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Review #1, by Gabriella Hunter Wherefore art thou, Remus?

9th December 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review for our swap! I just read your review for Albus and I am so sorry to say but it's just going to get more ridiculous from there. Hahaha.

I'm patiently waiting for another chapter to Jimmy Portman but decided that I would read up on this because I liked the previous chapters so much! :D

So, Chiara has finally begun to realize that she has feelings for Remus. I'm actually kind of stunned that it happened so quickly but on the other hand, I'm glad that she can understand her feelings for him so well. It goes to show you that good things are right in front of you sometimes, you know. Haha. What's interesting about this is that she isn't fighting her feelings for him and she isn't even trying to deny it at this point.

I honestly like the fact that both Chiara and Lily are sort of in the same boat. Lily is starting to like James more but Chiara just has a feeling that Remus is hiding something from her. Lily won't admit that she likes James of course and Chiara believes that Remus may not feel the same way about her.

What's great about this is that you get a great dynamic between the two girls and their personalities really shine through. I think that you introducing something a bit darker for this story is actually a bold move, I hardly ever read Remus/OC stories where the girl suspects that he's a werewolf. Or at least, hiding something really dangerous from them. I like this idea and I'm awfully curious about what's going to happen next.

Remus saying "I love you too" just kind of made me squeal but at the same time, he runs away before Chiara can even react. That isn't going to sit well with her and now that James and Sirius are saying that he's "ill", Chiara is going to find out the truth sooner or later. I'm super excited for the next chapter, I thought your pacing was great and your characters are very well fleshed out. The story is progressing slowly but I like the development we're getting with Chiara and the others so nice job!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hey, Gabbie!
Yes, I know... I'm still doing horrible with updating Jimmy... I have the next chapter written, but I'm just not happy with it. I need to fix a few things, but I'll let you know as soon as it's up (and then we can do another swap :P)!

I'm glad you're enjoying this story too! It's really the most dear to my heart!

Yes, I know... That was quick... A lot of people pointed that out, but I really didn't need Chiara questioning her feelings for too long (besides, she'd always loved him, she just had never realized.) ;)

Lily and Chiara are sort of in the same boat! :D It's good to know that you enjoyed their dynamics and that their characters came out well! Chiara has no idea what's wrong with Remus, she just feels that something is off about him. Remus' furry little problem will be central for the plot, but you'll have to wait... Another three or four chapters at least...

We know Remus... He's too scared of getting involved in a relationship... But he can't deny his feelings forever (especially if Sirius has something to do about it. Little spoiler :P But I'm sure you won't mind)

I'm so happy you enjoyed the chapter, and that you're curious about the next! :)
Thank you so much again for the gorgeous review!
Much love,

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Review #2, by Gabriella Hunter The Muggle Studies project

27th November 2015:

This is Gabbie from the forums here with your review and all that stuff for our swap! Thanks for the awesome review you left for Albus! I hope you enjoy the following Halloween chapters. Hahahaha.

I read the first chapter of this a long time ago and it's good to be back! I haven't really had the time to go back and check it out though but I really like this. We hardly ever see stories like this about Remus and an OC that's actually the main part of the story, I think that's such a relief.

Chiara is pretty spunky, which I think is a good contrast to go along with how reserved Remus is and they make a nice pair. I do wonder though if their relationship will becoming something deeper by the time the play comes around. I hope that she gives up on Corner! Ugh, I can totally see why Remus doesn't like the guy but maybe we'll learn more about Mr. Perfect s we go along? I kind of want a scene with him and Chiara for some reason, she'll have a chance to see how he really is.

This chapter flew by for me to read and I was actually pretty darn upset by that! I really like your characters and although there aren't any chunky paragraphs, I can picture the scenes well. Lily and James are so cute together and the little one liners from Sirius were great. I'd like to see them all together soon but let's talk about that play!

Lily and James have amazing chemistry, I see and I think that her opinion of him is really changing. I noticed that Chiara and Remus were super charged with each other and nearly kissed! Yes! Now, what on earth is Chiara going to do in order to pretend that they may NOT have more to their friendship?


Thanks for the read!

Much love,


Author's Response: Hi, Gabbie!
Oh, I'm so happy you decided to come back to this story! It's my most loved one (even if not my best, probably) and it's so great to hear your thoughts on it!!! :)

Well... Remus is the love of my life (if only he was real...) I love writing stories that focus on his character, especially romance! :)

Oh... Everyone hates Corner... I keep telling people that he's not that bad, that Remus' opinion of him is just a tiny bit biased (you know... Something called jealousy...) but no one believes me... Chiara and Remus work definitely better as a couple, though. And she will forget about Matthew soon enough. ;)

I'm glad you liked the characters and their relationships. And Sirius is just so fun to write! I love him! It's good to know that the flow was good as well. Thank you for your praises! :)

Jily is the best, don't you agree? Yes, she's already softening towards him. Alice's prediction might turn out to be accurate! ;) As for Chiara and Remus... We will see...

Thank you so much for the swap and the amazing review!

Tons of hugs, love and kisses!

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Review #3, by Unicorn_Charm The Mark

23rd November 2015:
Chiara no! No, no, no! He can't be marked already! :'( Why did he do this to himself?? Ugh I hate it!

This chapter really made me sad. There is obviously something wrong between James and Lily, Remus is falling apart, Peter just ruined his life and Sirius is sitting back watching his friends come undone. It was kind of hard to read without being overcome with a sense of hopelessness. :(

I am really curious as to what happened with Lily that James is clearly going out of his way to avoid her. Why were the acting so formally with each other? Did they kiss and now feel weird about it? Did James slip out that he loves her and Lily is weird about it? Chiara! What happened?? I have to know!

Poor Remus. He must just feel like everything is falling apart and nothing is going his way. I always felt like he and Peter were probably closest to each other and now Peter is acting so strangely, disappearing and lashing out. Like he said, first the mess with Chiara and now Peter. I just want to hug Remus b

Oh. My. Gosh. I cannot believe that Peter is a full blown Death Eater now. I'm so sad for him. Because of a stupid impulsive mistake, he's now basically signed his and his friends' death warrants. I want to shake him and slap him at the same time. And how horrible is it that the Death Eaters killed his father and now he's being forced to spy for them. You really made Peter a sympathetic character, considering it's his own fault that he's in this mess.

Everything seems so hopeless in this chapter. It truly left me feeling uneasy. It was great though, because you did manage to leave me feeling this way.

I really hope everything gets better for everyone soon. But I know in the long run it won't. :(

Great chapter as always!!

Tons of love and hugs!
Meg ♥

Author's Response: I'm sorry... :'(
I swear I didn't mean to be so cruel to Peter... it just happened... I'm so sorry...

