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Review #1, by Unicorn_Charm The Peculiar Childhood: A Prologue

17th September 2014:
Hi there! Sorry I took a bit to get to this, my internet is being wonky. I'm doing this all on my phone at the moment.

Wow! What a unique and original character! I've never read anything like her. She is like scary intelligent, almost robotic.

I love the opening and how she kept referring to herself as the child of two scientists. I thought it was interesting how she never called herself "Daughter." Even though her name is in the title, it's never specifically stated if the character is male or female. The ambiguity is also very original and something I don't think I have ever seen before.

I loved all the details explaining the accidental magic they dealt with when she were very small. And how it was constantly referred to as "special abilities."

It didn't surprise me that when the letter came from Hogwarts, it was automatically thought of as a prank. She does not seem like one for fairytales, imagination and wishful thinking. She's a very straightforward and logical person.

Ah Teddy! I really like the idea of an alumni coming to a Muggle-Born's house to explain everything. I giggled when he got all excited asking if she has heard of him. I'm honestly shocked that she ended up believing Teddy and going with him. That should be quite amusing haha. Teddy, from the little shown of him here, seems very lively and an extroverted person. And it's definitely clear that she is an introvert. With her mentioning how she would never actively seek out the girls from tennis, all the reading and studying she does, and how she only interacts with people her own age at tennis or martial arts training. But, with her being as incredibly intelligent as she is, it must be very hard to relate to her peers.

Overall, I really enjoyed this. It was really interesting and well written! You definitely had me drawn in, from the first sentence, and left me wanting to read more. I definitely think I will be back to continue this. I'm very curious to see how everything plays out.

Thanks for doing the swap!!

xoxo Meg

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Review #2, by Chazzie As Cunning as Ham

15th September 2014:
Wow. Just wow. What an amazing, unique story. I can't think of anything even remotely similar that I have read here on the forums. Annett is such a character. I love your descriptions, they are really vivid and make brilliant images in my head. Cunningham sounds really annoying. But Annett showed her. She does come across as slightly intimidating, but I think that's a good thing. Although she could perhaps benefit from more social interactions once she has cured Ronan. Al is acting up a little. I hope they make up soon. I like the Annett/Wotter interactions :)
There may be a little bit of a formatting error in chapter 13, unless it is intentional. But there is quite a bit of bold text, so I thought I'd check.
The way you have combined science and magic within your story really astounds me. Thank you for deciding to share it!

PS I'm sorry for my rambliness in this review!

Author's Response: Dear Lottie,

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing and for all your compliments, too! :D (that's what you make me do).

Perhaps she can benefit from more social interactions. . . You shall have to read on. ;) I hope they make up soon, too (They have where I have written up to ;) ).

No. All the bolded text from ch. 13 is very intention. It's how I write angry dialogue to hopefully show that dialogue a bit better. It's an effect, see?

Well, thank you for sharing your thoughts, Lottie. I really, truly, genuinely appreciate it. It means a lot to me.

Bahaha! Not too rambling at all, Lottie. Nothing to apologise for!


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Review #3, by ... As Cunning as Ham

15th September 2014:
hi. I really, really like your story. at first I was a bit weary of it but it quickly has grown on me. I think it is the completely original idea of her being a sciences and a witch and doing feats no wizard or witch has ever accomplished. I really can't wait for the next chapter and also to see that absolute b*tch to get humiliated when she realises she has been completely wrong about alchemy. I also love how she keeps so may secret form every one...

Author's Response: Dear ...,

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm glad to hear that (Although I'd love to hear which part was weary-inducing it would definitely help me improve the story)! Next chapter is in queue! :D I hope to see you there? ;)


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Review #4, by Midnight spark Creative Output: Mischief

15th September 2014:
I just love starting a review in caps. Merlin know why, I just enjoy it so much!


How can one chapter contain so many perfect people???

I simply ADORED Annett's thoughts! Such a clever girl! Reading your story made me wonder a lot of things which I haven't before. Having interest in science myself, I can't wait to see what Annett can do!

A little doubt though: Is their Alchemy class together for Sixth and Seventh Year? 'Cause James is in Seventh Year, isn't he? Or were they conversing somewhere else? That wasn't quite clear for me. Apart from that, I love this chapter (I love all of them)!

Feel free to re-request!


Author's Response: SANA! THERE WILL BE MORE!

I like making people wonder things they haven't before because that's where this story came from: me wondering things I hadn't before.

You love science? I love science! This is exciting! :D

Yes. There weren't enough students to fill up more than one class so they combined the two. I should clarify that. Thank you for pointing that out!

To quote you, "I love this [review] (I love all of them)!"

I will definitely re-request, Sana!

Thank you again for, reading, reviewing, and nominating! I really, really appreciate it! You are so sweet!


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Review #5, by Renegade Niffler The Peculiar Childhood: A Prologue

14th September 2014:
As a child of two muggle non-scientists, I love this idea. This is fantastic. :)

I love the way you brought out her character not just through her back story and upbringing, but also through how she perceives everything. I love how she processes everything through hard analysis, like she applies the scientific method to all areas of her life. So clever, so well done. I already like this girl.

I was especially taken with the exploration of how muggle scientists might interpret and react to early signs of magic in their child. This is something I have never considered before, and I think it's a wonderful fresh take on muggleborn children.

The only thing I think could be slightly improved upon was that it felt a little rushed at times. Particularly the part about Diagon Alley. It left me wanting to know a little more about her experiences and observations there. That's a relatively small thing though.

I'll just close by repeating, this is fantastic. :)

Also, for the sake of official citation, I should point out that the opening line of this review was a play on the author's delightful opening line of this chapter.

