago in a different life. He's very much inside his own head and always has been to an extent, and I think it will take some much needed perspective (like, for example - Harry showing up and maybe talking to him) to get Snape out of there.

I'm really loving the way you bring so many characters into this and show what different characters experience after they die, and kind of how it reflects on their life. This is such an interesting story. Great chapter :)

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Review #14, by Lady Asphodel Chapter 4: The Weighing Of The Wand

18th October 2016:
I may know who it is, but I still wonder, until I read the next chapter, from whom the laughter is coming from.

I have to say, in each chapter, you have such a gift with your words, particularly describing.

This was my favorite line ever: [i]It was like listening to the song of a thousand phoenixes, each with its own distinct melody.[/i]

It was sad and yet so nice to have Harry reminisce during the weighing of his wand, with the memories and all.

I'm glad that though that the result of the weighing of his wand turned out to be good in favor... though I wonder is it really good? Hm. I'll find out I suppose as I move on.

- LA

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Review #15, by Lady Asphodel Chapter 3: The Beginning

18th October 2016:
So they finally reunite! Sweet! I'm so happy! :D

Reading this feels like old times when they were both alive.

You really know how to reach deep in their friendship with Harry and Dobby. When Harry asked him why Dobby out of everyone got to be his guide, but he quickly appeased him when he realized that Dobby may have felt that he wanted someone else to be his guide... it greatly reminded me of Chamber of Secrets, how quickly Harry tries to make Dobby feel better even though he never intends to upset him.

I also felt the pangs of Harry remembering his days with Ron and Hermione. Such a feeling of nostalgia. Oh and I love how you brought in the Lady who pushes the trolley. Really nice touch!

- LA

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Review #16, by Lady Asphodel Chapter 2: The Transportation Office

18th October 2016:
My, my. This keeps getting more interesting by the chapter.

Now knowing that Harry and Dobby's souls are in danger if Dobby should fail really puts a nice and suspenseful twist. I am as excited as Dobby when he finally meets Harry. I look forward to their reunion!

By the way, you're doing such a lovely job at keeping Dobby in character, and you did a good job channeling the voices of Dumbledore, Mr & Mrs Weasley, Sirius, Harry's Parents, Remus and Fred in the previous chapter. I forgot to mention my love for Ginny in the prologue too.

Moving forward to the next chapter!


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Review #17, by Lady Asphodel Chapter 1: Happenings

18th October 2016:
What an absolute interesting chapter! An interesting premise entirely! I haven't felt this way for a long time. I can honestly say, I never read a story that featured Dobby like that - to be Harry's helper through the afterlife especially. I mean - yeah I've read a few AU's where Dobby lives and he is around to be there for Harry... but you took a different route, in which I am enjoying so much because I love that this is different and because I love and miss Dobby! You are so right when you had Dumbledore point out how much he saved Harry and for me, he's really a unique friend to him. It reminds me of my Hedwig story. Harry needing a good closure with both of them (though in the Book, the burial for Dobby was really good - so I am not really complaining about that.) Anyway, I am very interested in where you take this. :D

On to the next chapter!


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Review #18, by Lady Asphodel Prologue: An Old Friend

18th October 2016:
Such a poignant piece here. It bears a bittersweet elegance. I am glad that you decided to develop this more. For a long time, particularly when you had requested for a sig set for this story, it definitely intrigued me from then. Don't even know why I waited this long to read it. I figured, I was in the mood for some HP, and this was what I had in mind. I am looking forward to reading more of this. :)


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Review #19, by marauderfan Chapter 6: A Pitch Black Dungeon

27th August 2016:

the idea of Bellatrix's laughter echoing off all the walls in a dark space is TERRIFYING. I don't blame Dobby for wanting to run.

I almost... feel sorry for Bellatrix? Almost. I mean, I still very much hate her for killing off my favorite character but here she's just being left to die but can't die. All she can do is scream insults at people (which she still does very adeptly) but she's literally just chained to the floor to rot there. I can't believe you've made me feel sorry for her, after all she's done! But Dobby is right, Bellatrix isn't worth their time.

That bit about her killing Sirius again... I assume that's a lie. I assume. It has to be! ...right? I mean, Sirius is regularly more impulsive than sensible, but he was told that running after Harry would endanger Harry's chances (I'm pretty sure someone said that?) so I don't think he would run after him because as annoyed as he might be, he knowingly endanger Harry.

