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Review #1, by victoria_anne The cure

30th April 2016:
*okay I'm back*

♥ Lily is the fifth Marauder always ♥

omgomgomgomg can't even stop to review as I read right now. Did Lily really figure out the answer?!?! I'm on the edge of my seat!

NOO! But, to be fair, they should try while she's human! They can't give up like that! Y u do cliffhangers?

Ohhh I just love the Marauders! They're truly Gryffindors here, doing everything they can to help their friends!

Lovely work as always Chiara, you little shining star ♥

(I'm sorry this review is so small, but know how much I adore this story!!!)

Author's Response: Yes, she is! :D Marauder Lily for president!!!

Yes, she figured it out... a pity for that slight full moon complication... :( Am I too cruel to my characters? (yes, I am... and I haven't been at my worst yet...)

The Marauders are the best of friends! They are just wonderful! :)

Aww... thou art so adorable!!!
Thank you so much, my lovely Bianca!

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Review #2, by victoria_anne Back together

30th April 2016:
Oh hi there little Chi! ♥

I'm equally nervous and excited for this chapter!! Remus and Chiara together, argh!

Oh my heart just goes out to Remus. All the time. Always. I just want to squish him!!

Ha ha Peter has a fear of cats! Makes sense, I suppose, but it's still funny to think!

Ooh and look at Lily letting her hair down! I love it!

YES! THEY ARE REUNITED! But nothing to be too happy about just yet, the curse isn't broken yet!! But you go Chiara girlfriend! You break that stupid curse! Be with your one true love!

*brb going to next chapter*

Author's Response: Hey, love!
They are cute, aren't they? Yes, I know... I want to squish him too! :P

Ahahah! Poor little Pete! Yes, it is a funny thought! :P

Lily is the best! Especially when she breaks the rules! Amazing girl!!!

They are reunited... But not really... No, the curse isn't broken yet... :(

But, yay!!! Cheering for Chiara!!! :D

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Review #3, by marauderfan Show must go on

23rd April 2016:
Aw. James trying to be persuasive and failing yet again :P At least he seems to have had some success with Lily, finally.

Oh Remus. I am not even surprised anymore when he blames himself for everything. I wish he wouldn't, of course, and he does have three people who already constantly tell him not to blame himself, but that's just Remus being Remus. I had to laugh though at everyone else's reactions when he starts going on about Romeo and Juliet being real and this curse and how he read a diary in 16th century Italian five times and everyone's like "ummm...what"

Very like James to go help a friend in need rather than bother with his responsibility as lead in the play. Remus needed him more.

Chiara sent a letter! Wait, it's been 2 months now? How did she not do this earlier?!?! Ahh, and she wants to meet on the night of the full moon. Noo!! Her timing is awful :P At least the other three will be there. But Remus will be all alone! Couldn't they have had two people with Remus and one person meeting with Chiara? I'm glad she's telling people what happened, at any rate. Though I feel like it would have been easier to write a note saying, "Hey Remus. I'm the bird that delivered this letter." and then deliver it XD Many secrets about to be spilled, though...

Also, I feel like it's appropriate to mention here due to that A/N about your birthday and the fact that this story contains so many references to Shakespeare - Happy birthday to William Shakespeare! (...and also his death day, incidentally)

Great chapter! :D *hugs*

Author's Response: Hi again, sweet Kristin!
Yes, poor James... well, he's trying at least. And yes, Lily is starting to change her mind... :)

That's Remus. But we love him the way he is, right? Ahahah! Yes, I guess his friends would find it all quite crazy... :P

Typical James, running to his friend's aid and forgetting everything else! Once again, that's the way we love him!!!

She could've made it easier in many ways... but I wouldn't have the same evil-writer fun, if you know what I mean... :P Many secrets about to be spilled, definitely. As for Remus being alone... well, I agree with you that they could've organized this better. There's more about this in the next chapter. ;)

It was Shakespeare's birthday? Really? Happy belated birthday to William Shakespeare, then! :D

Thank you so much for another wonderful review!!! And the hugest snowball hug ever!!!

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Review #4, by marauderfan Feathers and moonlight

23rd April 2016:

Wait wait wait. The bird, specifically a she, who has been transforming when the moon rises. So... Is Chiara a werebird? :P



I did not see that coming. At all. Even though her last name is a bird. I guess this explains why she hasn't been around - she's been a bird during the day. I hope she at least got bonus marks in Transfiguration for that.

What a sad existence, that she's only a human when there's no one around to talk to. But she saw the Marauders running to the Whomping Willow! I have a feeling she's going to figure out Remus' secret before he has the opportunity to tell her. Also, as it's been a month, I think she should go into the castle and seek help from Madame Pomfrey, or at the very least sneak into the library to look up any past cases of Werebirds, or Werelarks? (that's what I'm going to call her, with no other name for this curse :P)

Haha, I love that you pointed out how her human form is so disgusted by what her bird form eats. Mmm, worms.

An awesome chapter and I'm glad you finally told us what's happened to Chiara! I never wuold have guessed, it was such a creative curse, and now I wonder how she's going to find a way out of it.

Loved this!


Author's Response: Hello, dearest! *hug*
Thank you so much for stopping by again!!!
I've already told you, but I'm telling you once again, your support means so much to me and all your reviews never fail to make me smile! Thank you so much!!! *wub*

Ahahah! Yes, she is!!! :P (I shouldn't say this, I know... but I need to... James will think the same you did. He'll call it her featherly little problem... :P )

I know... she should've seeked help... well, she will, in her own way (you've already got to that part, so it's not an additional spoiler)

Ahahah! Well, I don't know about you, but worms are my favourite food...

