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Review #1, by victoria_anne The Mark

17th May 2016:
Lucky last for Hot Seat, Chi!

(But we both know I'll be back later anyway)

Ooh what happened between Lily and James? Their first official date didn't go as planned obviously!

This is a really dark, unexpected (kind of) side of Peter! He has so many emotions coming through that you never really see. It's terrifying but very sad at the same time. I'm still devastated that it seems to be his friends who drove him to become bad.


*hides under covers*

*but peeks out to finish chapter*

NOOO! Peter is a Death Eater now! And a spy!

Wah :(

This story has taken quite an unexpected turn! I hope Chiara comes back soon! I miss her! I need to know she's okay! I'm starting to worry about how the story ends now...

Once again I am in awe of your talent my little Chi ♥

Lots of love! X

Author's Response: Hey, B!
Turning into angry Mummy-Chiara again...

But thank you for this last super lovely review! *wub*

No, their date didn't go perfectly... but you'll find out in the next chapter... It's nothing too worrisome, though. I'm sure they'll work it out soon enough. ;)

Poor Peter... he obviously has a dark side, or he wouldn't have done everything we know he will do... Sadly, he never realized that his friends really cared for him... and they never realized he needed them to be more explicit about it from time to time... :(

Now... don't pretend you're scared of Voldemort... Who's the best Tom Riddle writer out there? :P

Yes... he is... :( my poor little Petey... :(

Chiara will be back soon! And the story will end on a happy note, promise. I'm not sure why I deviated through the Peter's tangent at a certain point, but that's not what the story is about. Don't worry about it too much. *hug*

Thank you so much for all the love you showed me and my stories during this Hot Seat! I just can't thank you enough!!! *wub* *wub* *wub*

Snowball hug rolling your way!!!

PS Shake-what? ;)

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Review #2, by victoria_anne Meetings in Hogsmeade

15th May 2016:

Nooo I can see the end of this story - I don't want it to end!

Ha ha I love how everyone reacted to Remus announcing he has a plan, they were all very in character, I especially love James trying to determine the weather for Quidditch! But I'm worried about Peter being lost in his own thoughts... that seems dangerous to me.

Ha ha another "be serious" line - YES! *sigh* I love him so much, he is definitely the character I want to spend my morning reading about.

Excuse me Bianca, this is about Remus and Chiara, stop daydreaming.

Oops, right you are!

Aaand now I'm talking to myself in a review (where's that coffee I desperately need?!)


No no no NO! Peter is joining the dark side! I mean, I know it was inevitable but it breaks my heart that he was forced into it because his friends were neglectful, wah :(

"Scrivenshaft" as the name of a quill shop! You know what that reminds me of, don't you? :D

PETER IS STEALING THE CLOAK! THAT IS SO NAUGHTY! And now you have me feeling sorry for Peter! I am very confused right now! I'm so torn about his character! You've made him quite brave at times, and standing up for what's right and it seems that all the bad he did was forced upon him - he's kind of stumbled into it all.

Oh no oh no oh no! I'm desperate but nervous at the same time to find out what's next for Peter!

Great work as always Chiara, the plot really does thicken!

♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: Ahahah! Yes, not much more to go... Actually, I can't wait for you to get to the end... :P

Ahahah! Yes, Remus' ideas... *rolls eyes* James lives in his own little Quidditch world... Eheheh! Ah, Petey... you're right to worry... but you already know... :(

Ahahah! No worries! I can see where the interest comes from! ;) And yay for Serious lines!!! Those are my favourites! :D

Poor Peter has no idea what he's doing... I really wish he realized it was a mistake... but as you said, we know this had to happen... :(

"Scrivenshaft". I didn't invent it, it's an actual Hogsmeade shop. But it does sound like "Scrivener"! ;)

Very naughty of him, yes. But we both know he'll do much worse things in the future. He did kind of stumble into it... poor kid... Such a hard price for a moment of weakness... not that I'm justifying his choice, nor what he'll do later on. But right now I feel so terribly sorry for him.

Thank you for yet another wonderful review!
Love thee,

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Review #3, by marauderfan Epilogue The opening night

15th May 2016:
Aw, I really like that it ended up being Lily and James, as Juliet and Romeo. (It also makes a lot of sense considering Chiara missed a few months of rehearsal haha)

Chiara and Remus were adorable during this chapter. ♥ Still quoting lines from the play to one another as well hehe. (Also lines from The Empire Strikes Back, though unintentionally I'm sure :P)

I love that you included Lily and James' first kiss in the story as well. That was such an adorable moment! And also hilarious because the curtain came up on them. But I've always liked the idea that after so long of her rejecting him, when they finally got together it ended up being a pretty well-known thing. And the people in the audience were hilarious, like Alice and Frank who'd put a bet on them, and other people who were just like "no way!"

A wonderful ending to a wonderful story! It was really nice to have two chapters of fluff to end it on such a happy note, and I had a smile on my face during the whole chapter. (I should take notes - I have still never figured out how to write a happy ending :P ) Thank you for writing this lovely story and I'm so glad that I've had a chance to read it. You are very talented!

All my love and hugs
♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡

Author's Response: Jily 4ever!!! :D And yes, poor Chiara wouldn't withstand the stress...

Yes, of course they'd still quote the lines... Erm... are you referring to the "I love you"/"I know" bit? That was completely unintentional... :P

I had that picture of their first kiss and the curtain coming up on them clear in my mind since the very beginning. I loved that image too much!!! And, yes! Glad you loved the audience's different reactions!

Aww... thank you so much... I'm so incredibly glad that you enjoyed this! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sticking with me till the end and for all the awesome Hot Seat reviews!

So much love and snowball hug!!!

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Review #4, by marauderfan Welcome back, Chiara

15th May 2016:
Awww! I guess my worrying at the end of last chapter was without reason, because it was just the curse breaking. Thank goodness! I loved this chapter, it was pretty much mostly fluff, which I needed after all the sad and angst going on with Remus in previous chapters and such a long separation.

