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Review #1, by Gabriella Hunter Chiara Nightingale

10th July 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums dropping by with our swap! I remember that we swapped a while back and we need to get back into the habit! :D

So, I totally dig the Romeo/Juliet portion of this first chapter. I'm not the biggest fan of that particular play but I really like how authentic it felt, the Italian that you included just made the world seem bigger. What's so tragic about this is that it might actually play a part later on in this story and I'm wondering how exactly you're going to do it. Chiara and her friends are pretty cheerful but I have a feeling that's about to end. Any mention of James and his pals just makes me wince with sympathy for anyone who has to deal with them for too long. Hahaha.

I do like though that you seamlessly time hopped, your transition was pretty good. There wasn't an abrupt leap from the beginning to introducing your main characters so I really liked that, I'm curious to learn more about them all though but I'm sure that you'll do that later on.

Lily and James in the same room does not need to happen but I'm sure it will. I also loved the little nod to the HP books when you mentioned her falling out with Snape. We all know how that turned out but I wonder if you'll change that up a little here. Hm...very curious.

Anyway, I liked this and I'll be stopping by again so don't worry! :D

Much love,


Author's Response: Hey Gabbie!
Yes, we definitely have to swap more often!!! It's a way to keep me reading, too, because I'm such a horrible reader...

Oh, I'm so glad you liked the Romeo and Juliet part, even if you are not a great fan of the play (I am...)
Authentic sounds like a huge compliment, so thank you! And I'm happy you liked the Italian. I was truly scared about it, but most people (those who reviewed, at least) seemed to appreciate it, so this makes me very happy!!! :)

It will play a part in the story. You'll see if you keep reading, no spoilers here... I can tell you that Chiara's life will get pretty complicated soon. And yeah, the Marauders have that effect. I think I have a bit too much fun writing them... :P

Thank you so much, I'm glad you felt the transition worked well.

James/Lily/Snape... A classic... My story is mostly canon-compliant (or at least I hope it is), so there's really no great surprise on that front. But we'll see what happens...

Thank you so much for the amazing review! I really hope I'll see you here again soon!

Much love,

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Review #2, by SunshineDaisies Chiara Nightingale

7th July 2015:
Hello there sweet!

I'm sure you've guessed by now that I can never pass up a marauder's story, especially when it's got a bit of a twist! I loved the introduction of this chapter, it was such a unique way to begin. I had no idea why we were starting off in the 16th century, and it made me very intrigued. I really like the link to Romeo and Juliet. It's an interesting take to assume that they were real, and that they left behind a daughter. Definitely not something you read about every day!

I loved your use of Italian as well. It's so fun to read foreign languages in fic. It gave the story a really personal vibe, and I feel like it created a bit more distance between the scene in the past and the scene in the present (so to speak). Having Romeo and Juliet speaking Italian makes it seem more distant, more like a memory or a dream, and I think that worked really well with the transition into Chiara's scene.

I'm finding Chiara super interesting! She's a lovely character, and I like that she seems to be more interested in Matt Corner than Sirius, which is definitely a refreshing start. I loved her interaction with the girls. Alice is just too funny! I can tell I'm going to love them. :)

This is really lovely work! :)

Author's Response: Oh, my, Katie!
Thank you so much!!!

Ahahah! Well, I can't let go of a good Marauder story as well (not that I'm implying this is a good story... or maybe I am...)

I'm so happy you liked the prologue. I'm not even sure where the whole idea for this story came from (that happens with pretty much all of my stories... My mind works in strange ways...) Might simply be that I love Romeo and Juliet, and that they worked so well as a background story for this (even if my version is so different from Shakespeare's one...) And it gave me the chance to set at least that bit in a place I've actually been to (Verona is a beautiful city, just to say...)

Since I discovered HPFF I've been writing in English. So it was fun for me to be able to put a bit of Italian in here. It scared me a bit to do it, to be true. But people seemed to like it, so... And I love foreign languages in fics as well!

I'm so happy you liked Chiara! And the other girls, too (I agree, Alice is very funny :P)
Surely not every girl was in love with Sirius, were they? Chiara's interest for Matt Corner won't live for long, though.

I'm just so happy you enjoyed this, and I can't wait to know what you think of what comes next (if you'll have the time and will to keep reading, of course...)

Thank you so much for the swap!!!
Tons of love and cuddles!

