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Review #1, by Kenny Ten

8th January 2017:
Just read 10 so happy it came I so look forward to this story keep up the good work

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Review #2, by JayJay Nine

5th January 2017:
GAHH so good!! This story seriously deserves more recognition.

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Review #3, by JayJay Ten

5th January 2017:
I love what you are doing with this story. I am enjoying watching all of the characters develop, and I love each of them in their own way. They create such a wonderful dynamic, and their interactions are always so well done and incredibly entertaining. I especially love Fred, Toby, and James together. Their mischievous ways and beautiful bromance are fantastic. The banter in this story is incredibly on point.

Every new character continues to add to the wonderful ensemble you have already. Kelly's friends were clever and interesting and I loved seeing Lucy interact with them as well--I am excited to learn more about her especially!

You have such a wonderful story unravelling and I am so excited to see it unfold. The idea is so original and compelling--"It can't be that hard to distill firewhisky in the dungeons. Surely?" xD I love that they're doing it just because they can. And I love the unique role each character plays in their plan.

Their shenanigans live up to the distinctive idea as well. Your unique plot is rivaled only by your unique characters. Everything feels so authentic. You have such a wonderful style of writing that captures the je ne sais quoi of Hogwarts perfectly.

You have me hopelessly addicted. Looking forward to the next installment!


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Review #4, by The Daily Prophet Ten

4th January 2017:
Alright so I know this review is sort of out of nowhere, but I've been on a Harry Potter fan fiction binge and found this one and I love it! :) The main plot is absolutely perfect for these characters, and I love the unlikely team that makes up Hopscotch. I fell in love with the quidditch commentary in this chapter, and I'm super excited to see more of this fic. :) Thank you!!!

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Review #5, by TheCiscoKid Ten

2nd January 2017:
Took me a while to remember who all the characters were it's been so long but I'm so happy you updated and love this chapter and poor Freddy cold shouldered

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Review #6, by TheCiscoKid Nine

18th December 2016:
I'm trying to be patient but it's hard please update

Author's Response: I know, I know, but the next chapter is now in the queue

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Review #7, by Genevieve Nine

13th December 2016:
This is so good please update soon :)

Author's Response: Thanks, next chapter in the queue :)

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Review #8, by Kenny Nine

5th September 2016:
I just finished reading up till nine and now I'm hooked

Author's Response: :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
Yay, always good to hear, hope you stay hooked

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Review #9, by Anonymous Nine

3rd September 2016:
I can't wait for the next one please update soon

Author's Response: :):):):):):):):):)

Next chapter in waiting.

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Review #10, by HedwigAlways Nine

25th August 2016:
Fudging ...ah I cant even so damn good

Author's Response: ::):):):):):):):):):):)

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Review #11, by TheCiscoKid Nine

24th August 2016:
I'm so happy you updated I've been checking almost every day for an update and I finally get me fix of this story

Author's Response: Aaah I know the feeling, I'm so sorry to keep you waiting (but I'm also kinda loving it)

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Review #12, by Nee Eight

21st August 2016:
Great story, I really like The group dynamic and how you've used the characters.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, I'll try to keep it up

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Review #13, by Your Name: Eight

17th August 2016:
I can't wait for the next chapter I check for updates every day please update soon

Author's Response: Next chapter in the queue. x

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Review #14, by TheCiscoKid Seven

30th July 2016:
As promised a review for every chapter I kind of went backwards I started at eight and went back to one and worked my way to this chapter this is an exsolent story I'm glad I found it I just got done reading "Hormones" by Mistress(another great story about Fred ) and I needed a new story I think yours is it so please don't disappoint me and abandon it halfway threw so keep on keeping on

Author's Response: :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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Review #15, by TheCiscoKid Six

30th July 2016:
This is one of my favorite chapters I love the James Bond stuff

Author's Response: :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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Review #16, by TheCiscoKid Five

30th July 2016:
This is a great chapter I love the silent dialogue between James and Fred and Kelly is awesome

Author's Response: Thank-you -- we all have a person we can have these convos with, I just love writing them

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Review #17, by TheCiscoKid Four

30th July 2016:
As promised Hear is another review keep writing this story it's pretty great

Author's Response: :):):):):):):):)

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Review #18, by TheCiscoKid Three

30th July 2016:
Lucy is great keep writing and im a keep dropping reviews to get the # up so more people read this story

Author's Response: Thanks, that's so nice of you

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Review #19, by TheCiscoKid Two

30th July 2016:
Keep up the good work and I like Kelly

Author's Response: I'll try, and I like her too

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Review #20, by TheCiscoKid One

30th July 2016:
Normally I don't review a lot but I like your writing style in this story and Fred and Maria remind me of James and lily with an original twist

Author's Response: Thank you *blushin*

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Review #21, by TheCiscoKid Eight

30th July 2016:
i love this story its like a combo between magnificent seven oceans eleven and the Italian job i like it alot especially the depth of the characters and there personality quirks

Author's Response: I thought they should be putting their skills to good use -> having a truly misspent youth as it were

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Review #22, by Ashlumos1888 Eight

15th July 2016:
I absolutely love this story! I think it's the best Next Generation fic I've ever read - I can't believe it hasn't received more attention! You write extremely well, and you're characters are all well-crafted, though I'd love to learn more about Nick.
Can't wait til the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks very much xxx

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Review #23, by MarieBlack Eight

9th July 2016:
I am often leery of most next gen fics as they all typically fall into some sort of pattern that I have yet to fully engage with happily. However, this take on their Hogwarts years is incredibly fascinating! I love the personality you give each character, there is so much depth and understanding as a reader it's incredible. Fred is more rich in personality in this story than I think I have ever read him. James is more intriguing than I supposed and Toby Jordan is more than just a side character to the Wotters. Lucy is fitting, different then her father but not entirely the rebellious opposite we often see. I do wish to know more about Nick, but his inclusion through Roxie is insteresting, I would be inclined to know more about their history. I love Kelly, I'm sure you hear this often. She is so different, I do wish I could italicize for emphasis here, from a typical pairing for James.

Please do keep writing this, I need some lovely summer reading such as this!

xx Happy writing!

Author's Response: Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you

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Review #24, by Shania Eight

5th July 2016:
love how this story is going, keep it up! my favorite character is definitely James

Author's Response: :):):):):):):):):):)

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Review #25, by beka_wotter Seven

25th June 2016:
I really love this! The characters are all fun to read about, my faves probably being James and Kelly, I also like the plot and it's humorous and makes me laugh! The perspective it's written from I think is perfect too, I feel like we really are getting to know all of them rather than solely one or two! Please update soon, I can't wait for the next chapter! x

Author's Response: Next chapter is in the queue! x

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