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Review #1, by Avanell 2 The Quidditch Adventure

5th February 2017:
Wow! Rose really shined again! Awesome, even though no Scorpius ;) Loved it! I never like reading the game descriptions, but this story has me reading more of them. Still skim a bit, but I was more into it than normal and so happy I did! Love that she has a move with her name! Awesome chapter.

Author's Response: Hi there, glad to hear you liked the chapter.

It's a thing, these quidditch chapters. For a game that could conceivably go on for hours, it is not the writers greatest friend to have to convey all that goes on. In fact, I can almost promise you that I will never do a complete play-by-play account of any of the quidditch games in this story, ever: it could get really boring, really fast.

So what I do is to pick out the highlights. Every play I write about either advances the character of those involved or advances the plot/story in some way. Quidditch will be played by the actors in this drama in the future, so I cannot rule out writing about it again, but there will be much less of it. I have achieved most of what I wanted to with the quidditch when I first started this story. So I am happy.

No Scorpius, he cannot be in everything and everywhere. Do not worry though, we see a lot more of him - believe-you-me - in the chapters to come. In fact, when the holidays start, we will have a series of chapters devoted to Albus and Scorpius, seeing what befalls them when they go back to Malfoy Manor together.

Thanks, as always for reading. As of this response, this story has had 12877 reads, and this chapter has had 27; thank you all.

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Review #2, by Avanell 2 Nana

1st January 2017:
Very sweet, tender, and revealing chapter of the house elves slavery...changes, and the passing of a matriarch! Awesome!

Author's Response: Thanks so much my faithful reviewer.

I'm glad the tenderness came through amidst all the awful stuff about the elves' slavery. I really like Blinky and I want to see more of her as the story progresses. As for Nana, she was the same as Trevor, a minor character who got a bit more time in the story than I had originally intended. She was old when we first met her and when I was thinking about what I was going to develop of the culture of the House-elves, her imminent death seemed like a real possibility. I realised that it might be the perfect opportunity to bring up some of the things I'd thought about.

It also brought Stephen back, and you know any chance I have to do that I grasp with both hands. It showed his cheekiness, even in the face of death, which is so like him. But it also gave me a rare opportunity to show his vulnerable side too.

I'm so glad you liked it, I was very proud of this chapter and the last. As of this response the work in total has had 12264 reads, and this chapter has had 12; thank you all.

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Review #3, by Ronald8472 The Return of Trevor

28th December 2016:
This chapter was awesome. I'm looking forward to reading more. I'm sure that the conversation between Rose and Scorpius about the blame for the prank will be interesting.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for stopping by, reading and reviewing.

I am really happy and proud of this chapter. So happy with what developed from what was originally intended as a tertiary character at best.

I actually hadn't thought about Rose having a conversation about it with Scorpius. And the chapters to come are all basically written with no space to insert one. Don't worry, there will be more to come between the two of them before the year is out though.

Thanks as always for a review. As of this response the work in total has had 12212 reads, and this chapter has had 65; thank you all.

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Review #4, by Avanell 2 The Return of Trevor

3rd December 2016:
Nice intro to the chapter :D and the artwork!

Awesome chapter, one of my favorites. First clever Rose watching the pranksters (and LOVED how the head mistress turned it around on them) and then the talk with Trevor. Brilliant! Loved how he used Dobby...oh for Dobby's sake...or something like that :) Also loved that someone saw how special Rose is :)


Author's Response: Thank you, once again, my faithful reviewer. I struggled hard for the exact way to do the chapter image, I didn't know what bit of the scene with Trevor that I should paint. Because, believe it or not, the prank was not originally in this chapter, it was not anywhere. I knew what happened in the prank, and I knew it had to come after the scene with Albus and his mates with James, but ...

You see, I had forgotten to actually write it. It was not until I had re-read all these chapters, reasonably recently, the ones that lead up to the end of the year, and found that it wasn't there. I had already posted the previous chapter, the place the scene should logically have been; so it couldn't have gone there. This chapter was a bit too late, so I had to come up with some reason to have it delayed and ... well, the resulting reason , I think, is not only logical, but is actually better. Sweet, beautiful happy accidents.

Speaking of happy accidents, as I've said before, Trevor arose solely out of a need to have the boss of the House-elves be rude to Rose when they first met. All the rest has grown out of meeting that need, and the writing gods have gifted me with this character, whom has been a delight to write.

I was so happy with this chapter in the end - even with, yet another place, to insert the wonderfully subversive McGonagall. That line where Trevor uses Dobby, where wizards would invoke the name of Merlin, was a particular favourite as well.

Rose has many things wrong with her, as a character, she will be maturing and growing as the story progresses. There have been several reviewers who have pointed out how unlikeable she is in a lot of ways. It needs stuff like this to show some of her good points.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope to get the next chapter out soon, for what is basically part two of this adventure. As of this review, the story has had 12020 reads, and this chapter has had 54; thank you all.

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Review #5, by Rainbowtui The Return of Trevor

2nd December 2016:
Yay, they're back!Thank you for updating, as frustrating as it is to read chapter by chapter, month by month, I can't not read it, it's too good.

Author's Response: Why thank you too. I am to get one chapter out every month, by the end of the month. I am currently typing up chapter 39 and writing chapter forty-something-low. Though, funnily enough, I do have the first five chapters of their second year adventures already written and typed up and I am excitedly getting to the point where I am about to tie what I wrote ages ago into my current chapters: so excited. So, do not concern yourself, there is a lot more to come.

I hope that you liked the chapter, as I was particularly proud of it.

The next, I hope will be a chapter of HP&FY to come out for Christmas, then a chapter of P&S for the end of the year.

As of this review, the chapter has had 42 reads and the story as a whole has had 11869 reads, thank you all

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Review #6, by Avanell 2 Rose's Charms

30th September 2016:
Loved how you explained Rose's thoughts...and her little tutorial in the Common Room! Awesome update...will this continue in second year, or will you start another story for that? Did not look at whether this was complete or not...but certainly looking forward to more and...oh yeah...more adventures to come. Can't wait!

Author's Response: Hello again, glad you are here for another review.

Do check again with the chapter, as I have not painted an image for it - I was considering painting the summoned apple, cushion and book? What do you think. I will have to get to it sometime soon and post it up.

As I said in the Author's note, a lot of the last two chapters have been about dealing with the fame of being the children of such famous parents. I wasn't really going to have much about the kids having to deal with any of that fame stuff when I first started out writing this, but after reading other stories and thinking about it, it would definitely be a factor that they would encounter. To not include it would not be realistic (as realistic as a story about magic teenagers can ever get that is). All of the Weasley/Potter kids who I am going to concentrate upon will deal with their fame in different ways. We can see how James deals with it: he embraces it (with the keeping of the scrapbook of their various media appearances) but also dreads it (with his aside in this chapter). Rose, who is not so questioning of herself, has had it become a niggle in her psyche. Albus, on the other hand I will not be going into so overtly, but I think that a boy who is big hearted enough to be sorted into every house, will wear the fame with a mixture of humility and pride. He's already more famous in the school for his own achievements: his presence in each house; the quidditch league named after him; and his superlative skills as a Seeker.

Remember this whole story is littered with my head cannon about how magic must work in the Harry Potter universe, and this chapter just continues that exploration. Charms has been the subject that Rose has the most difficulty with, so she must have gone through a lot of this herself - working out how they worked so that she could do them herself. As for her impromptu lesson, Rose is not one to be precious about her own abilities - she will help out someone in need. Especially if it is telling someone something that she knows and they don't. Rose definitely has her faults, but selfishness in that respect is not one of them.