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Review #3, by Unicorn_Charm Show must go on

3rd July 2015:

Hey love! I'm here for our swap. :D

It has been entirely too long since I've reviewed this story and decided to rectify that. I remember reading this chapter a while ago, but I had to re-read it to be refreshed.

What I really love about this one is the bond between Remus and the other boys. You do such a wonderful job of showing how strong their friendship is. Even with Peter, like when Remus pointed out how Peter usually asks the correct questions to diffuse a situation or redirect a topic. I really liked that. :)

Poor Remus though. He's truly beating himself up over this whole thing. Which is completely understandable. I mean, I think anyone who totally blame themselves if their affliction caused something like that. I'm holding my breath and hoping that it all works out soon!

I love the solidarity, too. The fact that Remus, Lily and James refuse to take part in the play while Chiara is missing. It again shows how wonderful they are as friends to the people the care about.

I can't believe she actually brought that letter to Remus herself! Because, that has to be her! But oh no! He's not going to meet her?? He's sending the boys to meet her?! I can't imagine that going well. Gah! Love it!

I still think that this is one of the most original and wonderful stories on the archives. The whole idea is just absolutely brilliant, love! And this was another great chapter. I'm so sorry that I've been away from this story for so long. :( I really need to get back to this. It's too good to stay away from again! :D

Thanks for the swap, dear!! ♥ ♥

Tons of hugs and love,

Author's Response: Oh, Meg!
Thank you so, so, so much, love!!!
I'm happy you decided to come back here, and that you're still enjoying the story. The Lark and the Nightingale is probably the story I've published on here that's more dear to my heart!

That's the reason I love the Marauders so much, because of the sincerety and deepness of their bond of friendship! I'm happy that I managed to show that bond well!
And, well... I have a soft spot for Peter (I think it is partly your fault, because of what you did with him in To Prevent... But that's irrelevant...) Anyway, Peter will have quite a central role in future chapters, but I don't want to spoiler anything.

Poor Remus, indeed! Yes, anyone would feel guilty, and Remus has already a so low self-esteem to begin with... Things will work out, I can promise you that. Maybe not soon, but they will.

Well, it's not like he has a choice. He can't go to meet her in werewolf form... Maybe it won't go that bad... But if you keep reading you'll find out for sure ;)

Thank you so much again! Your support and enthusiasm and kindness mean to me more than I can say! I really hope that I'll see you again on here, because I love to read your reviews! They always make me smile!!!

Thanks to you for swapping!

Hugs, kisses and much, much love!

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Review #4, by merlins beard Epilogue The opening night

19th May 2015:
So... I was kind of hoping it'd be Remus and Chiara playing Romeo and Juliet. (Remus just has the looks, with his sandy blonde hair and looking less like he always works out compared to James, the dark haired Quidditch player...)

I get that that would probably have been too much foe Chiara to handle.

I love that James and Lily finally, FINALLY get their first kiss.

You said you were wondering about a sequel. Is it up already? Are you working on it?
I'd love to read more about Chiara and Remus. I can picture Chiara to want to become an actress or something like that...

While I'd love to read on, I'm very scared of what will happen in a sequel... that would probably involve graduating, living for a while, Harry being born and then the Potters dying...
Maybe a prequel would be better for my nerves... but then Remus and Chiara wouldn't be together...
I can't decide...

Maybe you should write both :D (If you haven't done so yet... I'll go look into that now)


Author's Response: Oh... Well, you're probably right saying that Remus would've suited the role better... But it would really be too much for Chiara to handle, and I think Remus wouldn't want to hear about Romeo and Juliet for a while...

That's another scene that was clear in my mind for a while, James and Lily's first kiss in the excitement of the post-play (and the curtain suddently opening over them). I had to make them wait, because I loved that idea too much, but I agree with you that it was about time!

No, I have nothing up yet... I've written a bunch of words for both the prequel and the sequel, but nothing consistent.
Maybe I can get back to the project... Would you like to be my beta if I do?

Thank you so, so, so much again for all these absolutely amazing reviews! They've really brightened the last few days!!!

All my love and the world's biggest hug,

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Review #5, by merlins beard Welcome back, Chiara

19th May 2015:
Aw! All the fluffy goodness... I want to wrap myself up in it and never let go!