Glad you enjoyed the chapter! There is a way to break the curse, you only need to read on...

Thank you so much for the awesome review! I'll answer the other one asap (this evening, probably)

All my love!

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Review #5, by victoria_anne Telling Lily

19th April 2016:
Heeey Chiara!

I know life has been hectic for you recently, but know that I'm thinking of you and miss seeing you around!

Anyway - onto the next chapter of this amazing story!

Aw, I'm still so glad Chiara knows the truth about Remus, and it's so sweet that she keeps an eye on him while he's in hospital.

OMG and the Marauders know and it's adorable that she can "hang out" with them in the common room! They honestly seems like the best friends ever, I love the way you write them.

Shake-what? Speak lark-ish?

Sirius language is my new favourite language ♥

Oh they're studying the play! That's so cool! What dedicated friends :)

It is just so satisfying to have everyone's secrets out in the open, I gotta tell ya...

Weee, I'm so excited! This story has taken a really exciting turn - can't wait to read on!

Love you always little Chi ♥

Love B


Author's Response: Hey, Bianca! *hug*
Finally here to answer this awesome review! You're so thoughtful and sweet! I can't say how much this review meant to me!!! You are the best!!! *hug* *hug* *hug*

Also, I'm so sad to hear that you're having a bad day... hope it'll get better!!! *some more hugs*

But onto the review!

Aww... yes... Remus needs someone to look after him, right? They are sweet!

And yes, the Marauders are the best of friends! Chiara may find them annoying, but she needs the company and the affection. :)

Ahahah! Sirius is hilarious, isn't he? Shake-what? ;)

They are an amazing bunch! And they might actually figure it out all together! About time all secrets were out, don't you think? This way they can actually work together and find a solution!

So glad that you're still enjoying this story! Can't wait for more feedback from you!

Love thee to bits, my Shakespeare buddy!

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Review #6, by princesslily_36 The Lark and the Nightingale

15th April 2016:
Ahh.. Peter standing up for himself, that was wonderful. It really brings focus to the fact that the other Marauders really don't consider him as someone with talent, or who could do anything right. Poor Peter, but the others needed to hear that.

Ohhh Lark at day and Nightingale at night, so THAT's what the title is all about! Ooh Yes, James, come out with the solution

(In case you didn't realize I've been typing out this review while reading the story)

*bring on the cheerleaders*

Feathery little problem? HAHAHAHAHAA!!!

OOOH I LOVE THAT PART - She would let her be herself exactly when he wasn't. YOU'RE A GENIUS CHIARA OMG YOUR BRAIN!

Yes yes, bring on the solution. Don't cry Chiara, James will come up with something? Won't he my little beta?

Author's Response: Ah, yes... Poor Peter...
It isn't that they think he doesn't have talent... they are just too distracted to give him the credit and thought he deserves. Which is the reason his reaction confounded them more than worrying them... and I can tell you, this won't lead anywhere good... :(

Lark at day, Nightingale at night. That's pretty much the meaning of the title, yes! That, and the fact that I've always loved that exchange about the lark and the nightingale in Romeo and Juliet. James just had a good idea. It still is a long way before they figure it out...

Yep, feathery little problem! I'm happy that made you laugh! :D

Aww... thank you... glad the idea worked for you.

Maybe he will? Or maybe someone else?

Thank you so much again, little Betee!!! These reviews really helped me getting through this week and I can't tell you how much I love you enough! You are awesome and beautiful and I feel so lucky to know you!

Can't wait for more feedback from you! Many hugs and much, much love!

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Review #7, by princesslily_36 Show must go on

15th April 2016:
Sirius as a seer! LOL That image cracked me up! I love being inside Sirius' head - especially the way you write him!

Awww. Remus FINALLY confided in the Marauders. Took him long enough to come to his senses, did it. AHH All the four Marauders putting hteir heads together - that's got to bring out a solution!

Also, I noticed the little description about Peter - the quiet, observant one you always portray him as... and bringing our attention to the fact how integral he was to the group of Marauders. I love how you have made him so different from the dim-witted person people portray.

Poor Remus, having to perform with Lily instead of Chiara. I loved seeing Remus get all emotional here. It's wonderful to see this side of him. And James, skipping out on the rehearsal to go to Remus almost gave me goosebumps. He's such a wonderful friend!

Oh no... what's going to happen tomorrow after sunset. I have to read!

Author's Response: Ahahah! Yes, that's a fun image! I guess he would read all the girls' hands and predict how each one would desperately fall in love with him. ;)

When many people work on a problem, there's a higher possibility to find a solution, right? Yes, it was about time for Remus to confide in his friends!

Peter is very important in this story. I think this is the story where I finally got to know and appreciate him. I'm glad you're liking him for the moment.

I love emotional Remus as well... I think I've overdone it in a few passages (in later chapters too, I mean...) but I do love this side of him as well!

Ah, James is the greatest friend, isn't he? He would never abandon his friends. And I so love that about him!

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Review #8, by princesslily_36 Feathers and moonlight

15th April 2016:
OMG CHIARA I think this has to be your best chapter yet!

NO KIDDING, but I LOVE THE DESCRIPTIONS IN THIS CHAPTER! The way you began with describing the horizon from the bird's perspective, and the transformation - AMAZING.

OOOH I love that you have related her to the moon, and that her transformations as well as Remus' are related to the moon as well.

