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Review #1, by Veritaserum27 Misattribution

24th January 2015:
Hi there Em!

Another fabulous chapter! Ooo! Annett is so completely Slytherin in this chapter. She uses her knowledge of biochemistry to toy with Arden's emotions - and she is flawless in her performance. I can't help but feel a tiny bit bad for him. I know he deserves it, but I feel like they're sort of ganging up on him (other than Ravenclaw, I'd definitely be sorted into Hufflepuff...)

Yikes - this professor is ancient in her beliefs. I can't help but think that maybe she doesn't like Annett for some other reason. It doesn't seem appropriate for her to threaten to bad mouth Annett to other professors. I'm glad that Annett isn't letting it get to her too much. I don't think she cares about the bad grades (you've already established that grades don't motivate her, learning does). And I was happy to see that she's sticking to her beliefs.

Haha - James has studied the "Incog Imp." I'm wondering if all of those pranks that were signed were in fact done by Annett. It seems odd that she would sign them if she didn't like the name.

Haha - the Room of Requirement is up! I can't wait!

♥ Beth

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Review #2, by Veritaserum27 Creative Output: Mischief

24th January 2015:
Hi there Em!

Your writing is so captivating, that I read the chapters so fast.

I like that Annett feels so close to her parents, but I worry that she needs a solid base of peers, at some point in her life. It sounds like this huge prank may just provide that.

Great characterization with James. I love that Annett sees right through him, but doesn't discount his ability to contribute to her cause. She acts with reason, not passion - for now.

Yes! Rose and Scorpius! They are my OTP, as much as I do love a good Al/Scorpius pairing, I feel like Rose and Scorp are classic.

Haha - of course Al has to get a little brotherly abuse from James. I think James may have hit a nerve with Al and he's got a bit of a crush on Annett.

And Ugh! I don't know who is more disappointed with the first Alchemy lesson - me or Annett. However, the optimistic side of me sees this as an amazing opportunity for Annett to contribute to the magical world with her insights and bring the entire field of Alchemy into the 21st century! But she's got to get past her Hogwarts years first.

Great job with this story - I'll be back for more later!

♥ Beth

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Review #3, by Veritaserum27 Yang’s Audacity

24th January 2015:
Hi there Em!

I feel like this is where the real story starts. We get to see a little more of Annett's character here, but we already knew a lot about her. I like that she's friends with Al and Scorpius. Does she have any friends (or acquaintances) that are girls? I also think the way she subtlety notices little things about Al means she might have the very beginning of feelings for him. She doesn't seem to notice small details about the other characters - at least not to the same extent.

Yang sounds like he definitely deserves whatever prank she can dish out. What a truly awful human being. It's great that she sums him up as his only actual skill is writing essays. Haha!

And your genius shows through again - she actually befriends Mrs. Norris to play the pranks on other students. I don't think anyone would ever think to have the annoying cat on their side - that is awesome!

I also love that you don't give us even one little clue about what Annett is planning to do to Arden Yang. I need to know more! I've got to keep reading!!

♥ Beth

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Review #4, by Veritaserum27 Achieving Equilibrium: The Prologue Continued

24th January 2015:

This story is just so genius! I have no idea how your beautiful mind works to come up with this, but you've managed to ask the exact questions that I ask about the relationship between magic and science and humans. I didn't even know I had consciously asked them but when I read them, I was like "Yes! I've wanted to know that too!"

And that room in the library is awesome - I can imagine that Hemione would've loved to know it was there.

I love the character of Annett you've created. She's such an amazing, unassuming and unexpected heroine. I love that she learns for the thrill of knowledge and doesn't fuss herself over grades - something that is so, so overemphasized in our world.

And Gah! Carbon allotropes! Perhaps she can next try a buckeyball or a nanotube ♥

The whole scene with relating magic to chemistry had me blithering all over the place - out loud to myself (thank goodness no one else is in the room with me right now). It totally reminded me of how chemistry started - alchemy and trying to turn lead into gold - and Annett can do that!

Ooo! Great ending - it really sets up the next chapter nicely!

♥ Beth

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Review #5, by missatron Yang’s Audacity

19th January 2015:
Hi Em!

I'm back again from the review thread, and I'm so excited for this chapter.

I haven't stopped loving Annett's character in my absence. She continues to amuse me and entertain me throughout the chapter. She really has a unique personality. I do wonder how you came up with the idea for her. I was so glad that you added in some dialogue! It really worked. The interaction between Al and Annett was just perfect. You really did nail it. Well done.

Annett and Mrs Norris' friendship is comical. It really is. I love the quote - "she's in it to scare the students."