This is so sweet! I love that something good can happen to Remus in the Shrieking Shack!

I'm so glad that everything worked out and that they can be together now. I was worried that, as soon as they kiss again, the curse would be back.

What's up with James? I guess Chiara is right, it isn't like him to be so timid and careful, almost scared. It might be that he just loves lily so much he can't ever risk losing their friendship.

It's so good to finally see Remus happy. I'm glad that he actually lets himself be happy! And Chiara will be there to call him out if he starts being all crazy and doubting himself again...

I'll go read the epilogue now! I've been waiting for that for ages (as soon as I read the first chapter,I just couldn't wait to know more about the play!


Author's Response: Finally some happiness for them! They totally deserve it!!!

The curse is broken, once and forever! They won't have to worry about it ever again!

James... He's acting kind of stupid, isn't he? Yes, that's pretty much it, he's scared of ruining their friendship. He just needs a push in the right direction...

Oh, you can be sure that Chiara won't let Remus get all self-doubting again! ;)

See you on the epilogue, then!

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Review #6, by merlins beard A full moon without full moon

19th May 2015:
Oh my god I love this chapter so much!
the prank is just about the most beautifully executed one I have read about so far. I love the conversation between the boys, and Remus deciding to go have some fun. And I love the way Minerva McGonagall punished them for the prank, while secretly enjoying it much more than she should have.

Maybe it didn't take the teachers three days to figure out how to change it back, maybe Dumbledore just loved it too much to make it go away immediately.

Aw!!! That Ending... I don't even know what to say! So sweet!
Of course she'd pass out again, it's what happened last time.

I'll shut up now so I can go look at the next chapter.


Author's Response: Oh, my! Thank you!!!
I wanted something truly spectacular for the prank, and I really struggled to find something fitting... I'm just so glad you liked it!!!

The conversation between the boys was one of my favourite bits to write! I really had fun with it!!!
And yes, McGonagall did enjoy the prank a bit too much. Eheheh!

Yeah, it's an interesting theory... Sounds like something Dumbledore would do! ;)

I'm glad you liked the ending! Well, this is the closing of the cicle so, yeah, it was to be expected.

Oh, you can rant on how much you like! But I don't want to keep you, so go on!


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Review #7, by merlins beard Peter's epiphany

19th May 2015:
Hi! It's me again :)

Hope you're not mad at me for pointing out mistakes.

Wow, a solar eclipse. That would work. I love that! (I would have pointed out the astronomical mistake if you hadn't mentioned it in the AN, but I can easily accept your explanation) I'm completely fine with adapting reality sometimes.

I loved the switches in POV, and I didn't find them confusing at all. They were great.
I thought something like that would have happended between James and Lily, but it's easily fixable and I'm sure they'll work it out soon.

So Chiara has another month as a bird. I wonder when they are going to tell her that they solved the riddle, found the way out.

I have to point out a few things again (sorry! I just can't stop myself)

James had always been a very morning person, especially when he was nervous or excited about something.

This doesn't quite work. Maybe try it like this: "James had always been very much a morning person..." (at least I think that's correct :/ )

(...) trying to do the less noise possible as to not disturb his roommates (...)
Try: "trying to make ad little noise as possible..."

'win' is irregular again, so it should be 'they had won in the end'


Author's Response: I made a very quick research over eclipses (which essentially means I scrolled through Wikipedia... :P) and I was quite disappointed when I found out that I was writing about something impossible (and I felt really stupid for not realizing it sooner, since it is only logic...) but I imagined that dealing with a fantastic world it could be ok to "adapt reality" a bit, as you said (also, I said it was a really rare phenomenon. What's more rare than something impossible?)

Oh, I'm glad the switching in POVs worked out alright. I tend to do that a lot, and I'm never sure if it is clear to follow or not. So I'm really, really happy you liked it!

Ok, thanks for pointing out those sentences. I didn't know they weren't correct.
Erm... What did I wite instead of won? Oh, doesn't matter... I'll fix it, I swear I will!

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Review #8, by merlins beard The Mark

19th May 2015:
Great chapter. Peter gets his task, and is horrified by what he has to do (which I really like. He wouldn't have chosen his path lightly)

I wonder what happened to James and Lily on their date? Didn't it go well? Or did it go too well and James embarrassed himself somehow? I can't wait to find out.

