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Review #1, by Machiko How I Receive My First Detention

27th August 2014:
I love Diwali and I love this chapter.

Everything about it is amazing! We really do get to look into Annett's mind with more depth here and I see that you are keeping to the true definition of an introvert.


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Review #2, by Machiko Between Detention, Disease, and Domestication

27th August 2014:
I like how you wrote that microscope scene with as much suspense as you did. I've never felt more excited reading about a microscope slide. :)

I know tht Annett is very frustrated and uncomfortable, but you did being a lot of humour into the last part that had my sister and I laughing at her pain.

Can't wait for chapter 12!

Will Annett ever tell anyone about Ronan??

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Review #3, by Yoshi_Kitten Creative Output: Mischief

26th August 2014:
And I'm back!! *waves* =)
Ok, so first things first, lol. I'm pretty sure that the students of Hogwarts learn how to Apparate during their 5th of school. So I was confused as to why that was on her class schedule when she's a 6th year now, isn't she? I mean, it's possible that the Apparation laws could have changed after the war tho, so if that's the case then you may just wanna mention that in there somewhere. ;)

- "And his dont-mind-me-Ive-just-been-sha*ging hair.
Bahahaha!!! I just laughed SO hard at this quote, lol!! (:
- "More than the people who raised me and taught me, my parents are my best friends."
Ok, soI feel like this sentence is worded a bit funny here. It distracted me from reading anyway, causing me to reread it 3 times over again before it made sense... However, if you tried rearranging the structure to something like this: "My parents are more than just the people who raised me and taught me. They're my best friends." Do you see how that flows a bit better when you read it?

Ah, I find myself conflicted here, lol. On the one hand, I feel like its really sweet that James named his prank gang after his namesake's group: the Marauders. But on the other hand, I feel like it's just been done before and its a tad old. I mean, he's already got the same name as the original James Potter, and now he has a group called the Marauders too? Idk, I guess I just feel like James II would wanna be more original than that... Maybe? But what do I know? I am sooo tired right now, haha!! XD
I was, however, VERY happy to see that you included Fred II into this new Marauders group. He deserves more than anybody to be in the top pranking group in the whole school, lol. =P

Oh look: Annett's geek is showing, lol!! Seriously tho, I love how nerdy and intelligent she is!! And that diagram of the basic elements was super cool! Where did you get the idea for that? And I really liked what she had to say about the books being so outdated, lol. I bet her teacher is gonna be in for a real treat when she reads that paper. Cunningham was kinda rude tho when she dismissed her question in front of the whole class like that. Good thing people are too intimidated by Annett to laugh at her tho, haha!! ;)

I think this chapter was my new favorite!! We got to see some brief Scorpius/Rose action, there was plotting and scheming involved, you introduced us to a new class that wasn't featured on the HP books, and (most importantly) Annett finally seems to be coming out of her shell a bit!! I'm very intrigued to see where you're going with this next. =D


Author's Response: Deana! Hello again.

It depends when the particular student turns 17. If that happens before or on 31 August of the next year (before the next school year), then that student it eligible to take the course. That being the case, unless the student had to retake a year, taking the class in Year 5 would be impossible.

I'll see about fixing that sentence. Thank you!

About the Marauders thing. It's more about carrying on the traditions of pranking then it is about anything else. More on this in much later chapters. :)

I did my Alchemy research while I did my scientific research. Haha. I'm glad you like that part.

Thank you again for reading and reviewing!


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Review #4, by BellaLestrange87 The Peculiar Childhood: A Prologue

24th August 2014:
Review tag!

I really like the introduction to this story. Anette is a very interesting character to read, and I like the way she casually describes finding out she has magical abilities.

The opening sentence hooked me from the start. I like how you show her parents' shock at their daughter. Another thing that I enjoyed reading was how you worked Teddy into the story.

Overall, 10/10! Goood job!


Author's Response: Olivia,

Thank you for your amazing review. Your compliments encouraging! You are awesome. Thank you for those too. I hope you also enjoy the rest of the story. ;)

Cheers. :D

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Review #5, by UnluckyStar57 The Peculiar Childhood: A Prologue

24th August 2014:
Hello! I'm finally here with your review! :D

Alright, so this is a very interesting beginning! I think that science and magic would be cool counterparts, and they don't interact nearly often enough. I think you've set up the science part really nicely, which will enable you to explore science as Annett goes to Hogwarts. I'm sure she'll do a lot of science experiments and observation when she gets there. :)

As for Annett herself, I think she's intriguing. She's really lucky to be the daughter of two people who allow her to explore her powers on her own, but she seems so very serious in this chapter, especially since she's just a child at this point. Well, I'm not saying that children can't be serious, but the part about her recording her interactions with her peers kind of made me sad. It seems like she's never had many friends, maybe because she's just so smart and isolated from the Muggle kids by her powers...? The university-level chemistry and biology thing was a bit shocking to me as well--I can't even fathom knowing those subjects on a high school level, but I can see that Annett is just the type to seek out this knowledge and learn it for herself. So while I haven't warmed to her yet, I can definitely tell that it's going to be cool to see what she gets up to at Hogwarts. Good job with creating an interesting and complex character who is so very young! She's unlike other ten and eleven-year-olds, but that makes her unique and memorable, definitely. :D

I was rather uncertain about Teddy Lupin, simply because the changing of his hair should be something that he can control when he's around Muggles. After all, he wouldn't want to give the parents heart attacks! But Annett was obviously intrigued, and I think her parents would have been okay if Teddy's hair changed in front of them. They're scientific and accepting of interesting things like that. Just as long as he can control it for people who might not be as willing to accept the idea of magic...