I really loved how this chapter started off, with Chiara opening her eyes and what she experiences as she adjusts to her surroundings and realises what has happened. I loved all the reunions! And the welcome back party they had for her, with the banner and everything! And of course that she kept sneaking off to kiss Remus. :P The curse has no power anymore and they're definitely fully appreciating that! Besides, they do have a lot of time to make up for!

Ooh, he took her to the Shrieking Shack. I can see how he'd want to share something that personal with her because as much as he hates the place, it is a part of him as he's spent a good deal of time there every month. As for what happened next... I'm resisting the urge to make jokes about why it's called the Shrieking Shack. :P (My mind lives in the gutter and I'm sorry. :P) I love that Remus's reason for hesitation was the fear that she would turn into a phoenix. Haha. Their banter about it was super cute though :)

I'm so glad these two have a chance to be a happy couple with no curse in the way! And I can't believe there's only one more chapter. I've really loved this fic so far. :)

Author's Response: Ahahah! I'm actually happy that I had you still a bit worried... But yes, that was only the curse breaking, and everything was fine in the end (well, apart from what's wrong... but it doesn't matter right now...)

Yay for fluff!!! I love fluff, don't you? Especially after so much angst...

Ahahah! Chiara took a bit to realize what had happened. And, well, the Marauders would do that, wouldn't they? I'm sure they loved to party! And of course Remus and Chiara wouldn't waste other time... ;)

Yes, I thought that he would want to share something so personal with her. Ahahah! Kristin, you naughty girl... :P Remus will never change...

Yes, only one last chapter. It's really just an epilogue, actually. But I hope you'll enjoy it! :D

Thank you so much! I'm so, so happy that you enjoyed the story! It's still my most loved work, and I'm so glad you followed it to the end!

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Review #5, by marauderfan A full moon without full moon

15th May 2016:
The beginning of this chapter had the best Sirius/serious joke I've ever seen, mainly because you managed to keep it going for so long and incorporate people who weren't even there such as Merlin. :P

Awww. I just love the image of Remus being so happy after a solid session of prank planning with his three best friends and the knowledge (or at least the hope) that the next full moon won't really be a full moon and that Chiara might come back. ♥

That prank sounds... pretty! haha Honestly I bet it looked so cool! But uh oh, when Professor McGonagall swears then you know you're in trouble. But I love that she was still impressed with their spellwork, even if she wasn't supposed to think so :) So typical McGonagall - well done writing her :)

so as to allow the students to assist to the extraordinary event -- this isn't CC, more of a note about English, I hope that's okay. In English, 'assist' means 'to help/aid/take care of'. I'm pretty sure I understand where this confusion comes from though, because in Spanish at least (and I would imagine it's similar in Italian), the verbs asistir and atender are both false cognates, and the meaning of one is the cognate of the other (if that makes sense). Meaning that asistir is to attend/go to, whereas atender means to assist/help.

For example: 'I attended a concert last Thursday'. Or: 'Can you assist me in lifting this heavy thing?'

I hope that made sense :P

OMG THAT ENDING!!! AJSDLKAFJWLKJERFLKWNELAKFRNJ!?!?!?!?! How could you??? haha. Agh! The suspense! I can't believe you did that. Going to the next chapter RIGHT NOW. :P

Author's Response: Ahahah! I loved writing that bit so much!!! Yep, Merlin! :P

Remus needed the distraction. He needs to forget problems and just be happy from time to time, and this was a great time for it!

McGonagall loves those four... Even if they drive her crazy... And they did outdo themselves here... She would be impressed!

That makes perfect sense... Actually, in Italian, "assistere" means both things, I believe... we also have "attendere", but it's rarely used in that acceptation and commonly used for "to wait"... Erm, languages can be confusing... But thank you for pointing that out. :)

Ahahah... well, it's not really that much of suspence, is it? :P
See you on the next chapter, then!

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Review #6, by marauderfan Peter's epiphany

15th May 2016:
I love the way you did those side by side conversations between Lily and Alice, and James and Sirius. I thought that was a really clever way to do it and it was easy to follow, despite that it hopped around a lot. I kind of imagined it like a split-screen scene in a film! Aw, poor James. He was just nervous! :S

Peter sleep-talking in class was the best thing. XD Poor guy though, he must be having a nightmare if he's talking about cats! Maybe that's a subconscious reason for why he's afraid of McGonagall - because she's a cat Animagus? Even if that's unrelated, yeah I bet that'd be a scary sight to wake up from sleeping in Transfiguration and finding McGonagall being very displeased hovering over you. Eek.

Remus tried to talk to Corner... I'm not surprised that didn't work. However I am surprised that he told Corner about the Furry Little Problem (or FLP, as I think I will from now on refer to it). I mean it makes sense that other students might have figured out Remus' secret if they really thought about it, but whoa. I hope Corner can keep his mouth shut.

Ooh, I love that Peter figured out the solution. An eclipse! I HOPE THIS WORKS OMG.

Also, not to be annoying but you know I'm a scientist and interested in astronomy so of course I was going to think about this in a scientific way :P You describe the solution here as a solar eclipse, though as you point out in your A/N, a solar eclipse occurs during a new moon and the sun is what gets covered up. But I wonder if maybe you meant lunar eclipse instead? In a total lunar eclipse, the earth is completely in front of the moon and blocks it all from view - the moon is eclipsed, so you could have a 'full moon without the full moon'. Anyway, that's my thoughts on it which you are free to disregard :P I'm also cool with accepting poetic license and looking past scientific inaccuracies XD

(Sidenote, the linear alignment of the sun, moon, and earth during eclipses is called syzygy which is one of my favourite words of all time. :P)

Sooo anyway, my long tangent and pedantic scientific rambling aside - this is a wonderful chapter and AHHH I can't wait to see if the solution works! I hope it does! This is such a wonderful story and things are really picking up now that we're almost at the end!

All the hugs!
♥ ♥

Author's Response: Ahahah! I did imagine it as a movie scene! I was a bit scared that it would result confusing, so I'm relieved that you found it easy to follow! :D Ahahah! Nervous James is the cutest!!!

I had so much fun writing Peter sleep-talking! Yes, he was definitely having a nightmare in that moment... Mmmh... I never thought about that... But I do love your idea!!! McGonagall would be very scary in any case, though...