There are quite a few grammatical errors in here, I pointed most of them out below. I hope that's ok...

(...) Bella's Cruciatus Curse casted on him, prevented him from utter another word (...)

It should be 'uttering another word'

'cast' is irregular again, past tense is 'cast' as well, also: freeze- froze -frozen

Voldemort didn't even spoke out loud, just flicked his wand subtly, yet the pain was twenty times worse than what Peter had experienced with Bellatrix.

There is an error in the tenses. You already have the 'didn't' to show it's past tense, so you use 'speak' (present tense). Sticking the two together, you have past tense: He didn't speak.

I'm so incredibly sorry that I am such a grammar nazi. I hope you're ok with me pointing all that out.

I love the chapter.
I always feel so bad for finding all these mistakes... sorry

Author's Response: Hello again, Anja! And once again, thanks so much!!!

Yes, Peter is now officially a Death Eater. And no, he doesn't like his task...

Eh, James and Lily... Who knows? (You and I, but let's not say that around...)

Don't worry about pointing out mistakes. I'm actually glad for the help :)
Now, the real question is, when will I find the time and the desire of fixing them? Did I mention that I'm lazy?!?

Anyway, thanks for another amazing review! I still can't believe you've actually reviewed all chapters of this!!!

Tons of hugs and love,

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Review #9, by merlins beard Meetings in Hogsmeade

19th May 2015:
Hi again!

Well, Remus' plan is utterly riddiculous. There is no way he can make Chiara fall for anyone else.

I'm glad he informs Mrs. Nightingale, and they seem to be getting along really well. It will be so good for Chiara to see her mum. I hope they'll figure out how to help her soon.

I see what you meant in your reply earlier, you focus on Peter a lot more now.
I still don't like him much, but I still feel sorry for him, too. I guess I'm just undecided about him. I can really imagine that that's the way he got himself into this mess and that he was too weak and frightened to get out again. I wonder how Dumbledore didn't realize what was happening (he usually knows everything)...

Can't wait to finally figure out how they get Chiara back to being a 'full time human'. I hope there's more romantic stuff coming soon.


Author's Response: It is, isn't it? Fortunately, there are other ways to break the curse... ;)

Anna is an intelligent woman and surely would have no trouble seeing in Remus the kind and sweet boy he is. I think it's only natural that they would get along well.
And yes, that would be a very important moment for both the mother and the daughter!

Peter (or at least my headcanon Peter at age sixteen) is a controversial character. He obviously has many flaws, and he's obviously making unwise choices, but I just can't completely blame him. He's thrown into a situation that he just isn't able to handle (ok, he throws himself into that situation...) and he's just so young, and lonely, and helpless...
You're right, Dumbledore should've seen what was happening... Maybe all the Marauders were such a mess at the moment (with Chiara's disappearence and everything else) that he didn't weight it enough...

Well, you already know ;) See you again on the next chapter!

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Review #10, by merlins beard Christmas break

19th May 2015:
Hi Chiara!
I love this chapter. You're right, the change of scenery really did improve the story.

Oh, Peter... I don't know what to say about him... if he is waiting for the other boys to notice something, he will wait forever. They are all loyal and brave, but - as JKR so wonderfully put it - have the emotional range of a teaspoon. He is so weak-minded, he is very susceptible to the Death Eaters' tactics. As much as he should have just talked to his friends, I understand how it feels to be the odd one out.

I absolutely adore Remus' mum. She has experienced terrible things, yet she is happy and loves her son a lot! Of course she can see right away that a girl is the cause for Remus' sorrow. She has no idea how strange the situation is, though.

Hahaha it's so funny that James' Dad joins the snowball fight. I hope he got in a few good throws, the boys would deserve them for sneaking out.

You might have to brush up on your irregular verbs a little. Past tense of sneak is snuck, past tense of freeze is froze.


Author's Response: Hi Anja!
Oh, I'm glad it did! Thank you!

I'm glad you can emphatize with Peter here. You're absolutely right, they are wonderful people, but just lack in sensibility (except Remus, but he has too much on his mind at the moment to notice anything else...) Your quoting is absolutely fitting, I loved that line too!
Sadly, he won't talk to them, and we know where this will lead...

I'm so happy you liked Silvia! I really love her too! Well, I suppose a mother would immediatly understand that sort of things, don't you agree?