Question: Did Annett buy The Monster Book of Monsters for Care of Magical Creatures? I mean, did she buy it at all, or did she just look at it? The only problem that I have with her buying the book is that only third years and above are allowed to take Care of Magical Creatures--it's an elective. However, now that I think about it, I can see her buying it just so she can figure out how it works and what sorts of creatures there are in the magical world. Maybe you could include a statement about that, like whether or not she bought it to peruse for fun?

Although she's such a serious one, I think it's very realistic that you wrote her being afraid to leave her parents for the first time. That's an awesome thing to think about--older kids might be okay with it, even excited to get away from their parents, but an eleven-year-old who's never really left home before would be absolutely terrified. Still, I'm sure that she'll have lots of fun at Hogwarts. :)

I think you did a brilliant job on this chapter! I know that I mentioned a lot of things that I was uncertain about, but they're actually minor details that are super nitpicky. Your writing style is really different and cool. I can't wait to read more from you!


Author's Response: UnluckyStar57,

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I really appreciate it. :)

Annett is isolated because of her abilities. Her parents don't want to risk her abilities being witnessed by anyone to keep her safe. That being the case, they homeschool her. Homeschooling is what has allowed her educational advancement.

Haha. She did not buy the book, she was just almost bitten by one whose belonged to another student. I will see if I can for this explanation somewhere. Thank you.

Annett is an introvert. So her having fun depends on what she does and what she finds as opposed to who she meets. That's not to say that she doesn't meet people.

Thank you so much for all your compliments, too! :D


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Review #6, by mymischiefmanaged Satisfying Humiliation

23rd August 2014:

I'm here again from review tag.

Ooo Yang's awful, isn't he? I do feel a bit sorry for him but his terrible lines about how charming he is make it pretty clear why so many people are out to humiliate him. His boasting about battling cornish pixies made me giggle.

And that prank was so cruel! But so funny! I wonder what the consequences will be for Annett. It shows a not very nice side of her really, but I reckon having the Potter/Weasley crew on board will mean people see the funny side.

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with the Wotters and Annett. My bet is that they now see her as a friend but she expects everything to go back to normal?

Great chapter,

Emma x

Author's Response: Hi there, Emma!

You're back with another awesome review! Thank you! It's interesting that you brought up what people think. I address this in later chapters. As for your other theory. . . That's next chapter. ;)

Thank you again, Emma! I really appreciate your reviews. :D


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Review #7, by Roisin An “Auf Wiedersehen” and a Wotter Invasion

23rd August 2014:
What an interesting chapter! You have so many amazing ideas here--definitely continuing to remind me of "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality," which I love.

Your dialog is also really funny, so bravo on that! And there's a weirdness to the language that I like. Things like "rammed myself into a wall between platform nine and ten" are strange word choices that I really enjoy, because it gives Annet a really unique voice.

That said, I'd caution you to make sure your characters stay distinct in terms of how they speak.

A few things:

-"I am quite harmful. . . unless provoked." I think you meant to say "harmless"

-"the people outside. The buzz of people..." you use the same noun twice in quick succession. Maybe switch one of them for "crowd"?

-"how much she wanted the couple [to] get married."

-And during the Sorting there are a lot of the same last names--that seems like a lot of twins. Or are they cousins?

-Also Freddy and Roxanne probably wouldn't be redheads, since their mom is Angelina Johnson, and they're of mixed African and European ancestry.

That said, Roxanne's bit was super funny. And I really like how you described a "sea of redheads." The nextgen kids are a pretty massive swarm indeed, and it's probably pretty relevant to note that so many Hogwarts students are related!

"How much more loaded could a name get?" Nice one!

I definitely didn't expect Daisy and Daliha to be Dursleys--but it makes perfect sense! Nice twist!

I also loved all of the questions about the scientific nature of magic, and those ideas are really great. But, a lot of this chapter seemed a bit rushed. Description fell away a lot of the time, especially that last sequence. And I thought the passage of time was a bit too hasty. I'd work on fleshing these sections out more (you might even want to just split it into two chapters). Also, the ending seemed kind of sudden and random, rather than a logical denouement. I recommend basically keeping everything you have, because it's really good, and just adding a lot more to it.

Hope this review was helpful!


Author's Response: Hello again, Roisin!

I really must check out "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality." I will.

Thank you for reading and reviewing! For your compliments and your really helpful advice. You have a sharp eye.

I did mean to say harmless. :) I'll see what I can do about abnormal genetics. Thanks for reminding me on that one.

I will try to see what I can do to flesh things out. Thank you again for your amazingly helpful review.

Prost! :D

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Review #8, by Yoshi_Kitten Yang’s Audacity

22nd August 2014:
First of all, before I forget, the very first sentence of this chapter:
"Sixth year starts as normally as it could, being in a school of magic and all. I am sitting, reading this year's Transfiguration textbook when the door opens."
It is a bit misleading. This statement makes it seem like they're already at Hogwarts, and then all of a sudden they are on the trainride there instead?

I feel like if you added in a few words it would alleviate any and all confusion here. Such as this:
"Sixth year starts as normally as it could, being in a school of magic and all. I am sitting on the train, reading this year's Transfiguration textbook when the compartment door opens."
There, you see how I changed it to allude more to the setting right from the very start? Sorry if this seems overly picky, but it was the first thing I noticed, and it kinda distracted me right from the very beginning...

Okay, so now the real story begins, haha!! It was such a breath of fresh air to see Annett finally interacting with her peers again. I know that her and Al are not necessarily “friends” so-to-speak, but I think I like her interactions with him the best so far. I am now starting to see why she was put in Slytherin, haha! And I think that it was a nicely added touch; having people act like they were afraid of her on the train. I love how aware she is of everyone else, but then she is generally clueless as to how she fits into the overall picture, lol.