First year will end with chapter 31. After that there will be at least ten chapters that outline what the kids get up to in the holidays - there will be, I think some interesting things to explore when Albus joins Scorpius over the Summer, and when Rose and Dawn go to the home tunnels of the Deeper Delvers. So second year will start around chapter 42 or so. I had wondered if I should split the story up and have a: Part I, Part II, etc. In some ways it would be good to have a series of completed stories, but, in the end I decided against it. There will be some significant time slips in the years to come (notably fourth and fifth) which meant that I couldn't do it from year to year.

At the moment, I am writing what will eventually be chapter 39 or 40 (possibly 41, as it is getting quite large for a chapter and I may split it in half), and there are other chapters that I have already written that take place in 2nd, 3rd and 6th years. So there is plenty left to come.

Thanks again for the review, as of this chapter the story has had 10701 reads, and this chapter has had 30; thank you all.

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Review #7, by Avanell 2 Back to School From the Holidays

4th September 2016:
Fabulous update. Loved Rose at the game, then her discussion with James.

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm so happy that you liked the update. It is such a piecemeal chapter - with a holiday quidditch game, a school one, with Albus talking to James about one thing then Rose talking to him about another. And weaving through it all is Rose trying to work out just what is this feeling of discontent that she's been experiencing. I wondered if it was too mishmash, but it has some nice characterisation, some OK quidditch stuff, and several necessary moments of plot development.

Rose has her faults, and one of them is a self-centeredness. I hoped that the quidditch game would show that it is not from a selfish point of view, she's not like that. She can be a team player and act in the team's best interest when she has to. So her self-centeredness is not so nasty, it is more a concentrated focus upon herself, sometimes to the detriment of others. This will come up later in the story, you mark my words.

I like James and in a lot of the stories focused around Rose, I've found that he and Rose share a particular relationship. I've taken it more along the path though. I think that James knows that Rose doesn't really care about gossip and stuff, that she is a private person. She is also intelligent, and will 'get' anything that he tells her. It makes for a perfect combo, where he can tell her the truth about himself, have it understood for what it is, and not be in danger of her passing it on. They are not best friends, not like her and Albus, but I can see them being confidants of each other.

Also, the subject of their discussion will have ramifications for Rose when she sorts through her own emotions, trying to unravel them.

Once again, thanks for the review, I always appreciate them. As of this response, this story has had 10118 views, and this chapter has had 36; thank you all.

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Review #8, by Ronald8472 Back to School From the Holidays

1st September 2016:
Thanks to your reply to my comment on AO3 I found more of the story here :-D but am now once again waiting impatiently for more.

Is "Professor Cho" Cho Chang of Ravenclaw?

I really liked this chapter It might be labeled as filler but I don't think the story would be the same without it. The whole beach scene was awesome from Professor McGonagall on a beach chair to the teachable moment about sand and mixtures. She had to know they didn't get help because if they did they would have used pure silica sand for easy cleanup. Making Fred tie his own noose was brilliant. Not surprising since his namesake and uncle didn't get away with much if anything but none the less still brilliant. I'd like to see Professor McGonagall next year as a part time teacher after she gets bored traveling during the summer break.

Headmaster Longbottom has a good ring to it?

It's obvious that Al and Dawn have figured out why Rose is so difficult around Scorpius but how long until she dose? Or will she have to be beaten over the head with it?

Please post more soon

Author's Response: Well, this is a surprise, hello there. I didn't mean for you to come over here, but I suppose that if I knew of a place that had more of the story that I liked, I'd do the same too.

I'm sorry, you will have to be patient, not like the other place where I am getting the chapters out quickly because they are only being copied from here. But I am being fairly rigorous about my updating, I am bringing out one chapter a month, by the end of the month and have done so for over a year now - except for the time last Halloween when I brought out more to get my Halloween chapter out in time for a challenge.

Professor Chang is indeed the Cho Chang that we know of from the books. When she becomes the teacher of Rose, we might learn more about her and what's brought her to being a teacher at Hogwarts.

I'm glad you liked it, even though the chapter was filler. The thing about filler is that it fills in the cracks - keeping something a cohesive whole and you are quite correct, it wouldn't be the same without it.

I wanted to highlight one prank at least and develop James' and Fred's characters in relation to it. Pranks are always fun and I wanted one that harked back to those that Fred (the first) and George did. Their 'portable swamp' was a memorable one and I wanted something that could parallel it. Hunting around for land-form types, the desert came to me and seemed to be a good one. Especially as it would be just the thing for a cold January in an old stone castle.

As for McGonagall, I wanted to continue the attitude that I'd established from her first appearances - intelligent, savvy, and having fun with her last year. As well, she is an old teacher, and in my experience they can never stop teaching.

As for Fred, I've seen him written any number of ways, but I kind of like this loveable, gullible version of him. You can see that he will prank out of a desire for fun - there is no nastiness in his make up - and that if he is to be pranked in turn, he will accept it in the highest of spirits as being part of the game.

We shall see what happens with McGonagall, but having written her, I love to do so and you can believe that she will have some presence in the story to come.

Headmaster Longbottom, perhaps and perhaps not, again you will have to wait and see.

How long till Rose works out what is obvious to everyone else? Well how long did it take Lizzy in Pride and Prejudice? Quite a long while. In P&P half way through the book they have the proposal scene in which she tells him, in no uncertain terms, that there is no way in which he could have asked for her hand in marriage in which she would have been tempted to accept it. Half way! It is not until about two thirds of the way through the book where she begins to turn around her opinion of him enough (when she sees him at Pemberly) that she begins to even like him. I'm afraid that this story will be following a similar track and their romance will not be forthcoming any time soon. Actually quite the opposite. In P&P, Lizzy starts off politely, begins to form a dislike, then a hatred, before it all turns around. At the moment Rose has a disinterest at best, perhaps a mild dislike - prepare to see it turn to the worse before it gets better.

See you at the end of the month for the next chapter.

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Review #9, by Avanell 2 ... New Years at the Potters

30th July 2016:
Loved the new characters introduced here. Poor Rose, not feeling the party and still rude to Scorpius. Can't wait for that to change ;)

Author's Response: Hello again, I'm so glad you did like them, but if you liked them enough ... well, they are characters that I originally introduced in my other story - Harry Potter and the Final Year. In that story, Lightsthefire is just a young goblin of eleven years who receives her letter because of Harry's basic goodness of heart. I do recommend that if you are enjoying this story, then the other is a companion piece, and it goes hand in hand with this one. The world we see here, where the goblins who can, do attend their schooling at Hogwarts, was started in the other one.

And Rose, not everything goes her way, it can't. She is not a very sociable person, though she doesn't really know it. She is OK with her family, but beyond them, she doesn't really care so much. The ennui that she begins to feel here, just what it is and what caused it, will reverberate through the chapters to come.

The relationship between the two will change, I have written some chapters in which it does, but unfortunately it will not be for a while yet - there are things to come in the coming years that just might knock any potential friendship that they have on the head.

Oh well...

Thanks for the review, as always. As of this response the story has had 9611 reads, and this chapter has had 49, thank you all.

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Review #10, by Avanell 2 Christmas at the Burrow ...

3rd July 2016:
Awesome painting!

Aww...sweet gesture, Ron! Ref for Hugo! And always love our Brilliant Hermione doing her the history of her interest and practice doing the expansion charms!

Interesting narrative on learning...I'm an educational psychologist.

Great party at the Burrow...enjoyed reading about the presents :)

Author's Response: Hi again, thanks for the kudos on the painting. I did basic photoshop duties on the last few chapter images and I wanted to not just lift a photo for the Burrow.

