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Review #1, by Ray The Happening that Happened with the Handle of Firewhisky + McCartney, Troy, and Some Secret Seeking

31st January 2017:
Nice chapter. Its really interesting to learn about her bad experience with Quidditch. I like how Cecile helped her get the journal.

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much for this sweet review! And I'm glad you enjoyed the bit with Cecile, I wanted to make sure that everyone knew she wasn't in on Lennon's plans and she was as much of a victim as Lennon's enemies. And yes the Quidditch side of McCartney's story is certainly interesting! It becomes even more interesting in future chapters! ;-) I hope you come back and read more chapters! Thank you so much for your review though!


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Review #2, by luna1306 The Happening That Happened in the Common Room + the Queen and Her Fool Go Shopping

25th January 2017:
I like McCartneys POV more, I like how max is a b*tch but I really want al to see that. Rose should have told him to shove it and that shouldn't come to her when max dumps him like some piece of sh*t.
I'm happy next capter is in mccartneys POV!
Can't wait

Author's Response: I know McCartney's POV does tend to be the most popular! And yes, Maxima does have the wool pulled over sweet Albus' eyes right now. But don't worry everything will come full circle! I hope you like the newly posted chapter since it's back in McCartney's POV! Thank you so much for your interest in my story and your sweet review!


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Review #3, by Maya The Happening That Happened in the Common Room + the Queen and Her Fool Go Shopping

24th January 2017:
Oh, poor rose, all she wants to do is help her cousin. While Maxima is entertaining, she sure is awful. Good story so far!

Author's Response: I know Maxima is something alright! But I'm so glad that you liked it and I hope you come back for the next chapter! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #4, by Crimson quill The Happening That Happened in the Common Room + the Queen and Her Fool Go Shopping

24th January 2017:
I love this story but especially this chapter as maxima is my favourite. She's amazing, you write her beautifully and her thought process is so fabulous. But I'm totally shipping Max/Albus now. :) xx

Author's Response: Aw I'm so glad you love Maxima! A lot of people don't like her, but I think she's really important as a character and certainly so much fun to write! Haha! And yes I LOVE Albus/Maxima as well! I'm so so glad you left a review! Please come back for more of Maxima's craziness! Haha! Thank you so much for your sweet review!


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Review #5, by luna1306 The Happening That Happened When Gryffindor’s JV Played Ravenclaw’s JV + More Bones Are Snapped

1st January 2017:

I just thought I'd drop that here

Author's Response: You and me both! They are just perfect! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #6, by luna1306 The Other Happening That Happened at the ‘Back 2 Skool' Party + the Answer to a Melancholy Miserable McCartney

25th December 2016:
So are they really a thing now? And is her revenge plan going to work?

I love your story, update soon!
And merry Christmas!

Author's Response: To answer your first question, sort of! ;) As for the revenge plan, McCartney and LP tend to get distracted, so you'll have to wait and see!

Aw thank you! I'm so glad that you love it! That makes me so happy! Thank you again so much for your review!

Merry Christmas to you too!


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Review #7, by Ray The Other Happening That Happened at the ‘Back 2 Skool' Party + the Answer to a Melancholy Miserable McCartney

21st December 2016:
James was so sweet. Enjoying the story so far!

Author's Response: Aw I know I love James! And thank you so much! I'm so glad you like it!


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Review #8, by putitonpaper The Happening That Happened with the ‘Back 2 Skool’ Party + A Queen Gets Kissed

13th December 2016:
Ugh!!! I hate Maxima! I can't decide if it's in a I love to hate her way yet but she's making me skin crawl right now! Looking forward to the chapter!! Here's to hoping McCartney had a good time!!

Author's Response: I understand Maxima is a special breed of character! Haha but I'm so glad you like it and yes I can't wait to show you guys what happened from McCartney's POV! Stay tuned it should be up within a few days! Thank you so much for the review! :)


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Review #9, by Ray The Happening That Happened at Quidditch Practice + Some Scandalous Scandals Involving a Potter & a Malfoy

29th November 2016:
Really loving this story so far! So many sassy characters.