Well, Remus wasn't really thinking in that moment. He just let it slip in his frustration. Corner will keep the secret, don't worry. He's an intelligent boy (he's a Ravenclaw, after all) and I did tell you he isn't that bad (wonder why no one trusts me on that...)

Yes, the eclipse thing... well, I loved the idea of a solar eclipse because of the darkness it creates, you know. And then I went to check, and I realized that what I was doing was impossible. And I felt so stupid because it's obvious that if the moon covers the sun, the illuminated side can't be visible from the Earth... but I still thought a solar eclipse worked better for me, and I wanted it to be a rare phenomenon, and a lunar eclipse with the full moon (which is a lunar eclipse, dot) wasn't that rare. So I decided to stick with my astronomical mistake... :P Sorry if I hurt your scientist sensibility. (I hurt my own scientist sensibility, if that makes you feel better...)

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Review #7, by marauderfan The Mark

15th May 2016:
Wow, this chapter. Things just got a whole lot darker (as they would, considering the time period :( I never thought I'd simultaneously hate someone so much and feel bad for them, as I do here with Peter. He had one lapse of judgement - and it wasn't even that, it was just a moment of confusion where he's trying to figure out where he belongs (and who hasn't done that, really?) and abandons his friends, but then finds himself stuck and things are far more permanent than he bargained for. He's already gotten quite good at lying to his friends. And it doesn't surprise me that Remus is the one to sort of see through the lies, as he's probably quite accustomed to feeding people lies about his mum being ill, or whatever other things he invented to put people off the track of finding out his Furry Little Problem.

Your portrayal of Voldemort is great here - sufficiently creepy and knows when he's being lied to. The last section here when he finds out about his future as a double agent - it reminds me a lot of Snape. Different circumstances of course in how they ended up there, but similar in that they're both infiltrating the other's organization and so effective at being on both sides that it took a while for anyone to notice.

One thing that really stood out to me about this chapter was Peter's lament that he's involved in all this and he's just a kid. It's so true! And so horrible to think that a lot of the Death Eaters at this time (Nott of course, and Regulus around this time as well probably) were only sixteen or seventeen and facing a future of a lot of violence and fighting and not being able to get out of it. Kids having to fight in a war, while Voldemort just used them like marionettes. So awful. (but your writing of that is fantastic, and through Peter's fear it's so evident how messed up the whole situation is.) Really great work on this chapter!

Author's Response: I must admit, this is one of my favourite chapters, even if it breaks my heart all the time!

Things have definitely turned much darker... but as you say, it's time of war...

Poor Peter... his life is so skrewed up at the moment... and even if he asked for it, I still feel so bad for him...

Of course Remus would notice something is strange. He's the most perceptive and he does have a lot of experience with lies...

I'm so glad you felt I pictured Voldemort well! And this is interesting, I never really thought about a parallel between Peter and Snape. But of course it makes sense.

It's something that has always stricken me, how young they all were... When James and Lily died and Sirius was sent to Azkaban, they were only twenty-one!!! I still played with dolls at that age! (ok, no, I didn't play with dolls, because I never liked playing with dolls that much... but you know what I mean...) And all the Death Eaters, of course... Regulus couldn't have been older than nineteen... How sad is it all?

Thank you so much for another awesome review! I so adore your feedback!!!

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Review #8, by marauderfan Meetings in Hogsmeade

15th May 2016:
Oookay, I'm back! And hopefully I will read through the rest of this today, as it's much too hot today to do anything but sit here like a lump and read fanfic :D

HOW does Remus still think Corner is the answer? I had totally forgotten about that guy. You'd think that after Remus and Chiara had that conversation earlier where it's SO clear they both have feelings for one another, he wouldn't be so surprised to hear that she likes him. That boy is so stubborn and in denial! (and so of course very well written in character!)

"Really, Evans... Dumbledore? He's amazing and all, but I doubt he would be Chiara's first choice..."
"Merlin, Black! Be serious!" Lily exclaimed.
-- these two lines had me laughing out loud! Trust Sirius to crack a joke like that interpretation of Lily's suggestion, and then the inevitable Serious joke, but Lily catches it in time, before Sirius has a chance to (as he would) make a comment about it.

But YES, Lily's idea is sensible, to tell Dumbledore. They really should have done ages ago. I'm glad Chiara's mum was finally informed as well - she's been in the dark for a while now :(

Peterrr. What a sad scene! I was so frustrated at him as he seems to be just going out of mild interest, or boredom in his current situation, but kind of gets tied into it in a way he doesn't expect. I felt badly for him, because he didn't ultimately like what he heard but had no way to get out of it. And despite that I am annoyed at him for making the decision to go in the first place and turning on his friends, it's clear he still cares about Remus, as the comment about 'half-breeds' affected him so much. Aw.

Great chapter!

Author's Response: KRISTIN!!! *hug* *wub* *hug* *wub* *hug* *wub*

Remus is such an idiot... and, well, you know how he is... he just can't believe that people can love him...

I'm so glad that bit made you laugh!!! I definitely had so much fun writing it!!! :P And you know I love that pun a bit too much!

Of course Lily's right in saying that they should tell Dumbledore... if only the boys would listen... but at least Remus thought about informing Anna!

Poor Pete... I can imagine your frustration... he doesn't really understand what he's throwing himself into, and once he realizes it, it's too late. Of course, he shouldn't have gone in the first place. But I can't blame him too much... And yes, he still cares about his friends...

Thank you for another awesome review!!!

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Review #9, by marauderfan Christmas break

13th May 2016:
Oh, Remus. Thinking that he can make someone else fall in love with Chiara and that will solve the curse? *headdesk* Well, good for him thinking outside the box, but... it was a very unrealistic idea :P The meeting between the two of them was beautiful though, and I love their determination.