For me, a lot of the reading of the elder Ron, is just off. When he made those warnings to his daughter about Scorpius, I got the real impression that they were tongue in cheek. All through the books, Ron was known far more for his joking than his anger wasn't he, so why would he be so full of prejudice and anger in later life? No, that's not the way I see him at all. He has some still, some lingering dislike for Draco and that sort of pureblood, but I think that he would be far more tolerant than we have seen in lots of fan fics.

So this is in keeping with my idea of him. He is not so stupid, nor ignorant as you might think. He still might be a bit quick to anger (but remember, in the books Harry was far more quick to anger than Ron), but he does try. Hence, when Hugo says he doesn't like playing, it is a big surprise to Ron. As well, the reason for him keeping the truth from his father is because he didn't know how he would take it. But once push comes to shove, Ron shows his true mettle.

And Hermione. I think she's brilliant too, and I always pictured her doing something in magical research. But when JKR herself says that she goes into the MLE, who am I to argue. But, that wouldn't stop her from being interested in learning and thinking, this was me showing this somewhat. It also had it's precedent in her use of expansion charms during the course of the books.

With Rose's exposure to them and her consequent abilities regarding expanded rooms, etc - there just may be something important to do with them at a later stage ...

Oh wow, how interesting. I found that all throughout my teens, the 'obvious' assumptions that I had made as a younger person were sometimes proven to be far off the mark. And in this way, Rose will have a point when she will suddenly realise that not everyone can see what she can. (You know that I am several chapters ahead in my writing of this story, I am actually nearly up to writing the actual chapters that Rose's abilities are revealed - so excited, have been planning these for more than a year!)

With so many relatives, and so close (and not just physically), you would have to have some way of limiting the presents that must be bought. It also gives some lovely bit of story to Mr. Weasley, whom I always sort of liked.

Thanks for reading and enjoying. As of this response the story has had 9423 reads, and this chapter has had 84. Thank you all.

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Review #11, by Avanell 2 Over to Rose's

5th June 2016:
Very nice update...loved the conversation the girls had with Hermione :) Yes, she was the perfect one to talk with!!! LOL at the comment she said about men being the same with certain things.

Author's Response: Hi there, my faithful reviewer, I have been less than faithful in my responses to you and I should get to them.

If there was anyone, I thought, who might have encountered similar things, it was Hermione. Her intelligence, would always be of help in the situation, naturally, but her experience in becoming the head of the MLE, would have been far more apropos in this particular situation. In the latest update, the last one you reviewed as of me writing this response, you will have seen some of Hermione's work behind the scenes.

As to her comment ... what can I say, being a middle-aged man myself, I can attest to the veracity of her statement - some of the male managers I've had to deal with have seemed to be cut from the same mould, no matter their birthplace or racial identity.

I'm glad you liked it.
As of this review, this story has had 9421 reads and this chapter has had 74, thank you all.

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Review #12, by alicia and anne Rose Gets Settled In.

23rd May 2016:
Your paintings are so amazing! I am in awe of them, they're so beautiful!

I love that Ron is telling Rose stories about his time at Hogwarts, I was worried that he wouldn't want her to know about the horrors that he faced, but it's good to know that she knows. It's sweet that she asks to hear specific ones :D I bet Ron loves telling her.

Uh-oh! I have a feeling that Rose is going to be rethinking those thoughts she has of Scorpius one day. :P Just wait Rose! You may one day full victim to the Malfoy charm!

Aw Dawnsfirstbloom! I want to hug her! She's so happy and she deserves to be! I'm so glad that she has Rose there to help her through it all and to support her. She's going to need it I think.

I love that James has a scrapbook of cuttings from the paper :D I would totally do the same though haha

That spell sounds amazing! I want it for myself!

Another brilliant chapter! I've missed reading this story and I really need to start catching up on it. :D

Author's Response: Hi there, I am a bi late in responding to this review, but as the time lengthened, you will see why I put it off.

Thanks for the praise of the paintings, I do try to make them relevant. I had such a clear idea as to what the Rose Reader would look like and knew that a picture would make the paltry description - 'a stylised rose' - come alive. And I was very happy with the result.

I was always telling bed time stories to my daughter. I'd make up my own, but base them upon things that I knew or movies or stuff. I remember one that went on for weeks and featured my daughter walking through OZ just after Dorothy had been there, discovering things that she had missed. For instance, the tin woodsman may have been gone from his cottage in the forest, but the smoke from the chimney came, not from a fire (what would someone made of tin need a fire for?), but from a Dragon trapped inside. That sort of stuff. If you have read my short story - A Story For Bedtime - then you will know how Ron weaves his fairy tales from out of the truth of the adventures he and Harry and Hermione faced.

Rose very well may rethink her thoughts of Scorpius one day, but that's not really the problem. She doesn't really know what this feeling is that she has around him, and because it's unknown and strange, she stamps on it and reacts to it with anger. Once she actually works out what it is, then it is Malfoy who better watch out.

I like Dawnsfirstbloom. She is there largely as a foil and a companion to Rose, but she does have a life of her own. I am currently writing a lot about her at the moment - when she returns to her home tunnels after the end of the school year. She will need Rose's help, but so too will Rose need her. It is a friendship meant to last.

It just seemed to me to be so like my idea of James to do so. Out of the Potter kids, he has been the one in the spotlight the longest - not just because he's the oldest, but also because he was the first. Can you imagine the Witch Weekly - it'd be like a royal baby to them, 'First Potter Baby'. They would have a field day. We shall see in the future if James has any problems with the fame and attention, but he is the most media savvy of the Potter kids - and that has story consequences all it's own.

Don't you want a Rose Reader, I know I do. It is one of those things that you don't know you want till you know it exists.

Well I hope you do come back, as the story marches on, and I am keeping to my schedule of one chapter a month by the end of the month. As of this response, the work as a whole has had 10,021 views (can you see why I waited, but it clicked over extra over night), and this chapter has had 759; thank you all.

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Review #13, by SilverMoonFairy Well met on the Hogwarts Express

14th May 2016:
Hey, BvB Review Battle again! I'm very excited to read another of your stories and this one is simply adorable!

Albus is the cutest little kid I've ever seen, it's almost sickening. I want to squish him in a motherly fashion. (By that I mean hug.) I love that Harry kept a lot of his old hatreds out when raising him so that he is going into school much in the same way Harry did- without any prejudices against anyone or anything.

Rose is exactly what I would expect being brought up by Ron. He was always pretty vocal about not liking certain people and it makes a lot of sense that he would verbally berate the Malfoy's even long after the war is over. I think the children reflect the very different parenting styles very well and very believably.

I feel bad for Scorpius, poor thing. The last thing I expected was for him to beg Albus not to hit him! What has Draco been teaching the poor boy!

I am a HUGE Pride and Prejudice fan so not only was I excited to read this for the Battle but for that purpose as well. I will continue to read and try to catch up with 21 chapters, dear Lord! This is such a great start, the Hogwarts Express always being a good meeting place for young children! I must also confess that this is my first Next-Gen fic, but I figured I should read some as I have to do one for a challenge.

Before I go, I do have to clarify that First Years are, in fact, allowed to be on the Quidditch team. As canon support, in HBP, a whole group of First Years showed up to try out for the Gryffindor team when Harry was captain. First Years are NOT, however, allowed to have their own brooms. Having to use a rickety old school broom along with general lack of experience leads to most First and usually Second Years simply not being good enough to join the teams. I know this isn't helpful, being as far into the story as you are, but I thought I would point it out for future endeavors.