Author's Response: Ahh yay I'm so glad that you love it! And yes all the characters are sass-masters haha! I hope you'll drop by for the next chapter!

Ireland Dawson

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Review #10, by putitonpaper The Happening That Happened at Quidditch Practice + Some Scandalous Scandals Involving a Potter & a Malfoy

28th November 2016:
I'm shocked this story doesn't have more reviews! Your writing is delightful and your plot is intriguing. I'm dying to know what happens next. I read these chapters quickly so I feel like I may be getting a few characters confused but so far I'm a fan! Looking forward to your next update!

Author's Response: You have no idea how much this review means to me! You are so sweet and I'm so thankful you dropped by and reviewed! I'm so glad you like it and I know it's a lot of characters, but trust me they all stick around long enough that you'll be caught up in no time! Again, thank you so much for the review!

Ireland Dawson

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Review #11, by luna1306 The Happening That Happened at Quidditch Practice + Some Scandalous Scandals Involving a Potter & a Malfoy

27th November 2016:
That stupid b*tch Lennon. I hate how she's trying to steel al of McCarthys friend, but I also want her go continue so everyone can see what a b*tch she really is also I like the French 7th year gryffindor and I hope she and McCarthy become friends.
Please update soon!

Author's Response: I know Lennon is such a drag! But yay I'm glad you like the story and I can't wait for you to read the next chapters! Thanks for your review!

Ireland Dawson

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Review #12, by pottered  The Other Happening That Happened on the Hogwarts Express + The Woes of a Queen

12th July 2015:
god i love JT
like alot
he's so (heart eyes)
and max, ohmygod, queen bee to the MAX (i just made that horrible pun, let's just -you know- ignore that)
anyways.., the slytherins...araidne and max killing eachother...mental images..,made me laugh alot
i cant believe i didnt read this sooner, it's all really good!

P.S. can i just say i love you story title alot (idk whats with me being obsessed with titles for the past week, but i adore yours. i hope that doesnt sound creepy .-.)

Author's Response: JT is my dream guy like not even going to lie to you. He is my ultimate fantasy man. *a million pulsing heart eyes*

Maxima is THE queen and I hate to say it, but I love her. She is literally the most fun character I've ever written and getting inside her head is the best! (horrible puns are gr8 water u talkin about)

Yay! I love making people laugh omg!

I'M SO HAPPY YOU READ IT THOUGH! AND THAT YOU LIKE IT! (Pssst when u gonna update WD tho? ;))

P.S. It doesn't sound creepy at all! I picked this title after we read about the beginnings of Social Darwinism in history and I was like: "this sounds just like a story that I'm writing" and BAM the original title (it was 'A Little Bit of Luck' if you were curious) was changed!



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Review #13, by pottered  The Happening that Happened on the Hogwarts Express + One Malfoy-Sized Secret

12th July 2015:
i love the way they all call lily: LP
i've honestly never seen it in any of the fics and, like, it's really cute
i like lily, she's so feisty aha
i also love the potter family so much especially albus, he's adorable!
c: xx

Author's Response: Aw thanks, I'm such a nickname person! I heart nicknames. (That sounds really weird, but whateva)

Thank ya, thank ya *heart with an arrow through it*

Lily is so feisty and I'm here for it! I love feisty characters, because they're so much fun to write!

The Potter fam is something I stressed over so much omg. I was constantly questioning how canon they were and if they were realistic. I'm so glad that you love them! Albus is literally the cutest to me! I just want to squish his little squirrel-y cheeks. ;P

Thank you for the review lovely!