Oh, I wouldn't worry too much about James and Lily. It's kind of silly, actually. Not telling you what happened between them, but you'll find out in the next chapter. :P

Poor Remus indeed... Everything just seems to be wrong now... And he feels like it is all his fault... And yes, I do agree that he and Peter were particularly close... He does need a hug!

Pete... :'( I don't really know what to say... He did condemn himself and his friends for a stupid mistake... He just had no idea what he was doing, and he's so young... And his father... :'( It's all just so cruel and unfair... (and I'm a horrible person...)

No, we know it won't in the long run... :( But I can promise you this is the darkest this story will get. The following chapters will be way lighter, I swear! I'm glad I made you feel so emotional, though.

Thank you so much for another amazing review! You are really the best, and I always love your feedback!!! :D

All the love of the world!

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Review #4, by Unicorn_Charm Meetings in Hogsmeade

22nd November 2015:

Wow that chapter got dark fast. It started out pretty light (considering the situation) and progressively got more heavy as it went on. I actually felt my heart rate continue to rise the more I read!

The beginning of this was funny. I laughed out loud when Lily suggested speaking with Dumbledore and Sirius made that joke about him not really being Chiara's type. XD But I have to say, I agree with Lily. I think they should have went to Dumbledore the moment they found out what happened to Chiara. He is the greatest wizard of the age, they should have known better. Hopefully they will now and he'll figure something out.

Poor Anna. She's completely broken. :( I can't wait to see her seeing Chiara though. I'm sure that is going to be incredibly emotional. I'm preparing my tissues now. :p Remus trying to speak Italian with her was totally adorable, too. He's the sweetest. ♥

Oh boy, Peter... I knew that the meeting wasn't going to be some informational thing. They're Death Eaters. And he was expecting some kind of mixer? What on earth was he thinking?? Now look at the mess he's gotten himself into. I'd feel bad for him if I weren't so angry with him. I do like that you showed the little bit of remorse and the courage he tried to show. I appreciate that you didn't make him the sniveling little rat that most people tend to write. He was a Marauder, too. He had to have some of that Gryffindor spirit at some point. I really wish he hadn't gone though. :(

This was another solid chapter my dear! Not many more to go now. I can't wait to see how this ends! I so just want Remus and Chiara to end up together. Please tell me everything will be alright? (I know you can't, but I am still asking. :p)

So many hugs and tons of love!
Meg ♥

Author's Response: Meg!!!

Oh, wow! Thank you! This review was such a lovely surprise!!!

Yes, I know... Pretty dark... I'm sorry... (well, not sorry at knowing that I had you hooked. I'm pretty proud of it!)

Ahahah! I'm glad you found it funny! :P I love Sirius, he's just so silly! :D Yes, they should talk to Dumbledore. But, you know... They are the Marauders... They just don't have much common sense...

Yes, poor Anna... I suppose any mother would be broken over her daughter's disappearence... I actually skipped that scene. But yes, it would've been quite emotional... Aww, I'm so glad you found it adorable! He is, isn't he?

Peter... My poor, little Peter... Yes, he should've known better. He didn't know what was expecting him. In his defence, I think the Death Eaters' activity wasn't so well known at the time. I'm glad you liked my characterization of him. And I really wish he hadn't gone, too... :(

I'm so very happy you liked this chapter! It's definitely one of my favourites (even if I feel terribly guilty about Pete...)

No, there aren't many more to go. :) I really hope I'll see you here again soon! And, no. No spoilers. Sorry. :P

Tons of hugs and love to you, dearest!

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Review #5, by Unicorn_Charm Christmas break

16th November 2015:
Hey there dear!! ♥

Aww I loved this chapter! Even though I am sad that Chiara is all alone at Hogwarts. :( But it was so cute seeing the boys all at James'. And Remus with his mother! Gah! Feels!

I felt so bad (again!) for Chiara and Remus at the beginning of this chapter. It all just seems so hopeless for them right now. I don't know how I would handle it if I were her. I don't know how she's keeping her sanity, the poor thing. :( I really hope they break this curse and can be together.

Oh Peter... :( He's starting to turn and that makes me sad. Stupid Nott poisoning his mind like that. Of course James, Sirius and Remus care for him! They would die for their friends! Grrr! How could he have ever thought differently?

That moment with Remus and his mother was funny and sweet. I like the dynamic you've written between the two of them. You can tell that they're close. Especially since she told him such a personal story which she never told anyone else before. I wonder if that was the point of her story though. To just let it go? I don't know. I can't see that being the point of it. Maybe what she was trying to tell him was to fight harder, like she should have done.

The ending of this was so great. I could totally see them all sneaking out at night like that. And I loved that James' dad just joined right in with them. I think that any man who raised James would have had to have been a bit of a joker himself and I liked that you showed that here. That line about them raising James all of his life, so taking care of Remus for an evening not being a problem made me laugh out loud. That was fantastic! :D

This was such a great chapter, Chiara! But I just want everything to be alright again! Bah! She needs to get better soon!

Awesome as always my dear!!

Tons of love! ♥

Author's Response: Hey, Meg! :D

Aww, thank you! I'm so happy you enjoyed this chapter! I was very uncertain when I first posted it, but now it's one of my favourites! :)

Oh, I know... Poor Remus and Chiara... She is a strong one, I'm not sure if I'd keep myself together so well either... There will be a happy ending, I can promise you that. I'll have them suffer a bit more, though. (Oh, my... I'm so cruel...)

Peter... :'( If only he could see how much they care for him... If only they were a bit more attentive and noticed his discomfort... Sadly, we know where this is going. And I feel so bad for what I'll put him through in the following chapters... I'm really cruel...

I love Silvia's character. She's just the perfect mother, so full of love and tenderness. I'm glad you enjoyed that moment between them!

I think the point in her story is that crying over spilled milk does no good, that if you wallow in guilt you just hurt yourself and help nobody. I think she was telling him to react.

Ahahah! That scene was so much fun to write! And I totally agree with you, James' dad must've been a joker himself! :D Ahahah! I love that line too!!! :P

Thank you so much for this amazing review, it totally made my day!!!

An ocean of love!

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Review #6, by TreacleTart The Capulets's curse

1st November 2015:
Hey Chiara,

I'm here for our review swap!

Wow! I really wasn't expecting this to happen! In fact, I actually had to read the beginning couple of chapters a few times to make sure I hadn't missed anything. I had a feeling that things weren't going to be simple for Chiara and Remus, but I didn't necessarily think it would go quite this route.

I had been suspicious that Chiara was a family member of the original Juliet's. I couldn't imagine why you threw in the part about Romeo and Juliet's death in the beginning if it wasn't going to tie back in somehow.