Ahahah! Oh, yes, they would deserve it! I'm happy you liked that scene!

Freeze, froze, frozen... Freeze, froze, frozen... Freeze, froze, frozen...
Ok, maybe I'll remember it from now on... :P

Thank you so much again, honey! Your reviews are just delightful!

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Review #11, by merlins beard The cure

18th May 2015:
What is it I have to see? Zero reviews on this awesome chapter? Let's fix that right away!

Ha! Lily figured it out. I knew she would. The full moon thing could be a problem. (I know it is... I can't wait to figure out how they solve that)

I knew the answer had to be in the play, and - as I still pretty much know it by heart (I played Juliet once) - I have been wondering which part you'd chose. It all makes perfect sense now.

Interesting thing, that Severus is the one who practically tells Lily the solution unknowingly. I wonder if he's going to come into this again. He must be really lonely with Chiara gone and Lily not speaking to him. I feel sorry for him.

I also feel kind of sorry for Peter because no one takes him seriously. Then I remember what he will do sometime in the future and that feeling disappears much faster than it showed up. He's just not a very likeable guy.

I'll head to the next chapter now, can't wait!!


Author's Response: Once again, I have to repeat myself... Thank you, Anja! You are way too sweet!!!

The key to break the curse and Lily figuring it out was something that was clear in my mind since I started writing the story. I'm very happy you think it worked well!

The full moon thing can be tricky... But they might find a way to circumvent it...

You played Juliet? Really? That's so cool!!! I did a little bit of amatorial theatre, but never a main role, and never Shakespeare. I envy you a bit...

Poor Severus... He is very lonely. He won't have a central role in the proceeding of the story, but he will appear again.

Peter instead will get some more attention in later chapters (I was going through a weird Peter phase when I wrote the chapters following this one... That phase hasn't exactly ended yet, actually...) I'm curious to know if I'll have you pity him or hate him even more...

Waiting for you on the next chapter, then!
Thank you, Anja! You are amazing!

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Review #12, by merlins beard Back together

18th May 2015:
Aw I knew Chiara would have no trouble accepting Remus' furry little problem... I love that she decides to stick to him even after he tells her everything. So much for Lady Capulet cursing all generations to come so they'll stay away from a werewolf... that certainly didn't work out as she planned, even though the curse does provide slight difficulties.

I'm sure they love each other enough to overcome them in the end. I can't wait.

It's so great that they all get to see Chiara again in this chapter. They'll have to do that more often to pool their ressources, so they find the solution sooner.

I just want Remus to be happy and to finally be able to accept himself for who he is, not what he turns into once a month. Chiara will show him why he should love himself. He is kind, caring, fiercely loyal and loves life (when he is human). Where can one find a man like that? (Not that I'm looking :D )


Author's Response: Oh, Anja... You must stop this... You're spoiling me too much... *Blushing*

Of course she's sticking to him!
No, the curse is definitely not going as Lady Capulets expected. She should've known better...

I'm happy you liked that they all got to see Chiara. I imagined that was something they'd plan, once they learned about the curse.

I totally agree with you! Remus is just amazing, and he deserves all the happiness he can get! Oh, and by the way... I'm not looking either, but if you happen to meet a man like that, introduce him to me... :P

Thank you so much again!

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Review #13, by merlins beard Telling Lily

18th May 2015:
I knew that Lily knew all along. How could she not? I'm so glad Remus decides to tell her. Now they are all on the same page and can start working out how to reverse Chiara's curse. I agree that the key will be in the play, but it will be very well hidden.

Poor Remus has hurt himself badly during his transformation. At least Chiara remains herself inside the birds body, she can still think and act the way she wants, while Remus' senses are taken over by the monster.

I know they'll figure it out soon, but I just can't wait for some more romance between Remus and Chiara (or James and Lily).


Author's Response: Yes, now that they all know it should be simpler to solve the mistery! And the key might be hidden in the play, we'll see...

Chiara is much luckier than him in that aspect... Yes, he did hurt himself quite badly, but it was to be expected, with his friends' absence and all his worries for Chiara...

The romance will come... But it might take a while to break the curse... I hope you'll have the patience to keep reading! ;)

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much again!
Your reviews really brighten my day!!!
Much love,

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Review #14, by merlins beard The Lark and the Nightingale

18th May 2015:
Hi again!