It's actually quite strange to see Annett in sixth year. Time has flown in just two chapters.

Some grammar errors I noticed: (I don't know whether I pointed this out in another review or not, but just to be safe, I'll tell you them now.)

You put:

"Excuse me, sorry" I apologised.

You always need to put a piece of punctuation before the last speech mark. So it should look like this:

"Excuse me, sorry," I apologised.

I hope that was clear. Sometimes my instructions aren't as clear as I'd like them to be.

I continue to love this story. Feel free to re request,


Author's Response: Hi Missy!

Thank you so much! How did I come up with her? Hmm. . . Well, I did want to make her different and strange. I have always wondered what a homeschooled child of a scientist would be like if she found out that she was a witch. . . and then I added her funny quirks, her extreme introvertedness, and extremely scientific way of viewing the world, and little Annett grew from there.

Yes! Dialogue! I promise there will be more in coming chapters because she's finally interacting with other people now, which means that she's talking to others, which means that there will be more dialogue! :D

Bahaha! I'm so glad you like her and Mrs. Norris's partnership. I figured as Mrs. Norris grew older, she may have grown a little bit softer and maybe their similar personalities made the compatible partners/friends.

Thank you so much for pointing out that punctuation error! I have gone and fixed it. :) And no, you haven't said so, but I usually don't miss them, but this one got past me, but not you! Thank you!

I will re-request, thank you!


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Review #6, by missatron Achieving Equilibrium: The Prologue Continued

14th January 2015:
Hi again, Em. Dropping by for your requested review. Sorry for the delay, but the way - I was busy up until now.

Your writing is really refreshing, especially in this chapter. It is almost like taking in a gulp of fresh air. Saying this, Annett is getting stranger and stranger by the minute. She is actually quite creepy in some ways, though I love to read her witty sarcasm and ways. She never seems to be unsure of herself as well.

I know that this story revolves around Annett and her thoughts (at least up until now anyway) but it could be a thought to try and add a bit of speech in. I don't know what's coming up, but I'd really love to see how Annett acts around other characters (as in speech wise). It would really add something to the story.

Your flow really seems to have improved a great deal in this chapter, along with a lot of other things. This story is developing into something very interesting. As is Annett.

I'm really, really enjoying this, so please re request! It really is great!


Author's Response: Hey Missy,

No worries. :) I really appreciate you taking the time to read an review anyways!!

I think you've described Annett beautifully, there. Thank you for that! She is certainly strange, almost creepy, and very sure of herself.

That's precisely what happens in the next chapters, actually. It was a little hard to integrate too much speech as we fast-forward through so many years of her life where she, herself, refuses to participate in much dialogue, but in the next chapter . . . ;)

Again, I am so relieved that you find that this flows okay. Initially, it was so jumpy and rigid and THANK YOU!

Aww thank you so much! I'm delighted to hear that. You're too sweet!

Yes, definitely, totally!


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Review #7, by Rumpelstiltskin Spontaneous Combustion of Dairy Products: A Prologue

13th January 2015:
Hey there! I'm here for the January Slytherin review exchange!

I really just love the beginning of this. The originality is really just refreshing. I love the angle of her parents being scientists, and being utterly perplexed by Annett's special abilities. Her personality is also fantastic, due to her upbringing.

Teddy on the Welcoming Committee was refreshing to see, as well. I think that, with the personality that you've given him, being a part of the Welcoming Committee is a fantastic position for him.

Oh, the Wotter clan... that's a clever moniker ;). Poor Annett, being an introvert certainly doesn't help when under the speculation of said Wotter clan. I loved the way you set up the anticipation of the group of Potter-Weasley's finding the compartment that Annett and Scorpius were in. The sense of anticipation was fantastic.

You tied the mention of Daisy and Dahlia at the beginning of the story in nicely, as Annett discovers them on the train. And, goodness, those girls are noisy.

I think that Slytherin was a good choice for her -- I had an inkling that she'd be in either Ravenclaw or Slytherin -- and I liked that Albus is there with Scorpius and herself.

To be honest, I tend to shy away from Next Generation still, but this is absolutely fantastic. Between the quality of the writing, the interesting main character, and a story that has made me laugh out loud more than once, I think you have something great going on here. I can't wait to read more!


Author's Response: Hey Rumpel!

D'Awww, thank you!! Thank means so much to me that you think that of Annett! Bahh, you spoil me with your compliments.

I'm super happy to see that you like Teddy! He's so fun to write.

The Wotter clan. . . Wot a clan. I'm expecting absolute silence for this terrible pun.

The train scene. Oh dear, I wrote that in a mad rage of typing one day. And Dahlia and Daisy seemed like a good way to really bring out Annett's personality.

