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Review #1, by Gary B. Moving Forward

18th January 2015:
Another great chapter! I hope to see some chapters in the future where each coven member learns more about there past, and there cool artifacts. I can do with waiting to see what Ginny does though.she is going crazy again@!

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Review #2, by Arka Moving Forward

14th January 2015:
Awesome Chapter. I think Hermione and Fred should next make a werewolf potion like their effeort to bottle the covens powers. Will solve all of Ginny's problems. can't wait to find out what is in store for Miles. I agree with The analysis of Ron. He just does not know how to be happy. In all a pleasure to read. Eagerly Waiting for the next chapter. Also A Happy New Year to you. May all your wishes come true in this year

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Review #3, by Jen Finding Magda

9th January 2015:
Loving where this story is heading! Keep up the wonderful work!

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you're enjoying the ride :) The next chapter is in the validation queue and should be on the site shortly.

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Review #4, by Gary B. Finding Magda

6th January 2015:
I want to know what their mission is! Story is coming along nicely. Hope you had good holidays!

Author's Response: Their mission will be becoming clearer in the next few chapters :) Holidays were great, hope yours were as well! Next chapter is in the queue and will be up soon.

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Review #5, by Arka Finding Magda

23rd December 2014:
Merry Christmas! Have a good vaccation. See you in the new year.
Awesome Chapter

Author's Response: Merry Christmas! I hope your holidays were good. I was caught up and unfortunately couldn't get another chapter in before the queue closure. But I have one all ready to go when the queue reopens so look for it after the 1st. Have a happy New Year!

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Review #6, by Gary B. Sinister Sister's Port

11th December 2014:
Another great chapter! Everyone's stories are progressing and I can't wait to see how they turn out with the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks! The next chapter should be up in a few days, it's currently in the validation queue. Lots happening in the next one, so keep an eye out for it :)

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Review #7, by Arka Sinister Sister's Port

4th December 2014:
This chapter throws up more hitches than solutions. Wow love and feeling pentagons!!! Can't wait for the next chapter.
Hope you are well now. Take care

Author's Response: Sorry for the delay in posting... lots to do and not a lot of time for writing. But the next chapter is now in the queue. The current wait time is 5 days but hopefully that will go down and I can get one more chapter in before they close the queue for the holidays.

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Review #8, by Gary B. A Necessary Detour

1st December 2014:
Great chapter!!! Its good to see Draco remaining strong.

Author's Response: Hopefully he can remain strong for whatever is coming out of all of that :) Next chapter should be up soon!

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Review #9, by Jen A Necessary Detour

25th November 2014:
Things are certainly heating up... I'm lovin' the anticipation. Keep up the fantastic work!

Author's Response: Thanks! Sorry for the delay... was sick and then the holiday kept me from my computer. But I've added the next chapter to the validation queue and so it should be up soon. Thanks for reading!

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Review #10, by Arka A Necessary Detour

24th November 2014:
Let me take a guess: one of the demons, tonks and Kage. Philip might be another candidate but to me he is not ready to talk...

Awesome chapter

Author's Response: Well, you guessed one of the three :)

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Review #11, by DUMBELDAVE In the Name of Survival

21st November 2014:
Wow Ended better than expexted but wow !

Author's Response: Quite a lot happened... and about to happen. New chapter is up on the site!

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Review #12, by DUMBELDAVE Reunions

21st November 2014:
Ah this isn't going well !!!

Author's Response: Ah, but for who? :)

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Review #13, by DUMBELDAVE Messages From the Mysterious "They"

21st November 2014:
This so not going to end well for miles

Author's Response: He's getting himself in deeper, isn't he... ;)

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Review #14, by DUMBELDAVE Betrayal

20th November 2014:
Miles your a dead man walking

Author's Response: He's certainly made himself a pretty big target...

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Review #15, by DUMBELDAVE Choices

20th November 2014:
Omg omg omg omg omg
Omg omg omg

Author's Response: I take it you liked the chapter then? :)

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Review #16, by DUMBELDAVE Into the City of Angels

20th November 2014:
Ah miles come on do the right thing

Author's Response: Miles is a bit mixed up... he's not quite sure what the right thing is or even how to judge such a concept... we shall see where his journey leads ;)

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Review #17, by DUMBELDAVE Deep Sea Drama

19th November 2014:
Damn Parvati and voldy lol Good chapter though !!

Author's Response: The chapter did promise drama... :)

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Review #18, by DUMBELDAVE The Echo

18th November 2014:
Parvati is no more Jus t evil person now Ugh

Author's Response: Hmm... time will tell I suppose ;)

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Review #19, by DUMBELDAVE The Monster of Hidden Falls

18th November 2014:
Wow once again a brilliant chapter ! Off to read more

Author's Response: Thank you, happy reading!

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Review #20, by DUMBELDAVE Journey to Jennitha August

17th November 2014:
Aye carumba what is that ? ?

Author's Response: The Monster of Hidden Falls :)

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Review #21, by Arka In the Name of Survival

14th November 2014:
Why do I have a feeling that the device that luna picked up will be of great interest to the group. Too good a chapter. But the suspense is killing me!

Author's Response: Ah... but what other devices might Blair have invented? That's the question I'm currently wrestling with (along with the characters) :) Next chapter should be up soon, it's in the queue now.

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Review #22, by Jen In the Name of Survival

13th November 2014:
Immensely enjoying your stories!!! Anxiously awaiting your updates, as usual :) :)

Author's Response: Thank you, so happy to hear you like what you're reading! The next chapter is in the validation queue and should be up on the site in a few days, so look for it soon :)

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Review #23, by Gary B. In the Name of Survival

13th November 2014:
The suspense is killing me! I am going to enjoy the time when they finally get whats coming to them! Great chapter ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, they are building up quite a bit of bad karma... we'll have to see how it all comes around :)

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Review #24, by Arka Reunions

10th November 2014:
please please update fast. You have left so many loose ends... awesome chapter though its opens up more avenues or should I say highways than it closes.

Author's Response: The next chapter is already in the queue... hopefully it makes those highways into two-lanes instead of four :)

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Review #25, by Gary B. Reunions

9th November 2014:
What is up with this Blair woman??? Been in the story for 5 minutes and I hate her!@ Evil

Author's Response: Good! She's a bad lady... though how bad is yet to be seen.

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