I feel so sorry for Chiara. Giovana Capuleti clearly hasn't thought this curse through. Why would she make her childrens children suffer so much? The idea of being herself only on a full moon night, when Remus is anything but himself is good as a protection, but turninh her grandchildren into birds because they fall in love with the wrong man - that's like locking them away in the tower so they don't fall in love in the first place... and we know from all the fairytales how well that works.

I hope everything will get better for Remus and Chiara soon.


Author's Response: Hi again!
Well, no... Probably she hasn't... After all when she casted the curse her daughter had just being killed (something she would blame solely on Romeo, of course...) and wasn't probably thinking straight (she was moved by hate and desire for revenge, more than by her family's safety, and I doubt those would be great counsellors...)

You're right. Locking princesses in towers doesn't usually work too well... We'll see what happens in Chiara and Remus' case...

Thank you again for the lovely review! Hugs!

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Review #15, by merlins beard Show must go on

16th May 2015:
I like that Remus can't play Romeo without Chiara! I'm so glad James runs after him and talks to him.

The talk in the hospital wing is very important. Remus has to trust his friends in order to stay sane.

Wow, why didn't I think of Chiara writing Remus a letter and then delivering it? It never even occured to me.

Well, she doesn't know he's a werewolf so that she picks a full moon night is just bad luck. I hope she'll be ok once James and Sirius explain everything to her. It's gonna be a shock!

Author's Response: Hey, Anja!
Finally getting to answer to your reviews ( I had a very busy weekend, sorry for the lateness...)

No, Remus just can't get into the part without Chiara inspiring him... I'm so happy you liked James running after him. I figured that would be just like his character. James would never abandon a friend in difficulty.

It was about time that Remus confided in his friends! He just finds it so hard to ask for help, because he's so scared to bother people... I was writing about myself there, actually... I'm like that too...

I'm happy I surprised you with that! But I imagined it would be a good idea for her to deliver her own letter.

No, she doesn't know... Well, you already know how her encounter with James and Sirius is going to work out...

Thank you so much again for the lovely review and see you soon on the next!

All my love,

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Review #16, by merlins beard Feathers and moonlight

11th May 2015:
Allright, I didn't expect that at all. I hope Remus and Chiara will find a way out of their current state soon. I'd love for them to be together, they are really, really cute as a couple. I miss the acting and I miss the Italian sentences in between the English.

There are a couple of mistakes in this chapter, small things, mainly typos. I thought I'd point one out for you:

She'd fell too many times in the last month, and it wasn't an enjoyable experience.

It should be: 'she'd fallen too many times...'

I hope you're ok with me pointing that out.
I should probably mention: we're done with our review swap, I'm only doing this because I want to and I'm not expecting anything in return. I hope you're ok with that...

Author's Response: Once again, I'm happy I took you by surprise!
I love them as a couple too! We will see if and how this will be solved...

There will be a little italian and a little acting later on, just keep reading! ;)

Oh, yes, don't worry! That's ok! I promise I'll fix them, sooner or later!

Oh, you are so sweet! It really means so much to me that you're enjoying the story so much!
Actually, I think I will go back to "Letters to loving you" soon. I haven't had the time yet, but I liked the first chapter a lot and I'd really love to read more!

I really hope I'll see you again on here!

Tons of love,

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Review #17, by merlins beard Huge furry problems

11th May 2015:
So, that transformation sounds horribly painful, much more so for Remus than fir James and Sirius (even though they are the ones who are hurt). It seems like once Remus transforms, he feels his own emotions magnified and much more forcefully.

I've been wondering a lot where Chiara could be... I've been thinking maybe Verona? Well, I hope I'll find out soon.

Author's Response: It is. For all of them.
And yes, that's how I imagine it, that he feels emotions much more forcefully when in werewolf form (I think he's the kind of person who tries to rationalize his feelings, but he obviously can't do that when he is a werewolf, and dominated by instincts).

I know, I put Chiara aside for a bit. But as you already know, answers about her are just behind the corner ;)

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Review #18, by merlins beard So sorry, Sev.

11th May 2015:
Hi again.