Aside from that, I found no errors and I really want to do read your other story now to figure out why there are goblins on the train...

Have a wonderful day!

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Review #14, by ravenclaw_princess  The Sorting Hatís Greatest Regret

5th May 2016:
Hi Andrew. I'm here for a BvB review

This is a quite a good chapter and there is so much to say. I guess I'll begin at the top.

I like the atmosphere on the platform. You can feel the buzz that's in the air and the excitement of nearly being at Hogwarts. I like how Rose thinks of Dawnsfirstborn and her possible reaction to Hagrid. Obviously, she doesn't have to worry about it and I can't wait to see how they know each other.

I was surprised though that Rose ended up on her own in the boats. I would have thought that Albus would try and find her, or Dawnsfirstborn would have gotten Hagrid to call her over. Maybe they were too preoccupied with Scoprius and Hagrid.

I found the part with the 'pervy boy' to be a bit odd. I'm sure there is reason behind this and that this boy will have some greater story arc which this is setting up, but in this chapter, it didn't seem to go any where. Neville didn't do anything, nor did Rose have any thoughts about the incident that would make us think that this event is the start of something more. I also thought that the action seemed a bit mature for an 11 year old. I guess I'd expect some giggling, or background egging on. Maybe I'm just being naive to think that an 11 year old wouldn't be deliberately doing that sort of stuff.

I found the switch to the memory of Harry a bit jarring. The section is so short that i think it would be better to segue it all together rather than have such a distinct break in the flow.

Well done on you're sorting hat song. I bow down to everyone who attempts them. It was really good.

And so to the sorting. Wasn't that full of surprises. Scorpius was not happy about going to Slytherin. The sorting hat must see something in him to make that decision as I haven't seen much Slytherin in him yet. By the way he reacted to the decision, I'm sure Scorpius must have been having a big argument with the Sorting Hat but it was not changing it's decision.

Albus was a big surprise. I like what you did here and the way you brought Snape into it. So far from the story, I see Albus as a Hufflepuff, but he does come across as a rather well rounded person who does have attributes from all houses. I liked the sorting hat justifications too, it was a nice little bit of dialogue between the hat and Albus. I was expecting more confusion in the hall though and the need for order to be returned, rather than silence. It would be pretty much unheard of for someone to be sorted into all houses and I thought there would be more excited chatter as people discussed what had just happened and what it meant.

Rose was great. I love how the hat just knew where she was meant to be. I also like how her and Dawnsfirstborn are in the same house. She is not too happy with Albus right now though.

Well that brings me to the end of another well written chapter. You sure know how to keep things interesting.


Author's Response: Hi there, I have been waiting for exactly the right time to post this response, as you shall see when you get to the bottom.

I really wanted to get that across, the excited buzz from the new students. In the first bit of this story, there are plenty more reasons to dislike Rose than to sympathise with her character. I had to give my readers some reasons to look favourably upon her, and her newly acquired friendship to the little goblin girl is the main one.

Don't worry, you will find out soon, exactly what the past relationship between Dawnsfirstbloom and Hagrid is.

Not only were they too pre-occupied with their own concerns, I meant to imply that with everything being so chaotic, they just got separated. It's just the latest in a line of things that hasn't gone the way that Rose expected things to go.

I have personally seen 11 year olds do this sort of thing. There are some boys who have some immature, yet strongly developed, urges in that area. Bullying is going to be one of the sub-themes in this story and here is the start of one aspect of it. Yes it didn't go anywhere, because for once the bully picked upon someone that they shouldn't. Certain types of boys often think that they are naturally better than girls at that age. So he thought that he could just pinch her and nothing would come of it except the sating of his own desires. He learn't his error soon enough and Rose forgot it and dismissed it as solved, but how that will fester in the boy's mind ... well, we shall find out later. As for the lack of a proper response from the teacher, that again is drawn from my own personal experiences. Quite often the sort of bullying behaviour that the boy showed, and yes, the rough-housing of Rose herself, is ignored and brushed over by teachers and those in authority. Bullies are so often rewarded for their behaviour, even if it's only by indifference to their actions.

Yes, that switch to Harry and the past was a bit jarring, I am considering re-writing it sometime.

I had to have a go, just had to, at a Sorting Hat song. Especially for this Sorting - that of my main protagonists. In the main I was happy with how it turned out.

Yes, Scorpius wasn't happy, but we don't know exactly why he was sorted into that house, nor do we know what the Hat said to him. More on that might be revealed at a later stage. You have not seen that much 'Slytherin' in him yet, but partly that is because - what exactly is a Slytherin. I am not taking the tack that JKR did, where most of the Slytherins that we actually meet are either nasty or bigoted or mean and sometimes all of the three. There will be heroes aplenty from all the houses and villains to match. But one thing that I am taking from the original Sorting Hat's song, from the first book, is one of the aspects of Slytherin-ness. It said then that it is the house for someone who wants to prove themselves, and that's certainly what Scorpius is desperate to do.

Albus. I have seen him written as being from any and all of the houses in many different stories that I've read - so I thought, why not put him in all. It is the sort of thing the Hat was always preaching in the books, and I thought that it would have wanted to sort more people in multiple houses if it could, but it probably had strict instructions to the contrary. This I thought was a loophole that the founders could not have predicted - that someone would be equal in all the traits they esteemed.

It's also interesting to do.

There was excited chatter, but there was silence as he came out from under the hat - they were all waiting for what he or a teacher would do.

We shall also see, down the track, what exactly happened to Rose as well. You can bet that she will be harbouring a desire to put the hat upon her head and see exactly what's what.

I'm glad you liked it, and much happier that you found it interesting. As of this response the story has had 7 reads, and this chapter has had 644; thank you all.

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Review #15, by Veritaserum27 Between the Tryouts

4th May 2016:
Hi there Andrew!

I know it's been so terribly long since I've left you a review - and I apologize for my tardiness. I'm leaving this as part of the BvB, by the way!

And even though I haven't stopped by in a while, I absolutely adore coming back to your story. The characters, plot and details are so well fleshed out that it's a pleasure to dive back in!

And while the writing is the main reason I love your story - your chapter images are just icing on the cake. I just scrolled back up to the top to refresh my memory and let out a loud chuckle. I remember that when I first saw it upon clicking on the chapter, I was confused, thinking to myself, "That looks like poo in a pocket of paper, but really what could it be?!"

Another thing I love about your story is the sheer expanse of characters. Most authors either stick to a small cast and do what they can with that, or end up splaying their story all over the place with far too many characters because they can't land on a plot line. I really like your balance - and each new incident and person that we meet is used to enhance something about Rose (or Scorpius) and to drive the story along. You did a fabulous job with this - and I love how you brought the story back to Rose's POV for the ending. It was a nice way to ground the story line.

Fairclough, Fairclough, Fairclough... What a clueless prat. I'm sure he's very book smart, but also prejudiced and bold. I actually appreciate the fact that he wasn't a Slytherin - good job not falling into the cliche on that one. Flitwick was written very well, and I could just see his face change as he stammered in shock at how daft Fairclough could be. It also seemed very appropriate that Stephen was called out for his role in the incident. It wouldn't have been fair for him to get away with his prank without at least a talking-to.

Oh! So who is this fourth year Gryffindor who is in Rose's spot? I wonder if it's someone who has a grudge against the Weasley's in general - or just a kid who doesn't like being told what to do by a first year ickle girl? I guess I'll have to read on to find out! I also want to know what Rose has up her sleeve to 'take care of the situation.'