And the plot thickens!! People are placing bets on how she will react when this dirtbag asks her out, and she is aware of it now. I cannot wait to see what pranks she has planned to get her revenge on him... Just please tell me that she does not actually end up falling for this boy, does she?? You have made Yang an already unlikable character, and we haven't actually officially met him yet. So kudos to you for setting this guy's part up so well! :)

One other thing that stuck out to me though was Miss. Norris. While I do really like the fact that Annett has befriended her in her Fox form, she would have to be incredibly old by now, especially for a cat. I mean she was there when Harry started school, so add 7 years onto the 19 that have passed between now and then, plus the 6 years that Annett has been at Hogwarts too. That would make her over 32 years, at the least. And that does not seem realistic to me at all, as I am not sure that cats can really live that long. So unless Mr. Filch got a new cat and gave it the same name, you may wanna consider adding something in there to explain this phenomenon, lol. Just my observations. ;)

Anyhow, I was glad to finally see Annett come out of her shell more in this chapter. I enjoyed getting all the backstory and information, but it's also good to have all the introductions and such out of the way now. I cannot wait to see where you are going with this one. On to find out what happens next!! Again, this is such a unique story you have here, I love it!! =)


Author's Response: Deana,

Thank you so much for another amazing review!

I will fix that up right away! Sorry for being rather misleading. :( It's not overly picky, it's really helpful. Thank you.

You caught that about her not being sure how she fits in. :D I had fun with that.

You shall have to wait and see, Deana, you shall have to wait and see. ;)

For Mrs. Norris. . . she is raised in the magical world where humans can live for centuries. . . I don't think it's as much genetic as it is environmental. So, I imagine that different species also reap the benefits of a magical environment. . . an extended life. I'll see if I can integrate an explanation somewhere.

It's all part of being an introvert. Some conversations are tiring, others are captivating. Shyness and quietness shouldn't always be taken at face-value. I'm glad you've been enjoying it so far! Thank you for all your kind words. You're awesome, really. :D


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Review #9, by Yoshi_Kitten An “Auf Wiedersehen” and a Wotter Invasion

21st August 2014:
Hello again!! OK, so wow, this was a LOT to take in in one chapter... ^_^'

First of all, let me just say that I LOVE the "Wotters" haha! I have never seen the Weasley-Potter clan referred to in this way before. Personally, I thot this was genius!! That whole 1st half of the chapter was brilliant, really!! Tho I don't know if I would have tried to introduce ALL of them right off the a like that tho. I get that you were trying to overwhelm her, but I don't see where Molly and Roxanne, for example, really needed to be there, as they did not really have much to add to the conversation much... four or five people would have had the same effect as all seven, but that's just my opinion. That being said, however, I really liked how you added Scorpius in there, and I loved the connection that they shared by both being introverts. I feel like the two of them could become friends later on down the road... We'll just have to see if I'm right tho. ;)

When she arrived at Hogwarts, I would have liked to have seen her reaction when she saw the castle for the first time. The whole thing felt a little rushed, honestly. And I'll admit that I was also a little let down with the sorting ceremony too. I wonder what else the hat had to say to her?? And are her and Albus both in Slytherin? If so, then I do hope that you plan on explaining this choice of house placement here within the next few chapters, cuz that is just downright confusing to me, lol!! I really thot that she was gonna be in Ravenclaw with Rose...

Wow, she sure is full of questions, isn't she? I love how curious she is, and I like that you have her spending most of her time studying alone, rather than spending a lot of time out with the others. It fits better with the character that you have create here, I think... Hopefully we will start to see her interact more with some of the cannon characters soon tho, now that her 6th year is about to start. I for one am curious to see more of her relationship with Scorpius, Albus & Rose in particular. As smart as the two of those girls are, and as much time as I'm sure they both must spend in the library; there's no way they aren't friends! =P

One final note I have is that you may wanna consider adding the 'Vulpes velox' onto you list of translations/meanings at the end of the chapter. I mean, I knew enough to know that is was some type of fox. (At which point that annoying "What Does the Fox Say?" song popped back into my head, lol!!) But I had to actually google it to see that it meant "swift fox". Not all readers will be likely to take the tie to go and look that up tho, so a note at the end might be helpful... Also; wouldn't someone notice a FOX sneaking around the INSIDE the castle? Even if it is the middle of the night, I'm sure that someone would have had to notice her in that form at some point? good for her tho, for figuring out how to become an animagus!! Overall tho, I like how the story is progressing so far!! Can't wait to read more. Thanks so much for swapping with me again!! =)


Author's Response: Deana!

Thank you for your extremely helpful review. I love getting different perspectives because of advice like this! :D

I do explore Annett's Slytherin-ness next chapter.

They do both spend time in the library, but one of them has a secret room she's claimed as her private study room. So thy don't see much of each other. Add that to their different houses and they really don't see too much of one another. That's not to say they never talk. . .

Sadly, Annett doesn't consider anyone we friend at this point. That has to do with her keeping to herself all the time. She's only been a fox for 9 months at this point. Because she is a fox and her hearing and sense of smell and all has improved, she can practice not being detected. More on this in later chapters.

Thank you!


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Review #10, by mymischiefmanaged Out of the Shadows and into the Limelight

21st August 2014:
Hello! Here from the review tag to revisit Annett.

I really enjoyed this chapter. It made me laugh, especially Annett's using biology to wind up Yang, and this line 'the thought of me being a desperate cat-lady flies away from everyone else's minds'.

Your use of muggle science in the magical world was one of my favourite things about your earlier chapters and it works just as well here. I'm looking forward to the moment everyone realises Annett's right about alchemy - based on her independent experiments I have a feeling her discoveries will be pretty monumental for the wizarding world as a whole. The new Nicholas Flamel maybe?

