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Review #1, by Angelica Epilogue

23rd October 2014:
Hey I loved your story! I loooved it, all of it. It's the second one I've read. I loved the other one, too. I really like the way you write.
Thank you so much. Ok I guess I'll start with the other one xD
Thanks again... xoxo

Author's Response: Thanks for your generous comments. Enjoy the next story.

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Review #2, by Ohpl Blackbrae

8th October 2014:
Another great chapter.Looking forward to the epilogue and more new stories in the future.

Author's Response: Thanks, enjoy the next chapter.

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Review #3, by Ohpl All Roads

24th September 2014:
Wow.I am loving this story.I check for updates every day.I love reading stories where I believe the author has everything plotted out. Looking forward to your future chaptures.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Penultimate chapter now posted and should appear on the site in day or two.

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Review #4, by BananaRammaHammock On The Trail

2nd September 2014:
On the one hand the storyline is interesting, but on the other hand Hermione is moving back into Mary Sue territory.

Author's Response: Mary Sue is always a risk with Hermione. Even in the books she moves in and out of "Mary Sue territory". I mean she's the smart one in a trio that pretty much saves the world every year or two from age eleven.

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Review #5, by BananaRamamaHammock Ancient Rights

2nd September 2014:
Was really hoping we had heard the last of the perv Grantham in the last story. Please god let that be the last we see of that old dude.

Author's Response: Perv? Old? How young are you?

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Review #6, by Ann Ancient Rights

12th August 2014:

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying the story, however the moderators on this site are on holidays and it will be some time till the next chapter appears.

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Review #7, by ann A Dark Place

12th August 2014:
I truly enjoy reading your stories! Don't leave
us hanging. Write, write, write I have to know what
happens next.

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Review #8, by poobear A Dark Place

7th August 2014:
Hi way to go on another good top chapter keep them coming please. Bruce

Author's Response: Thanks, Bruce. There's already another chapter in the validation queue.

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Review #9, by Betty Boop A Dark Place

7th August 2014:
I remember in your last story there was a very high level of Hermione worship with corresponding kowtowing Ron. From this start I'm cautiously optimistic that this one isn't going to be like that.

Author's Response: What can I say? I like smart women. If you don't like Hermione you probably won't like the rest of this story.

I certainly didn't intend the Ron of my previous stories to come across as Kowtowing. He certainly makes compromises, but that is what being in a relationship means. I was trying to portray a more mature Ron, a Ron who was older but had also grown enormously as a result of his experience during the war.

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Review #10, by poobear Game On

6th August 2014:
Hi just wanted to say that i love this story great its a great mix of everything and very well done. carnt wait for the next chapter your a good story teller and writer keep it up and keep the chapters coming by for now. Bruce

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. New chapter coming soon

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Review #11, by Ohpl Game On

3rd August 2014:
Having read your other stories and enjoyed them very much I was excited to see this new one up.Very interesting start.

Author's Response: Thanks for the comment. I hope you enjoy the new story as much as the others.

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