I feel really bad for Remus because after all of the years of convincing himself never to fall for anyone this happens. I could imagine that would really give him a complex about dating people. It would just reaffirm everything negative that he thinks of himself.

It was interesting how open Chiara's mother was about everything. I was surprised that she was so blunt, but I suppose with her daughter in jeopardy there isn't a lot of room to mess around wasting time. She just wants everything to get better.

This was a good chapter and I really feel like the story's starting to pick up in intensity. I'm really curious to see how Remus will save her.

Good job!


Author's Response: Hi, Kaitlin!
Thank you so much for the swap and the amazing review! And sorry again for my lateness, these past few days have really been frenetic...

I'm glad I caught you by surprise, cause I was really hoping the curse to be unexpected! :) And obviously that first scene was meant to tie back. ;)

Oh, I know... Poor Remus... He will definitely have a hard time dealing with the guilt...

Anna is a practical woman. I must admit that I'm not 100% convinced about their exchange either, but I do believe she would first of all want to find a solution.

Who said Remus will save her? Kidding, he will, with a bit of marauding help (I believe this isn't too much of a spoiler?) It might take a while, though...

I'm so happy I have you intrigued!!! Thank you so much again for the lovely review!!!

Tons of love!

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Review #7, by LadyL8 Epilogue The opening night

30th October 2015:
Hi Chiara.

I'm here with your October review. Sorry it took me a while to get here. I completely forgot about it, but I'm so glad I finally got here, cause I've been wanting to read this story for so long. And I will have to get back here later, cause you deserve a review on every chapter. Cause you know I was really suppose to read the first chapter and review that one, but I got addicted to the story and couldn't stop reading until I reached the end. It's just a really good story, and it's gonna get a favourite from me.

What I love is that you use your own language in it (and your name :P). You have sentences in Italian and the story is sort of your own spin on Romeo and Juliet, a famous story set in Italy. I've been in Italy three times myself, never in Verona though, and I got reminded of my trips there when reading this story. It's just really amazing to see how you incorporated so much from your own country, but also made it feel like it belonged in the HP universe. I really believed it, believed that Chiara existed and that she was friends with the marauders and Lily and all the other characters from the era. She felt like she belonged there, and I really felt like I knew her as a character - that I could relate to her and her struggles. So good job on creating a good and realistic main character.

The story is very unique. I liked how you put a twist on the Romeo and Juliet story we know, and then also created your own version with HP characters we know. It's interesting to see them playing in Romeo and Juliet, but at the same time they're in their own version of the tale. The curse seemed so realistic, and it really reminded me of The Swan Princess, you know the princess that's cursed to be a swan every day and then turns back to a human every night, maybe cause I loved that movie when I was a kid. Oh, and I loved that even as a bird you can see Chiara's personality. There's just so much interesting stuff in this story, but what I have to say is that the plot is very unique. I've never seen anything quite like in on HPFF, and that made is so good to read. It was just completely new for me, and I loved it.

Thank you for sharing it with us. It's really a good story. I loved it a lot. 10/10 and good job, Chiara! :D

Lots of Love


Author's Response: Oh, wow, Lotte!
Thank you so much!

The fact that you read it all in one go makes me so happy and excited! I'm so, so glad you enjoyed the story, because it's one I'm very proud of and affectionate to!!! :)

So thank you, also for favouring!!! It really means a lot!!!

I did put a lot of myself in many parts and characters in this story! Chiara is actually quite different from me, she is much stronger and more volitive. But I thought it was cute to name her after me (also, I have a tiny, not so secret, crush on Remus...) The Italian bits were something I really enjoyed to insert (even if it scared me a little, especially in the prologue with Romeo and Juliet, where all the dialogue was Italian) But I'm so very happy that you enjoyed it!!! :)

Verona is a really cute city! I've been two or three times and, even if it's not as big and full of things to see like other Italian cities (Rome for instance) it's totally worth a visit (in case you'll happen to come back here...) I've never been to Norway, instead. One day...

I'm so happy Chiara felt realistic and that you could sympathize with her. And that you liked the parallels with Romeo and Juliet. And the curse too. I took inspiration more from Lady Hawk, actually. Especially in the way it was broken. But I think it has a lot in common with The Swan Princess as well!

Thank you so much again! Really! I'm so incredibly thrilled that you enjoyed the story so much!!! And I'm so happy we were paired, cause I really loved the incipit of your story as well!!!

All my love, hugs and kisses!

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Review #8, by TreacleTart Help from Padfoot

29th October 2015:
Hey Chiara,

I'm here for our review swap. I'm sorry that I've been the worst at swaps lately.

I thought I'd check back in on Chiara's story and see if she and Remus had made any progress in their relationship. It looks like at the beginning of this chapter, they are still sort of tiptoeing around each other. Neither one of them seems comfortable making the first move, but if someone doesn't speak up soon they may never end up together.

I like that Sirius, James, and Lily all teamed up to lock them into the room of requirements. I could really imagine them doing something like that. Sirius and James are always causing trouble, so naturally they'd be involved.

I definitely noticed Lily's attitude towards James softening up in this a little bit too. Her being willing to work with him is a big step in the right direction.

I'm not so sure how I feel about the quotes at the end of the chapter. I know you're trying to tie into Romeo and Juliet, but for some reason it seems to pull me out of the scene. Maybe cause I have to really stop and think about what they're saying.

Otherwise, another lovely chapter. Good job.


Author's Response: Hi, Kaitlin, dear!
I'm happy you decided to come back to this story! :)

Well, Remus doesn't want a relationship at all, and I think Chiara is quite confused by his mixed signals and scared of making him get even more distant. Fortunately, they have good friends! ;)

I must admit that I had fun writing them putting up this. And well... Lily agreed only because it was for Chiara's benefit, but she is softening towards James. :) They are an interesting pair, and so much fun to write!

Oh, well... I like them to use the lines... It's just something they link over. But I must admit that the last quote disturbs me a bit too. It's a bit too heavy, I think. Yet I couldn't find any other line that could fit well enough.

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter anyway! Something you probably don't expect will happen in the next, if you want to read on...

Thank you for the swap and so much love!

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Review #9, by TreacleTart Wherefore art thou, Remus?

15th October 2015:
Hi Chiara!

Here's that one review that I still owed you from the last swap! Sorry it took so long. Like I said before, I meant to get to it before vacation, but honestly just got side tracked.

Awww. I knew it! I had an inkling that Chiara and Remus were going to start to fall for each other. That scene in the last chapter where they're auditioning with each other made it very clear that there were intense feelings between the two of them.

Like Remus in cannon, young Remus seems pretty scared of getting romantically involved with someone and truth be told, I can understand why. A teenage relationship is hard enough to navigate without adding lycanthropy to it. I do hope that he'll open up to Chiara though because as his long time best friend, I think she'll be supportive.