This was a really good chapter. I love how well you got me to feel the desperation everyone is struggling with right now.
Severus adds a new perspective. i didn't expect him to miss Chiara that much, but I guess it makes sense, after all she did speak for him right at the beginning of the story.
Poor Remus. I can't imagine how horrible he must feel. he shouldn't blame himself, It's all lady Capulet's fault for being prejudiced (I think at that time in history prejudice against werewolfs was wide spread - I think it would have decreased over the years)
I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked this!

What can I say? I can't help but add a little point of Snily in my Marauder stories...
Yes, it's a bit strange of him. I imagined, since they both frequented Lily, that they would become friends in the end. And I also imagined that Severus would find a good confident in Chiara, since he wouldn't be able to talk about his feeling for Lily to anyone else. And yes, she did speak up for him at the beginning of the story.

Is just so typical of Remus to blame himself. I agree, he shouldn't. But all he can see is that without his lycanthropy nothing of this would've ever happened.
And sure, at that time in history prejudices would be a lot stronger.

Once again, thank you!
See you soon on the next chapter!

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Review #19, by merlins beard The Capulets's curse

11th May 2015:
Oh wow,I'm speechless. This I definitwly didn't expect. I don't quite know how to deal with it. It's so sad, all the prejudice and mistrust against werewolfs being carried down over generations by a curse.
Remus will figure out how to stop it and then everyone will be happy again...
Meanwhile, let's figure out where Chiara has disappeared to and how.


Author's Response: I'm happy to hear that you didn't expect the curse (in my head was way too obvious, so it's great to know that you felt this way)!
Yes, I agree. It's sad...
We'll see what happened to Chiara and what Remus will be able to do about it (once again, you're way ahead, so you already have part of the answers...)

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Review #20, by merlins beard Help from Padfoot

11th May 2015:
Aw... I'm so happy about this chapter. I love that Sirius convinces lily to work with them. They certainly gave their friends a push in the right direction.

Chiara has to take the lead because Remus just won't. U wonder if he's going to tell her about his 'furry little problem'...
I hope she can accept that, but I don't think she'll have a problem with it, as long as he doesn't keep it secret from her for too long...


Author's Response: Hi again, Anja!
First of all, for some reason I can't respond to your previous review. Seems like it kept the italic and the button isn't working properly... So I suppose I'll just answer to both here!

Damned irregular verbs... Anyway, thank you for pointing that one out!
I know there are a few mistakes here and there. A few people suggested me to consider getting a beta... Maybe I'll do just that.

I'm happy you're liking Chiara and Remus together! They are sweet!

I love Lily working with the Marauders! She can pretend not to, but she does have a mischievous side :) And obviously, since this was to her best friend's benefit, she would do it!

Well, you are already a few chapters ahead, so there's really no need to answer that (not that I would have in any case).

So happy you are enjoying the story! Thank so much for the lovely reviews!

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Review #21, by merlins beard Wherefore art thou, Remus?

11th May 2015:

I'll start with a bit of nitpicking to get it out of the way.
"He freezed, shocked by what he had just said."

It should be "he froze..."

There are a couple of other tiny grammar errors, nothing a quick sweep through couldn't fix.

Now, on to the pleasant part:

I love that Chiara doesn't take forever to realize her feelings for Remus. It often just takes charactwrs too long to be honest with themselves.

It's so sweet that they steal each other's lines and use them in normal conversation. It must be really hard for Chiara not to know why Remus is keeping his distance. I hope they'll figure out a way to be together.

This has been really great to read so far.


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Review #22, by merlins beard The Muggle Studies project

10th May 2015:
Hi there.
Leaving my thoughts here again, I hope you don't mind, since we're done with the swap. This was just too interesting a story to leave again. It certainly is different to everything I've read here before.

Chiara is so blind to the amazing romance she could have with Remus (I love Remus, he's the cutest, most thoughtful teenager anyone could ever imagine - and he is that way in almost all the stories)
I really don't like that Matt guy even though I don't know anything about him. He won't be around for too long, though, because even Chiara can't ignore the sparks between her and Remus forever.


Author's Response: Hello again, Anja!
Of course I don't mind! Why would I?!?

Yes, she's completely clueless, but she won't be for long!
Remus is my not-so-secret fictional crush (there's a reason if I named my OC after myself...) I totally agree about him being so cute and thoughtful! I adore him too!

Matt is not that bad. You're seeing him through Remus' eyes, and he might be a little biased about him... Anyway, no. He won't be around for long. ;)

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Review #23, by merlins beard Chiara Nightingale

10th May 2015:
I'm here for our swap.