Author's Response: Hi! :D

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! And for all your compliments and advice, too! I will definitely try to smooth things out. :)

I do try! I thought it'd be a great way to combine two things that I just really love: the world of Harry Potter and science. As for Diagon Alley, I'm hoping to write a one-shot about her trip with Teddy, hence it's being only briefly mentioned.

Bahaha! Thank you again! I really appreciate you leaving your thoughts here. :)


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Review #6, by Midnight spark Yang’s Audacity

13th September 2014:
Hey, finally I'm here!

Another amazing chapter! Annett is just so... strange. She sounds exactly like a mini-scienist, you know, human behavior, and phrases like that.

I knew that she won't be a two-shoes! Look at that, my little Annett does pranks!

I love the way she wonders about her cousins. I really feel for her, as I have a family as large as the Wotters.

'The general population of Hogwarts may not know me very well, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know the general population of Hogwarts very well. ' this was so funny for some reason!

And 'I know that his sense of self-importance is inflated more times than an electron microscope could magnify.' this was my favorite line. EVER.

Thanks for the read!

Author's Response: Sana!

In preparation of reading your review, I rub my hands together gleefully.

That actually very much on purpose! Annett is indeed, a mini-scientist. I am so glad you caught that. :D

You are correct! Again, I'm glad you caught that too. Although she may be introverted and shy and quiet, that's not to say that our little Annett doesn't enjoy a little mischief. ;)

Do you really?! It must be fun. :D But yes, our Annett only has her parents and two of her grandparents. More on this in later chapters.

Haha. Yes, 'social observation without social participation' is a code she lives by as you'll find again in later chapters.

Thank you! :D I do love my microscopes. Maybe inordinately.

I love the way you address her as '[your] little Annett' that makes me smile a lot. I can't quite explain it.

Thank you so much for your review! You would have my eternal gratitude if I could live for an eternity.


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Review #7, by ophe3 As Cunning as Ham

13th September 2014:
Annett made me laugh a lot! Hahaha! Your story is very good
& I can't wait for the next chapter!

Ps , Thanks for teaching me a bit more german, i won't forget
to do one of the calls in school!

Author's Response: ophe3,

Hello there. :D

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing and favouriting! It means a lot to me. Danke, danke, danke!

Causing laughter is very much my intention. lol.

Bitte schoen, ophe 3. . . More German to come on the next chapters. And ch. 16 is in queue! Hopefully, I get to hear from you then, too? ;)


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Review #8, by coolsilver As Cunning as Ham

13th September 2014:
Well, well, well. That was ridiculously satisfying! The Kluge stands up for herself! Yay! :)

Author's Response: Dearest coolsilver,

I give you abundant thanks for reading and reviewing as far as you have. Your words bring a smile onto my face. Thank you! :D

It was just as satisfying to write, actually. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

I hope to hear more from you throughout the story. ;)


P.S. The next chapter is in queue!
P.P.S. I see you've favourited the story! I cannot express my gratitude enough!

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Review #9, by Gabriella Hunter Yang’s Audacity

12th September 2014:

This is Gabbie dumping this review on you and I'm SO sorry that its taken me so long to get to this, I've been weirdly busy. It sucks!

Bwhahah, I found this chapter to be quite hilarious. Annett has quite the reputation doesn't she? I am both amazed and a bit worried that she might take things into he own hands when it comes to her rival/love interest/pest that is Arden Yang. I think its interesting from what I've seen here that Annett is mostly on her own during Hogwarts--has that been done on purpose or has she simply just given up on friendships? I would like to know more about that of course so I hope you go into more detail. I think that having all the boys point out how much the students at Hogwarts are afraid of her only seemed to emphasize how much of a loner she is. I'm not sure if Annett cares really but its something that I'm going to pay attention to for sure. What I really liked is how analytical she continues to be and her thoughts on Arden and how to get her revenge was just too perfect. I don't think things will go as easily as she thinks but I could practically hear the gears in her mind moving. Hahahhaha.

This continues to be a fresh, unique Next Gen and while I'd like to see a bit more from Annett interacting with other students, you've set up something wonderful here. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi Gabbie! :D

Thank you for this review!

Well, she is mostly on her own in Hogwarts and has been for the past five years. We shall see how things changes for her sixth year. ;)

You will also see how she uses/deals with that little piece of information if at all.

I'm relieved to hear that my chracterisation of her is still going smoothly and that you find this story fresh and unique. That means a lot to me. :D Thank you for all your compliments.

Hope to see you on the next chapter soon, Gabbie!


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Review #10, by Yoshi_Kitten Exclamations of Merlin’s Extensive Collection of Lingerie

11th September 2014:
Thank Merlin that Annett is safe!!! Good for Al for saving her. I really do hope he finds out the truth soon, lol! But there I go, getting ahead of myself again. See what you've made me do?? :-P

I like how you were still able to incorporate her Annett-ness humor into an otherwise frightening situation. All of her colorful remarks about Merlin's various undergarments were very funny to read, lol. And the beginning - where she was talking about her dislike of large crowds, having all eyes on her, close physical contact, and then the fear of dying - that was all so well executed!! I was laughing so much at her on that part. (Not in like a mean way tho, lol!!) And the title of this chapter is brilliant, btw! That is probly the best title of any chapter in the history of all chapter titles, haha!! =D

I must say, Em, I am impressed with how well you did on your first action scene here. The writing was really good and it flowed so well. I like how your paragraphs are always nice and short. It makes it easy to read and follow along when a lot is happening like this. You definitely kept me on the edge of my seat and had me guessing as to how she was going to get herself out of that situation. Very clever how she uses her knowledge of science to escape from the Acromantulas. I love how completely unpredictable this story is at times. Like, I never expected that Albus would be her savior tho! But yay, yay, yay, MORE Annett/Albus action in this chapter!! You should know by now how much of a sucker I am for those two, lol!! Albus was so adorably gentle with her, and I just loved seeing him nurse her back to health. Even if he doesn't know that Annett = Fufu, it's still soo sweet!!! And that doesn't change the fact that she knows who he is. I wonder how this will effect that way that Annett views Al from now on...