I also have to compliment the dynamic you've created between Mary, Alice, Lily, and Chiara. They feel very authentic to high school girls and their constant teasing of each other is really refreshing. Even though Mary and Alice only show up briefly, I felt like I had a good sense of who they were.

Keep up the good work!


Author's Response: No need to apologize, seriously. It's hard to keep in mind everything that you are supposed to do, and with all the things you do it's a wonder you manage to keep track of everything most of the time! I don't know how you do it, actually!!!

It was pretty obvious, but I wanted it to be that way! And they are really a good match, too! ;)

Oh, poor Remus... He's so unsure of himself... Chiara would surely be supportive, and I think that deep inside he knows that too. But what really scares him is the idea of hurting her. Things might change between them soon, though!

One thing that I probably should've done wwould've been including Alice and Mary more. I'm glad you still felt like you knew them, and that you enjoyed the girls' dynamics! :)

Thank you so much again for the lovely review and for the swap!

Many hugs and much love!

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Review #10, by TreacleTart The Muggle Studies project

15th October 2015:
Hey Chiara!

I'm here for the next review in our swap! 3/3

Wow! You're really carrying the Romeo and Juliet theme all the way through his story! I'm hoping though that Chiara and Remus' story doesn't have the same tragic ending as them though. In fact, can we avoid the tragic death? Maybe an AU ending where everyone is in love and lives happily ever after?

I love the idea of them doing a Shakespeare play for Muggle studies. I've always found that there's no better way to understand a culture than studying its food, art, and literature. In this case, them delving into the literature makes a lot of sense.

I giggled when I saw Lily and James being paired up as Romeo and Juliet and I have a feeling this is really going to help them break the ice a bit. I'm thinking that by the end the two of them might end up dating. Unfortunately, if this stays cannon compliant for their story, we know that they'll meet a tragic end.

I also giggled when I realized that Sirius is trying out for Mercutio. While I definitely think he has some Romeo qualities to him, Mercutio is a much better fit.

All in all, I'm enjoying this story so far and I want to give you major applause for that because romance isn't the normal genre that I would read. You've managed to keep it from getting too cliched and the parallels to Shakespeare have made it quite interesting.

Good work!


Author's Response: This is supposed to be (mostly) canon compliant, but it will cover only the Marauders' sixth year so... no, no tragic deaths. As for Remus and Chiara, I can't promise an easy path... but I can't exclude an happy ending either... ;)

I'm glad you liked the idea! I totally agree, literature is a great way of understanding a different culture!

Eheheh! Professor McLean is in no way my favourite character, but she does have a talent in pairing people! :) We'll see what will happen on the Jily front! ;)

Sirius is just perfect for Mercutio!!! :D

It's great to know that yyou're eenjoying the story despite it not being your genre, and that you aren't finding it too cliched (it is a tiny bit cliched, especially at this point... but I'm happy you are enjoying it just the same!)

Thank you for another great review! And now on to the last!

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Review #11, by TreacleTart Chiara Nightingale

15th October 2015:
Hey Chiara!

I'm here for the second of our review swaps!

This was a pretty tragic start to the story and you followed along with Romeo and Juliet in the deadly end. It's so tragic that so much hate between a family can cause three people to lose their lives. It's especially tragic that Lady Capulet would kill her only daughter.

I was a little bit confused by the second part of the story. Was Chiara the child of Romeo and Juliet? If so, why would they rename her? She'd have no way of connecting her name to her parents. Maybe just to get rid of the bad memories?

I'm curious to see how Chiara is integrated into the Marauder era. How will it change the dynamic with the Marauders and with Lily?

Writing that section in Italian was a cool change of pace. I've never seen anyone actually include that much of a conversation in another language. It was helpful having the English translations right next to it. Even cooler was that I've realized I can read a little bit of the Italian (fairly similar to Spanish).

Anyway, interesting start. I have no idea where this is going, but I'm excited to find out!


Author's Response: Hi again, Kaitlin! :)

I know... but prejudice often leads to this. Tecnically, Tybalt killed Juliet, and it was sort of an accident... But it doesn't make it any less awful. And Lady Capulet's coldness is really unsettling anyway.

Oh... I'm sorry you found it confusing... What I was trying to do was to simply make a jump forward in time. You know, like it sometime happens in movies, when you have the antefact from centuries ago and then you jump to "present". And no, there are no changed identities in here. Chiara is not Lucia. No link at all (ok, there is a link obvs, but I can't spoil it now...)

Oh, you'll see... she will obviously have a central role in the Marauders + Lily dynamics, but once again you'll find out if you keep reading! ;)

Yes, that was quite a bit of Italian... Hope it wasn't too much... I'm happy you enjoyed it! I was very scared of that choice! And yes, Spanish is quite similar to Italian (even if I know no Spanish...)

I'm glad I got you intrigued!!! :D See you on the next chapter! ;)

Much love,

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Review #12, by carry on with your knitting Epilogue The opening night

10th October 2015:

I've finally come to the end of the story, full of twists and turns and brilliance!

It's been such a great story to read and you had me hooks as soon as I saw the shakespeare references as you know ;)
You created some great characters with brilliant characterisation, and I'm sad that it's all over!

But onto this chapter: what a lovely way to round everything up!

Again Remus and Chiara are such a sweet couple! I'd some someone like that to go and see plays with! And the ending where the curtains went up and reviewed James and Lily was hilarious :') and the bit about her wanting to always lie next to him was just too sweet for words!

Happy endings all around! :D

Have you made a sequel?! please say yes! :D

Love hugs and Remus appreciation!

Katie :)

Author's Response: Katie!!!
Oh, thank you so much!!! *blushing*
It's so great to know that you liked the story as a whole so much, and the characters, and the plot... Thank you again!!!

Remus and Chiara are so sweet!!! I can't deny that I would love to go see plays with Remus, too... *blushing some more*

I've planned James and Lily's first kiss to happen like that since the very beginning. That's the only real reason I made them wait so long (with all the drama that came from there... :P) I'm happy you found it hilarious! And that you found sweet Lily's thought of wanting to always lie next to him!!!

Erm... No... Not yet... I was thinking about a PoA AU, with Remus and Chiara married and their children starting Hogwarts (two twins, a boy and a girl, by the names of Romeo and Juliet). I only have a draft for the first chapter right now, which is James and Lily's funeral... Not very sure about the story, though... I'll let you know if and when I decide to go through with the project!

Thank you so much again for all our swaps, for your entusiasm and love for this story and for reading and reviewing it all! It means so much to me!!!

Love, hugs and Remus appreciation!