This is a very interesting beginning to a story. I usually don't read many crossovers but I'm a huge Shakespeare fan so I thought I'd try.

I absolutely loved that the dialogue was italian (I love the language but there's not enough chance to practise using it, so this was like a language lesson wrapped into a fascinating story)

I can't wait to find out what happened to Lucy. It's sad that she doesn't have her parents left, and only her prejudiced Grandmother to take care of her. I found it a little unusual that Romeo doesn't kill himself, but I guess he wouldn't, with a child to take care of.

Chiara, Lily and her friends seem to have the usual trainride to Hogwarts. Maybe I overlooked it, but what year are they going to be in? Since all they can talk about is boys and since Lily doesn't talk to Severus anymore, I'm guessing anywhere from 5th to 7th year. (Sorry, I really am too lazy to scroll back to check)

I really enjoyed this so far and I'll continue reading it.


Author's Response: Hey Anja!
I'm finally getting to answer to your reviews!!! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am that you picked this and that you're keeping reading and reviewing! You are so sweet! :)

I'm happy you decided to give this a try, even if it isn't what you usually read. Actually, this isn't exactly a crossover in the strict sense of the term, I suppose... And, well... I'm a huge Shakespeare fan too!

I'm happy you enjoyed the Italian bits. I wasn't really sure about that choice (I wasn't even sure if it was ToS compliant...) I feared it would result weird. But I decided to do it anyway, because I love my country and my language! :)

Yes, poor Lucy... As a matter of facts, that bit in sixteeenth century's Verona only served as a prologue, so you won't see her a lot more. But I've kind of fantasizing about a prequel for this, in which I would explore her character and her story a bit more deeply. I don't know if I'll ever write it for real, but never say never!
As for Romeo, he is tempted. But as you pointed out, he would want to live for his daughter. I know, I twisted the original story quite a bit... It was all intentional.

I love to write Hogwarts trainrides! I have at least one in nearly all of my stories.
They're about to start their sixth year. I don't think I said it explicitly anywhere, but I hinted at it when I said they discussed OWLs results and of course you can tell from Lily's reaction at Snape's passage. I think you can tell the Mudblood incident is quite a fresh wound. Oh, and I put the year and location at the start of the section. But don't worry about it, I'm a very lazy person too...

Thank you for the amazing review, and see you soon on the following!

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Review #24, by Babbitty Rabbitty Chiara Nightingale

2nd April 2015:
I was very excited to see a story set in my time period. Most people these days seem to be interested in what is happening in the 21st century, but that's not my cup of tea. I recognize older stuff much better. The 1500s especially, since that was when life was more like it was during my lifetime.

I was not expecting the Italian, but it makes sense for the setting. The Romeo-is-a-werewolf twist was unexpected. (But what can you expect when you have Muggles telling the story over and over and over again, up until that Shakespeare guy.) Plus a curse. I do love a good curse, or at least the threat of one. I used it to my advantage once, as you probably know, to threaten some Muggles (hehe). Bet it made them think twice for a while, but the problem is people tend to forget things as time goes on.

I expect we will see a budding relationship between this Chiara girl and Remus Lupin. Yep, yep. (Did you know his friends were animagi? Just like me! hehe)

Yours truly,

Babbitty Rabbitty

Author's Response: Hello Babbity!
I'm very happy you decided to stop by this story.

I think the 1500s were a fascinating period. I'm not exactly a history expert, but I liked the idea of giving the backstory an ancient setting. Hope you found I did a good job with it, since that was your time period.

Italian is my mother language so it just felt right to use it, since the story was set in Italy. Hope it didn't turn out too weird...

Ah, Muggles... They always have to make everything fit in what they can understand, haven't they? But I must admit that I love Shakespeare's version.

A good curse always makes things interesting...
Ahahah! I remember... Poor Muggle king... You were very clever :)

Oh, something might happen between Chiara and Remus Lupin... Only time can tell... We'll see...

Really, were they? Curious... Because I checked the Ministry register and I didn't find their names...

Thank you so much for the lovely review.

With love,

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Review #25, by B The Mark

8th October 2014:
Such a wonderful insight into Peter's psychology. Can't wait to read what's up next!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
I'm glad you liked the way I portrayed Peter!
I'll try to update soon!

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