The Potter/Weasley clan getting her to wage a prank war against herself is a great idea and I'm sure will open up all sorts of opportunities for comedy.

This is a really great chapter, I think your best so far. The only thing I think would be worth editing is that you sometimes seem to mix up what tense you're writing in, for example 'Any thoughts he had flies away from his mind' and 'Al's exclamation brought forth giggles that bubble in my chest'. If you're writing in present tense just be careful not to slip into the past tense when describing other characters.

Other than that this is a really great chapter! I'm glad I came back to your story.

Emma x

Author's Response: Hi Emma!

Thank you for reading and reviewing. Your opinions are much appreciated. I love hearing your thoughts. :)

Maybe. We'll see. ;)

Tense. Oh dear. Thank you for pointing that out. :) I will definitely be more vigilant about tense.

I'm glad you came back too! :D


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Review #11, by lexiatel The Peculiar Childhood: A Prologue

20th August 2014:
Wow, it would be nice to walk through the whole Hogwarts experience with this... girl? I haven't read the next chapter yet :)

This was such an amazing and interesting chapter, and I am absolutely hooked to the story and character. Just... amazing is all I can say. Love "her" personality.

Rated it a 9/10 :)

Author's Response: Lexiatel,

Thanks abundantly for reading and reviewing. I did neglect to explicitly give the gender if my protagonist, didn't I? Oops. All will be revealed, in time, in the next chapter. . . ;)

Your compliments help my ego grow. Thank you.


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Review #12, by Roisin The Peculiar Childhood: A Prologue

19th August 2014:
Hello! Roisin (Stillroisin) here with your requested review!

This is a great concept! It actually reminds me a lot of HP and the Methods of Rationality (if you haven't already, check it out!). Annett is a really interesting narrator, with a super unique voice!

I definitely get the sense that she's rather socially awkward, and very clever. I think she'll be a delight to read. So funny and engaging!

VERY curious about why "Harry Potter"s name was like a long forgotten memory.

And I LOVED the bit about the goblin's mysterious 'phylogenetic history.'

As for concrit:
-"Stoicism" not "Stoicalness" (for the story summary)
-the tense is sometimes inconsistent (wavering between past and present)
-Teddy's 'MY PARENTS ARE HEROES' thing seemed a touch premature. Maybe work on their conversation?

Otherwise, I really liked this chapter! Your story summary was great too, and your hand-drawn chapter images are a refreshing change.

Definitely hope you rerequest!

Author's Response: Hello Roisin,

Thank you for reading and reviewing. I'm glad your interested and you enjoy my drawings!

I've just taken everything you've said into account upon my editing of this chapter. It was amazing advice! :D

Will fulfil your hopes of a re-request. ;)


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Review #13, by Ribbons The Peculiar Childhood: A Prologue

19th August 2014:
The fact that I started this thread makes me happy, mostly because I'm getting the chance to read such incredible stories. As soon as you started the story with her milk glass exploding, I had that tingling that you get when you're reading something good. REALLY good.

First of all, great mini-Sherlock you've got going on here - I love it! I mean, she's obviously incredibly intelligent, quite aloof and more than a little strange (think Walter from Fringe), but she gets me, she really does.

There are only a few times when you - probably by accident - seem to write her a bit out of character. First of all, the use of copious exclamation points (you do realize that my vocabulary has been affected by reading this story? I don't think I can stop using big words now, ever). Some of the phrases just don't seem to fit her thought process, especially when she first learns about magic in the letter.

Now, you did a masterful job of Teddy Lupin, who comes across as socially-adept, smart, but also a little bumbling, as his hair changes color. I can picture is stutter, and it's beautiful. I don't think he should be portrayed as an unkind of cruel sort of person, as I've seen done, and you did a good job avoiding that.

This girl - Annett - comes from a very different background than a lot of students, given her family's LOVE of science, so she's going to be confused when magic just pretty much throws logic out the window (exaggeration, my favorite). I'm looking forward to her complete and utter awkwardness, and I'm wondering what house she'll be in...actually, no need to wonder: Ravenclaw? Probably. I hope it's not Slytherin, but I know it won't be Hufflepuff. She's not exactly...NICE.

So, my biggest tip is watch for any little typos or extra punctuation by accident, and try very hard to maintain the personality of your main character. Just remember that this is Annett Sinclaire Kluge, not some giggling Hufflepuff buffoon.

Off I go to read the next chapter!

Lots of love,



Author's Response: Dear Alena,

I'm on this quest to opinion my story in any way possible. So, I would like to take this time to thank you for your brilliant advice because it aids my quest.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the first chapter! I love reading about theories regarding this story. In any case, please don't hate me. You might find out why next chapter. It's under re-validation. . . so there is no rush to review that one. I thought this was a chapter by chapter review system.

Anyway, thank you for your time!


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Review #14, by Machiko Exclamations of Merlin’s Extensive Collection of Lingerie

19th August 2014:
That was adorable and hilarious! You turned a life-threatening situation into a abundance of cuteness. :D

My sister and I are wondering how she will hide her injury during Diwali? Also, does Annett knowing Draco have anything to do with how she became an Animagus? You did mention that she met Draco the year before, which is the year she got her Animagus form.

Author's Response: Dear Machiko,

Thank you! I'm glad you two have been enjoying it so far! And thank you for reviewing. I've been looking forward to your theories! :D I'll email you ;)

As for Diwali, I'm really hoping that the chapter is up before 50 hours, but I really don't know. It should be soon, though!