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Review #13, by carry on with your knitting Welcome back, Chiara

10th October 2015:

I'm back again, it's been way too long! But I'm pleased that I'm back so I can see how everything works out for Remus and Chiara! :)

I thought the start with her waking up was lovely and the simplicity of it was great! I loved the bit where she like Hands? what the hell?! :')

Aw the Marauders are so sweet with their celebrating her return and all of the teachers! It's just so nice that everyone properly welcomed her back! Especially Remus!!! And them sneaking off and snogging each other at every opportunity, love it! ;)

I thought Remus taking Chiara to the shrieking shack was such a lovely idea! and then the erm.. fun ;) hahaha :') bless it was all just so sweet and adorable and lovely! Especially when he didn't want to because he would hurt her! its just so AW! but her reaction 'what if you just shut up' that was great!:')

And a little hint at some more Jily? That what I like to see ;D

One more chapter left?! NO!

It's been such a brilliant story with a great happy ending for Remus and Chiara! :)

Love hugs and Remus appreciation! :)

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hey, Katie!
So happy to have you back here! (Sorry if it took me sometime to get to your reviews... I've left you one this afternoon, and hopefully I'll leave your second one this evening, or tomorrow morning at latest... But I just had to answer these first!!!)

I'm happy you liked the waking up scene! Well, I imagined it would be a bit of a shock, wouldn't it?

Of course they would celebrate her return (also because, knowing the Marauders, they would take any occasion to put up a party, wouldn't they?) And yes, everyone welcomed her back, and the teachers were all very supportive.

Well, Remus and Chiara have to make up for a lot of time they lost, haven't they?

I'm glad you liked the Shrieking Shack scene. I thought that Remus takin Chiara there was something really sweet and definitely something he would do...

Oh, yes... The fun, like you say... I still blush if I think that I really wrote that, I'm not very comfortable with that sort of things... Well, I just hinted at it, actually... Anyway, isn't it just what would happen?

Yay for Jily!!! :D They need their happy ending too!!!

Yes, the end (well, nearly...) That's all, folks... I'm so very happy you enjoyed the story, though!

Love, hugs and Remus appreciation!

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Review #14, by carry on with your knitting A full moon without full moon

2nd October 2015:
Hey sweetie! :)

I'm here for our swap! :D
I've been waiting fot this chapter for so long! and It did not disapoint!

I loved the start were Remus felt happy again and wasn't worried or down, it was like he finally felt normal, which was really sweet! :) That prank was brilliant!! They would have definitely had a pat on the back from me, though I am a Slytherin, so I wouldn't be able to eat :')
I loved that McGonagall secretly loved it, you can tell the marauders are her favourites really!

You had some really beautiful descriptions in this chapter which were a joy to read! :)

Okay now onto the important part! It was so adorable that she literally just ran without a care to find him, so touching! But Snape had to go and nearly ruin it! But the Corner saving the day! I thought that was a really lovely touch :)

Oh my goodness Remus and Chiara are just the cutest! I'm totally melted from the adorableness! And the kiss! And he said the line before the kiss and aww it was just all so blooming cute!!! :D

But she's fainted again?! I'm hoping this is the curse reversing itself?!

Can't wait to read more!! It was a great chapter :)

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hi Katie!
Eheheh, I know... An awfully long wait... So glad it didn't disappoint, though! :)

It was good to have Remus back to normal! :) I suppose he needed a little break from his own sadness, didn't he? Plus, he finally had some hope, which would surely make a difference!

I'm so happy you liked the prank! I wanted it to be something really spectacular, since it would be the first the Marauders put up in a while! And it's great to know that you liked the descriptions, because it's something I really struggle with... Ahahah! Yeah, poor Slytherins... :P Maybe you could've sneaked down to the kitchens? I'm sure the house elves would've been happy to make some breakfast for you! ;)

McGonagall adores them, even if they can enrage her a lot at times. (Personally, I think any teacher with a slight sense of humour would adore them, don't you agree?) And yes, she did enjoy it a lot more than she probably should have...

Didn't I tell you Matt wasn't that bad? Don't be too hard on Severus, he was genuinely concerned for her... And he really believes it's not safe for her to stay with Remus... Of course, that's the most stupid, biased thing ever! And Severus can be horrible at times, as we both know... But in this case, he meant well.

The cutest? Mmmh, not so sure I agree with that one... Your Remus with Doe might win that contest... :) But yes, I do find them adorable!!! And I'm so glad you liked the kiss scene, with the line and everything!!! :)

Yes, she fainted again... You'll see in the next chapter if it is a good or bad thing...

So happy you enjoyed the chapter! Only two more to go, now. I really hope you'll enjoy the end, too!

Thank you for the swap and see you soon!
Love, hugs and Remus appreciation!

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Review #15, by carry on with your knitting Peter's epiphany

29th September 2015:

I'm here for the next review of our swap :)

This chapter was certain full to the brim! :D

The start of this chapter was lovely to read! I adored the description of James one his broom and how much he loved flying! And I adored that Lily was totally focused on him for the game and starting to see him differently :)

I think my favourite part was the bit with Lily and Alice and James and Sirius, I thought that was a great way of finding out what happened on the date and it was very clever, I can just picture it in a film! :)

The bit with Peter asleep is Hilarious and what he was saying was brilliant :')

I can't believe Remus told Corner everything, even that he's a werewolf! He was so lucky he didn't go running out there screaming :')

But yes there is a chance for Remus to save Chiara!1 And how ironic that it came from Peter, I liked that twist! :D

I can't wait for them to live happily ever after! I just hope that she doesn't turn into a bird every time they kiss :')

Love hugs and Remus Appreciation!

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hi again, Katie! :)

It is, isn't it? Hope it wasn't overwhelming...

I loved writing that bit. I think that I would love flying if I were a witch, I think it would give this amazing sense of freedom... And of course Lily was focused on him! She can deny it as much as she wants, but she does love him. And they are just perfect for each other, aren't they?

I'm happy you liked that part! I did imagine it like a movie, so glad you enjoyed the style of it! :)

Ahahah! Peter sleep talking is probably one of the funniest things I've written! I'm so happy you found it hilarious!!! :D

Remus is a bit of an idiot... *shakes head* Not that he intended to tell Corner about that, he just let it slip in his exasperation. But yes, he was lucky Matthew didn't run off screaming. :P

Yes, Peter is the one who solves the riddle in the end. It is ironic, and a bit sad, too. Because things could've really gone differently if the eclipse thing had come up earlier...

Ahahah! Nah, she won't (I think it's not too much of a spoiler if I tell you this now, is it?)

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the last chapters, we'll need to swap again soon! :P

Love, hugs and Remus appreciation!

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Review #16, by carry on with your knitting The Mark

29th September 2015:
Hey Chiara!