Great chapter - I did notice a few typos here and there, but nothing major!

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Never apologise for the break between reviews if this is the standard of review that you leave. The BvB's are always a good excuse to get back and review a story that one likes anyway.

Your comments are always blush inducingly good.

I do try to make the chapter images germane to the situation. I did wonder if I should attempt to illustrate the envelope of poo. Firstly I didn't know if I could pull it off, and secondly, if I did I would have a picture of poo at the top of the chapter. But it forms the main thrust of the chapter, so what could I do? I'm glad you ... liked it?

I am going for a long story here, as such I need to populate the castle with a few people: the broader the scope, the more cast I need. But it is true, most of the people you see will either advance the plot or highlight the character of Rose or Scorpius in some way. Oh there is another reason for the inclusion of named characters, that they are fun to write - like Hagrid.

This story is, in a lot of respects, all about Rose's POV.

Fairclough, yes. What an interesting thing the writing process is. I had no idea that Fairclough even existed when I sat down to write this story, he evolved out of Stephen, who himself evolved out of the necessities of the story. After creating Stephen - for the sole reason that I needed some elf to be a bit dismissive of Rose - I brought him back because he was a delight to write. And the more he grew in my mind the more story lines were able to be wrapped around him. I became aware that how I had him behaving is like a second generation free elf. Once I knew that, Fairclough grew out of a need to develop this aspect of the character of Stephen. 'Work to Rule' has always been one of the chief tools of the disenfranchised and the enslaved.

As to Fairclough himself, he should have paid attention to his name a bit more shouldn't he, but alas some people cannot break away from their upbringing. As to him not being in Slytherin, I really wanted to break the whole 'Slytherin is Evil' thing that sort of came across in the books. JKR needed villains, sure, but to make them all come from Slytherin was, I think, a bit lazy; or at least inconsiderate. We will find that there are plenty enough dirtbags and bullies and reprobates to have some from each house. Oh, there will be villains to come from Slytherin, but there will also be some from the other houses too - including Griffindor.

Thanks for saying that I wrote Flitwick well, like McGonagall and Hagrid I found him a delight to write, but unlike them I didn't know if I pulled it off as well. I wanted to show with him, that he is an experienced teacher, and even though, in the books, this aspect of his character is not played up so much, I don't expect that he would suffer fools gladly. He is smart and I think that people so obviously not using their intelligence, as Fairclough was, would rub him up the wrong way.

But also Stephen was not entirely blameless in the incident. He was provoked, but ... If I say so myself, I do like how I wrapped it all up, it all just fell into place as I was writing it. It also allowed me to bring back Trevor, who will also reappear later on too. The interactions between him and Flitwick serve to demonstrate how the reactions between people who respect each other should proceed. As a contrast to those between Stephen and Fairclough.

As to the mystery fourth year ... well you shall have to wait as all will be revealed in the chapter to come. And the same goes for the 'solution' that Rose has to the problem.

Argh, typos, ever my bane; I shall endeavour to find and eliminate them.

Thanks so much for this lovely review, as of this response the story has had 7644 reads, and this chapter has had 185; thank you all.

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Review #16, by Pixileanin Problems and Solutions

12th April 2016:
Hi again!

Alright, I feel generally better that Albus was able to find a solution out of last chapter's problem with the Quidditch teams. I'm not so sure about the House thing yet. After all, a team is a team, which is different from a House, but if that's what you are using as a parallel, then so be it. However, this is setting a dangerous precedence for anyone who this "many sortings" might happen to in the future. Where will the line be drawn, mmm? Me wonders.

I found Stephen to be a delightful addition to this chapter. I truly enjoyed his interaction with the rude boy who decided to assert his will on the poor elves without thought. Unfortunately, his behavior, which was likely learned from his family, will only change if he relearns what it is to treat the elves with dignity. I was a bit sad that another elf was caught up in his demands and that other wizards and witches didn't stand up to him and correct his actions, but I'm sure that will come in time. After all, the house elf journeyman concept is still new to some. Adjustments take patience.

So Albus gets to play on all the teams, and Rose notices something about Scorpius. I love the subtle shift in her thinking, when she actually notices that Scorpius is only overly-formal with her, and not Albus. I bet it set her to wondering about "things" at that point. And the not-so-gentle ribbing she got from Dawnsfirstbloom was well-placed, even if it came with a bunch of pinching. Girls. What they do to each other... sigh.

Rose is still very unsure of herself, as is age-appropriate. She doesn't want Scorpius to find out things about her - learning to speak goblin, and the elf hats thing... I bet it's because she cares too much about what he'd think, and she doesn't even know it yet.

Nothing brings on the bonding like a common enemy. In Quidditch, I mean. Your Albus is far to nice to get between Scorpius and Rose. But I'm sure you knew what I meant without me having to explain myself... and there I go to rambling.

Anyway. Another fun chapter that solves one issue and brings up the next.


Author's Response: Hi there, I should respond to this, so I will now.

Yes it is good that he found a solution, and we will see what happens to it as the events of the year unfold. Perhaps it will allay your concerns somewhat when you see how it works out. One thing I do have to note, is that you are quite correct in that it is establishing a precedent for anyone who is sorted into multiple houses, but I don't know how 'dangerous' it will be. I hope that I have established that it is very unlikely that it will happen - one this century and one in the last, and obviously not many more before hand. But also, due to the implied nature of the person who could be sorted into any house, and given the Hat's reasons for doing so, I think that the person will be a force for positive change, rather than anything else.

Ah, Stephen what a glorious find of the writing process. He is such a fun character to write, that we shall certainly see more of him in the chapters to come.

I am so gratified when people pick up on some of the subtleties that I scatter throughout the story. Yes the nature of House-elves will be explored throughout the story and, yes, none of the other students leapt to Honey's defense this time, but maybe that will change in the years to come.

I have to throw a few interactions between the pair of them out there, I have to show that there is some spark between them. At the moment, as eleven year olds, it is not a spark of love or attraction as such but they notice things about each other and will constantly be on each other's radar. We see this mainly from the point of view of Rose, so we are not privy to what Scorpius is thinking. Well, we don't know directly as such, but by his actions, I think we get an intimation.

And girls, hey.

That estimation of Rose's character is pretty spot on. Whatever actions of Scorpius have drawn from Rose, it's certainly drawn her ire on more than one occasion, it has definitely engendered some respect for him on her part; albeit, a respect that Rose doesn't truly realise she has for him.

Nothing like a common enemy, but saying Albus is any kind of enemy to the two is to grossly abuse the meaning of the word. They are both too fond of him in their own ways to ever have anything more than a friendly rivalry with him, and he's not like that either. So I'm sure the pair of them will put their differences with Albus aside, to concentrate upon their differences with each other.

Thanks for the lovely review, No I just have to wait and see what you want me to review back. As of this response the story has had 7311 reads, and this chapter has had 251; thank you all.

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Review #17, by Pixileanin Quidditch Tryouts

12th April 2016:
Hey hey, it's Quidditch!

Funny, I don't picture you having had any trouble coming up with a chapter title for this one. It was ALL ABOUT QUIDDITCH, oh my goodness! But actually, it was also ALL ABOUT ROSE, so you know, good stuff here.

You captured your Rose so well, working methodically through all of this tedium of each and every step throughout the Quidditch tryouts. If it were any other character, or any other story really, with no other point than to chronicle the play-by-play of the tryouts, I'd have been bored out of my skull with all the minutiae.

HOWEVER, since this is your Rose, the whole point of the story is to show her dealing with all of the newness, the way she reacts to things in her small, compartmentalized way, the fact that she still has specific expectations of things and that it's still so early in the year... all of those things need to get shown and broken down, and that's what you did here.