Ah they'll be a very Slytherin little bunch!

Aww, THANK YOU SO MUCH, RUMPEL! You're too kind!!! :D [hugs]


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Review #8, by MadiMalfoy Spontaneous Combustion of Dairy Products: A Prologue

13th January 2015:
Hiya! Here with your requested review! :)

Eep yay my thread has just been hit with obscure character and original character stories and I just love it! But you know what I love more? SCIENCE. I seriously just added this to my reading list because SCIENCE. I have yet to read basically any book where the main character was interested/invested in science, let alone a girl! I'm so very happy you've written this fic!

Putting my fangirling aside, your concerns were about flow, characterization, humor, and level of interest. I'll hit them in that order! :) As far as plot goes, I really quite enjoy it already! There's not many fics out there that focus on a muggleborn's adjustment to going to a magical school and how it would affect their personalities and entire lives. It has a great interest level just for that aspect, in my opinion! You move it along at a pace where we're still able to gather information about your OC and her family while her life advances until she's eleven. At first, I was unsure of the era (because I forgot to read it oops) when Annett read "Mr. Lupin" I thought it was Lupin as in Remus, not Teddy, but I'm glad it was Teddy because it makes a lot more sense :P I'm glad you used the settings you did--the train ride, the sorting ceremony, and the brief time before bed--because those can all be really mind-blowing for a muggle-born to see for the first time ever.

As far as characterization goes, I think you've done a splendid job so far! With as many characters as you're throwing in, I'm proud of you for just managing to juggle everyone and remember whose talking and where they're at in each scene, so kudos for you on that! I think it's quite humorous so far, and I tend to have a very sarcastic/dry sense of humour, so don't worry about that part at all. The Wotters just naturally have a sort of humor about them, simply because there's so many of them and they always seem to be together! So in conclusion, I would definitely read on and find out how Annett deals with realizing she has magic and goes to a magic school and how she comes to terms with all that is implicated with that. Great job, please feel free to re-request anytime! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

Author's Response: Hi Madi!

Thank you so much for this review [hug]. You're so sweet!

AND I'M SO EXCITED THAT YOU LOVE SCIENCE BECAUSE, as you might have figured, I LOVE SCIENCE, TOO! DOES THAT MAKE US BEST BUDDIES, NOW? Although, I may have stalked your profile and read that you like science and that may have been why I requested a review specifically from you, but you. . . ahem. . . you didn't read that. ;)

Phew! and YAY! I so glad that you think it all worked out. Wow, again, thank you! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and review. The flow was what I had trouble with most before some serious editing, I'm thrilled to hear that it's better now. That may be precisely why I chose those settings, actually. Haha. This chapter was certainly an exploration on some kind of logical/more realistic Muggle reactions to the peculiarities of the Wizarding World. It's super bizarre and foreign so I really tried to show that.

Eep! Thank you! That one I tried to accomplish by mentally playing out the scene. And I'M SO GLAD YOU THINK IT'S FUNNY because my biggest worry is that it may only be funny in my head. Plus, making readers laugh is my ultimate goal with most of my writing. :D

Well, if you insist. ;) Thank you again for such a helpful review, you've eased so many worries of mine at the same time. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Madi!


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Review #9, by missatron Spontaneous Combustion of Dairy Products: A Prologue

12th January 2015:
Hello Em! Glad to be reading another of your stories since the last one was so good.

First, I'll start off with your summary. Yes, ok, it wasn't part of the chapter, but still ... I liked it. The "three Ss" worked quite well as a sort-of-catchphrase. The summary was actually really gripping, which made me get excited when I saw the request in the review thread. It's not often that you come by a summary that really lures you in and doesn't let you go so ... That was brilliant! So just going off the summary, I'm pretty excited and think that this could be a great, interesting story.

So far, you have introduced us to Annett, who appears to be the main character. (This might change?) The narrator's voice is actually pretty refreshing to read. Ok, so Annett doesn't come across as the nicest character in the world, but I predict that this is part of your plan. I'd also take a guess that Annett is in Slytherin. It's pretty much implied. I think that it was good how you didn't tell us what house she had been sorted into, but we are 99% sure that it was Slytherin (especially since you told us that she wasn't Gryffindor). Her sarcasm was so well written. I don't know what it is, but I love reading sarcasm. The dryness, and wittiness in her voice was also very well conveyed.

The flow of this is fairly smooth. A lot of the chapter has been written in speech which made the scene go by at a much slower pace. It was consistent though, and that's what matters. There was no uneven parts where one bit was fast and the other was slow, so that's good.