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Review #14, by pottered  The Happening That Happened Before the Happenings Began Part II

12th July 2015:
ok can i just say that i LOVE your faceclaims, like, /so/ much
/leaf me a lawn/ was so funny omg. for a second i got really confused (yay me .-.), but when i understood it, i laughed out loud and that rarely happens so kudos to you aha ;p
ben is so cute aww i love him. also, dom! (and yesss, cara is absolutely gorgeous)
i also really like vincent; he seems so cuteee (and ugh penn plays him, i just had major gossip girl feels lol)
lily and scorpius!!! yesss. i usually havent read about them; only scorpius and rose, but now that i think about it, lily and scorpius would be adorable!
so yeah, i really liked this (fluffy bunnies skip around)

Author's Response: THANK YOU OMG (I'm really proud of my face-claims, bc that's like half my research... Oops hehe)

One of my RL friends used to say that all the time and I had no idea what the point was, but she's CRAYz like 99% of the time so I let it go and then one day it was like *lightbulb* so don't feel bad! Lol! I'm happy I made you laugh though! I love making people laugh! :D

I want a Ben on the real. He's a precious little sugar plum and I love him. (Cara slays at everything bc perf)

Vincent is adorbs, but only for a few more chapters unfortunately... *sobs* But yes! Penn is lovely. (I always loved him even though I shipped Serena/Nate. Dan/Serena was a close second though!)

Lily/Scorpius is my ride-or-die ship. ScoRose isn't bad, but I always thought it was a bit too obvious. ;)

Omg thank you I love you


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Review #15, by pottered  The Happening That Happened Before the Happenings Began: Part I

12th July 2015:
im happy i finally got around to read this because i loveee it!!
like, i love mccartney, and her narrative. also aleksander! he seems like such a cool character, i like him already.
i haven't read something like this, so it's definitely refreshing aha
i really like all the characters, they all have their own particular personalities so it makes it all the more interesting.

P.S. is it weird that i find mccartney's name really cute??? ;p

Author's Response: Omg heyyy!

I'm happy you did too! :)

I'm so glad that you love Mick, because she means the world to me! Prob bc we are almost the same person, but you didn't hear that from me...

Aleksander is the love of my life. Well it's either him or his mom. ;) Lol jk. Lidiya is queen on the real tho.


I also LOVE when people like my characters, because you know they're like my babies. *squishes their faces*

Bc of this review you've made me as happy as Kanye looking into a mirror.

P.S. Of course not I love it too! (Almost as much as I love you!)

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Review #16, by greenbirds The Other Happening That Happened on the Hogwarts Express + The Woes of a Queen

3rd July 2015:
i actually read this the second you uploaded the chapter, there's really no excuse other than laziness for my belated review. i just love what you've got going here- i think the characters are great if not kind of confusingly numerous, but obv that'll clear up in later chapters (as in we'll know the characters better and not be so confused).

your writing is amazing, love how you shift so effortlessly from persepective and each character's individual tone. this is so unique from the usual next gen cliches (including my own. guilty); im surprised that this doesn't have as many reviews as it deserves. i know ive said it before but ill say it again- you're such a talented writer! and im so excited to see what you'll come up with next.

great, great stuff. i particularly like mccartney and im SO excited to see where lily & scorpius go. please update soon!

Author's Response: I forgive you completely! I'm also guilty of giving belated reviews to authors, because of a combination of procrastination and laziness! Haha!

I know there really are so many characters! But each girl is individually different and they each have their own group of friends and people they interact with, so you've got to have at least three different friend groups for each girl! That adds up very quickly! So that's kind of my excuse as to why there's so many characters, but don't worry I'll try to help the reader out as much as I can!

*squealing and blushing* Thank you so much! You don't know what it means to me that you love this story so much! This review just made me so happy! :)

Thank you, I love Carty and her narrative is the next chapter so as soon as I get it back from my Beta it'll be in the queue!

Lily and Scorpius will have their stage time as well and their relationship is so much fun to write! Some of the best humor I've got in the story comes from LP and Scorpius so I love them!

I'll update ASAP, I promise! Thank you so much for your kind review, it made my day!


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Review #17, by Violet Potter 434 The Other Happening That Happened on the Hogwarts Express + The Woes of a Queen

16th June 2015:
this story is great
keep writing
from me x

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad that you enjoy reading it! I just got back from a trip, but I'm working on the story now! Thank you so much for reviewing!