Waking Sirius up was a delicate operation, which involved a lot of shouting and tickling, a bucketful of cold water -- HAHAHA yes. Delicate indeed. Delicately dump a bucket of ice on your friend while he is sleeping! This can be nothing but chaos. Also, that's got to be the worst way to wake someone up. No wonder he shouts at them! :P

Interesting portrayal of Peter here, how you have him feeling disconnected from the other three as early as seventh year. And what's more, it seems to indicate that his eventual switch of sides was more to do with his choice rather than being coerced/frightened/threatened into it. How his storyline is developing here, it makes me think that maybe he voluntarily switched sides because by that point he legitimately didn't like his friends anymore. A really interesting perspective and I'll be watching him closely any other time he's mentioned!

I love that Remus' parents and James' parents are friends :D Super close friends too, as James' parents know about Remus' Furry Little Problem. That's really cool. And I must say I loved the scene with Remus talking to his mother. It was a really sweet scene and I really like seeing the family life of the characters, what their parents are like, etc- it's like another dimension to the character.

Hahaha, the snowball fight! "It's okay to sneak out, no one will hear us!" - said every teenager ever, and they were always wrong. I love that they got caught mid-snowball fight in the early hours of the morning. And that James' Dad got involved haha! Such lovely scenes with different characters and their parents in this chapter. I know you said in your A/N that this was kind of a filler chapter, but honestly I love filler chapters because even if they don't move the plot along, they usually contribute a lot to overall characterisation and this is a perfect example.

Love it!

Author's Response: Welcome back again, my lovely Kristin!!!

Ahahah! Poor Remus... well, it is a good plan in theory, but feelings don't work that way... So glad you liked their exchange!!!

Ahahah! I guess Sirius was in an excellent mood once he did wake up! :P I had so much fun writing that bit! It's definitely my favourite!!! :D

Peter... :( He might get involved with the Death Eaters earlier than you think... and it won't be pretty... I'm so terribly sorry for the way I treated him... :(

Ahahah! I love the Marauders' parents! I guess it would be inevitable, with their sons being so close, to become very close as well. :)

Ah, Silvia... Silvia is the sweetest! So glad you liked her and her chat with Remus!

And the snowball fight! Ahahah! Of course the boys would think they wouldn't be caught... and of course they are! :D And James' dad is such a big child! :P

So glad you enjoyed the chapter, even if it was only a filler! I agree with you that filler chapters help characterization, and I'm happy you think I did that well!!!

Thank you so, so, so much again for all your adorable reviews! You are the best!!!
Much love and tons of hugs!

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Review #10, by marauderfan The cure

13th May 2016:
Back again!

I imagine that would be quite a sight, to see Lily with the Marauders and all of them surrounded by books and a bird. Who would know what to make of that.

Ugh, Snape. I'm not his greatest fan. I think it very likely though that he would pester Lily like that even after their falling out, asking her what she's doing and prying for information. It was very possessive of him (as if he always has to be informed of what she's doing) and because of that very in character of him.

Ah, good thinking Lily - isn't it always that the most likely explanation is the simplest one? I enjoyed them teasing Remus about having to kiss a bird. :P It was very much along the lines of the story of the frog prince, only no princess appeared when Remus kissed the bird haha. Too bad it didn't work! Maybe it happens slowly, after Chiara has already flown away? If not, I don't know what they're going to do. I'll have to read on and find out :D

Author's Response: Ahahah! That would look weird, wouldn't it? :P

Snape wasn't very enjoyable in that scene... he is very possessive of her and thinks he can control her life...

Lily is a genius!!! And yes, the most obvious explaination is often the right one! ;)
No, I'm afraid kissing the bird is not the solution... :(

See you again on the next review! *wub*

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Review #11, by marauderfan Back together

13th May 2016:
Chiara!! ♥ ♥ Ahh, I was so happy to see you were on the Hot Seat this week!! You totally deserve it for being such a generous and amazing person! And on that note, congratulations in the Keckers! I was so happy to see you get recognition for the amazingness that is your reviews. ♥

Okay, but now to matters at hand: last I was around, Chiara was a bird and Sirius was learning to speak Larkish. Here we resume!

I love the way you write Sirius- he's quite perceptive and it shows in your writing that he's much smarter and more in tune with people than he acts, as evidenced by why he pretends not to have noticed Remus' self deprecating remarks.

Peter's afraid of cats :D Love it. I've always been a big fan of ideas like this that link their animal personalities to their human ones.

Muahaahaha, Lily's been brought over to the dark side. Mischief is fun! Yep, she definitely thought that. :P But her prefect side comes out again just before they go into the forest. I can appreciate her very conflicted feelings here as she enjoys a little mischief here and there, but she also doesn't want to blatantly ignore rules that have been around for years as she's in a position of authority.

Awww the reunion was so sweet!! Well, bittersweet. I love that they were able to talk for hours and spend time together after so long, but it was so sad to see Remus and then Lily try to hug her but not able to touch her. She's almost a ghost, then. :( Ahh, so close but so far! But I love the ending and how she's so hopeful that she can overcome it and be with Remus. Wah!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡,

Author's Response: Aww, Kristin... *wub*
Thank you! I can't hide it, I'm so excited about the Hot Seat! And congratulations to you too for Keckers!!! You totally deserved to win best reviewer (look at the awesome reviews that you left me here!!!) And I can't remember what else you won, but you surely deserved it (all your stories are wonderful) :P

I love perceptive Sirius! He's the best! Glad you like him too!!! :D

And yes, Peter has this irrational fear of cats... :P

Mischief is definitely fun! With moderation... Who doesn't love Lily? :)

Poor Remus and Lily and Chiara... but at least they could spend some time together! And yes, Chiara is very hopeful and determined, and things will work out in the end!

Thank you so much for this awesome review!!!
All my love,

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Review #12, by victoria_anne Christmas break

13th May 2016:

It's been nearly two weeks since I last read this! *hides in shame and hands over chocolate*

But I'm here now :D

Aw this is so frustrating for Chiara! I really feel for her here!

♥ CHIARA AND REMUS 5EVER ♥ I love them together so much, they are the sweetest!!

Oh my gosh this part had me in stitches:
Waking Sirius up was a delicate operation :D

OH NO! The beginning of Peter's betrayal! Nooo why must you include that :( it's so sad that the other boys don't notice and that could make all the difference!