You actually conveyed the element of humour very well. It think that I mentioned that I love the sarcasm of her voice. She seems like a deeply interesting chapter. I wonder what the plot will lead to!

Once again, I have enjoyed reading this. Feel free to re request!


Author's Response: Hello there, Missy,

Aww, thank you!

Wow. Thank you so much! That's higher praise than I probably deserve and now my ears are red. I'm beyond thrilled to hear that you like the summary! I adore abundant alliteration.

Not at all, Annett will remain the protagonist and the narrator of the entire story (hence the title), so I'm really pleased to hear that you like her voice and that it's refreshing! Phew. Haha, no she most definitely is not nice, Missy. And I'm glad to hear that you liked how I didn't explicitly mention the house, and yes, you're totally correct!! Me too! Sarcasm is fun, isn't it? And again, thank you for all your reassurances and your compliments.

Flow was a major problem before I did some editing, so I'm glad it worked out. Thank you, MIssy!! Interesting and funny is very much my focus with this story. :D I'm super happy to see you think that!

I will certainly rerequest, you've left such a wonderful and helpful review. I really, truly appreciate it!


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Review #10, by bethanex Spontaneous Combustion of Dairy Products: A Prologue

11th January 2015:
This is great! I really like her 'internal monologue' for lack of better terminology. It's lighthearted and effortlessly funny. Even though there isn't much plot in the opening chapter, it's nonetheless entertaining and well-written. I'm looking forward to the rest of this, and I hope you keep requesting reviews.

Author's Response: Dear bethanex,

I am so glad to hear that! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review. 'Effortlessly funny,' is exact what I was aiming for so THANK YOU! :D


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Review #11, by Secret Santa Creative Output: Mischief

7th January 2015:
Hello Em :D

I have really enjoyed being your Secret Santa. I think we are revealed today, so I'm afraid this is my final Santa gift. However, I have become so engrossed in the story that I will finish reading it when I have a spare moment, so this is not the last time you shall have my presence forced upon you. And so I hope you had as much fun guessing as I did in my attempts to mislead you.
I think you might have guessed me. I was certainly on that list of three suspects, although I am not 800 words of heaven as you predicted in your final comment.

I felt for Annett here. That would be rather embarrasing to begin with, before her irritation took over. The teacher seems rather self-righteous.

The plan that everyone is making to get Yang is funny to witness. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes.

Santa x

(Evil side? I don't know what you mean... *whistles*)

Author's Response: Hello Bronte,

Well, I really enjoyed having you as a Secret Santa. You're so wonderful and this has been so much fun.

Your presence won't be forced upon me, Bronte, I welcome it with open arms that become a gigantic hug.

Thank you for 'feeling' with Annett. Haha. And yes, Cunningham is a bit stuck in the old ways of magic according to Annett.

Hee Hee. I really hope you like what I have planed.

Thank you again for this review, Bronte! You're so sweet.

I think you know exactly what I mean, Bronte.


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Review #12, by Roisin Satisfying Humiliation

6th January 2015:
Oh my gosh, the image of a girl dressed in absurdly sexy clothes thinking to herself "wolf-whistle of unknown origin" is just AMAZING! I love Anett more and more!

And GAH, that prank! I mean, Yang was kind of cocky and annoying, but GAH! They really went ALL OUT. That sounds properly TRAUMATIC!

Annett with the fangs and everything is just another crazy great image. I can't believe how crazily industrious the whole thing was!

Point of interest: in England, 'pants' means 'underwear'--if you ever edit in the future, you might want to switch the word to 'trousers,' lest readers think he was BUCK NAKED :P

One thing that's continually interesting in this story, is I wonder how different everyone else's perspective of Annett might be from how she sees herself. Without being privvy to her own internal monolog, I wonder how people see her. I suspect Al has a sense of her, as they have rather a lot in common, but we really see in this chapter how she's capable of playing a character. And since she's generally so unassuming in classes (barring her recent outspoken-ness in Alchemy), other people might not have a lot to go on when trying to gauge her. And now that she's done this INSANELY detailed prank, with that outfit to boot, I definitely wonder what people make of her!

Very interesting stuff!

Author's Response: Roisin,

Bahaha! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

That particular moment was me starting to explore the differences in the perception of Annett in comparison to her internal monologue. After so many years of keeping mostly hidden, her we have her sort of in a kind of spotlight.

I AM SO GLAD YOU LIKE THAT PRANK!! Arden's personality (his being annoying and awkward) in here made writing about his humiliation much more satisfying, but still, poor guy. Industrious and traumatic! :D That was totally what I was going for!