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Review #18, by CaramelDiamant The Happening That Happened Before the Happenings Began: Part I

12th June 2015:
Hello there, Ireland!

So sorry for the super late review! It’s been a really busy week for me :/ But RL aside and onto your story!

Ohmygod, SO_MUCH_FLUFF! Haha no really, I loved reading that in my I’m a rich girl-my life is so important-voice…Well, after the glimpse on further events, anyway! To stay on intros: I think the lines of the song you chose fit the first chapter tremendously :)

Some notes on language:

1) I absolutely fell for Dom’s line in the middle of the chapter, when she’s in a conversation with Ben and Carty! (I don’t know if I’m allowed to post that here? But she’s ‘talking’ about Fawkes) You’ve definitely got the humor going!

2) There are some paragraphs that could be summed up or sometimes segments could be fused together in order to create longer sentences. Same with other passages: E.g. at the beginning you wrote “I skipped down the stairs[…]. I reached the parlor[…]” Suggestion: ‘Skipping down the stairs […], I reached the parlor […].” I don’t mean to lengthen all sentences artificially, because short and sarcastic phrases are what make this piece so fluffy and easy to read!

3) You probably know this, but I have to say that this chapter is really long. May I dare to suggest you shorten it a bit? Maybe take out some descriptions of rooms and surroundings? They are all nicely done and give a good picture of where everything is and where the characters move, but I feel they are not all necessary in that detail. For example the scene where you describe Carty’s floor: I’d recommend to ask yourself what is important for the storyline. To say she has a pink floor and adding some inner monologue (as you did “I’m not a brat” following) is totally fine but in the word document I created for your story it almost takes up a whole page. I’m totally sorry to say this, as I know it hurts to cut something out, but it would be a big plus for readability!

The real thing you requested (characters):

Carty: Really well outlined and understandable due to the big room you give her in conversations. As I mentioned before, there is a lot of inner monologue, which I completely adore. Particularly the interaction with her parents and her sister (sibling-rivalry is so funny!) makes her feel more real.

Aleksander: He doesn’t get as much room, but that is to be expected. I can’t say I have him fully figured out and obviously you led us readers on to believe he and Carty would be a couple, and then dang! I’m interested in how you will develop him further.

The Lucks: The parents seem really fun! The scene where you described the jealousy of Carty’s mother was just hilarious! The muggle-wizard marriage topic is something I very much enjoy. People have so many awesome ideas how they interact after the war and I feel it gives story background as well as a certain suspense. Lennon seems exactly the little sister I’d wish no one. The jealousy is flowing through me already!

The Krums: I especially like how you picture Viktor as the ‘party-lion’ but sober he’s quiet like he was in the books. I am still curious, why he ended up Lidiya, as you never explained ;)
Dom: For me, she’s very ‘FF-Canon’ in your story! :D Which is good, as I like her a lot the way she is ‘usually’ pictured.

Inbetween: Somewhere at the beginning of the last third of your story you mention a lot of names. Lines like “[…]and Carissa Flint who was Ben’s younger sister by two years.” are actually just confusing me more. I’d try to focus on a few main characters and only mention 2-3 more names! The only other solution I see is to fully describe any name (e.g. as you did with Vincent, who isn’t prominent with action but you managed to give him some distinction).

If the introduction of these characters would have happend in different chapters, one after another I wouldn’t have any problems in recognizing who is who; even if you’d just copy paste it! As it is, I’d say you should cut out one or two and maybe just give the lines you already wrote to one character. If this seems a harsh to you, be assured I never mean offense! It’s just the way I think about it and all in all I very much enjoyed to read this first chapter! You’ve got an easy flowing writing-style, which actually me feel like I’m in Carty’s head :)

Lots of love,

Author's Response: Hi! And it's fine, I completely understand how RL gets very stressful!