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Review #15, by Yoshi_Kitten The Peculiar Childhood: A Prologue

19th August 2014:
Hello again, RoxiMalfoy from the forums, here to finish our little Review Swap!! (:

Ok, so this was really good!! I didn't really know what to expect at first, but I was pleasantly surprised when I started reading this. I like your OC so far. She is very intelligent and original. I can tell that you have put alot of time and thought into creating her. I also enjoyed reading her backstory here as well. Her parents are scientists? Now that's something I have NEVER seen in HP fanfiction before. Honestly, the idea is so unique and original. Very well done!! & I really appreciate the fact that, despite being big into science and all that, her parents did NOT decide to experiment on their own daughter. That alone already speaks volumes about their character.

One thing I noticed, however, is that you spend all this time introducing everyone else here; her parents Wolfgang & Emilie, her friends Dahlia & Daisy, and Teddy Lupin (whom I almost mistook for Hagrid when you described a man with dark hair, lol). Even Harry Potter gets an introduction, but then you never once mention the main character's name at all. I even went back and skimmed over it twice after I was finished reading just to double-check on this. I mean, obviously one can assume that her name is Annett by the title of the story. And I get that she is very shy, and she clearly does not like talking about herself. But I feel like Teddy still could've at least said: "Oh, hello, you must be Annett Kluge," or something along those lines, right after she told him that her parents weren't home... Idk, if you meant to not give us her name in the 1st chapter on purpose or not, but that was just something that really stood out to me. If you DID do this intentionally tho, then just disregard everything that I just said, lol!! =P

As far as CC goes; I would consider splitting up some of the longer paragraphs into two separate ones, as it will really help with the flow a lot. Grammatically tho, it was almost perfect as far as I could tell. There weren't any spelling errors that I could see, but there were a few missing commas here and there. And at one point, I think you used a semi-colon when there should have been a period... Do you have a Beta-reader for this story yet?? If not, you should totally consider applying for one. Honestly, I was skeptical about it when I started out here with my first fic, and I didn't get a Beta until I was already like 15 chapters in or so. I regret that now tho, lol. My first Beta was astounding at helping me with characterization. Then my second Beta helped me improve a lot on Grammar. And the girl who is helping me out now is just plain awesome! Suffice it to say; I have made some pretty close friends thru the Beta'ing process here at HPFF. But I'm getting off topic here, haha... The point is, I know it may seem scary to let someone else pick thru your story, but at the same time it is also kinda wonderful to have someone available to just bounce ideas off of and stuff. Someone who is just as dedicated to this story as you are - especially when you get writer's block, lol! So if you don't have a Beta yet, I think you should really consider it. And again; if you DO have one already, then I have made myself sound like a rambling idiot twice in a row now, lol. And you may ignore everything I've just said again!! XD

All technical things aside tho; I super enjoyed this!! The idea of this story is so original, and I feel like this can grow into something huge and very special. That's the only reason that I took the time to say all that, lol. Because I really do feel like this story can gain a LOT of attention and popularity on this site, if done correctly. It certainly seems like it has THAT MUCH potential already, to me at least!! Like I said; the idea is so original, and your OC is so unique!! I just wish that I had access to the internet at home right now. Cuz if I did, I would offer to Beta for you myself if you don't have one already. Unfortunately tho, I won't be able to pickup anything extra like that until around the end of September/beginning of October. My schedule is just far too crazy for free-time right now. *sigh* =/

Getting back to the story tho... Annett's reaction when she received her Hogwarts letter was priceless. The idea of them finding it as some sort of a joke was very believable, considering her scientifical upbringing. It's kind of scary tho; having these two seemingly renowned scientists now knowing of the wizarding worlds existence. But they didn't tell anyone about their daughter tho, so hopefully the secret is safe with them. They don't seem like they will give anything away, but I am curious to see how her parents play into this all in the future as she grows older...

And now I really can't wait to see her get to Hogwarts and meet all the cannon characters. I feel like her & Rose are gonna be good friends, lol. I am also curious as to what house she will be sorted into. I feel like she belongs in Ravenclaw already, but we shall see if I am right, haha!! I am now returning the favorite and will continue to read & review the rest of this as I have time to do so. Honestly, I haven't been this excited about reading a fic here in some time now, lol. But I can't wait to see where you take this!! OMG, thank you SO MUCH for the surprise review-swap, cuz Idk if I ever would have discovered this awesome story otherwise!!! =D


Author's Response: Deana!

Thank you for taking the time to read and leave such a marvellous review. I'm so glad you like it and that I could provide you with a pleasant surprise (as I was pleasantly surprised by your story. . . I don't normally read out of Next Generation). :D

I feel bad about doing this, but yes I've excluded any mention of her name on purpose and yes I have a beta. I really appreciate the offer, though! That's so sweet of you!

I've been grinning goofily ever since I started to read this and I can't seem to stop. I hope I can fulfil your expectations! Pressure is on now, isn't it. . . lol.

Ravenclaw, huh? The sorting is in the next chapter if you want to confirm your suspicions. ;)

I've also added 'Love, Not War' to my reading list because your beautiful one-shot was too awesome.

Regardless, will hunt for those punctuation errors. :)


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Review #16, by LightLeviosa5443 The Peculiar Childhood: A Prologue

18th August 2014:
Hi! Thanks for the review swap!

Interesting way to start the chapter! Exploding milk, always fun! I like the way the main character talks . You can tell that he/she grew up in a house with intellectuals! I like it!! I think the character is really interesting and quirky and if you're sending her to Hogwarts I'm intrigued to see how this is going to come about. Yup. She's going to Hogwarts!

Wolfgang. I love the name. Also, I love Teddy. Very interesting way to portray him and having him be part of a welcoming committee!!

I loved the voice the character had throughout the chapter! I think this chapter was wicked interesting and I don't think I've ever ready a story quite like this before! I'll definitely have to check back in on it! (I'm awful with remembering to read things. I just leave tabs open until I get curious about what they are and realize I was halfway through a story!)