We had to be in her head, we had to see her deliberating every move, and we had to move through her world and experience the expansion of her little world with her. You did that very well, my friend.

I loved that Olivia was so sharp with her and gave her what-for when she sassed back, and I double loved that you didn't tell us how Olivia had been taught to do her criticisms in private until after we saw how she handled Rose. I think that gave a lot of strength to the way that Olivia handled that rude little snot at the end of the chapter. The development of that idea came to a delightful head, and I'm sure I was not the only reader rooting for a good call-out and subsequent dismissal.

But what you did to poor Albus for Rose's benefit, I felt strongly that he had been maligned by the entire experience. Of course the other houses were going to argue over him, but it was interesting that NO ONE brought up the fact that Albus CHOSE to show up at the Gryffindor tryouts. Being on the Gold and Red team was a choice that he'd already made, and I'm sad that no one on the field took that into account. Perhaps that will come out later, since I haven't read ahead, but it seems logical to me. And since Olivia had been so staunch with the other issues at the tryouts, I'm surprised that she didn't pull that obvious fact to claim him as her own, unless there are some other factors involved that we aren't privy to because of Rose's limited point of view, newbie that she is.

I look forward to how the Albus/Quidditch issue plays out in the future, and reserve my ultimate judgment for the reveal. See? That's me giving the author the benefit of the doubt there. :P

Thanks for another lovely read!


Author's Response: OK, I should be typing up a chapter for P&S, but I should also answer this lovely review too - guess which one won out?

I received some very good advice from a friend who became a professional writer. He began working in television and one of the things that he was told, was that you could never have someone just talking to another person in a TV drama. If the exchange went on for more than two back and forths or so, then you had to have them doing something else whilst they talked.

I took this to heart, because I understood what lay at it's heart. When you have something in your story that might drag on a bit, then you have to leaven it with something that advances something else about the story: the plot, or the visuals, or (as in this case) the characterisation of the players. And in this chapter, we see what quidditch brings out in the character of a few of our players, but especially of one Rose Weasley.

I was also very mindful that the minutiae of the selection procedure had to be leavened with other things - one of which was the welcome reappearance of Stephen.

Thank you for saying that you thought that I had achieved what I set out to do - the illumination of Rose's character when she has to interact with others in a situation that is not in her control.

Yes I was quite pleased with the character of Olivia, and her development throughout the chapter. She was one of the happy accidents of writing: I knew I wanted a child of the original Wood to be the house captain, and that the person had to come down hard on Rose at one point and put her in her place. I don't know what occurred to me first, her name or her sex, but as soon as I knew the character was Olivia, daughter of Oliver Wood, then she just wrote herself.

As to the boy whom I cannot name, due to the restrictions upon swearing in these comments, he got what was coming to him. We very well may see him again, but it won't be for the tryouts for next year's team, that's for certain.

As to the cruelties that I inflicted upon poor Albus, I know that you have left a review of the next chapter, so I know that you know how it turns out. But your criticism is valid, even though it is one point of view that I hadn't actually thought of when I wrote the story. See, I knew, going in, what was going to happen, but in thinking about your opinion I know the answer to it. Albus may have turned up for the Gryffindor team, but he truly accepts that he is in every house and he is too fair to play favourites.

There is a positive outcome and we shall see it develop in the next chapter. Thanks for this review, as of this response the story has had 7253 reads, and this chapter has had 257; thank you all.

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Review #18, by Pixileanin Other Lessons

12th April 2016:
Hi Andrew! It's been a while since I've been to this lovely story of yours. High time that I returned!

"Making Stuff". That's BRILLIANT! And taught by a goblin to boot. I bet that's your way of balancing out the "goblins get wands" thing, which would make sense. If the races are already sharing information, it would naturally build up relations in a positive way at the school. We already have precedence of other types of instructors in canon too, as the centaur who took over for Trelawny (I really hate spelling her name, I'm always afraid of juxtaposing the letters for some reason). And the class sounds so very INTERESTING as well. It's about time that witches and wizards learned practical skills.

Another thing I loved about this chapter was Rose and Charms. I'm glad you gave her a sizable weakness. I'm also very satisfied with the way in which she works her way around it. It's almost as if by finally understanding the mentality of Charms, Rose has taken one tiny step towards understanding that life isn't about muscling your way through things. That you have to sit back, relax, and allow things to happen on their own sometimes. Scorpius has got it down, and it's funny, but I can see his treatment of Rose being parallel to that. It's like he KNOWS things about her, and he's just biding his time, waiting for her to catch up. Interesting. And compelling.

Dropforged is a cool character in his own right. He knows his class is awesome, he's done it enough times to know that the kids will eventually think it's awesome, so with all that confidence, he addresses them in a genuinely likable manner. I love his curriculum. I want to be in that class!

I was thinking about Scorpius in this chapter too. So far, we've seen him all cool and collected around Rose, and that's great, building up her misgivings and mixed feelings about him and all. But the scene where he's in his pink robe and takes everything in stride just has me itching for that future moment where he completely loses his marbles over Rose... I know that might not even be in the story you're writing, and if it is, it's quite far, far in the future, but I would love to stick around, just to see that. hehe. Maybe I am an evil writer after all. :P

Another lovely chapter, Andrew!


Author's Response: Glad you are back, and while you look at the comments I have left you on your story, let me take the chance and respond to this one.

Yes, it is one of the ways, one of the main ways in which it balances out the 'goblins get wands thing'. More details about the origin of this will be found in my other story in an upcoming chapter. I hadn't actually thought about the precedent set by Firenze, but it works out so well that ... well, yes that was my intention all along for you to draw that parallel. ;)

Rose must have some weaknesses otherwise she would be too perfect. So to balance out her near impossible standards at all other things academic, I had to make her weak somewhere. She does all the rest so effortlessly, that she must struggle in at least one. But it also fits in with my conceit about the nature of the mindset needed for various spells. Rose is so 'Gryffindor' that this underhanded, sneaky, 'Slytherin' way of looking at the world is truly alien to her. So she will have some troubles, but with some hard work, she will triumph in the end.

It also does draw some parallels between the pair. Scorpius does have to have his strengths too, and one place he does, in an area that Rose is particularly weak in, is in understanding people. Scorpius has been a quiet and an observant kid; he's learnt a lot about people by simply listening and observing.

I so want to be in that class too: no exams, no homework, and you get to make stuff! Sign me up. I like Dropforged too. I cobbled him together from the best bits of a range of awesome woodworking and tech teachers that I have had over the years. I don't have many plans to use him much throughout the rest of the story, but I shall insert him in whenever I get the chance.

Scorpius was embarrassed about the pink robes, don't get him wrong, but why succumb to it? I like to think that it is one way that he shows his Slytheriness. In generalisations: a Gryffindor would have sought immediate revenge; A Ravenclaw would have found a way to remove the spell; and a Hufflepuff would have forgiven Rose. But a Slytherin turns a setback into an advantage, by remaining cool he throws it back into Rose's face and makes her far more upset than he is. He will loose it against Rose, but I'm afraid, before any losing it in desire, don't you think that Rose's nature will be far more likely to cause him to lose it in anger first?

Thanks for the wonderful review, as of this response the story as a whole has had 7162 reads, and this chapter has had 267; thank you all.

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Review #19, by cherry_pop94 Dawnsfirstbloom

7th April 2016:
Hello Andrew!