" Al is fit. I test the words in my head, puzzled. What would I do with a thought like that? What will I do with the fact that I don't actually mind being held by him like this? What happened to cringing at physical contact? " *dies* I rest my case. I totally fangirled for a moment there, sorry. ;)

So Al is a prefect, huh? And why was he out riding a broom so late for anyways?? Questions, questions... OMG, the part where he was trying to come up with a name for her tho was hilarious, and probly my favorite scene in this entire chapter, haha!! I mean, Fufu, really?? Honestly, I feel like he should have just stuck with Cinnamon, lol. Oh goodness, this is going to be SO AWKWARD if and what Al ever finds out the truth about her. Gah!! I cannot wait to see that conversation happen, haha!! Please tell me that this will happen some day?!? A secret like this cannot possibly stay hidden forever, lol!! =P

Random side-note: Who exactly is Ginkgy? I am assuming that she is a house-elf that works in the kitchens, maybe? But it is never really specified here. That whole little apple-strudel segment could probly use a little sprucing up, as it just felt a bit jumpy and it doesn't really flow well with the rest of the chapter... Try re-reading it out loud, just to see how it sounds, and you'll see what I mean, perhaps... that's honestly the only tiny bit of CC that I have for this chapter tho, as again you are continuing to improve!! Keep up the great work, Em. =)

Sorry it took me a few days (again) to get back to this. We had an emergency at work and I have had to pick up a lot of overtime this past week. Things should be getting back to usual again soon, I hope. I am so far behind with my reviews and chapter updates right now, it's not even funny!! But I shall hopefully have some time over the weekend to finally get caught up! I've missed you this week, Em. (((HUGS)))


Author's Response: Deana! :D

Gahh! Thank you! I have always wanted to explore exclamations of Merlin's extensive collection of lingerie, so I thought I would name the chapter like that. :D

And I do like providing reason for laughter even in the face of death. So I'm delighted you like that part!

About Al and Annett. . . [waggles eyebrows and grins evilly].

Oh dear. No, he's not a prefect. He just likes taking late broom rides for some reason that will be explicitly said on ch. 13.

That will have to happen someday and I have gotten a relatively clear idea of how that's all going to go down. :D I am trying to make it funnier than it is now because I feel that I need to fully exploit the awkwardness that will ensue. Hopefully, that won't disappoint. :)

Ginkgy is a house-elf, yes. I can't believe I neglected to mention that [facepalms].

I see exactly what you mean. A while ago, when trees chapters barely reached the thousands in word count, it was split. I have some metaphorical ironing to do are. Thank you for pointing that out. I would have never known. You are amazingly helpful, Deana and my appreciation for that is beyond my ability to express in words.

I understand, Deana. I really do. :D You need not apologise [returns hug]. I've missed you loads too and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Diwali chapter! :D

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Review #11, by Midnight spark An “Auf Wiedersehen” and a Wotter Invasion

8th September 2014:
Hello there! It's me from the forums!

I loved the way how you managed to portray Annett as the silent, yet brilliant girl. And my favorite part of your writing was how realistic it was. She was foreign, and so it made sense for her to feel the names of houses and such foreign. How you didn't first tell her house mad me smile for some reason. You let the reader guess which one it was. It was Slytherin, wasn't it?

And of course, her internal monologue- perfect.

And the thing about self-transfiguration made my mouth drop open- this is such a great idea, you know, mixing science with magic.

So hope you liked this review, feel free to ask for another!


Author's Response: Hello again, Sana! :D

Thank you so much for another amazing review. :D I'm so glad you like this chapter and that I could make you smile for some reason. I do let the reader guess and you got it right! You clever thing, you.

You like the idea? Yay! Thank you so much that took quite a bit of research, but I loved every moment of it. I love science and I love Harry Potter.

You will most definitely see me back on your review thread!

Cheers. :D

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Review #12, by Anonymous A Provoked Bärchen

7th September 2014:
Love this story! It's refreshingly different from basically all other next gen fictions and I love it! She is a fascinating character and is quite entertaining. I do feel for poor Al though. Just curious, but is she based off of BBCs Sherlock at all? I can definitely see resemblance. Good work! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Dear, Anonymous

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm thrilled that you love the story and have read so much of it already. :D Thank you for all your kind words.

To get to your question Anonymous, it's actually not based off of BBC's 'Sherlock.' Although, now that you mention it, there are some similarities.

Hmm. . . I guess, Anonymous, that I never really thought about that and I love 'Sherlock.' The comparison is flattering. Thank you. :)

Let me discuss the comparison because that's a really interesting thing you brought up and I must take this chance to explore it, if you don't mine:

I wouldn't call Annett as much of a genius. And she's not sociopathic, but highly introverted. And as Sherlock understands almost everything about the world around him, Annett doesn't quite understand how she fits into everything. She understands more about people by observing them as opposed to interacting with them. I hope this makes sense, Anonymous.

That being said, they are rather cold and only really get animated when they make use their abilities: Annett when she pranked and when she toyed with Yang and Sherlock when he's on a case.

My dear Anonymous reader, these similarities and differences are by no means an extensive list and I would love to hear from you again and hear your thoughts. :)

Thank you once again and cheers.

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Review #13, by SilverPatronus Satisfying Humiliation

7th September 2014:
This was really damn EPIC!

Author's Response: SilverPatronus,

Bahaha! Thank you so much for your review! You make me laugh. :D I hope you're enjoying story so far and I hope to hear from you again. :)


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Review #14, by Midnight spark The Peculiar Childhood: A Prologue

7th September 2014:
Hey, I'm here from the forums with your requested review!