That conversation between Remus and his mother is lovely (but sad) (and I love how he calls her mummy)

Aw I got all excited to have the three boys play truth or dare, ha ha! BUT YES FOR THE SNOWBALL FIGHT! (I instantly thought of that little emoji on the forums you love to use!) But siriusly, you totally have to write a truth or dare game for me ♥

Honestly, I'm glad Remus is able to have a bit of a break in this chapter (although I'm super sad for Chiara stuck in the forest still, wah), it's good to see him relax and unwind a bit, spending time with his friends outside of school :)

As always, your characters are incredibly enjoyable, and I swear it won't be two weeks before I return again!

Lots of love always,
♥ Bianca


Author's Response: Shake-what???
Aww, B, you beautiful, lovely thing, you!!!
I'm so excited about the Hot Seat... and I already know that I'll need my couch a lot...

It is very much frustrating, but let's not lose hope! ;) And yes, they are sweet!!!

Ahahah! That's my favourite part of the chapter! Waking Sirius up is the funniest thing ever...

Aww, yes, I know... poor, little Wormtail... *cries* More Peter stuff coming... BAD Peter stuff... Whatever happens, please, don't hate me, alright? Not too much, at least...

I love Remus' parents (my headcanon Remus' parents, I mean...) Silvia is such a sweet woman. I'm glad you liked their chat, even if it was sad...

Emoji? Which emoji? Dunno what you're talking about... *whistles* Ah, I'll see what I can do for the truth or dare thing... :P

Remus definitely needed a break! But yes, poor Chiara... :(

Aww... thank you! *blushing* Did I mention that I adore you? *wub*

Snowball hug! (Ah, that's the emoji you were talking about :P )

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Review #13, by marauderfan Telling Lily

8th May 2016:
Back for more :D I really love all the plot twists and turns in this story. I really haven't seen anything like this before!

Aw, I love that Chiara visits Remus in the hospital wing to check up on him even though she can't talk to him and he doesn't even know that's her there. She's just there to look out for him even though he's unaware of her care at the moment. It was really sweet.

And the Marauders are all working together to figure out the curse! Aww, I do reallyl ove the camaraderie of those four and how they do anything to help one another. Even going so far as TAKING NOTES IN CLASS. :O haha. Oh, and I love Chiara's sass even though she can't speak, she can still basically do the equivalent of rolling her eyes at Sirius/serious puns and at James' smartaleck comments by poking them with her beak :P It's so cute that she still hangs out with them despite the barrier, and that they can still communicate! Haha, Sirius totally does speak lark-ish! :P

And Remus finally told Lily her secret! Or, well, Lily told Remus his own secret :P I'm not surprised she'd figured it out before hand, nor that it was Snape who gave her the idea. Snape was probably not very quiet about it when he was still trying to figure it out, and Lily is smart - she'd have put things together but would be tactful enough to not say anything. I love the way Lily told him she'd figured it out because Remus couldn't get the words out. Poor Remus! I just want to give him a hug because it's so clear he's terrified of his closest friends rejecting him for his secret, and that must be such a scary thing to reveal about yourself because of worrying about how people would react. But clearly Lily's known for a while and still wants to be his friend :)

And now Lily's in on the solving the curse, working together with the Marauders! They'll be unstoppable! With their five powers combined, they'll summon the strength to solve the problem! (Either that or they'll summon Captain Planet. :P )

Awesome chapter! I can't wait to see them work together to figure it out!

Author's Response: Welcome back! *frolic* (it's no use to tell you again how much I adore your reviews, and you, right?)

Yes, she's worried for him and wants to make sure he's alright. Even if he doesn't know she's here. Glad you found it sweet!

And I love the Marauders' camaraderie so much as well!!! Taking notes in class... their loyalty really knows no boundaries, right? ;)

Ahahah! Chiara poking James and Sirius is my favourite part! :P And I agree, Sirius is a fluent larkish speaker! Eheheh!

Lily would've figured it out before hand, she's a smart girl. And Severus definitely wouldn't have been quiet about it... poor Remus, it must be hard to have such a secret and to fear that people would hate you because of it... but fortunately there are people who want to still be his friends! :D

Ahahah! They will definitely summon something (not sure what exactly, but they will! :P)

Thank you for this super awesome review that made me laugh so hard!!! :D Can't wait for more feedback from you!

All my love, as always!

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Review #14, by marauderfan The Lark and the Nightingale

6th May 2016:
*Glomps Chiara in hugs* (meaning you, not the character... I mean, I do love the character Chiara as well, but the hugs are for you :P)

Aww, poor Peter. I hate the guy for what he did later, but it's hard to hate him during when he and his friends were at school. Especially how he always feels forgotten about - I can seriously relate to him. Great job evoking such sympathy for a generally non-sympathetic character. I like the way you write him!

HAHAHA I love the exchange with James and Sirius in the forest and how James pretends he doesn't feel the cold just because he finds it funny to annoy Sirius about Sirius' complaints of being cold. These two crack me up. :P

Featherly little problem. XD Yes, I suppose you could call it that. Hahaha, this is great.

Ah, no, how do you do this? The end of this chapter has me going from giggling about 'featherly problem' to sniffling sadly at the end, a complete turnaround of emotions within about 1 minute. What an overload of difficult news for poor Chiara. I'm really glad she confided in James and Sirius though, even if they weren't her first choice - because now she has help.

I'm also really glad you explained the bit about why it took so long for Chiara to contact them, if she's only really herself on the full moon, it makes a lot more sense that she took two months to get around to it. The other days she was more of a bird than herself. And how horrible to be completely opposite to Remus so each one is themselves when the other isn't. A cruel fate indeed... though an effective curse, at least.

Awesome chapter! *Snowball hugs and tons of love*
♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥

Author's Response: KRISTIN!!!
*hug hug hug*
Thank you for coming back!!! :D

Ah, Peter... did I ever mention that I have a soft spot for Peter? He is quite forgotten about... not that the other three do it on purpose, they are just too distracted...

James and Sirius are so much fun! I love those two, especially when they act so childishly (all the time... :P)

Featherly little problem, yes! Well, you were the one who said she was a were-lark...