I have a question though, why didn't Chiara approach anyone in her human form? Why didn't she reach out to anyone for the past one month?

I can't wait to read further!!!

Love you loads!

Author's Response: Aww... thanks...
I'm so glad you liked the ddescriptios here, and the moon parallels and everything. There isn't much happening here, so I wanted to give this chapter a more poetic tone. I didn't really like it, so it's such a relief to know that people love it!!!

That's a good question, and I don't really have an answer except that it serves to the plot. There are two or three things in this story that don't make much sense, and this is definitely one... Anyway, I don't know... Embarassment? Confusion? Some twisted sense of pride and adolescent rebelliousness? I swear, I have no idea what she was thinking...

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Review #9, by princesslily_36 Huge furry problems

14th April 2016:
Hello again :D

So, I love how you played around with 'Furry Little Problem' and made it 'Huge Furry Problem' to set the scene. Really clever!

Ahh.. the qintessential Remus - always overthinking, and not willing to talk things out, and keeping his emotions close to his chest. But we still love him, don't we :D

The part where Sirius is perceptive is my favorite in this chapter. Most people write Sirius off as the insensitive brooding one, or in happier Jily fics the dumb best friend. But here, Sirius is observant, reflects about his best friend and makes acute observations - and those are all qualities we see in adult Sirius as well.

And James being the blindly loyal one, almost to the point of not listening to reason points very much to Harry himself. So many times Remus has mentioned how very like James Harry was, and here I could understand why. I love the way you've written this :)

Also, I love how the names shifted from Remus, James, Sirius and Peter to Moony, Prongs, Padfoot and Wromtail once they had transformed. I felt it was a really nice touch (I might also adopt it in my fic :D )

The descriptions of their Animagus forms, and how Remus attacked them was so well done. Of course they would know healing spells, that's the only explaination as to how they managed to keep this a secret all along.

I think this is the most wonderful chapter I've read till now. I know I say that about every chapter, but I swear each one keeps getting better!

Loads of love

Author's Response: Glad you liked the title choice! The Marauders might tend to minimize Remus' problem, but his condition is much harder and he his much more dangerous than any of them would like to admit.

Ahahah! Yes, that would be him! Of course we don't love him any less! We love him more, if anything! :P

Ah, yes, Sirius. Like everyone else, I think there are many different aspects of his character. He can be insensitive and he can be silly. But when it really matters he can also be very mature and attentive and caring. This applies to James as well, even if they have different approaches to things.

And talking about James... He's like that, isn't he? Would throw himself into flames for a friend. Aww... I love that you could see the resemblance with Harry here! I do think they were much alike!

Ah, the name shifting is something I involuntarily inherited from other people's writing, I believe. I do like it, though...

Ah, that makes me so happy too! Action scenes are always so difficult to write, so it's a relief to know that you liked the description!

And, yes... they needed to know some healing spells... ;)

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Review #10, by princesslily_36 So sorry, Sev.

14th April 2016:
Hello my dearest!

I had the day off and I decided I'm going to continue this story where I left off. technically I had read this and a few more chapters during travel but couldn't leave a review. Anyway here I am.

Snape's PoV... I can see why he got angry when Avery thought James saved his life. He must have been forbidden by Dumbledore to tell the truth, musn't he? Is that why he hated Dumbledore so much? I cant imagine someone hating Dumbledore... and funny to see his thoughts now, knowing how they end up later on.

Ohh.. you almost make me feel sorry for poor Snape - having lost Lily, and now Chiara as well. I'd like to say serves him right, but not really... Snape's tone - sardonic, pitiful, dark with a hint of pride - all seemed so well done! And of course, the jealousy.

Oh Chiara, what are you doing to me with that Always . I could just melt in a muddle right now.

And agreeing to go out with James after that is a perfect contrast - and a painful reminder as to what one unthinking word can do to a relationship.

Wonderful chapter Chiara! Over to the next one now :D

Love you loads my beta/betee/dearest friend and confidant!


Author's Response: Hi, little Betee!!! *hug* *wub*
I'm finally here to answer your awesome reviews (checking out one thing from my long HPFF to-do list... :P And by the way, I love you!!!)

Snape is an interesting character to write. He's not a bad person, but he's just so full of resentment and anger... Yes, we know how much he hates feeling in debit with James...

As for Dumbledore, I think most of the future Death Eaters saw him as a crazy old man with dangerous Muggle-loving ideas. Or something of the sort. And I think at this point of his life, Severus shared that opinion. And yes, I suppose being forbidden to tell anyone about Remus might've a part in his opinion on Dumbledore as well.

Poor Sev... he did ask for it (at least for what concerns Lily) but that doesn't mean that he deserved all that hardship. I'm not his biggest fan, but I still feel sorry for him...

Erm... sorry about it... I just needed to put the word there...

Both Lily and Snape were struggling with the same feeling of loneliness, but she decided to move on, unlike him, and give James an occasion. That's what I was trying to show there.

Thank you so much again, honey! Off to answer the next review now!!! :D

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Review #11, by victoria_anne The Lark and the Nightingale

7th April 2016:
*peeks in*

*takes deep breath*


Hello gorgeous Chiara ♥

Ooh a bit of Wormtail straight up. What's this? Did he finally speak up for himself? Huzzah! James and Sirius really just can't see it, can they? :(

Poor Peter.

Oh well.

AW James' reaction to seeing Chiara! That is the cutest thing EVER (I'm joining in on that hug - GROUP HUG EVERYONE ♥)

Ooh, lark by day, Nightingale by night... I love that (You always know it's going to be a good chapter when the title matches the actual title!!)