I think you wrote that forgiveness scene really well, and the 'motives' of the afterlife seem to be a bit clearer now. All the negative emotions, grudges, and hatreds during life are brought back and the person has to let go of all that negativity in order to pass, at least that's how it looks so far. Harry did well. I really liked what he said about all he'd lost to Bellatrix in his life, and how he wouldn't make that mistake again.

Kind of makes me wonder how Sirius and Snape get along in the afterlife, because we know Sirius is there, and, well, with Snape I'd guess that the good outweighed the bad, as we already know he had a lot of remorse, so I think he's probably in as well, but... would they have had to forgive each other? Would they be able to stick with it? I would love to see these two interact and how they've dealt with that very angry, bitter past between them. but yeah, kind of a sidetrack :P

Anyway... I don't think Bellatrix is gone for all eternity. I think she's around somewhere, but I don't know where. Part of me wonders if that was the real Bellatrix that Harry saw there, or if she was an illusion created just for Harry's test.

Your Dobby dialogue is really good. There was only one spot where it was a bit off, which was here, one of the last lines in the chapter: ďBut I is thinking we should find a way out -- I don't think Dobby uses first person much, you might want to change that to his name.

So anyway this is really good and I'm so glad I had a chance to come back and read more of it! What an amazing chapter!

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Review #20, by pointless_proclamations Chapter 3: The Beginning

26th August 2016:
Hi again!

So, Harry Potter looks as he did in his prime and I have more questions! What determines what one looks like after death. I suppose, what I'm asking is, what determines the appearance of one's 'soul' in your universe? And who is this conductor? Has the conductor--or even the workers at the transition offices--have they ever lived in the living world? Or are they 'just there.'

I have, of course, to rave over your characterisation of Dobby. Every single word or action you write of him conjures the image of Dobby so easily.

WHAT?!?! Dobby had to weigh his HEART?!?! That's almost horrific. I suppose it's your way of showing that the magic of a house elf lies within the heart (although given wizards and witches can perform magic even without a wand, I'd argue this could be true of wizards and witches as well, but maybe I'd argue some other sort of organ, but that's another thing entirely and something I will not consider given that this is 100% your universe).

Dobby is the sweetest most selfless individual--sorting jelly beans?! Bah!

I am further intrigued by what the weighing of the wands might entail!! I doubt it's as simple as a scale and a wand, though. I have absolutely little to no idea. Knowing you, it's going to be completely unexpected and absolutely awesome!!

Another wonderful chapter!


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Review #21, by pointless_proclamations Chapter 2: The Transportation Office

26th August 2016:

The concept of this entire story continues to intrigue me. The more you add to it, the more questions I have and the more interesting it gets.

I find it fascinating that magic wouldn't work the same way in this afterlife as opposed to the living world. Is this world over-crowded? Is it something ethereal, yet tangible? Or is it based on perception? Would one individual's perception of their own afterlife differ from another's? What are the rules? How were the figured out/constructed?

When Merv was going through the porkeys to the transition points for different characters, he did it in such a casual manner--which is strange, but it makes sense. It sort of makes death a more casual thing rather than facing the tragedy surrounding it in reality. In that sense, there's no 'goodbye,' but rather, a 'catch you later' sort of thing.

In this afterlife, how does someone assign jobs? Are there jobs or are you free to do what you want to? Is there conflict? Politics? Businesses? The transition office gave me that sort of feeling.



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Review #22, by victoria_anne Chapter 6: A Pitch Black Dungeon

20th August 2016:
Kaitlin ♥

HOW DID THIS CHAPTER COME UP WITHOUT ME KNOWING! I've been thinking about this story lately, and I'm so happy there's another chapter up for me to read!

Oh, my heart. Dobby is so so so brave. You write him incredibly well, I am so glad this story is in my life. Even his thoughts about Bellatrix are so brave. What a kind soul.

I guess I'm secretly glad to see Bellatrix get her comeuppance. I did wonder what happened to the bad people who died, as I didn't want them wandering around where Lily, James, Sirius and Dumbledore were.