I'm sorry, but I just love fluff! Well sarcastic fluff... (It's ironic, because I actually really dislike romance and hate writing it, but that's a lot of this storyline!) Haha! I know, for me a lot of FF I read involves you know tomboys and girls who don't care about their appearance/fashion and yada yada. Not that I don't like those OCs, but for me that's so unrealistic! I mean I really care about my appearance and so McCartney is more real for me, because of that! Maybe that's just me though! Lol! And thank you! I always choose the lyrics really carefully, because they really help set the scene!

1) I know! That line is one of my favorite lines from this story! Dom is such a fun character to write, because she's just really blunt about everything! Aw thank ya!

2) I'm the absolute worst about this! Haha so thank you for pointing this out!

3) This chapter is terribly long! I've been wanting to edit it so bad, but I'm really unsure what to cut out and what to leave! So yeah I'll try working on that this summer!

Thank you for looking over my babies! (Haha jk that sounds pretty creepy lol)

Carty: Yeah McCartney definitely gets the spotlight in this chapter! I'm so glad that you adore her monologue, because it's so fun to write! McCartney's dynamic with her parents is so much fun! I love writing scenes with them together! Throw Lennon in the mix and well it gets even crazier! Haha!

Aleksander: That is so funny, because I would have never thought that people would think he and Carty were a couple! That makes me giggle! Aleksander is one of my favorites, because he's so chill and just like IDGAF 24/7. He gets some spotlight later in the story!

The Lucks: Mirabella and Grayson are literally bonkers. But I love them! I've never actually written about the whole Muggle-Wizard marriage dynamic so it was different for me. I know Mirabella's character though and so I knew that not having magical capabilities would be something that she would hold a grudge about. Lennon is literally my worst nightmare, even though I'm a younger sister haha! I would not wish Lennon on my worst enemy! If you hate her now just keep reading, she gets worse much worse!

The Krums: I feel that Viktor just needs to let go and be his true reindeer-self. Haha! Well I kind of tried to hint that Lidiya only married him for his money which is never explicitly said at least to McCartney, but it's pretty much true. So that's a bit crass for someone to do, but that's Lidiya for you!

Dom: Yeah I've always loved FF-Canon Dom, but I tried to put a bit of a twist on her! She gets more time as well in later chapters!

In-between: Okay I'll definitely try that when I go back and edit this!

I definitely see what you're saying! There's so many characters! I'll surely work on that when I edit this! Well I'm glad you enjoyed it though and that you really feel like you're in Carty's head which is the point of the story! I'm so glad that you liked reading this!


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Review #19, by hpfan The Other Happening That Happened on the Hogwarts Express + The Woes of a Queen

19th May 2015:
So excited to see an update!!! Loving meeting all the characters, dunno if i'll ever like Max haha but soo look forward to more chapters!! Also i noticed a spelling mistake bathroom sick instead of sink i think? Just thought i'd let you know since i haven't noticed any others. Cheers!

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so happy the you liked it! It's okay if you don't like Maxima, she's terrible! Haha! I'll fix that ASAP, thanks for telling me! I hope to hear from you on the next update! :)


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Review #20, by greenbirds The Happening that Happened on the Hogwarts Express + One Malfoy-Sized Secret

13th May 2015:
hi ireland!
so it's no secret that i really like this. i really think you're onto something great: i love the themes of girlhood even though right now it's quite divided, the split narrative and the brilliant dialogue. i like 'lp' as lily's nickname! it makes her sound like her own character, which is important because clearly this lily is nothing like the original lily potter/evans. or maybe she is? im excited to see.
would perhaps suggest slowing down a bit; your dialogue is brilliant but with all the characters and names, it can get a bit confusing? this is something i struggle with x100 so perhaps im just being overly nit-picky, like because im so cautious of doing it in my own work hahaha.
i love seeing mccartney from another persepective- i've liked her from the beginning. also that detail about harry was so cute! love that!
really excited for the upcoming chapters. update soon! xxx

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much omg. I'm so happy that it's obvious that LP is truly her own person, because trust me she is fierce. I'm excited that you're excited!