I'm here for our review swap! :)
Wow this got pretty intense towards the end!

I feel so bad for Peter, I wish he could see that his friends really do care for him! And now he's even more trapped and has to have the mark and be a spy and everything, it's not fair! :(

Sirius and Marlene had a little smooch I see ;)

What on earth happened on James and Lily's date?! :') I really want to know! Will we find out soon? :)

I loved that this chapter really focused on Peter and his view of everything because it's so different from everyone else and it's so interesting! :D

I'll be back later to review the next chapter! I hope they finally sort out the curse!

Love hugs and Remus appreciation! :)

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hey honey!
Thank you so much!
I know, poor Peter... :( Oh, if only he could see they love him... If only they were a bit more observant... I know, it's so sad, and so unfair... I'm so sorry for him, too... :(

Ahahah! Yes, they did! Horray for Blackinnon!!! ;)

You already know, right? But don't worry too much about it, they'll fix things! :)

So glad you enjoyed Peter's perspective. It is very unique and interesting to indagate.

We'll see... We'll see... There is hope, though! ;)

Thank you again for the swap and the sweet review!

Love, hugs and Remus appreciation!

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Review #17, by Unicorn_Charm The cure

24th September 2015:
Chiara!! (You Chiara, not the feathery Chiara) No!! Now there even more hurt! Bah!!

I think Lily is on to something though! I'd be anything that she's right, but there is that slight complication of the full moon. He can't exactly kiss her while he's a werewolf, he'd kill her! How on earth will they do this?! You're killing me here!!

I can't believe that an insult from Snape, of all things, was what made Lily figure it out. And speaking of that, he was awful to her here. I kind of wanted her to hex him. But she took the high road and walked away. It would have been funny though haha. But I digress. :p

Sirius is such a pain, but in a totally fun way to read. I thought Remus was going to deck him there and I totally would not have blamed him. And awww Peter! How can he seem so sweet when we know how vile he'll become. Sad face.

Ugh and then when he decided to give it a try! I was so hoping that it would work, but a part of me figured it wouldn't be that easy. Ugh why can't they just be together?! The poor thing had her hopes up and then nothing. Again my heart was broken when she flew away with tears in her eyes. :(

But on a lighter note, I think it's hilarious that the rest of the Gryffies just see this random bird hanging around the five of them. Could you imagine how weird that must look hahaha. I'm sure their recent activity looks strange enough and then there's this bird that is always around. I found that part really funny. :D

Oh I feel like we're getting closer though! I have my hopes up that all of this will be fixed soon. And I hope that they actually can be together when everything is said and done. I hope that they curse doesn't happen again, once she's back to normal. If she gets back to normal, that is.

Great job love! It just keeps getting better and better!! ♥

Many, many hugs and so much love,

Author's Response: I know... I'm sorry... *hides*

Yes... That full moon bit might make things a bit complex...

Yes, Severus gave her the answer, even if he has no idea that he did. He was pretty horrible in that scene, wasn't he? He probably deserved to be hexed, but I can't see Lily do that in that moment...

Ahahah! Sirius is a pain, indeed! But he means well... :)

And, aww... Poor, little, sweet Peter... I'm going to be very cruel on him... I already know you're going to yell at me... But let's not talk about this now...

I know... Poor Chiara... :'( She really believed that she would be free... Again, I'm sorry...

Ahahah! Yeah, that must've looked weird! I'm happy that part amused you!!! :)

We'll see what will happen! :) Hope I'll see you around here again soon!!! ;)
All my love and tons of hugs!
Chiara (me, not the feathery Chiara :P)

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Review #18, by Unicorn_Charm Back together

24th September 2015:
Hey love!!

Oh this was such a bittersweet chapter. Poor Remus and Chiara. :( That must have been torture to be so close to one another, yet not able to make any physical contact. Bah! I just want them to find out how to break this curse and be happy together!

Lily cracked me up in the beginning of this story. I loved her yelling outside of the dorm that she was growing impatient. And how she's finding herself kind of enjoying breaking the rules haha. I adore Lily.

I forgot that Chiara wouldn't have known yet that James and Lily were an item. That must have been quite a shock for her. I don't know how she was able to not say anything. I would have been like, "Um... What is this??" :p

The curse was thought out very well, wasn't it. It really seems like, at this point at least, that they honestly don't have a shot of ever being together. Or that Chiara ever has a shot of becoming fully human again. My heart aches for the both of them because it all just seems so hopeless right now. Grrr stupid curse!

I really love the originality of this story. I've honestly haven't read anything else like it on this site. I truly adore it and love every time I come back to it! ♥

Another great chapter, my dear. I so hope they figure out something soon. I just want to hug Chiara. Yeah, it's bad for Remus, but at least he gets to be around his friends. Chiara is stuck out there all alone. It's so awful. :(

Thanks for offering the swap!! I'll be back for the next few chapters!! *hugs*

Tons of love and more hugs,

Author's Response: Hey, Meg!!!

Yes, I know... It was torture, for both of them... :( Things will lighten up, I promise they will! :)

Oh, I love Lily! She is so funny when she let go of her presumed perfection... Eheheh!

Well, she kind of expected it to happen, so she wasn't that surprised... :P And as much as she was dying to mock her best friend, she kept it to herself in the wait of being alone with her. Gryffindor loyalty, you see...

Lady Capulet did reach her purpose. All the situation does seem really hopeless at the moment... :(

Thank you so much, honey! I'm so glad to know that you like this story so much!!!

Tons of hugs and love!!!

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Review #19, by carry on with your knitting Meetings in Hogsmeade

23rd September 2015:
Hello my lovely!

I'm back for the second review, I did read this last night, but I was exhausted and had to sleep so didn't have time to review just then :')

But onto the chapter! :)

This was such a great read with so many elements!

So I thought it was adorable that Remus was trying to find her a 'Paris,' that he would be willing to let her go and love someone else is just so touching. But love doesn't work that way as we all know, and he is Remus Lupin, so you can't love anyone over him! ;)

Oh my goodness they went to Hogshead on my birthday!!! :D I wish I could have gone wit them all for a celebratory butter beer!

I loved that you included Sirius having a date with Marlene, because I am a massive Blackinnon shipper! They are just omg, totally perf and yes! I just love it :) Will there be any more of them in late chapters? :) AND JAMES AND LILY ON THEIR FIRST DATE AW! Jily 4eva.

Now onto the most important bit of the chapter in my eyes: Peter. I really loved your interpretation of how Peter got involved with the death eaters. His agreeing because he felt lonely was heart breaking, I just wanted to give him a massive hug! :( and then at the meeting as well! I can't believe they tourtured him! But I am so proud of him standing up to them! I'm guessing the girl was Bellatrix though, right? My heart broke into teeny tiny pieces at the fact that he is now trapped, in something he clearly doesn't agree with. I just want to hug him and tell him it will be okay :( It was so sad! and the thought process when he was trying to tell himself he was a brave Gryffindor :( I really love that this interpretation of how he got in with the death eaters still portrays him as a good person inside!