Omg a featherly little problem. That is hilarious.

OH OH OH! So that's how the curse works! Oh that is just cruel...

I'm glad she finally knows about Remus! Now I can stop screaming that at her through the computer screen. My family were starting to give me weird looks... But of course her reaction was so sad :(

My apologies again for taking so long to get to this, but know I will always be here eventually because I love it (and you!) so much!


- we haven't used that in a while so I'm pulling it out again -

♥ ♥ ♥ Bianca

Author's Response: SHAKE-WHAT??? Ahahah! This feels so good!!! :D

Aww, Bianca... You're so wonderful!!! *wub* Snowball hug and Pygmy Puff cuddles!!!

Yep. Peter did speak up for himself for once. Sadly, the other three are clueless... :( It won't lead to anything good...

Glad you found James' reaction sweet!!! But that's just James!!! He's expansive and exhuberant that way! (But I'm totally joining the group hug!!!)

Ahahah! Why, thank you! I did tell you the surname had a meaning, didn't I? ;) Glad you liked it!!!

Ahahah! Featherly little problem! Once again, typical James, right? :P

Yes, pretty much... Lady Capulet was a perfidious woman... There's more about the curse coming soon, and I'm quite sure you'll find it even crueler...

Ahahah! Apologies to your family. Yes, she knows now, at least. Aww... I know... so sad...

Ah, no worries. Take all the time in the world. But do come back, because your reviews always make me so happy!!!

Thank you so, so, so much!
Love thee,

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Review #12, by marauderfan Huge furry problems

2nd April 2016:
Okay, I can understand why Remus thinks he can't tell anyone about Chiara's family's history because it's not his secret to tell, and we all know how much he respects secrets. But... thinking he alone is responsible for finding out what happened to Chiara - he is putting way too much on himself there, and it doesn't have to be that way!

Also, a whole MONTH she's been gone - wow. That's terrifying. I really wonder what happened to her! I wonder if she got trapped inside the pages of a Shakespeare play. Probably not. Where can she have gone though! I assume it's related to the curse. I hope you reveal this information soon because I'm terrible with suspense :P

Wow, so usually I review as I read but I just got so engrossed in that transformation sequence - the lead up to it about how his friends were nervous to go meet him in the Shack, and then how he attacked them and warned them away. I was basically glued to the screen while reading this and just couldn't look away! It was such an intense scene and you did a marvelous job writing it.

This was a great chapter!!

Author's Response: Poor Remus... I agree, he shouldn't think that way... I just feel like he is the sort of person who doesn't want help from anyone, because he doesn't want to bother them and he doesn't think he deserve it. He is a bit of an idiot...

I think next chapter should give you all the answers about Chiara. She didn't end up into a book, that I can tell. Sorry for the suspance, by the way...

That's one of my preferred scenes too! Even if I think it could've been worded better... But thank you!

Thank you so much for all the lovely reviews! As I already said, they made my evening much more serene than it was before! I really hope I'll see you back here again soon!

All my love, my dear Kristin!

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Review #13, by marauderfan So sorry, Sev.

2nd April 2016:
I liked that you went into Snape's pov here, and how even he is upset that Chiara is missing. I liked your analysis of his 'friends' Avery and Mulciber though, how he's not particularly fond of them but they're okay and they like him.

Lily's conversation with Snape was sad, but I still don't feel that sorry for Snape. I'm not his biggest fan.

Ahh!! Lily agreed to go out with James! After the initial reactions of the other three Marauders when he asked her, I think the next chapter will open with the three of them all fainting with shock. Maybe Lily and James will both faint from shock too, come to think of it. And then Snape, because everyone knows he's watching the whole thing from across the hall. And then Madam Pomfrey will probably freak out as she'll assume there's some sort of epidemic going around.

Or I suppose I could be jumping to conclusions too hastily :P

Author's Response: I love Sev's POV! So sassy and dark! I love sassy! :P

I liked the idea of him and Chiara being friends, sort of. I imagined, since they they were both Lily's best friends, they were brought together and ended up liking each other. So, yeah, he's quite upset too.

Ahahah! Avery and Mulciber! For some reason, I can't think of those two as particularly brilliant. Mulciber especially. I see them as a sort of Crabbe and Goyle. I guess Severus would like to have around someone who appreciated him, even if not the brightest of people. :)

I don't think they would've ever worked together anyway... even without the Mudblood incident... I do feel a tiny bit sorry for him (but I'm not his biggest fan either...)

Ahahah! I want to rewrite next chapter to include it all! Too funny! Madam Pomfrey would definitely panic! Maybe she would faint as well! :P Have I ever said that I adore you?

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Review #14, by marauderfan Someone to blame

2nd April 2016:
And... cue Remus' guilt. I knew it was coming. He is so predictable in that he'll blame himself for just about anything. And for someone who's generally so reserved, who just holds in all his anger and resentment and directs it inwards on himself, to see him lash out and actually punch Sirius was like :O

You write Dumbledore really well! I'm so impressed because he's a character I struggle with.

That paragraph about Peter was heartbreaking! How he always feels left out and forgotten when his friends fight, because he's not important enough to be involved in whatever is going on. I do feel badly for the guy. Thank you for giving him a voice in this story.

ahh everyone is so hurt and this is just so sad. I must know what happened to Chiara! Reading on :)

Author's Response: Yes, that's something so predictable about him... Well, he does unleash his anger at times. I was always impressed by that fight with Harry in DH. I think he just needs to take it out with someone else at times, when it becomes just too much. (Never enrage a quiet person, they might turn dangerous...)