I'm glad Dobby was able to convince Harry, too. He's absolutely right of course. And I know I've probably said this before, but you just write Harry so well, and that's a feat that I think is really hard to do, but you honestly do such an amazing job.

Congratulations on placing in the challenge! Well deserved :)

♥ Bianca

Author's Response: Bianca!!!

Thank you so much for dropping by to leave me this lovely surprise review! I'm so glad you're enjoying this story! I think I'm starting to get back on track with writing it, so hopefully, I'll be back to updating it soon!


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Review #23, by Felpata Lupin Chapter 3: The Beginning

30th July 2016:
Hi, Kaitlin!!! :D
Ok, so... I'm trying to catch up on the Hot Seat reviews I missed, and I thought it was the perfect occasion to come back to this story!

I loved this chapter! Harry and Dobby were both so perfect! :) And I loved the descriptions, and the fact that you used the same setting of the book for the meeting point and then the Hogwarts Express! And I'm so super curious about the Weighing... Also a tiny bit scared... But I guess I'll have to read on and see...

What I adored was Dobby's reaction at being called Mister, and the beans bit, too. Actually, that was a tiny bit sad. But so in character with Dobby to give Harry the best flavours and pick the disgusting ones for himself...

And I loved the bit when they talked about Ron. And Hugo and Scorpius? Now, that's a ship I would've never considered... :O I like it, though. :)

This story keeps getting more and more interesting. Hopefully I'll be back for more soon!

Thank you so much for the reading for now.
Much love,

Author's Response: Hey Chiara!

Thank you for dropping by to check out the next chapter! I'm so glad you found that Harry and Dobby were written correctly. I have to admit that they're both sort of intimidating characters to write because they have such a specific tone.

I'm so glad you liked the bit about the jelly beans. I feel like that's something that Dobby would do.

Thanks again for dropping by!


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Review #24, by StarFeather Chapter 6: A Pitch Black Dungeon

25th July 2016:
Hi, Kaitlin. One more Hot Seat Review!

I'm excited to be back here again with much expectation for Harry's adventure. this chapter is written from Dobby's POV, I guess you might consider how to begin this chapter deeply. I think it went well.

It's great you described how Harry could march to his destination faster than Dobby. We wait for their next movement in breathless. Then you didn't betray our expectations. Bellatrix Lestrange had been waiting for Harry to delude him. I'm amazed by your detailed description of her and her lie about Sirius. The plot is awesome, Kaitlin! You portrayed his spiritual darkness and awakening from the illusion very well.

I like the way of Dobby's thinking about Bellatrix. You wrote his observation of her very well. You did a great job to voice out "Hate the crime, but forgive the person who committed the crime."

The description of the last scene is also fabulous to be continued to the next chapter.


Author's Response: Hey Kenny!

Thank you so much for following up on the hot seat. That was very kind and honorable of you to do and I know it meant a lot to the people who had earned them.

I'm so glad you liked the description of Bellatrix. She's one of my favorite characters, so I always enjoy writing her.

I felt like for Harry to really find peace, he had to find a way to let go of his hatred for her. I think if you forgive a person, it doesn't mean you've forgotten what they've done, but it does mean you're moving on from it.

Thanks again! I hope you'll have a chance to read the next chapters as I post them.


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Review #25, by StarFeather Chapter 5: Worry

23rd July 2016:
Hi! I came back for Hot Seat Review more!
The scene, the perspective were changed entirely from Harry's to his guardians. It's interesting Dumbledore still seem to do some controls over Harry's afterlife.

You capture each characteristic very well. It's impressive Harry's parents and the other guardians get together and worry about his afterlife. I wonder if our afterlife are like that.If it is true, our afterlife may be not so bad compared with the imagination worrying heaven or hell.

I knew it! My opinion is just the same as James'. So Harry has to face Voldemort again, right?
I'm eager to read what will happen to Harry next!


Author's Response: Hey Kenny!

Thank you for another amazing review!

Dumbledore is definitely in a control position even in the afterlife, however, I think it's a bit different than it was in life. There's a bit of a twist coming in regards to that, but I won't spoil it here.

I personally don't know what to believe, but I liked the idea of people reuniting with their loved ones and if anyone deserves it, Harry does.

I won't say with certainty, but it would be rather predictable if Harry had to face Voldemort again, wouldn't it?


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