Oooh. That is such a wonderful point! Thank you for pointing that out! Ahh. [hugs]


Thank you again for this wonderful review!

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Review #13, by Unicorn_Charm Unlocked

4th January 2015:
EM! My dear hpffbff! :)

I don't even know where to begin. This review has taken me longer to write out than any other review I have given. First, I must tell you how much I adored this ending! I just loved it, Em! The fact that Annett finally trusted someone enough to let them in and allow them to help her with Ronan's problem was monumental! It shows that she, mostly, has let her walls down. I'm sure that she still has some of them up, because after years and years of being so closed off, one school year isn't going to completely change her, but she has made amazing progress. This whole story she has evolved and questioned so many things about her life and personality. I don't think I have ever read such character growth in any other story on this site. It was such a wonderful experience to read her thoughts and development.

Al. Oh Al. We've FINALLY learned why he has insomnia!! Honestly, I had NO idea as to why he couldn't sleep. It was driving me absolutely crazy this entire story and I am SO happy that we finally have the answer. And what an answer it was. When I read how he feels and why he suffers from insomnia, I have to admit, I full out fell in love with your Al. To see that he is that passionate and cares that much was just unbelievable. It further shows how Al is the perfect balance for Annett. I really feel like the two of them just fit together perfectly and have the possibility to do extraordinary things together. I'm excited to see what you have planned for the future for your sequels/spin-offs or what have you. :D

The ending of this chapter, well this story, was adorable! "Would you consider saving one of those for me?" AHH!!! *melts* HOW CUTE WAS THAT!?! I want to see the wedding and I want to see it now!! *Looks around for pitchfork*

Em, this story was amazing. I can't say it enough. It was just amazing! The characters were all so full of life, the pranks were hilarious, the scientific elements were completely brilliant and the plot was so, so unique. It had everything; humor, action, mystery, Quidditch and a little bit of romance thrown in. I'm in complete awe of your story telling abilities.

I am so, so, so, SO happy that we did that swap a few months back. I had a chance to read this wonderfully amazing story you have written, but more importantly, made a wonderful friend during that time. You, your writing and your friendship are all utterly fantastic! This will be a story that I know I will re-read many, many times and I can't wait to see what you have planned for the future. Regardless if it takes place in this universe, or is something new and different entirely.

Excellent, amazing, wonderful, fantastic, extraordinary job on this whole thing!! Thank you so much for sharing! ♥

So much love, tea lattes, adult beverage-filled chocolates and many, many hugs!!

Your hpffbff,
Meg ♥ ♥

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Review #14, by Maricruz Unlocked

3rd January 2015:
Evening, m'am

I don't normally write reviews, but when I do, it's either le best book I've ever read, or the worst.

Guess which category yours fell in ;)


I mean, I love all my Next Gen fiction, but this one stood out. Yours isn't your typical oh my gosh he likes me or I hate him. It's just pure friendship with a little love mixed inside.

Also, a lot of knowledge.

You hardly find that in fanficiton.


I look forward to the next one *smirks*


Author's Response: Bahaha! You're too kind!

Dear Mari,

You can just call me Em. :)


I'm so flattered. Thank you so much for your kind, kind words. And, pfft, of course I notice you, you left this amazing review. :D Seriously though, you just hyped me up for many writing sessions to come. Thank you so much for that! I sincerely appreciate that.

It depends on what you find. On the forums, you can find people who write many stories that are much greater than mine, should you ever want to check them out as well. ;)

ME?! SENPAI?! Bahaha! Thank you and I adore you, too!!

Then I better get writing, huh?


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Review #15, by Roisin Misattribution

2nd January 2015:
Back! Sorry for the delay, I got all caught up with New Years, but I'm here now!

Oh man, that whole scene with Yang--MANIPULATING HIS HORMONES. That is SO GENIUS. But the humiliation has yet to occur--oh jeez... I was so worried she would hurt his feelings! I FEEL VERY PROTECTIVE OF YANG.

Hmmm, I might sense a love triangle on the horizon.

If I remember correctly, scientists have been able to turn certain types mercury into gold in a lab--but the mercury is so rare, and the procedure so costly that it isn't really worth it. But, definitely one interesting idea of Modern Alchemy! I can't wait to see where Anett takes her studies :D

I also really liked her ruminations on respect, and what it means to respect a field or a textbook. Very much agreed!

There are so many fascinating threads to this story--I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

(Oh, and the idea that anyone can snort 'attractively' was really funny to me)


Author's Response: That's perfectly alright. Same here.

BAHAHA! I'm so glad you like that bit!! Flirting via hormonal manipulation this time? These last couple of chapters have been a preview to Annett Sinclaire Kluge's Guide to Flirting.