Oh, do I? I feel I can't really capture his complexity... But thank you for that... *blushing*

Poor little Peter... I think my passion for him started writing this story. He will have quite some space in later chapters (and I'll tell you in advance, it won't be pretty...)

Sorry for the sadness... It will go on for a bit, I'm afraid...

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Review #15, by marauderfan The Capulets's curse

2nd April 2016:
Haha, Bianca snuck in there too fast, apparently. So... yay, 100 reviews! *hands out cake*

WHAT IS THIS?!?!? I was so happy at the fluffy ending of the last chapter and now asdhfkajdhlfa? I mean, I knew you'd give them couple-drama eventually but I didn't expect it to be RIGHT AWAY. WHY IS CHIARA UNCONSCIOUS. Um, is Remus that bad of a kisser? :P

Ah, I love the Room of Requirement. Remus needs Madam Pomfrey's help, so a door appears to her office, right there.

Okay this is totally my favorite chapter so far. I LOVE the backstory on Romeo and Juliet being wizards (as well as a lot of noble people), and how Shakespeare's account of the story isn't historically accurate. This is so great because so often when people dramatize someone's life story to make it a movie/book/whatever they end up changing a lot, and this just rings really true, what Anna Nightingale explains here about the Montagues and Capulets! Ahhh! so great.

And then Remus asks if Romeo had a Furry Little Problem, as if he's forgotten that not everyone calls lycanthropy that. Gah, I'm dying of laughter.

So Remus and Chiara's love is forbidden by more than just Remus' affliction, but also by a curse. I hope Remus finds an answer in that diary! And let's not forget WHERE IS CHIARA? How did she disappear, and where to? So many questions omg

this was an amazing chapter though ♥

Author's Response: 101! What a lovely number! It's prime and palindrome! :P

Yes... I know... I know... I'm sorry... (but not really sorry...) And for the record, Remus is a wonderful kisser!!! (ok, actually I can't be sure, but I guess he is...)

Ah, you noticed that! The Room of Requirement is awesome that way! ;)

Glad you liked Anna's explaination. I love Romeo and Juliet's backstory as well! And yes, that aspect of dramatization is exactly what I was thinking about.

Remus spends too much time with James and Sirius... Happy to know I made you laugh! :D

Questions will be answered soon, I promise!

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Review #16, by marauderfan Help from Padfoot

2nd April 2016:
Chiara ♥ I realized this story is only two reviews away from 100 which is so exciting!! ah! so here I am with #99 :D I was going to do it yesterday but then the archives turned such a blinding shade of red and yellow that I got a headache trying to read. So, here we are. :P

Ahaha, I love that Sirius and Lily are working together at matchmaking for their friends, as the friends in question are too much in denial to admit their feelings. I particularly loved this exchange between the two:

"Don't worry. I have the perfect plan. Do you trust me?"
"Of course not!"
-- haha, can't blame Lily for that response :P

Haha, they literally closed their friends in a room together to figure things out. I guess that's one effective way to get people to talk to one another! :P

"Since Romeo is supposed to take the initiative, but apparently he seems unable to do so, then I suppose it's up to Juliet, don't you think?" -- You go, Juliet! :P I mean Chiara. Ah, I love that it's the girl taking the initiative in this scene. I adore reversals of traditional gender roles. But YAY! THEY TALKED! And they finally kissed!! *dances around happily* Please let them have some time being happy together before you break them up because of Remus' guilt complex. Which I have a strong feeling is going to happen, because Remus.

And once again I love your use of the Shakespeare quotes in this :D Ok, onto the next!

Author's Response: Dearest Kristin!
First of all, thank you so much for all these awesome reviews!!! You made my day one thousand times, especially since yesterday was such a sad day for all of us... :'( But let's not think about that now...

I can't believe this story actually reached (and surpassed) 100 reviews! You and Bianca are the bestest!!! And yeah, I know what you mean... The FBFF skin what a bit painful for the eye... :P

Sirius and Lily working together is the best thing ever! I need to write more about those two, they are so much fun!

And yes, locking them up should be quite effective... ;)

Oh, come on... We know which is the stronger gender... :P Yes, they talked... And yes, they kissed... You already know what's next, so I won't comment on that... (but please, don't hate me too much...)

Glad you liked the Shakespeare quotes, too! :D

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Review #17, by victoria_anne Show must go on

2nd April 2016:
Muahahaha oh here I am again! I'm just popping up everywhere! YOU WILL NOT ESCAPE ME!

*ahem* Anyway...

I sense things coming together, weee! Such a good building chapter, you are the queen-of-leaving-us-wanting-more!

That was TOTALLY Chiara flying in with the note! So cool, but I'm still sad that this happened :(

Aw, I thought we were going to get a James/Lily Romeo/Juliet! Oh well, Remus and Chiara were made for the roles, anyway (literally, hehehe). But that scene with Lily and James made me all warm and fuzzy inside teehee! They're so CUTE!

I love the friendship between the Marauders! Sure, they think each one of them is mental at any given stage, but they're always there for each other in the end, it's so great!

I am SO excited to read the next chapter!

Speak soon, my beautiful Shakespeare buddy!

♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: That's totally fine! I want to not be able to escape you! :P

I'm glad you liked the chapter. Sometimes I feel this particular one is too long and boring... I'm glad you felt it helped things coming together! :D Also, queen-of-leaving-us-wanting-more! I like the title a lot!!!