I know! I feel so terrible about heaping all these characters on the reader, but with three different narrators who each have their own circle of friends and classmates it's definitely hard to avoid! Thank you for the compliment on my dialogue though!

The first bit with McCartney and LP has always been one of my favorites. I love seeing McCartney from different perspectives, because her actual persona is so different from the McCartney we see/hear in her head!

Aw, I know! I love Harry like please adopt me! Ha ha!

Yay! I'm excited too! I'm actually putting the next chapter in the queue tomorrow! So see ya then! Ha ha!


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Review #21, by hpfan The Happening that Happened on the Hogwarts Express + One Malfoy-Sized Secret

3rd May 2015:
I am totes diggin this story!!! I love your writing style and its funny as! I cacked up James yelled at Al for mumbling - hilarious! I can't wait to see what else happens coz the summary sounds cool and so far its pretty wicked! Also super glad that you've pre-written a bunch of chappies so i dont have to wait too long!

Author's Response: Aw thank you! I can honestly say that the humor aspect of this story is my favorite! It's so easy and fun to write! I'm glad that someone is as excited as I am! Ha ha! I will get these chapters out to you as soon as my beta can get them to me! I'm so glad that you've enjoyed it and I hope to see you again!


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Review #22, by greenbirds The Happening That Happened Before the Happenings Began: Part I

19th April 2015:
so this is really cool, i really like it. im a bit confused with all the names but i admire the fast, swift pace in which mccartney's narrative flies through things and people- she seems really cool. and great name! i suppose harrison sounded a bit too hillbilly and starr quite tacky? love it. update soon, im excited!

Author's Response: Aw thank you! I know, I know the names can get very confusing which is why right now I'm working with a new beta to revise the first chapter! I understand that it's loads of people to remember and can get stressful, but these same people are going to consistently reappear so it'll get easy to remember!

Thank you again! I try to always keep the audience engaged and the action moving at least when I'm setting the scene!

I really love the idea of there being Luck brothers, but I'm open to it so I guess we'll just see! I will update ASAP, I promise!

Thank you again for your lovely review!


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Review #23, by Snaps For Selbs The Happening That Happened Before the Happenings Began: Part I

3rd February 2015:
First of all, I don't know if it's pen name or not, but the name Ireland is so, so cool. I love it.
Okay, I have a thing with your names. They're seriously cool.
Second, I really like your story, to be honest. It's sassy with a side of sweet.
Her mother's behaviour is something I haven't yet understood, but I'm pretty eager to.
Alright, thank you for giving me the fab chance to read it and I await your next chapter with bated breath.
(Too Shakespeare?)

Author's Response: Ireland is my name, so thank ya, thank ya! :)

Eek! Thank you! I always try to research my names to make sure that they fit the character. I love names and naming the character is usually my favorite part!

Thank you! I like my story too so it's nice to have someone else like it as well!

McCartney's parents are pretty unconventional in terms of the "normal" that we usually see. Her mother, Mirabella, is certainly a character. Later you'll learn a lot about her and her relationship with Grayson, Mick's father. So get excited!

Nothing can ever be too Shakespeare! Thank you for reading and especially reviewing! I hope to see you back soon and the next chapter will be up as soon as I figure out my beta situation...


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Review #24, by marimm The Happening That Happened Before the Happenings Began: Part I

2nd February 2015:
I really enjoyed this. I think you've set up the story nicely. Can't wait till the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll have the next chapter up soon hopefully! School has been absolutely bonkers! Thank you for reviewing! :)

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Review #25, by A FAn The Happening That Happened Before the Happenings Began: Part I

30th January 2015:
Amazing chapter. Like it that you are invested in your story. Don't be turned off by lack of reviews or anything... I think it is because the premise is so vague. You know how superficial people on here are. Anyway, I enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Awww! Thank you! I'm so excited that you liked it! I know the summary is very vague, but I really want it that way so I'm glad that you liked it! Thank you again for reviewing! It means the world to me! :)

Sincerely, Ireland

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