I'm here for our swap! This is a really great chapter! I really like how you've explained quite thoroughly how goblin culture works in England and around the world. I especially liked the story of how Harry got them into Hogwarts and the happenings around the world. I really love when stories move beyond England and explore the larger wizarding world.

Dawnsfirstbloom seems like such a lovely character. I can already tell how close she and Rose will be. And I'm beginning to sense something between Rose and Scorpius. She really does hate him, doesn't she? And he's done nothing to her yet. He seems quite nice actually.

I'm curious to know more about Scorpius's life before Hogwarts. What are Draco and Astoria like? He seems quite brilliant too. He learned a whole language on his own! And I get the feeling he's good to his house elf. Rose just seems to be prejudiced, but this wouldn't be based off Pride and Prejudice if no one had a little bit of prejudice.

I'm very excited to read more of this. I'll have to make some time to eventually read the rest of the chapters.


Author's Response: Thanks for the swap, I wanted to respond to a review because my story had just clicked over to 7000 views.

If I'm going to have goblins in Hogwarts, I thought, then I'd better explain it. I'm glad you thought the explanation was logical. The details about how Harry got them into the school is just an encapsulation of the events from my other story - where they are gone into in far more detail.

I really hope that my readers do like Dawnsfirstbloom as you have done. She is meant to be a very likable character. She is such an everyman, even though she is a goblin. She is like we would be, thrust into a world that she has only heard of and was never really expecting to be a part of. One thing she will do is to compliment Rose, so you are quite correct, she will be very close to Rose.

There is something between Rose and Scorpius, but she doesn't hate him as such. No, it's more that she has never met anyone like him before and doesn't know how to take him. Also there is just something about him that gets under her skin and she is far too immature to know that it is the glimmerings of attraction. Hopefully he will continue to be quite nice, even in the face of Rose's approbation.

Well to know more about his home life before Hogwarts you will just have to read on. Around Christmas time, in my story, there are chapters (16 and 19) that deal with some information about it. And at the end of the year he will return home with Albus and we shall see a great deal more. But that should be about chapter thirty something. We shall see more of his parents too, and I will say that Astoria is one of my favorite characters in Rose/Scorpius fan fiction. She must be, and JKR has said so as well, responsible in no small way for any reformation of the character of Draco. So with that, you know that I'm going to treat her well.

Scorpius is smart and resourceful, and kind to his House-elves too. And yes, some one has to have the prejudice, and that is one of the twists upon the usual characterisation of the two, the prejudice is largely Roses.

I do so hope you come back and you like what you read. As of this response the story has had 7025 reads and this chapter has had 914, thank you all.

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Review #20, by Avanell 2 Home for Christmas: Dawnsfirstbloom

3rd April 2016:
Loved Dawn meeting Harry...what an interesting homecoming of sorts. Great update!

Author's Response: Hi there my faithful reviewer.

I'm glad you liked Dawnsfirstbloom meeting Harry. I thought it might be a bit much for someone that she has heard of as a folk hero all her life. Moreover, the person who is directly responsible for her being able to attend Hogwarts. And to have Rose just call him Uncle Harry!

It is an interesting homecoming, and there are more shenanigans to come in the next chapter. I wonder exactly what the reactions of her friends are going to be ...

Thanks for the review, as of this response the story as a whole has had 6900 reads and this chapter has had 20,thank you all.

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Review #21, by angelbaby89 Halloween

25th February 2016:
Reading the werewolf stuff made me miss Lupin. Makes me wish he would have lived and been able to teach at the werewolf school.

Author's Response: That is quite astute of you, or perhaps I was more obvious with some of my subtext than I otherwise thought, because I must say that thoughts of Lupin did propel me along as I wrote the werewolf stuff.

Lupin found it difficult to find a job, and I assume that was as equally true for the muggle world as it was for the wizarding one. From my chapter about Hagrid, you know I wanted to redress some of the imbalance that happened to him. This was a little way in which I thought I could do the same for Lupin. There was no way that I could bring him back from the dead, but I could make his sacrifice not have been in vain for the plight of his own kind.

I too would have liked to have seen him teach at an all werewolf school - he would have been briliant.

Thanks for the review, I'm glad that it made you think about stuff. As of this response, this story as a whole has had 6488 reads, and this chapter has had 122; thank you all.

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Review #22, by angelbaby89  An Afternoon with Hagrid

21st February 2016:
I loved the new and better hut that Hagrid has now, I can totally imagine him loving it cause he gets to do all the things he loves by having space to take care of all the creatures from the forest. Starting to really like Dawnfirstbloom, I've already nicknamed her Dawn. Rose still needs to chill she has no temperament at all everything seems to set her off even more so than her her mother Hermione. Loving the fact that you are so far writing Scorpius as a really nice young man, totally a complete opposite of his father in his school days. My only wish so far is that you would have written this story with 2 points of view going back and fourth between Rose and Scorpius. I felt like as a reader I didn't get to see Scorpius and Albus's first night at Hogwarts plus I've always wondered what the Slytheren dormatories look like. So far great character development and a really good story plot.

Author's Response: I always thought that Hagrid was treated a bit shabbily in the books. He was forced to live in a run-down hut on the school grounds after his expulsion from Hogwarts, even after he was exonerated he didn't get anything better. I just wanted to redress that here. He still has his hut, because in a perverse way it is a point of pride for him, but now it is totally referbished and something that I wouldn't mind living in. It's especially good, as you point out, for taking care of various magical creatures.

I love Dawnsfirstbloom too. Go ahead and nick-name her Dawn, all her friends do. I, as the Author shall have to keep calling her Dawnsfirstbloom though, for various reasons. The main one of which will not be revealed until they reach sixth year!

Yes, Rose still has not calmed down; she does so let little things get to her. She will have to relax a bit soon or she'll blow a gasket. As you saw from the chapter before - Rose Settles In - when things are not in front of her to annoy her, she can be quite sanguine about everything. It's just when she sees Scorpius, there is just something about him that gets under her skin ...

As for Scorpius, there are a lot of stories out there where he is portrayed as an arrogant pureblood, every bit as obnoxious as his father was before him. I'd seen enough of those and I wanted to explore something different. How would it be if he had come to school and his father had been honest with him; told him exactly the bad things he'd done at school and under Voldemort? The Scorpius that came to school from that treatment, might think that his reception would not be positive at all. That's the direction I'm comming from.

As to seeing the story from Scorpius's point of view, we are not going to have that very much at all, unless it takes a turn where Rose is not present. The story is very much largely from her point of view - we have to have the feelings of Scorpius be a bit mysterious, otherwise the way I am constructing the plot will not work. It's like P&P, we didn't know anything of the true feelings of Darcy till half way through the book when he suddenly proposes to Lizzy and we find out that he loves her - against everything that we may have thought of before. So I'm sorry we won't be getting much of the story from his point of view. Unless it's things like the latest chapter, where he goes home and we have to see it from his perspective.

Thanks for the great review, I do so hope tht you keep reading as I've got lots more to come. As of this response, the story as a whole has had 6389 reads and this chapter has had 533; thank you all.

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Review #23, by angelbaby89  The Sorting Hatís Greatest Regret

21st February 2016:
I am enjoying this story so far. I started reading it a few days ago read a couple chapters then put it down cause I wasn't sure at first if I wanted to continue then all of sudden I could stop thinking about what you were gonna write next and started reading it again. I personally love your message of uniting the houses in friendship. So by having Albus getting choose which house he wanted was a good twist. I just hope Rose calms down some she is sure a spit fire girl.