Yep, that was her. No need to deny, it was pretty obvious. Yes... poor girl... :(

Jily 4ever! It's not secret that I adore them! And there is still time before the play goes on stage... Surprises can still happen... *whistling*

That's the main reason I love the Marauders. The are the best of friends. They can disagree, they can fight, they can think each one of them is mental, but at the end of the day, they know they can always count on each other. They are so Hufflepuff-y among each other, are they not? :P

Can't wait to hear from you again!!!

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Review #18, by marauderfan Wherefore art thou, Remus?

31st March 2016:
I have two things for you: 1) *snowball hug* muahaha

and 2) a review!

She found herself thinking that Romeo wasn't that great of a character after all. A guy who claims endless love for a girl and then he sees another for an istant and totally loses it? How can someone trust a person like that? What had ever Juliet seen in him? -- Haha, this was my favourite line of the chapter. (My second favourite line was the serious/Sirius joke, of course.) Romeo isn't that great of a character, I agree! He's also not that smart as he takes actual poison when Juliet is just faking. But I think Chiara is only thinking these thoughts because it's not Remus acting with her today. Otherwise she'd find Romeo just lovely :P

Also HE SAID HE LOVES HERRR. I bet he's going to pass that off as a 'I love you as a friend' sort of thing unless Chiara admits her feelings, like Lily suggested. And that's such a daunting thing to do! Especially when the person in question is a close friend who you see every day. If things go wrong then it's awkward. These decisions are always so much easier in fiction than in real life! :P

I loved the conversation at the end, and James and Sirius trying to dissuade Chiara from going to visit Remus in the hospital wing. Dragon flu... It could have been believable to a first year maybe, but not to anyone with any experience around the Marauders. I don't blame her for not believing them!

Another wonderful chapter! I loved the section with Remus and Chiara reciting each others lines to one another. And James trying Shakespeare lines on Lily as if that's going to win her over any faster, haha.

Lovely work! ♥

Author's Response: KRISTIN!!!
There's only one thing I love more than surprise reviews... and that's your surprise reviews!!! (Ok, it might be a tie with Bianca's, actually... *whistling*)
Oh, and snowball hugs! Who doesn't love snowball hugs??? *snowball hug rolling your way!!!*

Ahahah! I think that so! If Chiara was acting with Remus, her opinion of Romeo would change drastically! :P

Yes, he did. And he can't take it back now. :) Yes, things can be complex when there is a long friendship, but in fiction they are definitely easier... except maybe they aren't? But you'll find out more if you keep reading.

I doubt Chiara would easily believe anything coming from James and Sirius. Especially if they are talking about dragon flu. Eheheh!

Thank you so much! So glad you came back here and enjoyed this chapter! I really hope I'll see you back again soon!!!
Love you, my unreliable friend!!!

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Review #19, by victoria_anne Feathers and moonlight

28th March 2016:

Can... can I just leave that as the review? I - I just can't. *faints at the beauty that is this chapter*

I would never have guessed that THIS is what happened to Chiara! (And yet I should have seen in coming, curses...) You told me the name had significance and everything!

Whew, I've got a cup of tea, I'm calming down.

Okay okay okay, first of all, that poor sweet lovely girl ARGH WAH! Living in the forest for a month?! Dealing with turning into a bird every night?! I just want to cuddle her or give her a blanket or stroke her feathers or something!

I LOVE what you've written about the moon, and how Chiara feels like her. That was like poetry, girlfriend. I love the connection it has to Remus. *sigh true love sigh*

Chiara - it's okay! Go back to the castle! Your reader mama (that's me, I'm adopting her) is worried about you!

Look what I found out how to do -> ♥

Author's Response: BIANCA!
(you need to teach me how to do hearts...)

I think that first line was more than enough as review... *blushing*

You know what's funny? I always think that everything about this story is obvious, so it just makes me super excited when people didn't expect something! (I've always loved that lark/nightingale bit in Romeo and Juliet, and that's a great part of inspiration for the plot.)

Yes, I know... poor Chiara... I think she would love a blanket at the moment... So glad you liked the connection with the moon and that you found it poetic!

Aww... aren't you sweet? She won't be so lonely for much longer... don't worry too much... I promise everything (almost) will go well in the end...

Thank you so much for another lovely review and for sticking with the story! You are too good to me!!!


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Review #20, by victoria_anne Huge furry problems

24th March 2016:
*comes skidding in*

CHIARA! *pants* I'm good... *pants* give me a sec...

It's been nearly a week since I've been here, what?! Shake-what?!? I missed you and all your wonderful characters!

So Chiara's been missing for a month! Ahh! I'm so worried, where the heck is she?!

This was a great Marauders chapter though! I love and enjoy their banter so much (though poor Peter). I love how Sirius is a 'snatch first, ask never' kind of person.

AND THAT FIGHT THOUGH! That was so intense! You forget that Moony can be so dangerous! But at least the other three tried, right? I was on the edge of my seat! I really felt for Sirius in this chapter :(

Love Bianca xx

P.S. As soon as I clicked on this chapter, my brother put on the Prisoner of Azkaban movie in the next room. Creepy but amazing! Guess that's my day sorted... Xxx

Author's Response: BIANCA!!!
Welcome back!!! :D (breath, hon! There's no rush at all!)

Shake-what??? Ahahah! I've missed you too! (Need to get back to Hero, btw... I'm the worst reader ever...)