First, really sorry for the delay; I usually am on time, but this time RL needed my attention more.

Now, on to your story;

I loved the first line. Let me say that. It was one of the most great starter I've read. I know, it was a simple line, but it made a nice change from the usual dialog starter I've got used to.

Your way of detailed description captured my attention. I had read this story long before you had requested a review, but my mobile did not allow me to review, and I forgot about it later. When I saw your request, I was like, "Hey, I love this story!"

Ok, I'm rambling. The only thing which stood out was the fact that you used the phrase 'As a child of two Muggle scientists' WAY too many times in the beginning. It gave a sort of, idk, bad vibe. But at the same time, it made sense as the story is about the Internal Monologue of a person.

So... hope you liked my review, and that I wasn't too harsh about the repetition of the phrase. Feel free to ask for another review!


Author's Response: Dear Sanaa,

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

I understand :D no need to apologise. :)

Wow! Thank you! That line was secretly (not so secretly anymore now) one of my favourites to write. I'm delighted that you like it to. I guess that compelled me to overuse the 'As a child of two muggle scientists' two more times.

You have read it before?! lol. And you liked it? Thank you. That's amazing.

Haha! I do like your review! I really appreciate it! And no, I didn't think you were too harsh, or harsh at all, actually.

I will definitely be asking for a re-request.

Again, thank you, Sana!

Cheers. :D

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Review #15, by Gabriella Hunter An “Auf Wiedersehen” and a Wotter Invasion

6th September 2014:

This is Gabbie returning with another review for you and I'm a lot sooner than usual and that just makes me very pleased indeed! Hahahha.

So, Annett's big adventure has finally begun and I really like that you included nearly every single Weasley child--correction, Wotter child in this chapter. I thought those little bits were really hilarious and even from just a few sentences I was able to gather their personalities and what might be in their futures, all of them stood out and had their own little flare so thank you for wonderful writing. I also hope that we see more of Mr. Scorpius in the next few chapters, I think that he and Annett would be interesting friends so I can't wait to see what happens and also, I like that Rose wasn't mean to him despite the obvious awkwardness of the situation. Hahahah.

Annett's thoughts are brilliant as well, I think that she has a really interesting way of observing everything around her while also having those fears that every first year would experience. The analytical process of weighing her options is also really essential to her character and I really loved that she was so fascinated and curious about how magic and science blended so well together. I think I was laughing out loud towards the end with some of her experiments and I'm really curious to see what sort of student she shaped up to (I was surprised, just as an add along that her friends were also witches, that was a nice shock!

I was a tad confused during the Sorting though, I'm not at all certain what House Annett was put into but maybe I misread something? I'm not sure if you were going to put that in some other time as a surprise for us later so I'll wait. I think some of your paragraphs were a little too choppy in the beginning but otherwise, I didn't spot any crazy grammar issues so good job!

Thanks for the read!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hello again, Gabbie!

Haha. I am similarly delighted. :D

Thank you so much, I did alter that dialogue after an extremely helpful reviewer pointed out the lack of differentiation between the characters during their dialogue. I'm pleased to see my edits have been working.

I'm thrilled about what you think about the interactions between the characters! Thank you. Annett is amazing fun to write because of everything you've just said about her. I enjoyed blending magic and science similarly so!

The Sorting? No, it wasn't explicitly mentioned because that's how nervous she was about the entire ordeal. I do imply it, though, sneaky thing that I am ;) (hint: who was sorted and the last scene before I fast-forward).

And that's where my editing skills could use some work. Thank you so much for pointing that out! I will definitely smooth those paragraphs over. :D

Thank you for your review, Gabbie! I really appreciate all of your insightful comments!


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Review #16, by Yoshi_Kitten A Night of Discoveries

5th September 2014:
Oh, how I have missed this story these past few days!! You are too cruel for that ending, lol! Thank goodness the next chapter is up already and I don't have to wait!! I may or may not have read ahead already, lol. What?? The suspence was killing me. I simply just HAD to keep reading!!! But look, I came back to do this, so we're good, lol!! =P

First of all, Al's Divination homework at the beginning of the chapter was absolutely hilarious!! "Cawing baboons in Muggle superhero outfits"!?! OMG, where do you come up with these things at?? This story cracks me up SO much sometimes, haha!! Seriously, it's been a rough week here, as you know, and it's just so nice to come home after a long day and sit down to read some humorous HPFF. You, Em, make it so!! Thank for putting a smile on my face! :D

I love Annette's conversations with the guys throughout this story. She has really come out of her shell a lot now, and I like this new side of her. I also thoroughly enjoyed that small little bit of Scorpius/Rose action there, haha!! Honestly, the two of them should just get over themselves and go to Diwali TOGETHER!! Why must they torment themselves (and the rest of us) by hiding their feelings for one another all the bloody time!?!? At least let them have one dance together or SOMETHING, lol!!!

I enjoyed the back story you provided here with Mrs. Norris also. That was cool for Annett to help heal her. It really shows the bond you have created between the two of them rather well. Although, again, I feel like that segment would have been the perfect place for you to slip in something about how the magic in the castle effects her age, thus describing how she is still living after all these years. But that is probly just me being too nit-picky again, lol. Feel free to slap me on the wrist if I am over-analyzing things again! XD

So she is sneaking out into the Forbidden Forest. Oh dear, I had a bad feeling that something was about to go down the moment she went in there, lol! That poor Centaur though, I hope he's ok! So Annett is going to try and cure him; and she also helped to cure Mrs. Norris. Hmm... Perhaps she should consider becoming a vet of sorts for magical creatures, lol. She's so smart that she could do pretty much anything she wants to tho. But personally, I wanna see her do something more to branch out into the world of Alchemy more after Hogwarts. That way she can come back in a few years and rub it into that uppity teacher's face, haha!!! ;)

Quick question... Who is Madam Longbottom?? And can Annett talk to any animal when she is in her Animagus form? If so, how is this possible? I think there needs to be a bit more explanation on this...