Another awesome awesome chapter and it just made me love Peter more!

Love hugs and Remus appreciation! :D

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hello again, Katie!

Oh, wow! Thanks! I'm so happy you liked this chapter!!! :)

True love is when you're ready to let go if it is the best thing for the other person, right? But obviously in this case Remus is only being foolish.

Ahahah! I'll keep that in mind! ;)

I'm not exactly a shipper, usually I go with what authors do in each story... But Jily is definitely one of my favourite pairings, and I do enjoy Blackinnon ;) Not much on Sirius' front to come, though... Sorry... I just had other elements to focus on... (maybe one day I might consider writing an extended version of this?)

Oh, my... Now I'm feeling guilty for putting Peter through all that... :(
Yes, she was Bellatrix. How did you know?
He wanted to feel included into something, and he had no idea what he was agreeing to... Sadly, telling him it'll be fine would be a lie... :(

Thanks for another amazing review! Can't wait for another swap!!!

Love, hugs and Remus appreciation!

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Review #20, by Penelope Inkwell Help from Padfoot

22nd September 2015:
That's right! TELL HIM he is being absurd!

Oh boy. Lily in cahoots with the Marauders (did I just say cahoots? Oh well, whatever, it fits)! Things have gotten serious. Or Sirius. (Sorry. Couldn't resist).

Oh no. Sirius, no. Rose petals. Candles?! This is just embarrassing. Oh, those poor, sweet babies are going to be mortified. I can't watch. *covers eyes* *peaks nervously out from between parted fingers*

Well, apparently I can. I just can't look away.

And, to be fair to the Marauders + Lily's craziness, these two don't really seem to get far with the subtle approach.

Ha! I love that Chiara has to be shoved inside, but Remus just looks at his friends, knows he's not getting out of it, and gives up. How very in character. :)

YESSS! Yes yes yes yes yesss! They kissed! It happened!

"When will you stop stealing my lines?
--that was so cute!

They are precious! Go Remara! Or Chiaremus? Go them!


(Thanks for the swap, Chiara! It's been fun!)

Author's Response: Ahahah!!! This review just made me laugh so hard!!!

Lily in cahoots with the Marauders, indeed! Who wwould've said? (By the way, it is fitting! Even if I had to look it up because I'd never heard the expression before! :P)

Ahahah! I wouldn't worry about it too much... Firstly, Lily has a bit more common sense. And secondly, Chiara and Remus are used to their friends' craziness! Well, sort of...

Ahahah! Isn't it funny? That Remus is just resigned and doesn't even try to escape? :P

Yes, they kissed! Aww, I'm so happy you found it cute!!! (I think I like Remara, by the way!)

Thank you so so so much again for the swap!!! I really hope I'll see you again here soon! :)

All my love,

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Review #21, by Penelope Inkwell Wherefore art thou, Remus?

22nd September 2015:
Hello hello! Me again!

So, I think it was a bit cute, that Chiara was essentially waiting up for Remus (and a little concerned that he might develop a thing for the other prefect). Poor dear.

And Lily's right Remus is obviously mad for her. But of course, we know the issue. I always feel so bad for Remus. He's so convinced that he needs to push everyone away that he wastes valuable time with people :(

At first I wasn't totally convinced by how suddenly Chiara sort of dropped her crush on Matthew I had thought it might be better to let that peter out more slowly. BUT THEN it occurred to me that you might be drawing a parallel between Chiara and Matthew and Remus and Romeo and Rosalind and Juliet, and that's quite clever! So, if that's what you're doing, interesting take and good thought!

Oh, the boys, trying their best to throw her off the trail...and not doing it well. Dragon flu, indeed. Somehow I doubt that Chiara will be totally satisfied with that explanation. Now she'll be all worried about him.

And finally, FINALLY I get to talk about it he said he loved her! And, I mean, then he ran away (typical Remus). But he said it and he meant it and there's no taking it back! Progress! :)


Author's Response: Ahahah! Aren't they adorable? Oh, Remus... He just can't shake the fear of hurting the people he cares about... The poor bloke... :(

I know, I know... Too rushed... Ah, didn't think about the parallel! I'll pretend that's what I was doing! :P Even if it sorts of make her a bit of a hypocrite, because she was disliking Romeo's character right for that reason... But then, again, she's a bit of a hypocrite anyway...

Ihihih! I love that passage! Dragon flu... Who wouldn't be 100% convinced by that? :P

Oh, yes! He said it!!! :D

Thank you for another amazing review! See you on the next! ;)

With love,

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Review #22, by Penelope Inkwell The Muggle Studies project

22nd September 2015:
Hey Chiara! Sorry it took me a bit to get to this! But here I am and, I have to say, I really enjoyed this chapter! :D

I'll start out with some of my favorite bits of dialogue.

"You're beautiful... As usual..."
--Aww. Oh, Remus. I can totally see him being like that. I love what you're doing with his characterization. He's still shy and studious, but he's clearly exercising his Gryffindor bravery in this chapter, auditioning for a show. And above all, he's got chivalry down pat. He sooo likes her. All aboard this ship!

-"She couldn't be serious..." Chiara complained while Remus and she were moving towards the Gryffindor common room after the lesson.

- "Of course she couldn't, I'm Sirius!" Sirius exclaimed, appearing all of a sudden behind them.
--Ohmygosh, the serious jokes never get old!. What a perfect entrance!

- "Was he serious?"

- "Are you really asking me that?"

--Bahahaha! Round two of the serious jokes, and I'm still lovin' it. Really good comedic timing. Somehow, having the jokes as a set made them even better.

- "For Merlin's beard, Sirius! Is it possible you never heard of Shakespeare?"

- "Is it something to eat?"

--Sirius! Ohmygosh, he's hilarious! (He could use a bit more Muggle Studies, though...)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I know you're going to comb through all this later for typos, so I thought I'd just pick out a few places .

"Thought you didn't want, too."
--Here it would be, "Thought you didn't want to, either."

"Congratulations, Miss Morgan. And now... Nightingale, Chiara."
--So, in an audition, saying congratulations would imply that Miss Morgan got the part. A director would be unlikely to say that to one particular student like that, though she might say it to the whole group. It's far more likely that she'd end the audition with a "Thank you, Miss Morgan." That's not really a grammar thing so much as it is a theatre thing, and one of my college (read: University) degrees is in theatre, so I couldn't help myself.