Thanks for the swap!!

xoxo Sarah

Author's Response: Thank you for the swap, Sarah!

I'm glad you're interested. I've always wondered how Muggle-borns find their way around this world of magic that most of them have never heard of prior to their first year, so why not a welcome committee? :D


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Review #17, by simplelullaby The Peculiar Childhood: A Prologue

14th August 2014:
Hello! It's simplelullaby over from the forums here with your review. Can I just ask, did you draw your own banner and chapter images? They were quite brilliant nonetheless!

Okay, onto your review.

This is a very different, very unique story. I've never read something of this nature. It's obvious you've planned this out extensively, even in the first chapter! It's really great to see that.


I'd look into getting a beta for your story. There are some moments where you use the wrong punctuation and the like. It's nothing serious, but it distracted me all the same. Try the beta reading offered/wanted on the forums!


I like Annett! She seems to be a very unusual kid, very smart, but that's all I got from her really. She's had a weird upbringing that's worked for her, and is Austrian? She's a very unique, very individual character and I haven't seen someone like it before. I can't wait to see what you do with her!

If you could improve her characterisation a little I would say add some physical description in. I knew what Annett was like on the inside, but I have no idea what she looks like besides "German."

I liked her parents as well, it's obvious that Annett loves them deeply. It was pretty funny that Annett even considered that they would test on her - I'm sure that must have happened before, and some Obliviators would've had to step in. I like that her parents love Annett even more than they love science. What I especially loved about your characterisation of her parents, however, was when they were introducing themselves to Teddy. Just names, no hello, no greeting. It was very funny!

It was a nice addition to have Teddy come and welcome Annett into the world of Harry Potter. It's great that you've incorporated the Metamorphmagus into such a short entry! It was pretty great!

I think your characterisation suffered a little because the chapter seemed a little TOO introductory, like you were rushing through her childhood in an attempt to get to the meat of the story. When you go back to edits, slow down a little, add little descriptions in here and there, and your characterisation will be better! It's great already mind you...


You definitely got your introduction across well! I was aware from the first minute that your character was a muggle born who believed she possessed "special abilities," and that eventually she'd get her letter to go to Hogwarts. I like that you took an entire chapter to introduce your character, when some other authors might have just put a few rudimentary lines at the beginning to do the same. It shows that you've taken your time to plan out what you're going to write, and that's great!

I can only say it suffered a little description-wise. It seems a little rushed, like I said above it seems as if you're writing the introduction as quickly as you can so that you can get to the meatier part of the story! Slow down, describe the world around Annett like it’s the first time she's seeing it. Pick out little things around her that only SHE would notice. Describe her parents, herself, her friends, if she likes martial arts and tennis, or if it's really boring. That would make it a spectacular introduction!


I fear I may only repeat myself here, so I'm just going to say that I didn't see much setting description. Use the world around Annett to make her, and your fic come alive!


A very funny, great start to what I think is going to be an original and unique fic! I loved learning about your OC, the only thing I wished for was more description!

Your AoC:

The quality of humour is brilliant! I didn't laugh out loud, rather smiled wryly, but that doesn't mean it wasn't funny. You've made your OC a very peculiar girl - I can't wait to see her interact with the canon characters!

There you have it! Hope my review was helpful!

Keep Writing


Author's Response: Hello, Aimee!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review!

I did draw them all, yes. I'm glad you like them! :)

I will go over all my punctuation errors. Thank for pointing that out!

In my quest to optimise the story, I did just implement your advice and I'll submit them upon queue reopening. Your pointers were all very helpful.

As for her physical characteristics, I do slowly reveal her appearance across the chapters. The fact is that Annett is an extreme introvert, a scientist, Austria-German, and only eleven years old at this point. Her mind works differently. She doesn't talk about her own physical characteristics because that's not too important her. She has different priorities. I wanted to leave something to the imagination. There are more specific descriptions in later chapters as they prove themselves to be of more relevance in their respective situations.

My pointless proclamation aside, I really appreciate your review! :D


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Review #18, by AlexFan The Peculiar Childhood: A Prologue

13th August 2014:
I've seen this story around the most recent page but I never really looked into it until you requested the review.

First off, I like your main character. The thing that I like about her the most is the fact that she's not from England or North America but instead other parts of Europe. You don't usually get to see many other cultures in fanfiction so I was really excited when you mentioned Austria and her Austrian-German features. The one thing that I was surprised to learn was how advanced she was in the sciences. This girl must be really mathematically advanced, as well as incredibly advanced in all of the other subjects such as Languages (I would say English but I don't know how much English she spoke prior to moving to England). I hope that you go more into this as the story goes on, someone as smart as your main character is surely not going to have any trouble with the first year course curriculum and just speed through everything.

(I'm hoping that maybe as the story goes on we get to learn more about what kind of traditions your MC has and learn more about Austria.)

I liked how the MC's parents were scientists, that's not something that you see either, and how supportive they were of their daughter. I love how they didn't lock her up in some lab and conduct tests on her but instead just let their daughter figure things out for herself.

I think the pace was pretty good for a prologue. It was pretty fast but you still managed to set your character and their life well enough so that the reader has some connection to your MC and understands them a little bit.

In terms of humour, I can't give you much there because I personally felt like there wasn't much in your prologue but I'm sure that there's plenty more in your next chapters.

I think you've definitely got an interesting story going on here, I know I'd want to learn more about a girl who comes from a family of scientists (talk about two worlds clashing).

Author's Response: Thank you for your very helpful review! I'm glad you are interested.

Austrians are a very family-over-friends oriented culture. And work comes before play. Not to say that there is none of the latter, though. We will see this in other chapters. As for her magical studies, we will see how she does in chapter 2, actually. :)

There is more humour in the next chapters, yes.