OMG. I. HATE. SPIDERS! They are seriously THE scariest creatures on this whole entire planet!! Run Annett, RUN!!! ScheiBe is right, lol!!! I must read on... See you in the next chapter!! Your writing is Brilliant, Em, and it continues to improve. Keep up the great work!! (:


Author's Response: Deana! I've missed you!

Read to your heart's content. I cannot complain. :D I'm quite guilty of doing the same to your story. :P You might've seen my agitated reviews.

Anyway, I'm glad I could provide you with some laughter and our a smile on your face! That is my intention and it is an honour for me to be able to do that with this chapter for you. I hope your days get less rough. :)

I understand your frustration with Rose and Scorpius, so does Annett. You'll have to come back to see how it all progresses, though. ;)

No it's not overly picky! Your ideas are so brilliant that I actually utilise it to optimise this chapter. :) so thank you so much for pointing that one out!

Interesting theories. What does Annett end up doing with her life anyway? She knows, I know, you'll have to read on ;) (I'm writing chapter 25 and, admittedly, I still haven't mentioned it).

Madam Longbottom took overt Madam Pomfrey's job as matron. She's Neville's wife. I added this to my edit too. :D as well as the being able to communicate with the centaur part.

In his Animagus form, Sirius could communicate with Crookshanks. I figured that, in that case, Annett should be able to communicate with the centaur. Because the centaur is very in touch with all kinds of living organisms apart from humans. It's not very clear how, but Annett is also confused about that.

See you in he next chapter! I can't wait to war your thoughts on that one. I really hope it brings more smiles. :D

Thank you for your mind words, Deana. You are amazing. I really appreciate all your reviews. I always love reading them.

Cheers. :D

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Review #17, by marauderfan The Peculiar Childhood: A Prologue

5th September 2014:
Ooh, from the first line, I'm intrigued. As a scientist myself I always find it exciting when science appears in FF!

Annett's narration is so unique. The combination of her age and upbringing lead to these naively observed statements that she thinks are normal, but to the average person who's not a reclusive science genius, they sound absurd and I love it. This is my favourite: a hominid banker whose phylogenetic history I am still pondering -- I thought it was hilarious, because I get the feeling she doesn't find her observations to be unusual in any way. It's cute :D though she'll have quite a surprise when she gets to Hogwarts!

It does make me wonder a little, though. At one point it is mentioned that she has a very critical mind and won't believe anything at face value, which is of course a product of years of science education, but to me it seemed like ten years old was a bit young for that kind of astuteness. Young kids often do take things at face value, until they learn how to analyse information better, and I guess I was just a little surprised that she's already reached that point by ten years old. But then again she's had scientific scepticism drilled into her studies since she was born, so hey its possible! :p

Anyway, I think you've done well at balancing Annett's character. She's a super brilliant child prodigy at science, but also is pretty socially awkward and fears that social stress. I'm eager to see how she changes and how she interacts with people at school!

I really liked how supportive Annett's parents are and how they encouraged her to experiment and learn. I am super excited to see how they react to Annett doing magic! Especially as it's so contrary to science in a lot of ways so I look forward to seeing how Annett's new world collides with theirs.

Loved the scene with Teddy teaching her about magic - and of course he would conjure lupine flowers! :D I bet he's done that a few times before but Annett is probably the first to appreciate it like that.

This was a great opening chapter! I've never seen any fanfic quite like this before, so major props for originality. Awesome work so far and thanks for the swap!

Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much for the review swap. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter! :D

You're a scientist!? That's amazing! :D Oh how I would just love to hear more about that. I have massive respect for scientists.

I admire the way you are able to break down Annett how I built her up.

I've written her parents to be there when she needs them, but otherwise, they let her explore magic on her own. Magic is her area of study while engineering is Wolfgang's and biology is Emilie's.

Annett explores magic and science in the next chapter which also includes her first time at Hogwarts. So if you're curious to see how that all happens. . . ;)

I'm hoping, from your perspective, that it sounds at least quite reasonable. I'm only still studying science after all. :)

Once more, thank you! I really appreciate your insight.


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Review #18, by Gabriella Hunter The Peculiar Childhood: A Prologue

5th September 2014:

This is Gabbie from the forums with your review, I'm sorry that its taken me so long to get to you but I've been a bit under the weather these past two days and its been a mess. A really, really, nasty sort of mess. Hahahah.

Anyway, on to this! I'm not sure if you had wanted me to review your prologue or not but I'll be more than happy to start on the first chapter as well so don't feel shy about re-requesting or anything in the future!

I think that you set up your main character (s) in a really unique way. I like the scientific aspect that you've taken with this story, its never something that I see being done in Fanfic Land so I'm really impressed. I could never have been able to write any of this without scratching my head and searching for the biggest dictionary so I'm really interested in this world that you've created through Annett's eyes. The sporadic use of magic throughout this chapter though was really hilarious and I think I laughed out loud about the "dissecting" bit, having two parents as scientists can be a bit scary--but what I found great was that her parents weren't afraid of her powers and they weren't willing to let her ignore them either. I think that that is a nice twist to this as well and I can't wait to see if we'll hear more about their reactions to the Wizarding world later on, they would probably want to question and poke at everything.