She knew he had green eyes, of course, but she'd never noticed the golden reflexes they got sometime.
--"reflexes" isn't quite the right word here. Maybe, "she'd never noticed the golden cast they occasionally took on,"? That would imply that his eyes are sometimes tinted gold, which I think was what you were going for? But if not, lots of eyes are described as having "golden flecks", as well. Just little dots of gold within the iris.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Now, as for content, I have to say, the idea of the Muggle Studies class putting on a presentation of Romeo and Juliet actually makes tons of sense!

I thought it was so cute that Remus understands her Italian, and can answer her back. Very "Remus" as well. :D

And he doesn't like Matthew. Well, fancy that. Wonder why that could be...

You know, I actually think that Sirius could play a really good Mercutio. Good casting (I mean, I'm assuming he gets it, but I feel like there's a pretty good chance)!

Oh my gosh, Lily and James' episode! Hahaha!

And Lily, saying that she'll just have to hope that Chiara gets sick. I love how she did that. Because it can be super awkward sometimes, being the understudy for a friend, because it's this unspoken thing that you'll only get stage time if something bad happens to them, and it just creates this weirdness. I love that she barreled right through that. And was quite observant. Chiara and Remus were staring at each other quite a bit, weren't they!

Another entertaining chapter! And on to the next!


Author's Response: Penny!!!
Please, don't apologize for the lateness. Your reviews just brightened my day!!!

Aww, Remus! He's such a sweetheart... Ahahah! Glad you're already cheering for them!!! :D

Ok... I might enjoy the old Sirius/serious pun a bit too much... :P

Ahahah! He could definitely use some Muggle Studies!!!

Ok for the CCs, I will definitely fix them (didn't think about the "Congratulations" thing, tthanks for pointing that out!)

Oh, good! So glad you liked the idea of the play!!! :)

I'll say later that Remus' mother is Italian, too. Anyway, it is sweet that he can understand her and answer her back. :) Ahahah! I wonder why he doesn't like Matthew too! ;)

Sirius is the perfect Mercutio, isn't he? ;)

Ahahah! Lily is so fun to write! Poor James... He's such a sweety! :P

I'm glad you liked her attempt to lighten the awkwardness! That's exactly what I was trying to do there!!!

Thank you so much for the swap and the amazing reviews!!!

Much love,

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Review #23, by carry on with your knitting Christmas break

22nd September 2015:
Hello! :D

I'm here for more review mwhahahahaa! ;) (not sure why I went with an evil laugh there...)

I thought this was a really nice change up and a refreshing chapter, it was much more light hearted than the others which is always good in angsty fics :) (sometimes too much angst can get very heavy :'))

I loved the relationship you showed with the boys throughout! They are clearly the very best of friends which is really shown in this chapter, especially with the sleep over and group effort to wake Sirius up! That bit made me laugh :')

I loved more Peter development! and he's been approached already, it's fascinating to see into his character, but I can't help but feel for him that Remus is the only one who has noticed!

I loved all the parents, especially the Potters and James' dad when he got involved with the snow ball fight! :') I also thought the bit with Remus' mum was interesting :) I felt so bad for her though, poor girl!

Overall another awesome chapter, it was full of characters development, which I loved! :D

Love hugs and Remus appreciation!

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hey Katie!

Oh, that's good! I'm glad you found this refreshing, because I feared this chapter was too much out of context...

Ahahah! I loved the bit about waking Sirius up a lot, too! So much fun to write!!! And I'm glad the scene of the sleep over helped showing their bond some more! :)

Oh, Peter... the poor kid... yes, he's been approached, and that's not good... and yes, he's feeling abandoned, and sadly the others aren't noticing... :'( I'm glad you're liking his development, though. He's such a fascinating character to write!

The Potters are great! Eheheh, Charlus is such a child... :P And Silvia is so sweet... Oh, I know... What a awful experience... :(

Thanks so much for the swap and the amazing review!

Love, hugs and Remus appreciation!

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Review #24, by carry on with your knitting The cure

21st September 2015:
I just had to review another chapter because I must know what's going to happen!

Oh my goodness this just increased my hatred for Snape so much! What an arse! How dare he make her feel trapped like that and accuse her and argh I hate him! I felt how uncomfortable Lily must have been in that situation!

But YEs a cure! I LOVED how you got the cure idea from Shakespeares actual script and used the interpretation of the sin with sin, it was actually really beautiful! :)

Okay the bit with the card castle exploding was just hilarious! :') I can really picture Sirius and Peter covered in shoot :')

And the marauders pressuring Remus to kiss her in bird form was funny too, and his reaction after!

I just wish it had worked!

Lily is a genius I knew she would figure it out! :D

another awesome chapter! I loved it!! :D

Love hugs and Remus appreciation :)
Katie :)

Author's Response: I'm so happy you decided to read on!!! And I was sure you would enjoy this chapter (it's definitely one of my favourites!!!)

Yes... Even if I don't hate Snape as much as you do, he is absolutely horrible and creepy here!!! He did make Lily feel very uncomfortable...

I knew the key of the curse-breaking since the very start. I'm very happy you liked it!!! I thought it was very romantic!!!

Ahahah! Can totally see them like that too!!!

Poor Remus... I suppose snogging a bird, even if he knows it's Chiara, wouldn't exactly be something he would look forward to do... Yes, the Marauders pressuring him were funny!

Unfortunately, like Remus himself said, that would be too simple...

Ahahah! Yes, she is! She's such a clever one! ;)

So glad you enjoyed this chapter! Can't wait to see you on the next!!!

Love, hugs and Remus appreciation!

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Review #25, by carry on with your knitting Back together

21st September 2015:

No! you've just torn my heart into tiny little pieces! Why?!

He can see her but can't properly be with her! No! That's so unfair, and he ran to her and tried hugging her and the palm to palm thing, awww it's just so desperately sweet and heart wrenching! Please say the curse is broken soon! So they can live happily ever after!

Also James holding Lily's hand when she's scared... CUTEST DAMN THING EVER. I bet Snape would never do that...
James is just such a sweetie pie, I love him!

"But we're heading towards the Forbidden Forest. And it is, well, forbidden." Peter intervened. This line was so funny! Definitely something Peter would say :') I can literally picture it!

Awesome awesome chapter! :D Literally can't wait for more! :D

Love Hugs and Remus Appreciation :)

Katie :)

Author's Response: Not my fault... It was all Lady Capulet's idea... :(

Ok... Maybe a tiny bit my fault (and I'm not exactly sorry, either...) We'll see what will happen... I wouldn't despair, though! ;)

I do agree, James is so cute!!! He and Lily are sweet together!!!

Eheheh, it is, isn't it? Merlin bless Peter... :P

I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter! TThanks so much for swapping!!!

Love, hugs and Remus appreciation!

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