Do you now? Or a square perhaps: Annett is flirting with Arden who likes her and once liked Valentina who likes/liked Al who is teased by his family to be crushing on Annett.


I hope to not disappoint you, then.

Haha. Yes it was one of her more sarcastic moments that are always fun to write.

Again, thank you for your wonderful review!

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Review #16, by Roisin Creative Output: Mischief

30th December 2014:

And yes, I'd be TOTALLY DOWN for a triple review swap :)

I continue to enjoy Annett's voice SO MUCH. There are so many great examples of turns of phrase--but I can't even focus on that right now, because I'm too distracted by ALCHEMY. I LOVED the way you paced out that whole scene! Annett being excited about the idea, and then the teacher drawing out the diagram of classical elements! It was like a DUN DUN DUN moment!

I also love that the first time Annett speaks out in class, it's because particle physics is geting ignored! And it's really great that the science is incredibly well researched, but so is the magic! (I have to wonder though, since it's Hogwarts, does 'quintessence' ever come up later? I feel like it WOULD).

Oh, and the way you play with the ScoRose trope was just excellent!

I know I've said it an ANNOYING amount of times at this point, but this story is just SO MUCH like "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality"--which is very high praise, because that is like my FAVORITE thing ever!

I mentioned before that Annett is a keen social observer--which is such a great nuance to give her character. She's different from other people, but isn't without awareness. Anyway, that whole interplay is summed up BRILLIANTLY by he plans for enticing Yang (and how she breaks it down into percentages!) Like, flirting via statistical analysis.

I'm definitely thinking there could be something between Annett and Albus too!

And, like I FEEL SO BAD FOR YANG. If their plan works, he can't POSSIBLY deserve it! Then again, I appreciate that Annett has a mean streak. It would be too easy to make her nice ;)

I definitely see why you fast-forwarded this story to sixth year--it definitely seems like The Year That Everything Happened.

OH ALSO, it was super funny imagining that Fred and Roxanne are running around, not even realizing that ANNETT IN BEAR FORM is right around the corner! Bahahahahahaha! Just... excellent visual humour!

So yeah, I'm definitely down to do more swaps :D This story is so fantastic!


Author's Response: Hi :)

Thank you so much for such a sweet review! I super glad you're liking the story so far. I must say, your reviews have helped me optimise the story in so many ways! Quite a bit of editing in the first chapters using your advice. So again, THANK YOU!

You've basically brought up so many things I intended with this chapter: alchemy, particle physics, ScoRose, the plans to humiliate Arden--that poor guy. Thank you for feeling bad for him, by the way. Arden's foolish sometimes, but he's not as mean as Annett here. And yes, I love characters with mean streaks!

Bahaha! 'Flirting via statistical analysis,' is the best way to summarise this. More nerdy flirting to come!

Annett and Albus? Oooh, really? We shall see, won't we. . . are you sure not Arden?

It really is, haha. We couldn't have Annett maintain her equilibrium, now could we?

I LOVE THAT VISUAL IMAGE. It would certainly be hilarious, but sadly, her Animagus is not a bear, it's a fox. Bärchen is simply a term of endearment and something that describes one of her characteristics.

YAY FOR MORE SWAPS! I get to read you more! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, you amazing person, you!

Reciprocated 'x's and 'o's,

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Review #17, by PaulaTheProkaryote Unlocked

28th December 2014:
This time I'm reviewing as I read because I never remember all of my thoughts as I go. My favorite line so far: “Would it be unethical to ask for the dead body of a centaur to be shipped to my lab at home?” I died. Literally. Okay, maybe just figuratively. I will continue to believe in Annett/Al ship for the rest of my life. Sorry. ;) I love Al's career crisis. I originally went to college thinking I would be a doctor. After my junior year I realized that I'd rather be in a lab trying to solve the problems than handing out the medicine and dealing with people (I'd have terrible bedside manner). I much prefer the problem solving. Lovely story and a brilliant ending. I'd like to know if their research company did well. I imagine the two of them together made a huge impact on the world. I'd like to know how Ronan is doing (whether it be full recovery or even just managing his symptoms). I'd like to laugh at Al and Annett dancing.

(On the preview of my review there's a slash before every apostrophe and it's chaos. I hope it doesn't publish this way. If it does, I apologize. I'm a n00b and can't fix it.

Author's Response: Paula!

Thank you so, so much for this review! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. Bahaha! I am so glad you liked that line. It was a Walter Bishop from Fringe inspired line. Part of it at least. And I'm super glad you're only figuratively dead. Super sorry, too though.