And cultural differences will also be explored. Food, mindset, and a couple mentions of tradition, and all! Sadly, it probably won't be as much as you expect, but I have been trying to integrate more culture into the unreleased chapters upon your review. :D

I did want to create something many people have not seen before! I figured science would be an interesting place to start. I wasn't sure about how most people would react as I wrote the first couple of chapters, but all the positivity and the vocalisation of interest has been encouraging. Thank you!

As for her mathematical and linguistic skills. I don't get too much on the former. It's mostly biological and chemical stuff. For the latter, we will slowly start to realise her grasp of English as more dialogue is involved.

Again, thank you very much for taking the time to read and review. It means a lot to me. Thank you for your thoughts! :D


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Review #19, by Phoenix_Flames The Peculiar Childhood: A Prologue

10th August 2014:
Hi there! I'm here with your review as requested!

I think you're off to a great start here, and I can really see this story going somewhere. You made me very curious from the very beginning. I think the beginning of a novel is critical because it generally is what makes a reader decide if they want to keep reading or not, so pulling in your reader from the first line is very important, and I really think you did that here! I was interested and wanting to learn more about Annett and her childhood from the start!

I can tell that I already like Annett. I love your unique take on her. I don't think I've ever read a story on the site about a muggleborn that focuses so in-depthly on their childhood background, and as I read your story, I became very curious as to how that would go down, so I loved to read your take on it! I think it would be very accurate too. Especially with parents who are scientists! That's a really nice parallel, so great job with that! I think everything from the perplexed parents and so on was very accurate. Especially when she received her letter. I think it would have been unrealistic for her to be like "Sure, I'll go!" as soon as she received it, so honestly thinking the letter was a prank was perfect!

It was all wonderful! And I also can't express how happy I was to see Teddy pop in there at the end. He's one of my favorite next-gen characters, and I also think his job as a mubbleborn greeter was very clever! Like I said, I think it would have been unrealistic for her to go without a push or some sort of proof. So having someone personally come to her door made a lot of sense to me.

My only bit of CC that I can think of giving is that I would have loved to see her reaction to Diagon Alley. We clearly see that she has seen magic, as she sees Teddy apparate and his hair change color, but I think reading an "aha, this is real moment" would have been great. I would have loved to go through that process with Annett as she realizes this isn't a joke and is indeed real. So I would have loved to see a little more description with that! While I realize and understand that this is a prologue therefore in-depth detail isn't normally included, I still think it would have just given it the perfect touch it needs!

You had a great set up from the beginning. I liked the repitition with Annett stating that her parents were muggle scientists, and I liked the quickness of it all, how she jumped from year to year with one little anecdote. It established Annett's background and personality. I think getting your protagonist's personality across as soon as possible is very important. You did that, and you also wrote it at the perfect balance as well. It wasn't incredibly overwhelming to read and learn about Annett at the same time. It was just about right.

So, I think that's everything I can think of! Like I said, I would have loved more Diagon Alley! And I think maybe weaving in a little more description towards the end would have tied it up nicely, but like I said, it's understandable that this is a prologue so then again all the extra description really isn't needed!

Thanks so much for requesting this! You really did capture my interest, and I hope my review was helpful! Please feel free to come back and request the next chapter whenever you like! :)

Author's Response: Phoenix_Flames,

Thank you for you incredibly insightful review! I'm glad you enjoyed it! My ego blossoms with you words ;)

I am taking your tip about her "aha" moment into account and am currently deliberating a method of integration.

As for your suggestion regarding her first trip to Diagon Alley, I may just make a comedic one-shot out of it. Thank you for your brilliant idea. Hopefully, this will make up for the lax in descriptiveness towards the end of the chapter.

I really appreciate your review! I've found it immensely helpful. :D


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Review #20, by ravenclaw14 A Night of Discoveries

8th August 2014:
Cliffhanger?! Come on!!
Another good chapter, I'm very impressed by how fast you can put up quality writing :) Looking forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Dearest ravenclaw 14,

Chapter 9 awaits its validation, I promise! Thank you for your compliments. They do wonders for my ego. . . Thank you again for your review! :D You're such a sweetheart, really.

Until next chapter, cheers. ;)

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Review #21, by Machiko Exploring Hormonal Minds

5th August 2014:
Another hilarious chapter! Your dialogue is absolutely hysterical.

How does Annett know Draco?

My sister and I were so impressed that you described Diwali festivities so accurately and so completely. You included nearly everything there is to do with Diwali! We're looking forward to the celebration. :D

It was so cute how you described the Potter family dynamics. We love how they are a very tight knit family.

Your chapter images and banner are beautiful. Do you draw them yourself?

Author's Response: Machiko! Hello again!

Thank you for your review. And aww, that's so sweet of you.

I know you and your sister are clever and the answer is hidden somewhere in an already published chapter. I'm sure you can find it ;)

I love Diwali! It's an amazing celebration of lights, hopes, and knowledge. It marks a significant time period in this story. You'll see how. :) Looking forward to chapter 10, then? Have to get through 8 and 9 first.

I do draw them myself. I'm so glad you like them!


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Review #22, by ravenclaw14 Exploring Hormonal Minds

5th August 2014:
I was so excited when I saw that another chapter was up!! Great, yet again; I'm happy to see that Albus finally asked Annett out... as friends or not ;) Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: ravenclaw14,

Thank you for your kind words. :) I was similarly excited to see there was a review! I'm glad you've been enjoying the reading so far! Chapter 8 is waiting for validation. It should be up before a whole week ;) see you then, I hope.


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Review #23, by TidalDragon Out of the Shadows and into the Limelight

30th July 2014:
Okey dokey!