You should find out what happened to Chiara in the next chapter, if I remember straight... Don't worry too much, she's fine... More or less... :/

I'm glad you liked the dynamics among the Marauders! And, ahahah! I love your definition of Sirius being a "snatch first, ask nevr" person! So fitting, and so hilarious!!! (Did I mention that I adore you?)

Werewolves are dangerous... Especially when they are upset... I'm glad you liked that part! I never really know how to write action, but I'm quite proud of that bit! That was quite a hard night for all four of them, wasn't it?

Much love,

PS I love PoA! It's my absolute favourite! Your brother has taste! ;) Also, that's very appropriate! But a bit creepy, I agree...

PPS thank you again for this awesome review! You made me start the day with another spirit! Merlin knows if I needed that!!!

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Review #21, by marauderfan The Muggle Studies project

21st March 2016:
Hi Chiara ♡

Poor Remus, it's clear he has feelings for Chiara, and why she's making googly eyes at a 'hot' bloke with the personality of drywall, and not Remus, I can't even fathom. (But I guess everyone goes through this phase, so I can't blame her!) I can only hope she sees sense eventually :P

Oh good, there's a serious/Sirius pun in here. That never does get old :P

I love that they're doing theater. I can totally see a theater club existing at Hogwarts. Can you imagine the hilarious stuff that Wizarding playwrights would come up with? XD

Mercutio was always my favorite character in R&J and it's too perfect that that's the role Sirius wants, haha :D Now I love Mercutio even more.

I wonder if Professor MacLean is enjoying being a matchmaker or whether the pairs were totally random. I feel like she can't have been oblivious to the constant bickering between James and Lily, at least! Anyway, it's quite convenient that Remus and Chiara are paired up, no? It gets that pesky other boy out of the way ;)

Stage fright can be kind of a scary thing but I love how in each case with the people who experienced it, they just had to look at their friends for encouragement and were able to forget their nervousness for a bit. Good for Chiara!

and hehe Lily noticed the long glance between Remus and Lily. Isn't it always the friends who notice these things first? ;)

This was an enjoyable chapter, I loved it! Lovely writing my dear ♥

Author's Response: Hi, Kristin!!!
Aww... thank you for coming back here!!! And sorry if it took me a while to answer, this last week has been crazy (remember when I told you work had quieted down? I was lying...)

Yes, poor Remus... but Chiara we will see sense soon! ;) (although, I swear, Matt Corner isn't that bad... but Remus is definitely better!)

Ahahah! There is! And some more will come! I just love that pun too much!!! :P

I love theatre! And yes, I guess a wizarding performance would be a crazy thing! I would love to assist to one!!!

Mercutio is my favourite as well! And I think Sirius is just perfect for the role! :D

Actually, McLean was totally oblivious and just lucky at picking pairs... :P Very convenient indeed!

Friends' support is very important in these situations, don't you agree? And speaking of friendship, yeah! Friends are always the first to notice! ;)

Thank you so much for the lovely review, my dear! Hope I'll see you around here again soon!!!

Hugs, love and kisses!

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Review #22, by marauderfan Chiara Nightingale

20th March 2016:
Hi Chiara! I was kind of torn on whether to start reading In Between or this one, as they both looked really interesting and I've heard good things about each of them, so it was hard to decide! Anyway, here I am for our swap!

Wow, what an interesting start with Romeo and Juliet as wizards! I just loved the Italian in there as well. Sometimes it's easy to forget that R&J takes place in Italy, but here with the specific street names and all the Italian dialogue it just feels so real and set on a rainy night in Italy. By the way, that first paragraph is PERFECT for setting the scene. I can envision it so clearly, and it sets the tone for all that happens in the following scene.

And then the switch to 400 years later in another country, another town. Hehe. Her name is Chiara. Hm, why does that sound familiar? ;) (Not that I can judge. I'm sure you noticed while reading The Brave at Heart that Sirius' girlfriend in the beginning was named Kristen :P ) I love her surname Nightingale as well. Anyway, I take it she's related to the daughter of Juliet and Romeo? Or maybe she just has a similar fate awaiting her? Either way, I'm eager to know more about how that prologue bit ties into the rest of the story. It was a powerful way to start off.

Ah, the back to school drama. The struggle to wake up and be on time for the train, the reunion at seeing everyone again after summer (some faces a more welcome sight than others it seems, haha) and catching up, it was a lovely lead-in to get the reader acquainted with the characters. Poor Lily, everyone always insisting she and James will be a couple. (I mean, we know they're right, but it must have been obnoxious for Lily!) And this is right on the tail end of the Snape OWL incident, so I'm sure there's more drama coming regarding that.

I liked this chapter a lot and I can't wait to read more of this! So far this is shaping up to be a really great story. I love your writing :) Thanks for the swap!

Author's Response: Kristin!!! *wub*
I'm so glad you decided to read this! I love this story!!! It's my baby!!! (not my best work stylistically talking, but I just love it!!!)

It was a rainy night in Verona... Ahahah, don't you like it? :P
Glad you enjoyed the starting scene!!!

Many Shakespeare's plays are set in Italy... I loved the idea of putting a bit of my culture in here... Plus, Verona is such a cute city! Being there a couple of times and just loved it!!!

Why? Do you know any Chiara's? I don't... Never heard that name before... :P (actually, I didn't remember that Sirius had a girlfriend named Kristen... Mmmh... I'll need to go back and check...)

Chiara might be related to Romeo and Juliet. Or she might not. Can't tell. You'll have to read on and find out. ;)

I love school drama! Glad it worked to get acquainted with the characters!