'I will continue to believe in Annett/Al ship for the rest of my life.' No need to apologise. You are absolutely free to do so. At this point, I encourage you to let your imagination take you where ever it will.

No school-life story is complete without a career crisis, huh? Wow, you must be having a field day with this story. After relating to Annett, now you find you have something in common with Al on that level! That makes me so happy for you to point that out. I'm also very amazed.

Ah! I am super glad you like the ending! Thank you. :D I will be addressing all of that in the next story, actually. As far as I've written, most of it is covered. ;) I hope you'll be joining me then? You've been so great and so sweet.

No, it's not your fault. It happens, but it really doesn't show. I'm not sure why this is.

Thanks again!

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Review #18, by Secret Santa Yang’s Audacity

28th December 2014:
*munch* Hello Em, again. *slurp*

Thank you for the cookies and milk. It was very kind of you. Wha- hey - wait a minute - oh you minx!

It came to my mind just as I finished them that you mentioned that you weren't a particularly 'good' person. I realised, to my horror, that they could have been laced with Veritaserum. I decided to check that theory by trying to respond to your question in any way except for the truth. I found it impossible, unless I avoided the question. *sigh* This really wasn't neccesary Em.

I would have answered truthfully even without the milk. But to answer your question... No. I'm not on that list. My sincerest apologies, but you'll have to try something else.

Annett is a Slytherin! Excellent. Do people really usually see her as a Ravenclaw? That surprises me, although she is certainly very clever. I liked the name she has been given as a prankster. Incog Imp. It has a nice ring to it.

She is actually feared by the student body. That is an impressive feat, and rather hilarious. I liked the way she is friends with Mrs Norris, that made me smile.

Terribly sorry about the disappearing smiley face... Would you like it back? :)

Santa x


Author's Response: Hi again Secret Santa,

So now you've figured out why I've been unsubscribed to Claus's annual mailing list. :P

Bahaha! Oh my gosh, I adore you. You are positively hilarious, Secret Santa. Thank you so much for your clue [goes off to nerd out on spreadsheet].

She is! They do! Then again, it was before very much editing. . . Hmm. I wonder if it had to do with some slightly sinister lines I added in. It does, doesn't it? I am glad you think so. :)

Oooh. You like Mrs. Norris and her friendship? Haha. Thank you. I figured that if she were to have one friend, that friend would be one of the least likely living beings for anyone to befriend.

Aww, yes I very much would. :)

Thank you loads and loads,

Secret Santa, you've got quite the evil side, don't you?

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Review #19, by Hedwig_Pie Unlocked

27th December 2014:
i cant believe its finished! pretty good ending. w

Author's Response: Dear Hedwig_Pie,

There will be more soon, I promise. I am planning and writing an extension of this novel into a series right now. You like the ending? Haha. Thank you.


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Review #20, by hedwig_pie The Effectiveness and Efficacy of Combined Action

27th December 2014:
ive spent all day reading this. its actually pretty good! i love it

Author's Response: Dear hedwig_pie,

Thank you so much for your review! I am delighted to hear that you like it. :D


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Review #21, by Secret Santa Achieving Equilibrium: The Prologue Continued

26th December 2014:
Hello again Em ;)

Ooh wouldn't you love to know who I am? I'll tell you.

I am your elusive creature of the night. :P

You made a spreadsheet? That, although very ingenious, may not be as much help as you so wished. You see, I may just have made sure to change the way I end my reviews because I suspected something like that may give away my identity...

So, let's talk about this chapter. I loved that you have Annett ensuring she gets her five interactions per week. The scientific way she talks about magic is really refreshing and new, to me at least. Are you a scientist?

I thought Annett's inner voice was very interesting, and you have certainly captured her curiosity. She is a fox animagus? That tells us quite a lot about her character, and furthers my suspicions that she is a Slytherin.

Well, I suppose I could give you one clue. You are correct in the fact that I use the Queen's English. I live somewhere in the small but largely populated UK.

Santa x

Author's Response: You're back, you elusive creature of the night!

Yes, i would love that. From the UK, you say? A-stalking I shall have to go once more. Thank you for your clue!

Darn it, Secret Santa. The 'x' I found proved to lead nowhere and now you take away the smiley face, too? Arghh! You're messing up my data, Secret Santa, I'm not happy at all! :P

I joke, i'm immensely delighted! Thank you for another lovely, lovely review. You're so sweet, Secret Santa. It's amazing to read that you think this sort of thing is refreshing. Initially, I wasn't so sure how such a perspective on magic would be taken. Haha, no. Not professionally at least. Not unless you'd consider it a state of mind rather than a profession.