I again thought you did a good job with Annett's attitude and views on alchemy. I think the Professor's reaction is rather harsh, but arguably justifiable in the second instance. For me the first was rather over the top though. It would be one thing to read the best and worst essays, but to actually identify their authors seems like a bridge too far for me, especially where the author of the so-called "worst" is concerned. It's a bit like taking a page out of Snape's book (re: Harry) - is this Professor really going to be that bad?

As far as characterizations, I think you need to start to move a bit deeper. One thing that is inhibiting that is the pace you've adopted. You're not moving incredibly quickly overall (after the time-jump), but when it comes to scene to scene, it feels like a number of them could use much more development in the way of description whether dialogue is present or not. When dialogue is present, it almost completely supplants internal thought by Annett and makes the scenes read very literally because that, paired with the relative paucity of description, forces you to make everything much more explicit. Changing those things can probably help you get a bit deeper into other characters by having Annett react to them more fully and exploring her observations of their body language and behavior more.

I would also again be careful with Annett being too perfect in the eyes of the Weasleys and Potters. You've made her: (1) very smart, (2) uniquely magically talented, (3) a peerless prankster... Yes, she has her flaws, but as written they do not come off as strong flaws. Instead she seems a relatively unstoppable force who has captivated the canon Next-Gen characters despite potential for clear house and personality contrasts. Just be careful with this. I'd recommend you develop those relationships a bit more before expressing them this way personally, but that's up to you.

At any rate, I'm sorry again I was late. I hope the reviews have been helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM!

Author's Response: Hullo again.

Cunningham is quite harsh, but some people are. That's life. Reading essays out loud does happen (I've known an english professor to do this). Cunningham is a traditionalist, so she hates Annett for trying to change any ideas in Alchemy.

Annett is not very reactive. She's like a halogen. Because her electron-orbital is filled, she's satisified. She's an emotionally detached person.

The Wotters don't know that she's very smart, uniquely magically talented, or a peerless prankster. She keeps all of that to herself. They just think that she's lonely (chapter 3 describes her as a scary, lonely, shy, cat-lady with a secret-desire for some human company. That sounds pretty unimpressive to me).

I try not to have any house disagreements unnecessarily. The war is over. Gryffindors don't all hate Slytherins (who aren't all evil). They can get along regardless of their personalities (some of them).

She doesn't have much of a relationship, so there is not much to develop. She's very detached from the social ongoings of Hogwarts. Yes, she can observe people, but she's quite useless at deciphering relationships. Otherwise, she'd figure out why Rose and Scorpius aren't together yet amongst other things. I don't want to have her point out that she doesn't understand relationships because that's not something she'll admit to. She really doesn't care.

She's complex. There are so many layers to her that I must keep consistent.

Her flaws don't come off as strong flaws because she doesn't see them as flaws. She's perfectly fine with her lack of social capability or her having complete emotional control of herself because she's uncomfortable with vulnerability. To her, those aren't flaws (someone does point out what's wrong with this to her in a later chapter though).

She's actually quite naturally captured the attention of these people because of the train rides. Is it uncommon for authors to rely on chance events?

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Review #24, by TidalDragon Creative Output: Mischief

30th July 2014:
Hello once more!

With this chapter, I liked that you returned us to Annett's scientific roots in the middle. It was a nice (and very appropriate) touch to have her critiquing the way alchemy is taught under the circumstances. I still have my reservations about her self-developed skill in the area, but at the same time I think her reaction to the subject and its teaching is good.

What was a bit peculiar about the class itself was the mixture of different years of students. It seemed like you arranged that to conveniently have everyone you wanted to bring together in the class and just felt a bit too easy for me.

The only other thing I'd watch it recycling the Marauders name. Personally, I don't have a beef with it, but I know a lot of readers do, so it's something you might consider.

See you for the latest installment!

Author's Response: Greetings!

Thank you, I'm glad you like that bit :)

Alchemy is a sixth/seventh year course. The way I've thought about it is that it doesn't have enough students to separate these two years.

Looking out for beef, upon your warning ;)


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Review #25, by Machiko (the same one) Satisfying Humiliation

30th July 2014:
How long do you plan this to be? I hope it doesn't end soon. I'm curious how far ahead you wrote.

My sister and I wondered if Fred was using the invisibility cloak.

We read it together because we like it so much.

We had a great time reading this chapter (it's hilarious) and discussing every chapter you've written.

We love all the little hints you've put in your story. It keeps us guessing and discussing.

There are some grammar/punctuation mistakes you may want to look over, but it' okay! :D

I love the way you integrate science and magic together (are you a science major?). I have been writing a magic-science textbook for four months because I'm a science nerd, too. I would love your input. Do you want to collaborate with me? (You can email me at machi.loves.mochi at gmail dot com).

Answers for you.

We think that Annett will try to revert back to her regular behaviour, but the Wotters will try to include her more in their daily activities. Does the aftermath include a celebration amongst the pranksters? By the way, we're still wondering why Al has insomnia?

Author's Response: Hello again, Machiko!

Aww, I'm blushing. Thank you for all your compliments. Oh dear. No it doesn't end on the next chapter. I am writing chapter nineteen. ;)

IT WAS THE INVISIBILITY CLOAK! I appreciate your analytical skills. You and your sister are clever, aren't you? Have you got my other hints?

Thank you for pointing out the grammar/punctuation mistakes, I've fixed them. The chapter is being re-validated.

I would love to collaborate with you on your textbook! Lemme see it! I'll send you a message ;)

Oooh, definitely clever. Interesting answers. ;)

Have I winked too much? Is it creepy? I'm sorry.

Al's insomnia. . . that will be explained. Keep reading ;) (I did it again! Oopsie).

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