Sorry for the sadness... :( poor Chiara, so many informations to accept... yes, she does have help now, at least...

Yes, it's really a cruel (though effective) curse... poor Chiara... and poor Remus...

Thank you for the awesome review! You're the best!
Snowball hug rolling your way!

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Review #15, by victoria_anne The cure

30th April 2016:
*okay I'm back*

♥ Lily is the fifth Marauder always ♥

omgomgomgomg can't even stop to review as I read right now. Did Lily really figure out the answer?!?! I'm on the edge of my seat!

NOO! But, to be fair, they should try while she's human! They can't give up like that! Y u do cliffhangers?

Ohhh I just love the Marauders! They're truly Gryffindors here, doing everything they can to help their friends!

Lovely work as always Chiara, you little shining star ♥

(I'm sorry this review is so small, but know how much I adore this story!!!)

Author's Response: Yes, she is! :D Marauder Lily for president!!!

Yes, she figured it out... a pity for that slight full moon complication... :( Am I too cruel to my characters? (yes, I am... and I haven't been at my worst yet...)

The Marauders are the best of friends! They are just wonderful! :)

Aww... thou art so adorable!!!
Thank you so much, my lovely Bianca!

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Review #16, by victoria_anne Back together

30th April 2016:
Oh hi there little Chi! ♥

I'm equally nervous and excited for this chapter!! Remus and Chiara together, argh!

Oh my heart just goes out to Remus. All the time. Always. I just want to squish him!!

Ha ha Peter has a fear of cats! Makes sense, I suppose, but it's still funny to think!

Ooh and look at Lily letting her hair down! I love it!

YES! THEY ARE REUNITED! But nothing to be too happy about just yet, the curse isn't broken yet!! But you go Chiara girlfriend! You break that stupid curse! Be with your one true love!

*brb going to next chapter*

Author's Response: Hey, love!
They are cute, aren't they? Yes, I know... I want to squish him too! :P

Ahahah! Poor little Pete! Yes, it is a funny thought! :P

Lily is the best! Especially when she breaks the rules! Amazing girl!!!

They are reunited... But not really... No, the curse isn't broken yet... :(

But, yay!!! Cheering for Chiara!!! :D

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Review #17, by marauderfan Show must go on

23rd April 2016:
Aw. James trying to be persuasive and failing yet again :P At least he seems to have had some success with Lily, finally.

Oh Remus. I am not even surprised anymore when he blames himself for everything. I wish he wouldn't, of course, and he does have three people who already constantly tell him not to blame himself, but that's just Remus being Remus. I had to laugh though at everyone else's reactions when he starts going on about Romeo and Juliet being real and this curse and how he read a diary in 16th century Italian five times and everyone's like "ummm...what"

Very like James to go help a friend in need rather than bother with his responsibility as lead in the play. Remus needed him more.

Chiara sent a letter! Wait, it's been 2 months now? How did she not do this earlier?!?! Ahh, and she wants to meet on the night of the full moon. Noo!! Her timing is awful :P At least the other three will be there. But Remus will be all alone! Couldn't they have had two people with Remus and one person meeting with Chiara? I'm glad she's telling people what happened, at any rate. Though I feel like it would have been easier to write a note saying, "Hey Remus. I'm the bird that delivered this letter." and then deliver it XD Many secrets about to be spilled, though...

Also, I feel like it's appropriate to mention here due to that A/N about your birthday and the fact that this story contains so many references to Shakespeare - Happy birthday to William Shakespeare! (...and also his death day, incidentally)

Great chapter! :D *hugs*

Author's Response: Hi again, sweet Kristin!
Yes, poor James... well, he's trying at least. And yes, Lily is starting to change her mind... :)

That's Remus. But we love him the way he is, right? Ahahah! Yes, I guess his friends would find it all quite crazy... :P

Typical James, running to his friend's aid and forgetting everything else! Once again, that's the way we love him!!!

She could've made it easier in many ways... but I wouldn't have the same evil-writer fun, if you know what I mean... :P Many secrets about to be spilled, definitely. As for Remus being alone... well, I agree with you that they could've organized this better. There's more about this in the next chapter. ;)

It was Shakespeare's birthday? Really? Happy belated birthday to William Shakespeare, then! :D

Thank you so much for another wonderful review!!! And the hugest snowball hug ever!!!

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Review #18, by marauderfan Feathers and moonlight

23rd April 2016:

Wait wait wait. The bird, specifically a she, who has been transforming when the moon rises. So... Is Chiara a werebird? :P



I did not see that coming. At all. Even though her last name is a bird. I guess this explains why she hasn't been around - she's been a bird during the day. I hope she at least got bonus marks in Transfiguration for that.

What a sad existence, that she's only a human when there's no one around to talk to. But she saw the Marauders running to the Whomping Willow! I have a feeling she's going to figure out Remus' secret before he has the opportunity to tell her. Also, as it's been a month, I think she should go into the castle and seek help from Madame Pomfrey, or at the very least sneak into the library to look up any past cases of Werebirds, or Werelarks? (that's what I'm going to call her, with no other name for this curse :P)

Haha, I love that you pointed out how her human form is so disgusted by what her bird form eats. Mmm, worms.

An awesome chapter and I'm glad you finally told us what's happened to Chiara! I never wuold have guessed, it was such a creative curse, and now I wonder how she's going to find a way out of it.

Loved this!


Author's Response: Hello, dearest! *hug*
Thank you so much for stopping by again!!!
I've already told you, but I'm telling you once again, your support means so much to me and all your reviews never fail to make me smile! Thank you so much!!! *wub*

Ahahah! Yes, she is!!! :P (I shouldn't say this, I know... but I need to... James will think the same you did. He'll call it her featherly little problem... :P )

I know... she should've seeked help... well, she will, in her own way (you've already got to that part, so it's not an additional spoiler)

Ahahah! Well, I don't know about you, but worms are my favourite food...

Glad you enjoyed the chapter! There is a way to break the curse, you only need to read on...

Thank you so much for the awesome review! I'll answer the other one asap (this evening, probably)

All my love!