You intrigue me, Secret Santa. A Slytherin, you say? I find that most people see her as a Ravenclaw at first. With all the clues in the first chapter, I'm sure you'll be able to confirm or deny your suspicions. ;) A hint: her dorm mates.


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Review #22, by Aliciamckenzier Spontaneous Combustion of Dairy Products: A Prologue

26th December 2014:
I love how you write. Its so. . . So. . . Adanved? No, eloquent? No. So I'm not sure the wording, but it's amazing. I have been looking for something similar to this for so long. I must say that I am extremely happy that I stepped out of my comfort-zone and into the era of next generation. You have made my Christmas all the more merry, friend.

Author's Response: Dear Aliciamckenzier,

THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This means so much to me as a novice. You're too sweet. I am super glad you chose to read this and you, my friend, have made MY Christmas more merry, too. Thank you!

Your new friend,

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Review #23, by Deine Lieblingsschwester Unlocked

25th December 2014:
I liked it! ;)

(I'll tell you more after I wake up. Nighty night!

Author's Response: Good. :)

Deine Lieblingsschwester.

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Review #24, by Secret Santa Spontaneous Combustion of Dairy Products: A Prologue

23rd December 2014:
Hello Em!

Greetings from your Secret Santa, I hope you are well. It is nearly Christmas, so I hope you have been good!

This story looks super interesting and I'm really glad for the chance to read it. Your Annett looks really interesting, the perfect combination of sarcasm, inquisitiveness, and wittiness. She really stood out as a unique and interesting character. I love that you have defied the norm with this story, as most next gen fics are written with the trio's children having pride of place, whereas you have Annett taking centre-stage.

I'm guessing that Annett is a Slytherin, although you haven't said so yet. You said she wasn't a Gryffindor and she doesn't seem particularly like a Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

Your characterisation was really good, as was your description. The repetition at the start was a great way of introducing the story and getting the reader interested in the story.

Great job :)

Santa x

Author's Response: Greetings back to you, Santa.

Good, you say? Ehhm, well. . . I'd like to ask if this is one of those situations in which the thought counts, but then the thought never crossed my mind in the first place.

THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for such a sweet review!! I hardly know who you are, but I adore you already. I do try to defy the norm, yes. You've described my dearest Annett exactly how I've intended her to come across and the introduction to this chapter is one of my prouder writing moments. Thank you so much!

Now, let's talk about you, you elusive creature of the night, you: you've spelt characterisation with an 's' and you've signed with an 'x.'

The former gives me a brilliant idea--thank you for that, by the way--because, you see, I have a spreadsheet and you've just given me the idea of creating a new column! Exciting right?!

As for the second, was this out I habit? I must cross-reference this signiature with all participating forum members!

Lastly, your comments lead me to assume that you haven't been acquainted with TIMOASK before this review, which doesn't narrow down too much, but it's a good start.

Dearest Secret Santa, the game is on!

Cookies as a form of abundant appreciation for the Secret Santa,

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Review #25, by PaulaTheProkaryote Request Pending

22nd December 2014:
While I'm waiting and attempting to figure out how the forum works, I suppose I can review this lovely chapter! I'm so happy that Al finally found out about Fufu. I'm also glad that Annett has finally enlisted Al in helping Ronan. I think that opening up and working together will be very healthy for their relationship. Another very well written chapter! I love the adorable drawings in the chapter images. Are you doing those? If so, you are very talented! I was the same Paula! I always think I'm logged in. Prokaryote is a nickname I received in an experimental design class because my presentations are always simple, but the slides are never ending. In the same way that prokaryotes are simple organisms, but there are a seemingly never ending amount of them compared to eukaryotes. Not nearly as neat of a nickname as one might think. Anyway, I died laughing at Al trying to make Fufu play fetch. I can't wait for the next chapter!


Author's Response: Paula! Hello again.

It all starts in the 'Welcome to the Forums (New Users Start Here)' Thread. :)

Thank you for such a lovely review! Ah, you're an Al/Annett shipper. I'm afraid to inform you that this one's Annett/Arden. . . [shifty eyes]

Aww, thank you so much. I am doing those. I'm so glad you like them. :D

THAT IS THE BEST NICkNAME EVER in my opinion. Prokaryotes are pretty darn awesome. Their ability to carry out all necessary functions to live despite being unicellular is just fascinating! With a nickname like that, you must also be of many, many talents, yes? Also, my presentations sound so similar: simple and of many slides.

I had to do it! I really couldn't resist that one. I told myself if she was going to be an Animagus, she'd be domesticated, horribly named, cuddled uncomfortably, and forced to play fetch.

Thank you, thank you again for this review, Paula!


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