Much more Severus/Lily/James coming! ;) Lily might change her mind on a certain troublemaker soon... Just saying...

Thank you so much for the lovely review! You know I always love your feedback!!!

Thanks to you for the swap! And all my love as always!

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Review #23, by victoria_anne So sorry, Sev.

19th March 2016:
Hellooo Chiara! *hug*

I'm going to be reviewing as I read for this (what do you mean I do that anyway?!) so sorry if my thoughts are a bit all over the place (what do you mean they usually are?!)

So that blood joke? Clever!

Ooh I like how this is the previous chapter from a different POV, very cool. And Severus! I was hoping he'd make an appearance *rubs hands excitedly*

Chiara and Snape are friends?! (I am so sorry if that came up in a previous chapter, I was trying to rack my brains but couldn't remember) I love that though, that Snape wants to hear all about Lily through her best friend. That's very high school. I do feel sorry for him though :(

AW and he has a worst moments of his life list?! That's heartbreaking.

Ooh sneaky sneaky cornering Lily at Slughorn's desk where she couldn't refuse him! See, that's why he's in Slytherin (and for, like, the other stuff too...)


Poor Lily over losing Chiara! I'll admit at first I was all concerned for Remus, I kinda forgot that Lily lost her best friend and is worried sick. And now Snape has lost his two friends too :(

Yes, that's right Lily, you have the Marauders! You're not alone! Ha ha ha their reactions to James asking Lily out - that's hilarious.


Ahh... Thank you for another amazing chapter in an amazing story by an amazing author. Xxx

Author's Response: Bianca!!! *hug* *wub* *frolic*
Ahahah! I don't mind you reviewing as you read at all! I love that sort of review!!! ;)

Glad you liked the detail of the joke. No one else commented on it (or at least I don't remember), istead I was quite proud of it!!! :P

Yay! Same events, different perspective! Glad you liked it! And yes, I needed to put in a bit of Sev, and Snily drama (because I'm a strong supporter of Jily, but I can't resist Snily drama...)

Yes, they are. Sort of. The only indication of it in previous chapters is when Chiara tries to defend him with Lily in the first chapter, but it wasn't exactly a reference to their friendship, so don't worry about it. Ahahah! Yes, quite high school! :P

Erm... yeah... poor Sev... his life isn't exactly bright... :(

Little sneaky snake... :P I totally agree! ;)

Erm... I'm sorry? *hides* But I liked to put Always in the mix...

I wanted to show right that, that Chiara's disappearence had affected more than just one person... Yes, poor Lily... And poor Sev...

As crazy as they are, I think everyone would want friends like the Marauders, don't you? Ahahah! Glad you found their reaction hilarious! I was totally aiming to that!!!

And she said yes! :D Might still take a while for them actually becoming a couple... But things are changing, that's for sure! ;)

Aww... *blushing* You are too sweet to be true... *blushing some more* Thanks to you for brightening my Sunday with this amazing review!!!

Tons of hugs and mountains of love,

PS Shake-what???

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Review #24, by victoria_anne Someone to blame

15th March 2016:

Oh God, Remus! He's breaking my heart! *brings him in for a cuddle and kisses his cheek* Don't blame yourself!! Aw so sad that he feels like that... and then blaming Sirius! His reaction and emotions are so real! Snaps to you! But also, ouch, my feelings :(

Ha ha must also gives snaps to James for trying so hard towards Lily! No one can doubt his determination...


... I LOVE IT!

We even get a glimpse into Peter's feelings! I like that, he usually gets so forgotten.

AND WHERE IS CHIARA?! I miss her, I'm so worried!! :'(

The answers I (and Remus) need better be in that diary!!


Author's Response: Oh, I know... Poor Remus... but it is understandable that he would blame himself, wouldn't it? (You can go cuddle him, he needs all of it!!!)

And poor Sirius, too... he didn't deserve Remus' fury, but Remus did need to direct his anger outside... I'm glad you felt his emotions authentic!

Yes, a tiny bit angsty... there will be some more angst coming, but there will be also a lot of good Marauder humour to compensate it, promise! :)

James obsession for Lily is so much fun to write! He is very determined! :D

You'll see a lot of Peter later on... I love to write him, his mind is quite fascinating, even if disagreeable...

Answers are coming. Don't worry too much about that. Maybe not from the diary (spoiler?) but they're coming! ;)

Thank you so much for the lovely review, my dear!
Tons of hugs and love and kisses!

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Review #25, by victoria_anne The Capulets's curse

13th March 2016:
*runs in puffing*



Oh god I had goosebumps as soon as the chapter started, I honestly was not expecting Chiara's reaction! (Probably should have been but I was too engrossed to have coherent thoughts).

No! It was just a kiss! But this line though -
"There's nothing small, nor stupid, nor innocent, in a kiss." That is amazing beyond words.

I love what you've done with Shakespeare! The curse and the story and the curse and the descendants and the curse and... Eep! This story idea is so original and I'm so in love.

This is what happens when you keep secrets, Remus! Sweet damn, boy. I mean, honestly.

Love you Chiara you wonderful writer, you! XX

Author's Response: I'm so glad that you liked this chapter, too! It's honestly one of my favourites!

I'm glad I took you by surprise! Poor Chiara... and poor Remus...

Modesty aside, I do love that line as well... :)

Glad you like the idea behind the story and the curse and the links to Romeo and Juliet and everything!!! It's great to know that you find it interesting!!!

Thank you so much for another amazing review! Really hope you'll stop by again, cause I honestly love so much your feedback!!!

Love thee, Miss Bianca!

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