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Review #19, by victoria_anne Telling Lily

19th April 2016:
Heeey Chiara!

I know life has been hectic for you recently, but know that I'm thinking of you and miss seeing you around!

Anyway - onto the next chapter of this amazing story!

Aw, I'm still so glad Chiara knows the truth about Remus, and it's so sweet that she keeps an eye on him while he's in hospital.

OMG and the Marauders know and it's adorable that she can "hang out" with them in the common room! They honestly seems like the best friends ever, I love the way you write them.

Shake-what? Speak lark-ish?

Sirius language is my new favourite language ♥

Oh they're studying the play! That's so cool! What dedicated friends :)

It is just so satisfying to have everyone's secrets out in the open, I gotta tell ya...

Weee, I'm so excited! This story has taken a really exciting turn - can't wait to read on!

Love you always little Chi ♥

Love B


Author's Response: Hey, Bianca! *hug*
Finally here to answer this awesome review! You're so thoughtful and sweet! I can't say how much this review meant to me!!! You are the best!!! *hug* *hug* *hug*

Also, I'm so sad to hear that you're having a bad day... hope it'll get better!!! *some more hugs*

But onto the review!

Aww... yes... Remus needs someone to look after him, right? They are sweet!

And yes, the Marauders are the best of friends! Chiara may find them annoying, but she needs the company and the affection. :)

Ahahah! Sirius is hilarious, isn't he? Shake-what? ;)

They are an amazing bunch! And they might actually figure it out all together! About time all secrets were out, don't you think? This way they can actually work together and find a solution!

So glad that you're still enjoying this story! Can't wait for more feedback from you!

Love thee to bits, my Shakespeare buddy!

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Review #20, by princesslily_36 The Lark and the Nightingale

15th April 2016:
Ahh.. Peter standing up for himself, that was wonderful. It really brings focus to the fact that the other Marauders really don't consider him as someone with talent, or who could do anything right. Poor Peter, but the others needed to hear that.

Ohhh Lark at day and Nightingale at night, so THAT's what the title is all about! Ooh Yes, James, come out with the solution

(In case you didn't realize I've been typing out this review while reading the story)

*bring on the cheerleaders*

Feathery little problem? HAHAHAHAHAA!!!

OOOH I LOVE THAT PART - She would let her be herself exactly when he wasn't. YOU'RE A GENIUS CHIARA OMG YOUR BRAIN!

Yes yes, bring on the solution. Don't cry Chiara, James will come up with something? Won't he my little beta?

Author's Response: Ah, yes... Poor Peter...
It isn't that they think he doesn't have talent... they are just too distracted to give him the credit and thought he deserves. Which is the reason his reaction confounded them more than worrying them... and I can tell you, this won't lead anywhere good... :(

Lark at day, Nightingale at night. That's pretty much the meaning of the title, yes! That, and the fact that I've always loved that exchange about the lark and the nightingale in Romeo and Juliet. James just had a good idea. It still is a long way before they figure it out...

Yep, feathery little problem! I'm happy that made you laugh! :D

Aww... thank you... glad the idea worked for you.

Maybe he will? Or maybe someone else?

Thank you so much again, little Betee!!! These reviews really helped me getting through this week and I can't tell you how much I love you enough! You are awesome and beautiful and I feel so lucky to know you!

Can't wait for more feedback from you! Many hugs and much, much love!

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Review #21, by princesslily_36 Show must go on

15th April 2016:
Sirius as a seer! LOL That image cracked me up! I love being inside Sirius' head - especially the way you write him!

Awww. Remus FINALLY confided in the Marauders. Took him long enough to come to his senses, did it. AHH All the four Marauders putting hteir heads together - that's got to bring out a solution!

Also, I noticed the little description about Peter - the quiet, observant one you always portray him as... and bringing our attention to the fact how integral he was to the group of Marauders. I love how you have made him so different from the dim-witted person people portray.

Poor Remus, having to perform with Lily instead of Chiara. I loved seeing Remus get all emotional here. It's wonderful to see this side of him. And James, skipping out on the rehearsal to go to Remus almost gave me goosebumps. He's such a wonderful friend!

Oh no... what's going to happen tomorrow after sunset. I have to read!

Author's Response: Ahahah! Yes, that's a fun image! I guess he would read all the girls' hands and predict how each one would desperately fall in love with him. ;)

When many people work on a problem, there's a higher possibility to find a solution, right? Yes, it was about time for Remus to confide in his friends!

Peter is very important in this story. I think this is the story where I finally got to know and appreciate him. I'm glad you're liking him for the moment.

I love emotional Remus as well... I think I've overdone it in a few passages (in later chapters too, I mean...) but I do love this side of him as well!

Ah, James is the greatest friend, isn't he? He would never abandon his friends. And I so love that about him!

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Review #22, by princesslily_36 Feathers and moonlight

15th April 2016:
OMG CHIARA I think this has to be your best chapter yet!

NO KIDDING, but I LOVE THE DESCRIPTIONS IN THIS CHAPTER! The way you began with describing the horizon from the bird's perspective, and the transformation - AMAZING.

OOOH I love that you have related her to the moon, and that her transformations as well as Remus' are related to the moon as well.

I have a question though, why didn't Chiara approach anyone in her human form? Why didn't she reach out to anyone for the past one month?

I can't wait to read further!!!

Love you loads!

Author's Response: Aww... thanks...
I'm so glad you liked the ddescriptios here, and the moon parallels and everything. There isn't much happening here, so I wanted to give this chapter a more poetic tone. I didn't really like it, so it's such a relief to know that people love it!!!

That's a good question, and I don't really have an answer except that it serves to the plot. There are two or three things in this story that don't make much sense, and this is definitely one... Anyway, I don't know... Embarassment? Confusion? Some twisted sense of pride and adolescent rebelliousness? I swear, I have no idea what she was thinking...

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Review #23, by princesslily_36 Huge furry problems

14th April 2016:
Hello again :D

So, I love how you played around with 'Furry Little Problem' and made it 'Huge Furry Problem' to set the scene. Really clever!