Now, I didn't blame Annett for thinking that the Hogwarts letter was a prank though but I really enjoyed that little bit with Teddy Lupin. I wasn't expecting him to be her guide but for some reason that made more sense since he'd be easier to relate to (He's around twenty or so in this, I'm guessing?) and isn't an imposing adult. The thought of the two of them casually talking about magic and Hogwarts just came off as really sweet to me and for some reason, completely realistic and I have no idea why I think that. :D

I didn't spot any crazy CC's or anything and for a prologue, this was very informative and your characters seem thought out and interesting! I can't wait to read more!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hello, Gabbie!

Firstly, I hope you're feeling much better now. If this is not the case, then I hope you get better soon! :D

This is the very chapter I wanted to hear about from you, actually! But I'll take you up on the invitation to temporarily overcome shyness to re-request. :D And I extend a similar invitation to you to don't be shy and continue reading as much as you like. ;) :P :D

I'm thrilled that you enjoy the story so far! And, yes, I am very much a science nerd, if that wasn't glaringly obvious. :P I'm sure you knew that already.

I do explore the scientific state of mind throughout the story. Namely, I highlight the openness of mind and curiosity. Which you've also deduced yourself! Haha. Question and poke, indeed!

Teddy does make another appearance in the next chapter and then again some chapters later that I haven't submitted yet. :)

Thank you so much for reading and leaving such an amazing review. You lit up my day with your kind words. I really appreciate that. :)


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Review #19, by Yoshi_Kitten Exploring Hormonal Minds

1st September 2014:
This chapter made my day. Literally!! This is now my most favorite one in the whole entire story so far. OMG, some Annett/Albus action... FINALLY!!! But I'm getting ahead of myself here, haha!! ^_^'

I really like the scene in the beginning, when Annett was tutoring Carter. It amuses me that he gets such good grades, yet he still goes to her for tutoring because he wants to learn it HER way. She should feel so proud, haha!! I see they are still tormenting Yang, lol! How long has it been since the prank took place again? Did they not get caught or something? I was expecting to see some sort or repercussions for their actions here. I find it difficult to believe that the teachers haven't heard anything about this yet... Unless Yang has not yet spoken up and gone to anyone about it yet. Which, if that's the case, makes me KIND OF like him a LITTLE bit for not being a nark, lol. But I digress... Will the teachers ever find out what they did tho? I am still curious about this...

"Bonding is an intimate relationship between atoms. It involves only the outer most shell of electrons, the valence electrons. The higher the bond order, the more electrons involved, and the closer the atoms. Do human relationships work the same way?"
- ROTFL!!! OMG, I think I just died. This is so hilarious!! I absolutely adore the way her braniac little mind works sometimes, haha!!! =D

I like the idea of Hogwarts having a mini Diwali party, but I feel like this needs a bit more explanation as to how this came into being. You say that the 'Thomas-Finnegan' family started the first one, and I assume that you are referring to the children of Dean Thomas & Seamus Finnegan. But isn't Diwali a Hindu tradition? So I confess that this kind of confused me, sorry. You may want to consider giving more explanation of what Diwali means to this story tho, cuz right now it just sortta seems to be missing... something. Idk what tho, but that section did feel a bit rushed. =/

That being said, however, who freaking cares?!? All that truly matters right now is that there is a party at Hogwarts and Al just asked Annett to go with him!!! EEK!!! I loved every second of that whole entire conversation that lead up to him asking her to go out. Them talking about how they enjoyed each others company was just the sweetest thing ever!! And I love the way they joke around with one another too, especially when she started talking about James and how hot he was, and then started talking about "the younger Potter" lol!! And when Al said: "Oooh, guuurl. You nasty." I laughed SO hard, haha!!! I just love the way that flirty little conversation went so much!! It was perfect. Best part of this story so far, for sure. Honestly, you know that I have secretly shipped Annett/Albus from chapter 1. And now I am SO HAPPY to finally see them dong stuff together, even if it is "just as friends" for right now. Go Lily for trying to set them up more by making them dance together, haha!!

Ok, so how does Annett know Draco? That was random, lol. Will this be important later on, or was it just something that was mentioned in passing? Would be nice if Draco made a random appearance in this fic. You already know how much I loves me some Draco, lol!! ;)

*squee!!* OMG, the ending of this chapter was so amazing!! He winked at her. He freaking WINKED at her, haha!! I love it. YAY!!! ;)

100/10 (Best chapter ever!)

Author's Response: I have this raging impulse to give you a virtual hug because of your sheer awesomeness!

Thank you, Deana! Your reviews are of a level of enthusiasm so great that it makes my day. :D

I can't wait for you to read ch. 13! And I'm being very misleading right now! But I just wanted to express that to you.

Seamus and Dean both married the Patils in this story. I cut that out during one of my edits and neglected to bring it up in a chapter of relevance! Yikes!

I will fix that too! Thank you!

I'm glad I could provide with reason for laughter! I had fun writing that bit!

Not so secretly, you mean. ;) lol.

Not as random as one might expect. I plan to reveal that very slowly and sutbly. See if you can guess. :) I know you low your Draco and, honestly, I love him too.

Can't wait for your thoughts on the next chapter! And the one after and the one after that. I love hearing from you!

[happy dance because you want think this chapter deserves a 100 and a 'best chapter ever]

I am so happy right now. Thank you! :D

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Review #20, by Yoshi_Kitten Satisfying Humiliation

1st September 2014:
Hello again, I'm back for more!! Sorry I've been gone the past couple days.