Author's Response: I'm so happy to have a new reader, especially one that I 'nearly lost' ;) What I'm doing with this story is playing a long game; there will be romance to be had, but it will take a while to develop. The great work that I am basing this upon, Pride and Prejudice, should give one a clue. Lizzy doesn't know that Darcy even likes her, let alone loves her until halfway through the book. She blows him off at that stage because she actively dislikes him. There is a slow build where the characters of each are demonstrated through the interaction with other characters. This will be the same as mine. I do so appologise to anyone looking for a quick romance fix, you will not find it here. Not only am I fitting in with the mold of P&P, but it also fits in with my time line - the characters are only eleven at the begining, too young for any sort of romantic love. So it is a good way for all of that stuff, the dislike, etc, to be gotten out of the way while they both grow up.

So I can sympathise with you, that's why I had so many cliff-hangers in the first three chapters - I had to have some hook to get people to come back. As you put it, to see what I was going to write about next, because it's not the obvious usual stuff.

I'm glad you like that stuff with Albus's sorting. In the books the Sorting Hat was always on about inter-house unity so I took that to the next logical step, by having a character who would have to do so by his very sorting. Also, the character of Albus, I have seen portrayed in so many ways and all of them could have had him in any of the houses. So I thought, why not have him in all.

Yes, Rose will have to calm down a bit, she cannot let every little annoyance get under her skin forever.

Thanks for the review, as of this response the story as a whole has had 6389 reads and this chapter has had 550; thank you all.

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Review #24, by Avanell 2 Home for Christmas: Scorpius

21st February 2016:
Great update! Loved Albus meeting Mrs Malfoy. And poor Scoprius, having to ask in such a manner (in the Manor, lol). Speaking of the Manor, loved the descriptions. Also enjoyed how he thought of Rose and what her parents and Albus' father had been through in the house.

Author's Response: I really like the character of Astoria. For someone we know nothing about from cannon, she must be an interesting person married to Draco. I always picture her as a force for good, shaping the young Scorpius into someone who would be worthy of the love of Rose. For that matter, a force for good in the life of Draco too.

I'm glad you liked the meeting between her and Albus. I really worked hard to get it right.

As to Scorpius, long have people been wanting a bit more from his point of view and a bit more about some of the things that drive him. I hope with this that some people see where he is coming from. Especially that bit with Rose's parents. It really speaks a lot to how Scorpius is as a person.

As for his father, I still hope that there is some mystery there, that I have not revealed too much. We see that he is stern and strict, Scorpius especially thinks so with a few choice assides that he drops. We shall see a bit more of Draco at a later date.

Thanks again for the review, as of this response the story as a whole has had 6389 reads and this chapter has had 33; thank you all.

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Review #25, by RavenclawFTW Rose Gets Settled In.

20th February 2016:
Heya Andrew! I'm here for BvB! It's been a while since I checked in on this story, but I'm always so impressed when I pick it up!

You do such an incredible job with details and descriptions in this story-- I always feel like your descriptions are going to have a purpose, and you're not just throwing them in for the sake of it, but you've constructed such clear characters and such a clear world. It's really incredible to see that, and how much you think through every decision.

Here I feel like I've learned a lot more about Rose. She's not just a stickler to rules, and she's still a loyal and kind friend. I'm excited to see how she deals with Scorpius next-- I'm glad that getting a bit of distance is helping her think about Scorpius more clearly! And even though the Albus Situation is bothering her, she's not letting it get her down. She's also so clearly an intelligent and rational character, who picks things up quickly (like the charm), but also extends that pattern to how she approaches situations and interests. She goes through things in a very systematic and methodical way that's both easy to follow and builds her character.

The story of Dawnsfirstbloom was really interesting, and a nice contrast against Rose's own reactions to being at Hogwarts. I'm really excited to see where their friendship is going to go in this story, as I feel like they're already so comfortable around each other and bring out the best in one another!

I love how you've characterized Ron, Hermione, and George here. The comparison between Hermione and Ron's approaches was both funny and in-character, and I like how it also reflects on Rose, as she prefers her mother's gift but can appreciate both gifts, as well as their backstories. The scene with George was killer-- his dialogue was perfectly in character, hilarious, and helped me understand Rose better. I especially loved his comments about Fred, as they were a nice demonstration that he still thinks about Fred all the time, but has an outlook on it now that's very fitting for his character.

I love how self-aware Rose can be, when her emotions aren't getting the better of her, and your descriptions are really wonderful. You've developed her voice really nicely, and the way you write this story is very natural. It flows quite well and there always seems to be her character, floating in the background of the description of whatever's going on.

I can't wait 'til I get a chance to read on! The world you've constructed is so engrossing and well thought out, and I can't believe I've gone so long without continuing this! Great job! :)


Author's Response: Hi there, I'm so glad that the BvB brought you back to my story.

Thanks for the praise about my descriptions. It's a place where I often fall down - my betas have in the past have had to remind me to put more in. Sometimes I do just throw things in because they are cool, but mostly it is as you thought, that they are not frivously meant - there will be a greater purpose to most of the things that I insert into the story. Whether it be to have some sort of pay-off later on, or like the quidditch stuff that surrounds Albus (which you will see later on), to bring forward whole plot threads. I do so hope that I can keep you guessing as to what is important and what isn't all the way throughout the story. For instance, as I've said elsewhere, something that was just thrown out there in the very first chapter will only have it's eventual pay-off in one of the epilogues.

I said of this chapter that nothing much happens, but it is a necessary pausing point for Rose and the readers. A lot has happened to Rose in the last few chapters, a lot of it she didn't like and reacted badly to. I needed to have this chapter to let my readers connect with my heroine a bit more. To see her free of her reactions to external events. Rose has been doing some unlikeable things, and she will do some more before the weekend is out. This is unfortunate in some respects as she is the major character and it might be problematic to keep the attentions of readers who come to hate her.

As to all of your insights into the character of Rose, all that I can say is that you're pretty much spot on. I'm glad I managed to convey it well enough so that you could pick up on it so perfectly. And yes, one of the most important things is that when Scorpius is not directly in front of her, Rose can be a bit more magnanamous towards him.

I'm so glad that you picked up on that, the way that Dawnsfirstbloom and Rose bring out the best in each other (especially as far as Rose is concerned) - it will play an important role in the story in a later year.

With all my characters, I try to make their reactions to events logical and logically extending from their personalities. I also think it would be interesting for someone to be so suddenly thrust from the humdrum life they lived into a world that they knew of but thought unobtainable. Harry was similar, but he just underwent a step change - he was a muggle one day and a wizard the next. He never knew what it was to be a wizard, could never even dream of that life. For goblins, growing up as children, always knowing of the world of wizards, but under the almost certainty that they could never join it, it would be very different. I can imagine the dreams that they might have, or the games that they might play with each other, never really believing that they could be the one of their age that would get to go to Hogwarts.

I like writing all the adults, the ones we knew as kids from the books. We know their voices from seven books, so it is always a challenge to get them right and to adjust them for nineteen years of life and experience. But it is also a delight too. We won't see the parents much, but when we do I hope that every occasion will be as enjoyably illuminating as this one.

What I wrote above goes double for George and Fred too. (if you don't know what I mean, you will have to read my other story to find out *sly grin*)

Thank you for your wonderful words, I really do value them, as blush inducing as they are. I want this Rose to live and breathe - she will have her flaws, big ones indeed, but hopefully she will have her redeeming qualities too. In writing third person, it is not so detached as it would initially seem and I'm ever aware that we are seeing most of these events as they happen to and are observed by Rose.

I do hope you read on and keep enjoying it too. As of this response there have been 6688 reads on the story as a whole and 537 reads on this chapter alone; thank you all.

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