Ahh.. the qintessential Remus - always overthinking, and not willing to talk things out, and keeping his emotions close to his chest. But we still love him, don't we :D

The part where Sirius is perceptive is my favorite in this chapter. Most people write Sirius off as the insensitive brooding one, or in happier Jily fics the dumb best friend. But here, Sirius is observant, reflects about his best friend and makes acute observations - and those are all qualities we see in adult Sirius as well.

And James being the blindly loyal one, almost to the point of not listening to reason points very much to Harry himself. So many times Remus has mentioned how very like James Harry was, and here I could understand why. I love the way you've written this :)

Also, I love how the names shifted from Remus, James, Sirius and Peter to Moony, Prongs, Padfoot and Wromtail once they had transformed. I felt it was a really nice touch (I might also adopt it in my fic :D )

The descriptions of their Animagus forms, and how Remus attacked them was so well done. Of course they would know healing spells, that's the only explaination as to how they managed to keep this a secret all along.

I think this is the most wonderful chapter I've read till now. I know I say that about every chapter, but I swear each one keeps getting better!

Loads of love

Author's Response: Glad you liked the title choice! The Marauders might tend to minimize Remus' problem, but his condition is much harder and he his much more dangerous than any of them would like to admit.

Ahahah! Yes, that would be him! Of course we don't love him any less! We love him more, if anything! :P

Ah, yes, Sirius. Like everyone else, I think there are many different aspects of his character. He can be insensitive and he can be silly. But when it really matters he can also be very mature and attentive and caring. This applies to James as well, even if they have different approaches to things.

And talking about James... He's like that, isn't he? Would throw himself into flames for a friend. Aww... I love that you could see the resemblance with Harry here! I do think they were much alike!

Ah, the name shifting is something I involuntarily inherited from other people's writing, I believe. I do like it, though...

Ah, that makes me so happy too! Action scenes are always so difficult to write, so it's a relief to know that you liked the description!

And, yes... they needed to know some healing spells... ;)

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Review #24, by princesslily_36 So sorry, Sev.

14th April 2016:
Hello my dearest!

I had the day off and I decided I'm going to continue this story where I left off. technically I had read this and a few more chapters during travel but couldn't leave a review. Anyway here I am.

Snape's PoV... I can see why he got angry when Avery thought James saved his life. He must have been forbidden by Dumbledore to tell the truth, musn't he? Is that why he hated Dumbledore so much? I cant imagine someone hating Dumbledore... and funny to see his thoughts now, knowing how they end up later on.

Ohh.. you almost make me feel sorry for poor Snape - having lost Lily, and now Chiara as well. I'd like to say serves him right, but not really... Snape's tone - sardonic, pitiful, dark with a hint of pride - all seemed so well done! And of course, the jealousy.

Oh Chiara, what are you doing to me with that Always . I could just melt in a muddle right now.

And agreeing to go out with James after that is a perfect contrast - and a painful reminder as to what one unthinking word can do to a relationship.

Wonderful chapter Chiara! Over to the next one now :D

Love you loads my beta/betee/dearest friend and confidant!


Author's Response: Hi, little Betee!!! *hug* *wub*
I'm finally here to answer your awesome reviews (checking out one thing from my long HPFF to-do list... :P And by the way, I love you!!!)

Snape is an interesting character to write. He's not a bad person, but he's just so full of resentment and anger... Yes, we know how much he hates feeling in debit with James...

As for Dumbledore, I think most of the future Death Eaters saw him as a crazy old man with dangerous Muggle-loving ideas. Or something of the sort. And I think at this point of his life, Severus shared that opinion. And yes, I suppose being forbidden to tell anyone about Remus might've a part in his opinion on Dumbledore as well.

Poor Sev... he did ask for it (at least for what concerns Lily) but that doesn't mean that he deserved all that hardship. I'm not his biggest fan, but I still feel sorry for him...

Erm... sorry about it... I just needed to put the word there...

Both Lily and Snape were struggling with the same feeling of loneliness, but she decided to move on, unlike him, and give James an occasion. That's what I was trying to show there.

Thank you so much again, honey! Off to answer the next review now!!! :D

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Review #25, by victoria_anne The Lark and the Nightingale

7th April 2016:
*peeks in*

*takes deep breath*


Hello gorgeous Chiara ♥

Ooh a bit of Wormtail straight up. What's this? Did he finally speak up for himself? Huzzah! James and Sirius really just can't see it, can they? :(

Poor Peter.

Oh well.

AW James' reaction to seeing Chiara! That is the cutest thing EVER (I'm joining in on that hug - GROUP HUG EVERYONE ♥)

Ooh, lark by day, Nightingale by night... I love that (You always know it's going to be a good chapter when the title matches the actual title!!)

Omg a featherly little problem. That is hilarious.

OH OH OH! So that's how the curse works! Oh that is just cruel...

I'm glad she finally knows about Remus! Now I can stop screaming that at her through the computer screen. My family were starting to give me weird looks... But of course her reaction was so sad :(

My apologies again for taking so long to get to this, but know I will always be here eventually because I love it (and you!) so much!


- we haven't used that in a while so I'm pulling it out again -

♥ ♥ ♥ Bianca

Author's Response: SHAKE-WHAT??? Ahahah! This feels so good!!! :D

Aww, Bianca... You're so wonderful!!! *wub* Snowball hug and Pygmy Puff cuddles!!!

Yep. Peter did speak up for himself for once. Sadly, the other three are clueless... :( It won't lead to anything good...

Glad you found James' reaction sweet!!! But that's just James!!! He's expansive and exhuberant that way! (But I'm totally joining the group hug!!!)

Ahahah! Why, thank you! I did tell you the surname had a meaning, didn't I? ;) Glad you liked it!!!

Ahahah! Featherly little problem! Once again, typical James, right? :P

Yes, pretty much... Lady Capulet was a perfidious woman... There's more about the curse coming soon, and I'm quite sure you'll find it even crueler...

Ahahah! Apologies to your family. Yes, she knows now, at least. Aww... I know... so sad...

Ah, no worries. Take all the time in the world. But do come back, because your reviews always make me so happy!!!

Thank you so, so, so much!
Love thee,

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