Okay, so for starters, Annett looks pretty boss for her not-date with Yang!! (Or the picture I have of her in my mind right now is pretty epic, at least, lol.) I like the way you took the time here to describe her clothes and makeup, as it enabled me to visualize her appearance more accurately in my head. She has not spent too much time talking about herself (looks-wise anyway) throughout this story thus far, so it was nice to actually get to see Annett for a change; if that makes any sense. I particularly liked her impromptu tattoo. That was a very nice touch, haha!! ;)

Yay, the moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived!! OMGosh, that prank was EPIC!!! A little on the mean side, but Yang deserved it. He|| hath no furry like a Wotter scorned, haha!! I feel like this is one that Hogwarts students will be talking about for years to come. How did you come up with all of that? Everything was so coordinated and well thought out and organized. I was very impressed! Honestly, it's a miracle that James does not suspect her of being the Incog. Imp yet, lol. You'd think by now he'd catch on. ;)

Oh dear, I have a bad feeling that McGonagall is NOT going to find this prank all very funny at all tho, lol. I hope that they don't all get into too much trouble for doing this. I can see detentions coming already, and they might even end up getting their Hogsmeade visits taken away! GAH!! I am so nervous for them right now. I must know what happens... See you in the next chapter. :)


Author's Response: Deana! It's a review from Deana! *squeee!

She is meant to look pretty boss! Excellent observation! It has taken this long to describe Annett because, as you may have figured out, unless it provides some relavanve to the situation, she doesn't really care to think about physical appearances. That's just who she is.

I'm overjoyed how much you enjoyed that prank! It took a while for it to all come together. How did I come up with it? I'm rather devious myself. In mind as opposed to in practice. What? I'm not a Slytherin for nothing. :P

They are all pretty devious, aren't they? Given the size of the group, it makes it harder for him to catch on.

Oh no! Deana! I forgot to mention! Gahh! Rules of betting says that any one who mentions this gets cut out of their wins, if they won. Or if they lost, won't get their secrecy deposit of a couple galleons back. Also Yang won't mention it because it embarrasses him and he likes to keep his reputation intact.

Will add now that you've pointed that out to me! Thank you so much! You are so amazingly helpful! I always love reading your reviews!


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Review #21, by AdinaPuff An “Auf Wiedersehen” and a Wotter Invasion

30th August 2014:

AHHH this is such a coool story. I read the first chapter a LONG time ago (way back before you offered to be my beta, and I your alpha), and never continued because I got distracted. I have a short attention span *ducks head in shame* And this just slipped my mind.


I love how she and Scorpius had this unspoken agreement to just sit together in silence. It kind of cracked me up because when I was that age, that's what I was like. The whole 'you don't talk to me, I don't talk to you, we're all happy here' kind of thing. It was amusing to see them do that.

And then when they heard the obnoxious wotters (which were written just as I've always imagined them to interact in large groups) coming for them, and braced themselves. It was so funny. I laughed so loudly that my dad glared at me and turned up the tv volume. Well.

I just have a question: who is Edith? :'D I died of laughter. 'Edith?' JUST BETA IT WAS SO FUNNY AND IDEK (i don't even know) WHY

Was Edith the pygmy puff?

Or some other significant figure that I am unaware of?

Daisy and Dahlia. Long time no see. It's been so long since I read the first chapter--did it mention that their last name was Dursley?

Aw ickle Al. he's so awkward, it seems. How sweet. I'm going to love this. I ALREADY SHIP ANNETT/AL like OH EM GEE

Well. This was a wonderful chapter. I shall return for more in the near future (whether that be within the next ten minutes or the next two days, i do not know. We'll see how quickly I lose my attention span).

I love this story! Can't wait to read on!

Until then!

Your Alpha,


Author's Response: Alpha, Leigh!

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! You are such an amazing person.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter and it was amusing to you and you laughed. :D That was my goal.

Goodness, yes. Edith is a Pygmy Puff. :D lol.

No, Dursley was not mentioned in the last chapter.

You ship? Really? [evil grin, spastic eyebrows, and rubbing hands together in evil way while petting stuffed animal because I have no pets]

See you in the next chapter whenever you want. :D

Thank you and cheers!

Your Beta and fan,

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Review #22, by Yoshi_Kitten Out of the Shadows and into the Limelight

28th August 2014:
Hello Em, I'm back again!! We FINALLY got internet at home now, so no more dealing with crappy cellphone reception when I am trying to review, yay!! Anyways, I quite enjoyed this chapter. I think I now have a new favorite, haha! =)

You know, I was wondering when we might find out the results of her Alchemy essay, haha! Oh, that professor Cunningham is really a dreadful teacher tho, isn't she? I mean, reading the essays out to the entire class like that! Who does that?? Yeah, I really don't think I like this woman at all, lol. Naturally, Rose Weasley was the best. Not surprised there, lol! But I liked actually liked where Annett was going with her essay, personally, and I feel like she had some very valid points there... But I'm just a nerdy muggle tho, so what do I know? =P

And she is taunting Yang again. I love this side of her so much, lol. I think my favorite part was Clinton's response when she asked him to say something embarrassing. Annett is a genius, and I cannot wait to see how it goes when he finally does try to ask her out! When you shift from that scent tho, back to her classes with Cunningham, I really feel like there should be some kind of break or divider in there, just so that it flows better and is easier to read. (Not sure of you know this or not, but the advanced editor you use to post a new chapter with does have a button you can push to enter a line-break wherever you want to divide a chapter at.)

- I think that this is one of my favorite segments ever, in this entire story so far:
"I am respecting Alchemy. I'm trying to put my own perspective on it. I'm trying to update it. I'm trying to provide aid to the wound that is this lack of progression. I will vie for Modern Alchemy. I do respect the textbook. I read it. Then, I combine knowledge I have gained from it with my knowledge of muggle science and advanced transfiguration. Then I maul the textbook with my own notes. Now the information it contains is updated. My textbook is now progressive. Cunningham's class, however, is not."

Annett is really, super smart, and that bit right there just proves it. Her teacher is so obviously old and stuck in her own ways. She's strikes me as being scared of change and does not want to accept that which she clearly knows nothing about. When Annett said: “I will vie for modern Alchemy” I just got this feeling that she is one day going to become a very renown Alchemist; maybe even better than Nicholas Flammell, and then this teacher of hers will feel really stupid for making a mockery of her in front of the entire class, lol! Her scribbling in her Alchemy textbook like this also kind of reminds me of Snape with his Advanced Potion-Making book. Not sure of you did this intentionally or not, but I quite like the comparison that you have drawn here. (:

And there it is: he finally asked her out!! I seriously thought that she was going to turn him down, right then and there, but she said yes! Ooh, so now she's gonna get him on their “date” perhaps? Haha, I cannot wait to see that! Also, I loved Freddie's reaction. It's really cute to see that they're still joking with Albus about Annett being his secret love interest, as this had been going on ever since their very first day on the Hogwarts express. Honestly, I am kind of hoping that Annett and Albus DO end up together by the end of all this. I think that they would make a super cute couple! One cannot help but to wonder when, if ever, they will discover that Annett is the “Incog. Imp” tho; and how everyone will react if and when they do make said discovery. ;)

Great chapter, dear!! I don't really have much CC to add here, other than that line-break thing to separate the various scenes in the chapter. Your writing continues to improve, and I love how the plot is progressing. You really have done your research on everything for this story, and it comes across brilliantly!! I can't wait to see what they've got going on in the Room of Requirement... See you in the next chapter!!

20/10 ^_^

Author's Response: Yay for internet! :D And a new review and a new favourite chapter. lol (this 'lol' serves the dual purpose of displaying my laughter and being me with my hands up in celebration).

Thank you for another wonderful review, Deana. Your kind words really are encouraging. I'm so glad you liked it.

[insert a thousand more 'thank you'd and a virtual hug because you are too kind!]

Ah, the horizontal line. Yes, I know of it, but no, I stupidly never thought to use it here. It would flow so much better. :) Thank you for helping me improve!

Snape. . . yes, I love Snape.

As for all your amazing theories. . . all in due time, dearest Deana, all in due time. ;)

See you at 'LNW!'

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Review #23, by Machiko How I Receive My First Detention

27th August 2014:
I love Diwali and I love this chapter.

Everything about it is amazing! We really do get to look into Annett's mind with more depth here and I see that you are keeping to the true definition of an introvert.


Author's Response: Hello again, Machiko :)

I love Diwali, too! :D The same way I love your reviews. Thank you for following the story as closely as you have so far! I really appreciate it.


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Review #24, by Machiko Between Detention, Disease, and Domestication

27th August 2014:
I like how you wrote that microscope scene with as much suspense as you did. I've never felt more excited reading about a microscope slide. :)

I know tht Annett is very frustrated and uncomfortable, but you did being a lot of humour into the last part that had my sister and I laughing at her pain.

Can't wait for chapter 12!

Will Annett ever tell anyone about Ronan??

Author's Response: Machiko!

I'm glad you found suspense in that scene. I didn't intend it to be that way, but then again, I do like my microscopes.

You are meant to laugh at her discomfort! It's great that you did, haha. :D

Ch. 12 is in the queue!

Will she? I think you know. ;)


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Review #25, by Yoshi_Kitten Creative Output: Mischief

26th August 2014:
And I'm back!! *waves* =)
Ok, so first things first, lol. I'm pretty sure that the students of Hogwarts learn how to Apparate during their 5th of school. So I was confused as to why that was on her class schedule when she's a 6th year now, isn't she? I mean, it's possible that the Apparation laws could have changed after the war tho, so if that's the case then you may just wanna mention that in there somewhere. ;)

- "And his dont-mind-me-Ive-just-been-sha*ging hair.
Bahahaha!!! I just laughed SO hard at this quote, lol!! (:
- "More than the people who raised me and taught me, my parents are my best friends."
Ok, soI feel like this sentence is worded a bit funny here. It distracted me from reading anyway, causing me to reread it 3 times over again before it made sense... However, if you tried rearranging the structure to something like this: "My parents are more than just the people who raised me and taught me. They're my best friends." Do you see how that flows a bit better when you read it?

Ah, I find myself conflicted here, lol. On the one hand, I feel like its really sweet that James named his prank gang after his namesake's group: the Marauders. But on the other hand, I feel like it's just been done before and its a tad old. I mean, he's already got the same name as the original James Potter, and now he has a group called the Marauders too? Idk, I guess I just feel like James II would wanna be more original than that... Maybe? But what do I know? I am sooo tired right now, haha!! XD
I was, however, VERY happy to see that you included Fred II into this new Marauders group. He deserves more than anybody to be in the top pranking group in the whole school, lol. =P

Oh look: Annett's geek is showing, lol!! Seriously tho, I love how nerdy and intelligent she is!! And that diagram of the basic elements was super cool! Where did you get the idea for that? And I really liked what she had to say about the books being so outdated, lol. I bet her teacher is gonna be in for a real treat when she reads that paper. Cunningham was kinda rude tho when she dismissed her question in front of the whole class like that. Good thing people are too intimidated by Annett to laugh at her tho, haha!! ;)

I think this chapter was my new favorite!! We got to see some brief Scorpius/Rose action, there was plotting and scheming involved, you introduced us to a new class that wasn't featured on the HP books, and (most importantly) Annett finally seems to be coming out of her shell a bit!! I'm very intrigued to see where you're going with this next. =D


Author's Response: Deana! Hello again.

It depends when the particular student turns 17. If that happens before or on 31 August of the next year (before the next school year), then that student it eligible to take the course. That being the case, unless the student had to retake a year, taking the class in Year 5 would be impossible.

I'll see about fixing that sentence. Thank you!

About the Marauders thing. It's more about carrying on the traditions of pranking then it is about anything else. More on this in much later chapters. :)

I did my Alchemy research while I did my scientific research. Haha. I'm glad you like that part.

Thank you again for reading and reviewing!


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